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Polling Station List Safidon Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Safidon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Safidon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Aftabgarh (45)Govt Primary School, Aftabgarh
Ahlanjogi Khera (60)Govt Primary School, Ahlan Jogi Khera
Amrali Khera (18)Govt Primary School, Amrawali Khera
Anchra Kalan (35)Govt High School, Anchara Kalan1306
Ravidasiya Chaupal, Anchara Kalan562
Anchra Khurd (33)Govt High School , Anchara Khurd (Right Side)976
Govt High School , Anchara Khurd (Left Side)982
Anta (57)Govt Primary School, Anta (Left Side)
Badodh (60)Govt Primary School, Barod
Bagru Kalan (31)Govt High School, Bagru Kalan (Right Side)938
Govt High School, Bagru Kalan (Left Side)698
Bagru Khurd (32)Govt Girls Primary School, Bagru Khurd (Right Side)754
Govt Girls Primary School, Bagru Khurd (Left Side)566
Bahadargarh (42)Govt Middle School, Bahadurgarh (Right Side)1028
Govt Middle School, Bahadurgarh (Left Side)737
Bahadarpur (52)Govt Primary School, Bhadurpur
Basini (61)Govt Primary School, Basini
Beri Khera (21)Govt Primary School, Beri Khera
Bhag Khera (12)Govt High School, Bhag Khera (Right Side)842
Govt High School, Bhag Khera (Left Side)1115
Bham Bhewa (9)Govt Senior Secondary School , Bhambhewa (Right Side)1035
Govt Senior Secondary School , Bhambhewa (Left Side)1237
Dhanko Ki Chaupal, Bhambhewa570
Bhartana (6)Govt High School , Bhirtana (Right Side)1061
Govt High School , Bhirtana (Left Side)1121
Bhuran (16) (Ct)Govt Primary School, Bhuran1360
Govt Girls Primary School,Basti Pillukhera Mandi (Right Side)1005
Basti Pillu Khera Mandi Market Committe Office911
Govt Girls Primary School,Basti Pillukhera Mandi (Left Side)1025
Bhuslana (65)Govt Girls Primary School, Bhuslana (Right Side)733
Govt Girls Primary School, Bhuslana (Left Side)781
Budha Khera (22)Govt Senior Secondary School , Budha Khera (Right Side)1210
Govt Senior Secondary School , Budha Khera (Central Side)700
Govt Senior Secondary School , Budha Khera (Left Side)987
Ramdasiya Chaupal, Bhudha Khera752
Butani (28)Govt High School, Butani (Right Side)1046
Govt High School, Butani (Left Side)994
Chhapar (23)Govt Middle School, Chhapar
Dharamgarh (47)Govt Middle School, Dharamgarh
Dharoli (5)Govt Middle School, Dharauli1110
Ravidasiyan Chaupal, Dharauli930
Dhathrath (91)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhathrath(Right Side)1071
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhathrath(Central Side)781
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhathrath(Left Side)1082
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Dhathrath1098
Govt Girls High School, Dhathrath1087
Balmikiyan Chaupal, Dhathrath979
Didwara (64)Govt Middle School, Didwada(Right Side)971
Govt Middle School, Didwada(Central Side)981
Ramdasiya Chaupal, Didwara699
Govt Middle School, Didwada(Left Side)846
Gangoli (13)Govt High School ,Gangoli (Right Side)894
Govt High School ,Gangoli (Left Side)824
Dhankan Chaupal, Gangoli752
Govt Girls Middle School, Gangoli1329
Hadwa (30)Govt Primary School, Hadwa (Right Side)917
Govt Primary School, Hadwa (Left Side)602
Harigarh (36)Govt Primary School, Harigarh1295
Ravidasiya Chaupal, Harigarh484
Hat (37)Govt Senior Secondary School , Hatt (Right Side)1237
Ramdasiya Chaupal, Hatt857
Govt Senior Secondary School , Hatt (Left Side)1264
Govt Senior Secondary School , Hatt (Central Side)1264
Hoshiarpura (26)Govt Primary School, Hoshiyarpura
Jaipur (24)Govt Middle School, Jaipur
Jamni (19)Govt High School , Jamni (Right Side)905
Govt High School , Jamni (Central Side)879
Govt High School , Jamni (Left Side)980
Kalawati (27)Govt Primary School, Kalawati
Kalwa (15)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalwa (Right Side)1250
Veternity Hospital Office, Kalwa652
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalwa (Left Side)845
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Kalwa (Right Side)936
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Kalwa (Left Side)868
Govt Girls High School, Kalwa1070
Karkhana (39)Govt High School, Karkhana (Right Side)1352
Govt High School, Karkhana (Left Side)588
Govt Primary School, Kharakra531
Karsindhu (56)Govt Middle School, Karsindhu
Kharak Gadian (61)Govt Primary School, Kharak Gadiyan
Kharak Gagar (14)Govt Middle School, Kharak Gagar (Right Side)661
Govt Middle School, Kharak Gagar (Left Side)793
Khatla (62)Govt Middle School, Khatla
Khera Khemawati (48)Govt High School, Khera Khemawti(Right Side)1172
Govt High School, Khera Khemawti(Left Side)1270
Govt High School Primary Section, Khera Khemawati1352
Kurar (38)Govt Primary School, Kurar
Ludana (8)Govt High School , Ludana (Right Side)1245
Govt High School , Ludana (Left Side)1277
Malakpur (90)Govt High School, Malikpur (Right Side)865
Balmiki Chaupal, Malikpur656
Govt High School, Malikpur (Left Side)826
Malar (25)Govt High School, Malar (Right Side)943
Govt High School, Malar (Left Side)962
Malsari Khera (10)Govt Middle School, Malsari Khera
Mandi Khurd (89)Govt Primary School, Mandi Khurd663
Balmikiyan Chaupal, Mandi Khurd593
Mimnabad (63)Govt High School, Memnabad(Right Side)762
Govt High School, Memnabad(Left Side)723
Balmiki Chaupal, Memnabad490
Mohammad Khera (92)Govt High School,Mohammad Khera
Morkhi (11)Govt Senior Secondary School , Morkhi (Right Side)1221
Govt Senior Secondary School , Morkhi (Left Side)1020
Govt Senior Secondary School , Morkhi (Central Side)906
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Morkhi908
Muana (63)Govt Senior Secondary School Munana(Right Side)1361
Govt Senior Secondary School Munana(Left Side)1439
Govt I.T.I. School Right Muana(Right Side)1337
Govt I.T.I. School Right Muana(Left Side)1367
Govt Senior Secondary School Munana(Central Side)1180
Govt Girls High School Muana(Right Side)1198
Govt Girls High School Muana(Left Side)1142
Paju Kalan (46)Govt Senior Secondary School, Pajukalan(Right Side)941
Govt Senior Secondary School, Pajukalan(Left Side)1154
Paju Khurd (44)Govt Middle School, Pajukhurd(Right Side)589
Govt Middle School, Pajukhurd(Left Side)786
Pillu Khera (17)Govt Primary School, Boys, Pillukhera
Rajana (20)Govt High Schoool, Rajana Kalan (Right Side)638
Govt High Schoool, Rajana Kalan (Left Side)826
Govt Primary School, Basti Rajana Khurd795
Ramnagar (29)Govt High School, Ramnagar (Right Side)900
Govt High School, Ramnagar (Left Side)1124
Rampura (49)Govt Primary School, Rampura
Ratauli (62)Govt Primary School, Anta (Right Side)853
Govt Senior Secondary School, Retauli (Right Side)1263
Govt Senior Secondary School, Retauli (Left Side)1188
Ratta Khera (50)Govt Middle School, Rata Khera (Right Side)926
Govt Middle School, Rata Khera (Left Side)737
Rojhla (40)Govt Middle School, Rojhla
Rorh (89)Govt Middle School, Rodh(Right Side)656
Govt Middle School, Rodh(Left Side)699
Ravidasiya Chaupal, Rodh711
Safidon (Rural) (54)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Safidon(East Side)851
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Safidon(South Side)1029
Gian Joyti High School , Safidon1109
Govt Primary School Balmiki Mohalla, Safidon (Right Side)736
Govt Primary School Balmiki Mohalla, Safidon (Left Side)856
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Safidon (Right Side)1193
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Safidon (Central Side)807
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Safidon (Left Side)898
Govt Primary School Near Electricity Board, Safidon (Left Side)803
Saini Dharamshala Rara Mohala , Safidon836
Saini Dharamsala Pipala Wala Mohala, Safidon1206
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Safidon(West Side)1071
Jcs Bhawan, Safidon1015
Kashyap Dharamshala Shiv Colony, Safidon1014
Shri Aggarwal Dharamshala Near Railway Satation, Safidon944
Sarsawati Vidya Mandir School, Safidon (Right Side)933
Govt Primary School Adarsh Colony, Safidon (Right Side)1456
Govt Primary School Adarsh Colony, Safidon (Left Side)1014
Sarsawati Vidya Mandir School, Safidon (Left Side)843
Market Commitee Office , Safidon (Left Side)1234
Govt Middle School, Todi Kheri1332
Sahanpur (59)Govt High School, Sahanpur (Right Side)1209
Govt High School, Sahanpur (Left Side)321
Sarfabad (34)Govt Middle School, Sarfabad
Silla Kheri (41)Govt High School, Shila Kheri
Singhana (43)Govt High School Singhana (Right Side)1278
Govt High School Singhana (Left Side)990
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Singhana1274
Govt High School Singhana (Central Side)998
Singhpura (53)Govt Middle School, Singhpura (Right Side)826
Govt Middle School, Singhpura (Left Side)1091
Siwana Mal (17)Govt High School , Siwana Mal(North Side)1055
Govt High School , Siwana Mal(Central Side)1083
Govt High School , Siwana Mal(South Side)1036
Tito Kheri (55)Govt Primary School, Titokheri

Last Updated on October 19, 2014