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Polling Station List Samalkha Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Samalkha

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Samalkha Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Adhmi (56)Govt. Middle School, Adhmi(Right Side)901
Govt. Middle School, Adhmi(Left Side)723
Ataullahpur (39)Govt. Middle School, Bahrampur(Left Side)
Atta (80)Govt High School, Atta1135
Panchayat Ghar, Atta1158
Govt Girl High School, Atta(Right Side)801
Govt Girl High School, Atta(Left Side)1088
Bapoli (54)Govt Sen. Secondary School, Bapoli(Right Side)1107
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Bapoli(Left Side)921
Panchayat Ghar, Bapoli1234
Govt Girls Sen. Secondary School, Bapoli(Right Side)925
Govt Girls Sen. Secondary School, Bapoli(Left Side)1343
Bapura (70)Govt Primary School, Bhapra
Basahra (90)Govt Primary School, Basara
Begumpur Tahrpur (63)Govt. Primary School, Begampur Taharpur
Behrampur (40)Govt. Middle School, Bahrampur(Right Side)
Bhalaur (53)Govt. Primary School, Bhalor
Biholi (66)Govt Sen. Secondary School, Biholi(Right Wing)1236
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Biholi(Left Wing)1232
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Biholi(Primary Section)1341
Bilaspur (79)Govt Primary School, Bilaspur
Bodhwal Majri (87)Govt High School, Bhodwal Majri(Right Side)923
Govt High School, Bhodwal Majri(Left Side)1030
Budanpur (92)Govt Primary School, Budanpur
Chadya Uspur (117)Govt. Primary School, Chhadiya Yusufpur
Chhajpur Kalan (42)Govt. Sen Secondary School, Chhajpur Kalan(Right Side)958
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Chhajpur Kalan(Central Side)1205
Chhajpur Khurd (41)Govt. Girls Middle School, Chhajpur Khurd(Right Side)1292
Govt. Girls Middle School, Chhajpur Khurd(Left Side)1029
Chulkana (118)Govt. Girls Senior Secondry School, Chulkana(North Side)914
Govt. Girls Senior Secondry School, Chulkana(Central Side)1318
Govt. Girls Senior Secondry School, Chulkana(South Side)1396
Govt. High School, Chulkana(North Side)844
Govt. High School, Chulkana(Central Side)1141
Govt. High School, Chulkana(South Side)1211
Dehra (85)Govt High School, Dehra(Right Side)1129
Govt High School, Dehra(Central Side)727
Govt High School, Dehra(Left Side)935
Goela Kalan (60)Govt. High School, Goyla Kalan(Right Side)1063
Govt. High School, Goyla Kalan(Left Side)1101
Goela Khurd (61)Govt. Sen. Secondary School, Goyala Khurd(Right Side)1234
Govt. Sen. Secondary School, Goyala Khurd(Left Side)831
Haldana (88)Govt Middle School, Haldana
Hathwala (82)Govt Sen. Secondary School, Hathwala(Right Side)848
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Hathwala(Central Side)1239
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Hathwala(Left Side)1142
Govt. Senior Sec. School Primary Section, Hathwala1374
Jal Pahar (20)Govt. Primary School, Jalparh
Jalalpur (38)Govt. High School, Jalalpur-I(Right Side)956
Govt. High School, Jalalpur-I(Left Side)929
Schedule Caste Chopal, Jalapur-I1061
Jalalpur (95)Islamiya School Jalalpur-Ii
Jalmana (55)Govt. Middle School, Jalmana(Right Side)1104
Govt. Middle School, Jalmana(Left Side)1242
Janbha (34)Govt. Primary School, Jhamba
Jatipur (67)Govt. High School, Jhatipur(Right Side)1125
Govt. High School, Jhatipur(Left Side)859
Jurasi Khalsa (74)Govt Girls High School, Jaurasi Khalsa(Right Side)828
Govt Girls High School, Jaurasi Khalsa(Left Side)842
Schedule Caste Chopal, Jaurasi Khalsa617
Jurasi Saraf Khas (72)Govt Sen.Secondary School, Jaurasi Sarf Khas(Right Side)1154
Govt Sen.Secondary School, Jaurasi Sarf Khas(Central Side)683
Govt Sen.Secondary School, Jaurasi Sarf Khas(Left Side)866
Schedule Castechopal In Majra Pana, Jaurasi Sarf Khas886
Karhans (69)Govt Sen. Secondary School, Karhans(Right Side)1188
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Karhans(Central Side)799
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Karhans(Left Side)861
Schedule Castechopal, Karhans443
Karkoli (84)Govt Primary School, Karkoli
Khojgipur (77)Govt Sen. Secondary School, Kojkipur(Right Side)739
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Kojkipur(Central Side)633
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Kojkipur(Left Side)1117
Kiwana (78)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Kiwana(Right Side)1234
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Kiwanaprimary Section1132
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Kiwana(Left Side)1227
Kundla (94)Govt. Middle School Pathargarh, Kundla
Kurar (22)Govt. Sen Secondary School, Kurar(Right Side)1032
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Kurar(Central Side)964
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Kurar(Left Side)981
Schedule Caste Chopal, Kurar630
Machhroli (68)Govt. Sen Secondary School, Machhroli(Right Side)983
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Machhroli(Left Side)1003
Schedule Caste Chopal, Machhroli602
Mahali (23)Govt. Primary School, Mohali
Mahoti (89)Govt Sen. Secondary School, Mahawati(Right Side)924
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Mahawati(Central Side)786
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Mahawati(Left Side)1362
Manana (76)Govt. Girl Sr. Secondary School, Manana(Right Side)1193
Govt. Girl Sr. Secondary School, Manana(Left Wing)776
Govt. Senior Sec. School,Manana(Right Wing)863
Govt. Senior Sec. School,Manana(Left Side)1161
Schedule Caste Chopal, Manana1013
Matnauli (75)Govt Primary School, Matnauli
Nagla (27)Govt. Primary School Nangla-R
Namonda (80)Govt. Middel School, Namunda
Nanhera (57)Govt. Middle School, Nanhera(Right Side)804
Govt. Middle School, Nanhera(Left Side)685
Naryana (74)Govt. Girls Sr. Secondary School, Narayana(Right Wing)1118
Govt. Girls Sr. Secondary School, Narayana(Left Wing)1214
Govt. Girls Sr. Secondary School, Narayanaprimary Section1206
Schedule Caste Chopal, Narayana723
Nawadha (31)Govt. Primary School, Nawada-R
Nurpur Gujran (47)Govt. Middle School, Noorpur Gujran
Pasina Kalan (50)Govt. Primary School, Pasina Kalan(Right Side)659
Govt. Primary School, Pasina Kalan(Left Side)874
Pasina Khurd (49)Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Pasina Khurd(Right Side)1025
Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Pasina Khurd(Left Side)756
Patti Kalyana (86)Govt Girls High School, Pattikaliyana(Right Side)848
Govt Girls High School, Pattikaliyana(Central Side)1112
Govt Girls High School, Pattikaliyana(Left Side)1200
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Pattikaliyana(Right Side)1344
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Pattikaliyana(Central Side)687
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Pattikaliyana(Left Side)1015
Pawati (71)Govt High School, Pawti(Right Side)785
Govt High School, Pawti(Left Side)1127
Raksehra (91)Govt High School, Rakshera(Right Side)1407
Govt High School, Rakshera(Central Side)1073
Govt High School, Rakshera(Right Side)1360
Rana Majra (93)Govt. Middle School, Rana Majra(Right Side)1409
Govt. Middle School, Rana Majra(Left Side)1029
Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Garhi Basic (Right Side)1541
Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Garhi Basic (Left Side)1475
Govt. Primary School Nanglapar730
Rasulpur (43)Govt. Middle School, Rasalpur
Rishpur (36)Govt. Primary School, Rishpur
Samalkha(Rural) (77)Govt Sen.Secondary School, Samalkha(East Wing Right Side)585
Govt Sen.Secondary School, Samalkha(East Wing Left Side)1265
Patwar Ghar Gandhi Colony Samalakha1514
Office Of Pwd B&R Samalkha1302
Govt Primary School Saray Mohalla, Samalkha(Right Side)760
Govt Primary School Saray Mohalla, Samalkha(Left Side)1157
Office Of Muncipal Committee, Samalkha1238
B.D & P.O Office, Samalkha1064
Govt Primary School Near Mata Mandir Road , Samalkha(Right Side)1177
Govt Primary School Near Road Mata Mandir, Samalkha(Left Wing)1145
Bhartiya Shiksha Sadan Samalkhameeting Hall1144
Bhartiya Shiksha Sadan Samalkhalibrary Hall1311
Vaish Girls Sen. Sencondary School, Samalkha(Right Side)1079
Vaish Girls Sen. Sencondary School, Samalkha(Central Side)1369
Vaish Girls Sen. Sencondary School, Samalkha(Left Side)1143
Maharaja Agrarsain Public School, New Grain Market Samalkha(Right Wing)1115
Maharaja Agrarsain Public School, New Grain Market Samalkha(Left Wing)1286
Vaish Sen. Sencondary School, Samalkha(Right Wing)955
Vaish Sen. Sencondary School, Samalkha(Left Side)1470
Sanjoli (62)Govt. Primary School, Sanjoli
Sanoli Kalan (30)Govt. Primary School, Sanoli Kalan
Sanoli Khurd (32)Govt. Sen Secondary School, Sanoli Khurd(Right Side)1140
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Sanoli Khurd(Central Side)736
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Sanoli Khurd(Left Side)994
Shahar Malpur (64)Govt. Middle School, Shaharmalpur(Right Side)1002
Govt. Middle School, Shaharmalpur(Left Side)1131
Anganwari Bhawan, Shaharmalpur321
Simla Gujra (51)Govt. Middle School, Shimla Gujran(Right Side)722
Govt. Middle School, Shimla Gujran(Left Side)805
Tajpur (65)Govt. Primary School, Tajpur
Tamsabad (29)Govt. Primary School, Tamshabad584
Govt. Primary School, Ramra453
Ujah (44)Govt. Sen Secondary School, Ujah1439
Govt Sen. Secondary School, Ujah(Primary Section)721
Schedule Castechopal, Ujah(North Room)1396
Schedule Castechopal, Ujah(South Room)1424

Last Updated on October 19, 2014