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Polling Station List Sadhaura Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Sadhaura

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sadhaura Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Aharwala (273)Govr Middle School, Aharwala
Azizpur (292)Govt Middle School, Azizpur Kalan(North Side)1341
Govt Middle School, Azizpur Kalan(South Side)883
Bajawali (45)Govt Primary School, Bajawali
Bakala (142)Govt Primary School, Bakala
Bal Chhapar (365)Govt Middle School, Bal Chhappar(Right Side)1173
Govt Middle School, Bal Chhappar(Left Side)1068
Bhagwanpur (447)Govt Primary School, Bhagwanpur
Bham Bholi (435)Govt Middle School, Bhamboli(Right Side)803
Govt Middle School, Bhamboli(Central Wing)713
Govt Middle School, Bhamboli(Left Side)520
Bhambol (434)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhambhol(Right Side)955
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhambhol(Left Side)566
Bhamnauli (227)Govt Primary School, Bhamnauli
Bhatauli (405)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhatauli
Bhawanipur (276)Govt Primary School, Bhawanipur
Bhil Chhappar (280)Govt Primary School, Bhil Chappar
Bhogpur (285)Govt Middle School, Bhogpur
Bihta (242)Govt High School, Bihta
Bilaspur (Ct)Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Bilaspur(Right Side)1073
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Bilaspur(Left Side)980
Govt Girls Primary School, Bilaspur799
Govt Model Sanskriti Sr. Sec. School, Bilaspur(Right Side)781
Govt Model Sanskriti Sr. Sec. School, Bilaspur(Left Side)863
Govt Primary School, Bilaspur1419
Office Block Development And Panchyat Officer, Bilaspur961
Bisation Wala (216)Govt Middle School, Basatian Wala
Butgarh (54)Govt High School, Fatehgarh Tumbi(West Side)
Chaharwala (289)Govt Middle School, Chaharwala
Chan Chak (179)Govt Primary School, Chanchak
Chanda Kheri (300)Govt Primary School, Chandakheri
Chaurahi (272)Govt Primary School, Chorahi
Chhalaur (244)Govt Primary School, Chhalour
Chhapper Mansurpur (443)Govt Middle School, Chappar Mansurpur(Right Side)1116
Govt Middle School, Chappar Mansurpur(Left Side)1184
Chholi (215)Govt High School, Choli1309
Govt Middle School, Chhauli(Left Side)730
Govt Middle School, Chhauli(Right Side)703
Chintpur (225)Govt Primary School, Chintpur
Darajpur (431)Govt Primary School, Darajpur
Daryapur (303)Govt Primary School, Dariapur
Dayalgarh (250)Govt Primary School, Dayalgarh
Dhalaur (287)Govt Middle School, Dhalaur
Dhanaura (252)Govt High School, Dhanaora(East Side)
Dharam Kot (270)Govt Middle School, Dhramkot
Fatehgarh Tumbi (59)Govt High School, Fatehgarh Tumbi(East Side)795
Govt High School, Fatehgarh Tumbi(Central Side)604
Ferozepur Ranyan (143)Govt Primary School, Ferojpur Rayain
Gadhaula (359)Govt Middle School, Gadhaula
Gadhauli (412)Govt Middle School, Gadhauli
Gadwali (247)Govt Primary School, Alisherpur Majra983
Govt Primary School, Gadwali515
Galawari (334)Govt Primary School, Galori
Galoli (429)Govt Middle School, Gagoli(Right Side)703
Govt Middle School, Gagoli(Left Side)817
Gandapra (441)Govt Middle School, Gondapura
Gianawala (337)Govt Primary School, Gyanewala
Goglon (432)Govt Primary School, Guglon
Haibatpur (291)Govt High School, Haibatpur(Right Side)874
Govt High School, Haibatpur(Left Side)663
Hangoli (459)Govt Primary School, Hangoli
Haripur Jatan (379)Govt Primary School, Haripur Jatan
Haveli (141)Govt Primary School, Haveli
Ismailpur (159)Govt Primary School, Ismailpur
Jagdhauli (343)Govt Middle School, Jagdhauli(East Side)1300
Govt Middle School, Jagdhauli(West Side)946
Jaitpur (30)Govt Primary School, Jaitpur
Jhanda (189)Govt Primary School, Jhanda
Juda Jatan (335)Govt Primary School, Judda Jattan
Juda Shei Khan (332)Govt Primary School, Judda Shekhan
Kail (378)Govt Middle School, Kail
Kakrauni (299)Govt Primary School, Kakrauni
Kalawar (351)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalawar(Right Side)1143
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalawar(Left Side)1227
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalawar(Central Side)1186
Kalyanpur Atari(170)Govt Primary School, Kalyanpur Antari
Kanahri Kalan (440)Govt Middle School, Kanhari Kalan(Right Side)806
Govt Middle School, Kanhari Kalan(Left Side)683
Kanarhi Khurd (436)Govt Primary School, Kanhari Khurd
Kanipla (150)Govt Middle School, Kanipla
Kapoori Kalan (294)Govt Middle School, Kapoori Kalan
Kathgarh (37)Govt Middle School, Kathgarh
Kathwala (377)Govt Middle School, Kathwala
Khanpur (439)Govt Primary School, Khanpur(Right Side)873
Govt Primary School, Khanpur(Left Side)711
Khera (423)Govt Middle School, Khera(Right Side)871
Govt Middle School, Khera(Left Side)672
Khera Brahmanan (298)Govt Primary School, Khera Brahaman
Khera Kalan (355)Govt Middle School, Khera Kalan917
Govt.Primary School, Khera Kalan738
Kheri Darshan Singh (354)Govt Primary School, Khari Darshan Singh
Khundewala (370)Govt Primary School, Kundewala
Kotar Khana (366)Govt Middle School, Kotarkhana(Right Side)682
Govt Middle School, Kotarkhana(Left Side)717
Kotla (174)Govt High School, Kotla
Kotra Khas (274)Govt Middle School, Kotra Khas
Kulchandu (340)Govt Middle School, Kulchandu
Kurali (284)Govt Primary School, Kurali
Laharpur (328)Govt Senior Secondary School, Laharpur(East Side)861
Govt Senior Secondary School, Laharpur(West Side)1036
Lalhari Kalan (226)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Lalhari Kalan(Left Side)
Lawana (349)Govt Middle School, Lawana
Lawani (347)Govt Primary School, Lawani
Machhrauli (263)Govt Senior Secondary School, Macharauli(East Side)1156
Govt Senior Secondary School, Macharauli(West Side)850
Mahamadpur (140)Govt Middle School, Mahmudpur(East Side)888
Govt Middle School, Mahmudpur(West Side)993
Maheswari (339)Govt Primary School, Maheshwari
Mahiyudinpur (31)Govt Primary School, Mahiyudinpur
Mahlan Wali (380)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mahelanwali(Right Side)1169
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mahelanwali(Left Side)605
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mahelanwali(Central Side)1155
Majri (149)Govt High School, Dhanaora(West Side)
Makhaur (297)Govt Middle School, Makhaur
Malakpur (290)Govt Primary School, Malakpur
Malakpur Bangar (268)Govt High School, Malikpur Bangar(Right Side)849
Govt High School, Malikpur Bangar(Left Side)657
Manakpur (286)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Lalhari Kalan(Right Side)913
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Lalhari Kalan(Central Side)893
Govt Primary School, Manakpur556
Mandhar (26)Govt High School, Mandhar(Right Side)891
Govt High School, Mandhar(Left Side)751
Manglaur (49)Govt Middle School, Manglour
Marwa Kalan (283)Govt High School, Marwan Kalan(East Side)1258
Govt High School, Marwan Kalan(West Side)1286
Marwa Khurd (295)Govt Middle School, Marwan Khurd(Right Side)862
Govt Middle School, Marwan Khurd(Left Side)879
Mianpur (51)Govt Primary School, Miyanpur
Milak Sukhi (373)Govt Middle School, Milk Sukhi
Milkkhas (275)Govt High School, Milkkhas
Mirzapur (172)Govt Middle School, Mirzapur
Mugalwali (259)Govt High School, Mugalwali
Musimbal Hindwan (371)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mussimbal Hinduyan(Right Side)794
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mussimbal Hinduyan(Central Side)806
Musimbal Muslamanan (372)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mussimbal Hinduyan(Left Side)
Mustafabad (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mustafabad(Right Side)825
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mustafabad(Left Side)546
Govt Primary School, Mustafabad(Right Side)1065
Govt Primary School, Mustafabad(Central Side)502
Govt Primary School, Mustafabad(Left Side)936
D.A.V Senior Secondary School, Mustafabad(Right Side)991
D.A.V Senior Secondary School, Mustafabad(Left Side)1305
Nagal Patti Machhrauli (262)Govt Middle School, Nagalpati Machhrauli
Nagla Jagir (364)Govt Middle School, Nagla Jagir
Nagla Khalsa (344)Govt Primary School, Nagla Khalsa
Nagli (32)Govt Primary School, Nagli
Namdarpur (455)Govt Primary School, Namdarpur
Naushahra (162)Govt Primary School, Naushahra
Pabni Kalan (336)Govt High School, Pabni Kalan
Pammu Wala (184)Govt Primary School, Pammuwala
Panjaura (363)Govt Primary School, Panjora
Panjauri (353)Govt Primary School, Panjori
Parbhaoli (52)Govt Primary School, Prabhawali
Pilkhanwala (260)Govt Primary School, Pilkhanwala
Pipliwala (41)Govt Primary School, Pipliwala
Prithipur (231)Govt Middle School, Pirthipur
Raianwala (267)Govt Middle School, Raiyan Wala
Rajpur (152)Govt Middle School, Rajpur
Rajpura (369)Govt Primary School, Rajpura
Ramgarh Majra (60)Govt Middle School, Ramgarh Majra
Rampur Harian (48)Govt Middle School, Rampur Heriyan
Rampur Jat (234)Govt Primary School, Rampur Jattan
Ranipur (256)Govt Middle School, Ranipur
Rasulpur (138)Govt High School, Rasoolpur(Right Side)925
Govt High School, Rasoolpur687
Rasulpur (296)Govt Primary School, Rasoolpur
Ratauli (168)Govt Middle School, Ratauli
Rathali (332)Govt Primary School, Rathali
Rattoli (422)Govt Middle School, Ratauli
Rattu Wala (167)Govt Primary School, Rattuwala
Ruhla Kheri (424)Govt Primary School, Ruhlakheri
Sabalpur (358)Govt Primary School, Sabalpur
Sabhapur (154)Govt Middle School, Sabhapur
Sabilpur Jatan (360)Govt Primary School, Sabilpur Jatan
Sadaura (Ct)Jain Girls Sr. Sec. School, Sadhaura(East Side)1321
Jain Girls Sr. Sec. School, Sadhaura(West Side)1284
D.A.V Public School, Sadhaura(Right Side)996
D.A.V Public School, Sadhaura(Left Side)623
Hindu Sanskrit Sr. Sec. School, Sadhaura(North Side)1184
Hindu Sanskrit Sr. Sec. School, Sadhaura(South Side)1335
Govt Primary School, Sadhaura(East Side)1241
Govt Primary School, Sadhaura(West Side)930
Govt Primary School, Sadhaura(Central Side)1129
Sadiqpur (157)Govt Primary School, Sadikpur810
Govt Primary School, Sadikpur(Central Side)658
Govt Primary School, Sadikpur(West Side)841
Safilpur (46)Govt Primary School, Safilpur
Saidupur (148)Govt Primary School, Saidupur
Salahpur (188)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sahlepur
Salempur Kohi (33)Govt High School, Salempur Kohi
Sandhai (265)Govt Primary School, Sandhay
Saranwa (133)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Sarawan(East Side)1442
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Sarawan(West Side)951
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Sarawan(Central Side)772
Shah Quamaispur (375)Govt Primary School, Shahkhmeshpur
Shahpur (302)Govt Primary School, Shahpur
Shampur (163)Govt Primary School, Shampur
SthalbaGovt Senior Secondary School, Sialba
Sultanpur (255)Govt Primary School, Sultanpur
Sultanpur (445)Govt Middle School, Sultanpur
Sunder Bahadurpur (34)Govt Primary School, Sunder Bahadurpur
Talakaur (362)Govt Senior Secondary School, Talakaur(Right Side)1203
Govt Senior Secondary School, Talakaur(Left Side)985
Tehi Jatan (330)Govt Primary School, Tehi Jattan
Thaska (187)Govt Primary School, Thaska
Todarpur (175)Govt Primary School, Todarpur

Last Updated on October 19, 2014