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Polling Station List Rania Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Rania

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rania Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Abholi(138)Govt Middle School, Abholi(Left Wing)855
Govt Middle School, Abholi(Right Wing)871
Abut Garh(140)Govt Primary School, Abutgarh
Alanoor(144)Govt Primary School, Alanur Urf Nanakpur
Alipur Titu Khera(91)Govt Primary School, Alipur-Titukhera
Bacher(237)Govt High School, Bacher(Left Wing)694
Govt High School, Bacher(Right Wing)742
Bahia(234)Govt High School , Bahia(Left Wing)1005
Govt High School , Bahia(Right Wing)954
Govt. Primary School,Bahia1025
Balasar(228)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Balasar(Left Wing)1102
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Balasar(Right Wing)1083
Govt. Primary School, Balasar1084
Ban Sudhar(148)Govt High School, Bansudhar(Left Wing)769
Govt High School, Bansudhar(Right Wing)814
Bani(121)Govt Primary School, Ther Shahidanwali711
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Bani(Left Wing)1007
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Bani(Right Wing)1059
Govt. Primary School, Bani1027
Govt Girls Primary School , Bani(Left Wing)735
Govt Girls Primary School , Bani(Right Wing)833
Govt Girl Primary School Middle Wing, Bani1089
Bhagsar(220)Govt Primary School, Bhagsar
Bhamboor(90)Govt Middle School, Bhamboor(Left Wing)1096
Govt Middle School, Bhamboor(Right Wing)1102
Bharolanwali(229)Govt High School , Bharolanwali(Left Wing)1318
Govt High School , Bharolanwali(Right Wing)1244
Bhoona(224)Govt Middle School, Bhuna
Bhudha Bhana(157)Govt Middle School, Budhabhana(Left Wing)691
Govt Middle School, Budhabhana(Right Wing)743
Burj Bhangu (181)Govt High School, Burj Bhangu(Left Wing)737
Govt High School, Burj Bhangu(Right Wing)731
Chak Arian (141)Govt Primary School, Chak Araia
Chak Quasaban(98)Govt Primary School, Chaksaba
Chakan(244)Govt Primary School, Chakkan1132
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chakkan(Left Wing)1152
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chakkan(Right Wing)1146
Chamal(147)Govt Primary School, Dhani Kheowali847
Govt High School, Chamal(Left Wing)944
Govt High School, Chamal(Right Wing)777
Govt. Primary School, Dhani Sukhchain267
DamdamaGovt High School, Damdama(Left Wing)716
Govt High School, Damdama(Right Wing)729
Darewala(217)Govt Girl Primary School, Dariawala
Dhamoda ThediGovt Primary School, Dhamora Theri Ath Burji Majra Ottu
Dhani CharsooGovt Middle School, Dhani Char Sao
Dhani Satnam Singh(331)Govt Primary School, Dhani Satnam Singh
Dhanoor(143)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhanoor(Left Wing)905
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhanoor(Right Wing)930
Govt Primary School , Dhani Bangi Majra Dhanoor428
Dharampura Majra DamdamaGovt High School, Dharmpura
Dhari LahrawaliGovt. Primary School, Dhani Laharanwali
Dhottar(211)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Dhottar(Left Wing)986
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Dhottar(Right Wing)950
Govt. Primary School, Dhotad1028
Dhudian Wali(232)Govt High School, Dhudianwali1102
Govt Primary School, Dhudianwali (Pati Rathawas)1358
Fatehpur Niamatkhan(194)Govt High School, Fetehpur Niyamat Khan(Left Wing)823
Govt High School, Fetehpur Niyamat Khan(Right Wing)855
Fatehpuria(214)Govt Middle School, Fetehpuria
Ferozabad(99)Govt Middle School , Firojabad1220
Govt. Primary School, Dhani Pratap Singh456
Ghoran Wali(243)Govt Middle School, Ghoranwali(Left Wing)725
Govt Middle School, Ghoranwali(Right Wing)729
Gidranwali(100)Govt Primary School, Gindrawali
Gindran(242)Govt High School, Gindra(Left Wing)991
Govt High School, Gindra(Right Wing)964
Govindpur Majra AbholiGovt Primary School, Gobindpura Majra Abholi
Haripura(233)Govt High School , Haripura(Left Wing)1071
Govt High School , Haripura(Right Wing)743
Harni Khurd(123)Govt Primary School, Harni Khurd
Jhorar Nali(145)Govt High School, Jhorarnali(Left Wing)923
Govt High School, Jhorarnali(Right Wing)919
Govt. Primary School, Jhoradnali938
Jiwan Nagar(124,126,127)Panchayat Ghar Facility Centre, Jiwannagar(Left Wing)782
Panchayat Ghar Facility Centre, Jiwannagar(Right Wing)781
Govt Primary School, Santawali954
Jodh Puria(210)Govt Senior Secondary School , Jodhpuria(Left Wing)1050
Govt Senior Secondary School , Jodhpuria(Right Wing)1069
Karamgarh(195)Govt Middle School, Karamgarh
Kariwali(122)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kariwali(Left Wing)982
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kariwali(Central Side)1002
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kariwali(Right Wing)964
Govt Primary School, Kariwali1046
Govt Primary School, Ther Budania230
Keharwala(260)Govt Senior Secondary School, Keharwala(Left Wing)896
Govt Senior Secondary School, Keharwala(Right Wing)917
Govt Girls Primary School, Keherwala964
Khai Shergarh(222)Govt High School, Khaishergarh(Left Wing)871
Govt High School, Khaishergarh(Right Wing)926
Khaja Khera(231)Govt Primary School, Khajakhera
Kharian(216)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kharian(Left Wing)990
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kharian(Central Side)975
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kharian(Left Wing)1011
Govt. Primary School, Kharian1056
Govt Girls High School , Kharian(Left Wing)1070
Govt Girls High School , Kharian(Right Wing)1137
Khuyian Nepalpur(208)Govt Middle School , Khuiyan Nepalpur378
Govt. Primary School, Khuian Nepalpla846
Kirar Kot(160)Govt High School, Kirarkot
Kussar(226)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kussar(Left Wing)1233
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kussar(Right Wing)907
Malewala(156)Govt Middle School, Mallewala(Left Wing)703
Govt Middle School, Mallewala(Right Wing)703
Mamber Khera(239)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mammar Khera(Left Wing)882
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mammar Khera(Right Wing)899
Mangala(92)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mangala(Left Wing)1219
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mangala(Right Wing)1277
Govt. Primary School, Mangala1450
Govt Primary School, Dhani Kahan Singh583
Mangalia(215)Govt Primary School, Mangalia
Mattuwala(240)Govt Middle School, Matuwala
Maujdin(97)Govt Senior Secondary School, Maujdin(Left Wing)789
Govt Senior Secondary School, Maujdin(Right Wing)795
Mehna Khera(225)Govt Middle School, Maihna Khera
Mohamad Puria(227)Govt Middle School, Mahammadpuria(Left Wing)754
Govt Middle School, Mahammadpuria(Right Wing)808
Naiwala(230)Govt. Middle School, Naiwala
Nakora(128)Govt High School , Nakora(Left Wing)873
Govt High School , Nakora(Right Wing)706
Nanuana(213)Govt Middle School, Nanuana(Left Wing)783
Govt Middle School, Nanuana(Right Wing)840
Nathohar(236)Govt High School, Nathor(Left Wing)1265
Govt High School, Nathor(Right Wing)1223
Nezadela Khurd(155)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nejadela Khurd
Nigrana(136)Govt Primary School, Nagrana
Ottu(139)Govt High School, Ottu(Left Wing)977
Govt High School, Ottu(Right Wing)992
Govt. Primary School, Ottu996
Panjuana(192)Govt High School , Panjuana(Left Wing)1275
Govt High School , Panjuana(Right Wing)1125
Panniwala Mota(207)Govt Senior Secondary School , Panniwala Mota(Left Wing)1021
Govt Senior Secondary School , Panniwala Mota(Central Side)996
Govt Senior Secondary School , Panniwala Mota(Right Wing)1019
Govt Girls High School, Panniwala Mota(Left Wing)1036
Govt Girls High School, Panniwala Mota(Right Wing)1024
Peer Khera(219)Govt Middle School, Peer Khera
Rania(137)Govt Primary School, Rampur Theri877
Govt Primary School, Nathowala Mohalla Kasba Rania1283
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kasba Rania(Left Wing)894
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kasba Rania(Central Side)846
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kasba Rania(Right Wing)859
Govt Senior Secondary School New Building, Kasba Rania(Left Wing)1117
Govt Senior Secondary School New Building, Kasba Rania(Right Wing)1281
Govt Girls Primary School, Kasba Rania872
Govt Primary School, Kasba Rania(Left Wing)801
Govt Primary School, Kasba Rania(Central Wing)913
Govt Primary School, Kasba Rania(Right Wing)988
Office Block Development And Panchayat Officer, Kasba Rania914
Tehsil Office, Kasba Rania791
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Kasba Rania(Left Wing)1180
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Kasba Rania(Right Wing)1475
Office Of Municipal Commettee Kasba Rania(Left Wing)815
Office Of Municipal Commettee Kasba Rania(Right Wing)897
Govt Primary School, Ranjitpur Theri998
Sadewala(241)Govt Middle School, Sadewala(Left Wing)803
Govt Middle School, Sadewala(Right Wing)817
Sahuwala - I(196)Govt High School , Sahuwala-1(Left Wing)890
Govt High School , Sahuwala-1(Right Wing)897
Govt. Primary School, Sahuwala-1(South Side)912
Sainpal(235)Govt Middle School, Sainpal1030
Govt Primary School, Sainpal Kotha904
Sant NagarGuru Hari Singh Kanya Senior Secondary School, Sant Nagar(Left Wing)1057
Guru Hari Singh Kanya Senior Secondary School, Sant Nagar(Central Wing)1062
Guru Hari Singh Kanya Senior Secondary School, Sant Nagar(Right Wing)1080
Govt Middle School, Sant Nagar1146
Govt Primary School, Sant Nagar1152
Govt Middle School, Amritsar Khuhan421
Shekhupuria(193)Govt. High School, Shekhupuria
Sultanpuria(212)Govt High School, Sultanpuria(Left Wing)952
Govt High School, Sultanpuria(Right Wing)967
Thedi Mohar SinghGovt Primary School, Theri Mohar Singh

Last Updated on October 19, 2014