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Polling Station List Ratia Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Ratia

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ratia Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Ahrwan(127)Govt High School, Ahrwan(Left Side)1297
Govt Girls Middle School, Aharwan1429
Govt High School, Ahrwan(Right Side)1512
Alawalwas(167)Govt Senior Secondary School, Alawalwas(Left Side)1147
Govt Senior Secondary School, Alawalwas(Right Side)771
Alika(173)Govt High School, Alika(Left Side)1390
Govt High School, Alika(Right Side)1330
Alipur Bharota(103)Govt High School, Alipur Barota
Ayalki(129)Govt High School, Ayalki(Left Side)975
Govt High School, Ayalki(Central Side)1034
Govt High School, Ayalki(Right Side)1029
Babanpur(151)Govt Middle School, Babanpur1178
Govt Middle School, Dhani Babanpur Majra, Babanpur1081
Badalgarh(152)Govt Middle School, Badalgarh(Left Side)1168
Govt Middle School, Badalgarh(Right Side)1178
Bahmanwala(122)Govt Middle School, Bahmanwala(Left Side)889
Govt Middle School, Bahmanwala(Right Side)1181
Baliyala(168)Govt Senior Secondary School, Baliala(Left Side)985
Govt Senior Secondary School, Baliala(Right Side)902
Bara(158)Govt Middle School, Bara
Barolanwali(113)Govt High School, Bharolanwali
Behbalpur(118)Govt Primary School, Behbalpur
Bharpoor(100)Govt Middle School, Bharpur
Bhattu Khurd(120)Govt High School, Bhattu Khurd
Bhawani Khera(154)Govt. Primary School, Bhawani Khera
Bhodia Khera(42)Govt High School, Bhodiakhera Pachadgan(Left Side)1210
Govt High School, Bhodiakhera Pachadgan(Right Side)1306
Govt Girls High School, Bhodiakhera Pachadgan(Left Side)1271
Govt Girls High School, Bhodiakhera Pachadgan(Right Side)1437
Bhundarwas(159)Govt Middle School, Bhunderwas(Left Side)867
Govt Middle School, Bhunderwas(Right Side)1167
Bhuthan Kalan(180)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhuthan Kalan(Left Side)1490
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhuthan Kalan(Right Side)1436
Dharamshala Near Bus Stand, Bhuthan Kalan1378
Bhuthan Khurd (87)Govt Middle School, Bhuthan Khurd(Left Side)820
Govt Middle School, Bhuthan Khurd(Right Side)819
Birabadi(111)Govt High School, Birabadi(Left Side)1109
Govt High School, Birabadi(Right Side)1097
Birdhana(139)Govt Primary School, Bahalbhamiya Majra Bhirdana602
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhirdana(Left Side)974
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhirdana(Behind Left Side)925
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhirdana(Central Side)1075
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhirdana(Middle Wing Left Side)714
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhirdana(Right Side)1181
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhirdana(Right Wing)722
Panchayat Bhawan, Bhirdana1029
Govt Senior Secondary School (Primary Section), Bhirdana816
Bora(169)Govt Middle School, Boda
Boswal(136)Govt High School, Boswal
Burj(146)Govt Middle School, Burj
Chandee Kalan(143)Govt Middle School, Chando Kalan919
Govt Primary School, Chando Khurd400
Chankothi(115)Govt Primary School, Chankothi
Chinmon(148)Govt Primary School, Chimmo
Dadupur(105)Govt Primary School, Dadupur
Dhani Binja Lamba(185)Govt Middle School, Binja Lamba
Ganda(110)Govt Middle School, Ganda
Ghaswa(149)Govt Primary School, Ghaswa
Gurusar ( 180)Govt Primary School, Gurusar
Hamzapur(99)Govt Middle School, Hamjapur
Hanspur(112)Govt High School, Hanspur(Left Side)960
Govt High School, Hanspur(Right Side)776
Haroli(104)Govt High School, Haroli(Left Side)992
Govt High School, Haroli(Central Side)1373
Govt High School, Haroli(Right Side)1013
Hasinga(83)Govt Senior Secondary School, Hasinga(Left Side)1150
Govt Senior Secondary School, Hasinga(Right Side)1268
Hijarawan Khurd (40)Govt High School, Hijrawan Khurd(Left Side)1212
Govt High School, Hijrawan Khurd(Right Side)963
Govt Primary School, Haripura Majra, Hijrawan Khurd966
Govt Middle School, Hijrawan Kalan(Central Side)870
Govt Middle School, Hijrawan Kalan(Right Side)946
Hukmawali(106)Govt Middle School, Hukamwali
Jallopur(166)Govt Primary School, Jallopur(Left Side)723
Govt Primary School, Jallopur(Right Side)988
Jandwala Sottar(181)Govt High School, Jandwala Sottar(Left Side)1179
Govt High School, Jandwala Sottar(Right Side)964
Jhalnian(49)Govt High School, Jhalaniya(Left Side)1268
Govt High School, Jhalaniya(Right Side)740
Kalotha(172)Govt Middle School, Kalotha(Left Side)819
Govt Middle School, Kalotha(Right Side)961
Kamana(160)Govt Middle School, Kamana(Left Side)1140
Govt Middle School, Kamana(Right Side)550
Karnoli (38)Govt High School, Karnauli(Left Side)1042
Govt High School, Karnauli(Right Side)637
Kata Kheri (137)Govt Primary School, Kata Kheri
Kawal Garh(157)Govt Middle School, Kanwalgarh(Left Side)787
Govt Middle School, Kanwalgarh(Right Side)804
Khai(177)Govt Middle School, Khai
Khairpur(171)Govt Primary School, Khairpur
Khan Mohammad(132)Govt Middle School, Khan Mohmmad
Khariati Khera(32)Govt High School, Khairati Khera(Left Side)960
Govt High School, Khairati Khera(Right Side)873
Khundan(114)Govt High School, Khundan(Left Side)935
Govt High School, Khundan(Right Side)752
Kukrawali(34)Govt Middle School, Kukranwali1416
Govt Primary School, Dhani Chananwali639
Govt. Primary School, Dhani Mahtab Ram375
Kunal (150)Govt Middle School, Kunal
Ladhuwas(178)Govt Primary School, Ladhuwas(Left Side)1003
Govt Primary School, Ladhuwas(Right Side)730
Lali(165)Govt High School, Lali(Left Side)1481
Govt High School, Lali(Right Side)1512
Lambha(155)Govt High School, Lamba730
Govt Primary School, Dhani Lamba850
Luthera(121)Govt Primary School, Luthera
Malhar(130)Govt Middle School, Malhar
Malwala(174)Govt Primary School, Malwala
Manakpur(116)Govt Primary School, Manakpur
Manawali (31)Govt High School, Manawali(Left Side)1234
Govt High School, Manawali(Right Side)1072
Mehmra(153)Govt High School, Mahamra(Left Side)1234
Govt High School, Mahamra(Right Wing)721
Mirana(164)Govt Middle School, Mirana
Mohammadki(176)Govt Primary School, Mohammadki
Mohammadpur Sotar (145)Govt High School, Mohmmadpur Sottar(Left Wing)1133
Govt High School, Mohmmadpur Sottar(Right Wing)934
Munshiwali(125)Govt Primary School, Munshiwali
Nagpur(107)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nagpur(Left Side)1427
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nagpur(Right Wing)1369
Panchayat Ghar, Nagpur1419
Nakta(117)Govt Primary School, Nakta
Nangal(170)Govt High School, Nangal(Left Side)1231
Govt High School, Nangal(Right Side)1502
Nathwan(161)Govt Primary School, Dhani Nathwan520
Govt Primary School, Nathwan761
Nikuwana(124)Govt Primary School, Nikuwana
Palsar(84)Govt Middle School, Palsar
Phull(102)Govt High School, Phull(Left Side)1195
Govt High School, Phull(Right Side)1077
Pilchian(175)Govt Middle School, Pilchhian(Left Side)795
Govt Middle School, Pilchhian(Right Side)826
Raipur(141)Govt Primary School, Dhani Raipur
Rata Khera(101)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ratta Khera(Left Side)942
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ratta Khera(Central Side)989
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ratta Khera(Right Side)952
Ratia (Rural)(162)Office Market Commitee, Ratia(Left Side)1317
Mother India Convent School, Ratia(South Side)1282
Office Market Commitee, Ratia(Right Side)1571
Govt Primary School, Employes Colony Ratia1502
Govt Middle School, Jakhan Dadi Ratia1111
Govt Senior Secondary School, Town Ratia(Left Side)1267
Govt Senior Secondary School, Town Ratia(Right Side)1409
Govt Senior Secondary School, Town Ratia(Central Side)1238
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Town Ratia(Left Side)1302
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Town Ratia(Right Side)1429
Office Panchayat Samiti, Town Ratia(Left Side)974
Office Panchayat Samiti, Town Ratia(Right Side)1385
Office Municipal Committe, Town Ratia(Left Side)1392
Office Municipal Committe, Town Ratia(South Wing)1513
Office Municipal Committe, Town Ratia(Right Side)1630
Office B. D. & P. O., Town Ratia(Hall Room)1117
Mother India Convent School, Ratia(Left Side)1329
Mother India Convent School, Ratia(Right Side)1121
Rattangarh(163)Govt Middle School, Rattangarh(Left Side)852
Govt Middle School, Rattangarh(Right Side)776
Razabad(128)Govt Primary School, Rajabad
Rojhanwali(123)Govt Primary School, Rojhawali
Sardarwala(179)Govt. Middle School, Sardarewala(Left Side)846
Govt. Middle School, Sardarewala(Right Side)1179
Shahidan Wali(33)Govt Middle School, Shahidanwali
Shahnal(126) Split Vill.R[-23]CGovt Middle School, Shahnal
Shekhupur Sotar(140)Govt Primary School, Sekhupur Sottar
Sukhmanpur(142)Govt Middle School, Sukhmanpur
Teliwara(156)Govt Primary School, Teliwara
Theri(119)Govt Primary School, Theri

Last Updated on October 19, 2014