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Polling Station List Rai Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Rai

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rai Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Abbaspur (228)Govt. High School , Garhi Bala(North Wing)958
Govt. High School , Garhi Bala(South Wing)1021
Akbarpur Barota (62)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Akbarpur Brota(North Wing)1272
Near House Of Hakimu Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Akbarpur Brota600
Near House Of Rai Singh Biragi Numberdar Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Akbarpur Brota214
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Akbarpur Brota(South Wing)1200
Asadpur(22)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Asadpur Nandnaur(South Wing)1006
Govt. Primary School , Gari Asadpur468
Asawarpur (71)Govt. Middle School , Asawarpur(East Wing)899
Govt. Middle School , Asawarpur(West Wing)761
Aterna (44)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Aterna(North Wing)1278
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Aterna(Middle Wing)1246
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Aterna(South Wing)636
Aurangabad (38)Govt. Primary School , Aurangabad
Badh Khalsa (41)Govt. Primary School , Badkhalsa(North Wing)1344
Govt. Primary School , Badkhalsa(South Wing)853
Badh Malak (68) (Ct)Govt.Primary School , Badmalik(North Wing)1110
Govt.Primary School , Badmalik(South Wing)889
Govt. High School , 20Th Mile Badmalik772
Bahalgarh(73)Govt Primary School , Bahalgarh(North Wing)1179
Govt Primary School , Bahalgarh(South Wing)869
Bakhtawarpur (18)Govt Primary School , Tajpur(South Wing)712
Govt Middle School , Bakhtawarpur1021
Govt. Primary School , Nishaf Garhi Bakhtawarpur466
Baqipur(47)Govt. Primary School , Bakipur(North Wing)1170
Govt. Primary School , Bakipur(South Wing)917
Barauli(24)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Barauli(North Wing)1142
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Barauli(South Wing)1075
Basaudi(25)Govt. Primary School , Basaudi
Bazidpur Saboli(57)Govt. High School , Bajidpur Saboli(North Wing)881
Govt. High School , Bajidpur Saboli(South Wing)1119
Bidhnauli(213)Govt. Girls High School , Bindrauli(North Wing)1003
Govt. Girls High School , Bindrauli(South Wing)753
Near House Of Krishan S/O Popa Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Bindrauli315
Chhatera Bahadurpur (229)Govt. Middle School , Chhatehra Bahadurpur(North Wing)509
Govt. Middle School , Chhatehra Bahadurpur(South Wing)845
Dahesra(51)Govt. Middle School , Dahisara(North Wing)928
Govt. Middle School , Dahisara(South Wing)764
Dipalpur(28)Govt.Senior Secondary School , Dipalpur(North Wing)985
Govt.Senior Secondary School , Dipalpur(Middle Wing)1028
Govt.Senior Secondary School , Dipalpur(South Wing)760
Near House Of Sheele S/O Gokul Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Dipalpur228
Halalpur(235)Govt High School , Halalpur(North Wing)912
Govt High School , Halalpur(Middle Wing)1029
Near House Of Master Aman S/O Chatar Singh Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Halalpur287
Govt High School , Halalpur(South Wing)844
Jajjal (33)Govt. Primary School , Jajal
Jakhauli (37)Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Jakhauli(North Wing)1360
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Jakhauli(Middle Wing)1331
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Jakhauli(South Wing)1427
Infront House Of Prem S/O Hari Chand Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Jakhauli208
Infront House Of Krishan S/O Jage Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Jakhauli654
Janti Kalan(52)Govt High School , Janti Kalan(North Wing)983
Near House Of Rajender S/O Umrav Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Janti Kalan980
Govt High School , Janti Kalan(South Wing)1076
Janti Khurd(53)Govt. Primary School , Janti Khurd
Jatheri (66)Govt. High School , Jatheri(North Wing)952
Govt. High School , Jatheri(South Wing)1114
Jhundpur (34)Govt. Middle School , Jhundpur
Joshi Chohan (86)Govt. Primary School , Joshi Chauhan(North Wing)880
Govt. Primary School , Joshi Chauhan(South Wing)605
Joshi Jat(75)Govt. Middle School , Joshi Jat
Kamashpur(88)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Kumaspur(North Wing)1218
Near House Of Kaptan S/O Sube Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Kumaspur507
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Kumaspur(South Wing)1199
Near House Of Bhagwana S/O Chhajju Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Kumaspur264
Khatkar(46)Govt. Middle School , Khatkar871
Govt. Middle School , Khatkar(North Wing)626
Kheri Mana Jat (61)Govt. Middle School , Kheri Manajat(North Wing)1064
Govt. Middle School , Kheri Manajat(South Wing)829
Khewara (72)Govt. High School, Khewara(North Wing)1137
Govt. High School, Khewara(East Wing)1114
Govt. High School, Khewara(South Wing)1242
Govt. Primary School Barauli Road , Khewara(North Wing)901
Govt. Primary School Barauli Road , Khewara(South Wing)843
Infront House Of Ghasi Chaukidar Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Khewara270
Khurrampur(48)Govt. Primary School , Kharmpur
Kishora (87)Govt. Primary School , Kishora
Kundli (55) (Ct)Govt. Primary School , Kundali(North Wing)1320
Govt. Primary School , Kundali(Middle Wing)1568
Govt. Primary School , Kundali(South Wing)1460
Govt. Senior Secondry School Narela Road Piyau Maniyari, Kundali North Wing(South Wing)1471
Govt. Senior Secondry School Narela Road Piyau Maniyari, Kundali North Wing(North Wing)1222
Govt. Senior Secondry School Narela Road Piyau Maniyari, Kundali North Wing(Central Wing)871
Lawanspur(74)Govt. Middle School , Liwaspur(South Wing)
Machhraula (21)Govt. Primary School , Machhraula
Malha Majra (230)Govt. Primary School , Malha Majra(North Wing)744
Govt. Primary School , Malha Majra(South Wing)705
Manoli (35)Govt. Middle School , Manauli(North Wing)925
Govt. Middle School , Manauli(South Wing)871
Mehndipur (20)Govt High School , Mehndipur(North Wing)903
Govt High School , Mehndipur(South Wing)910
Memarpur (12)Govt Middle School , Mimarpur
Mirakpur(30)Govt. Middle School , Mirkpur
Morthal Khas(91)Tau Devi Lal Women College , Murthal(North Wing)1364
Tau Devi Lal Women College , Murthal(South Wing)1236
Tau Devi Lal Women College , Murthal(Middle Wing)912
Near House Of Prem S/O Hardeva Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Murthal425
Govt. Senior Secondary School , Murthal(North Wing)1231
Near House Of Jagdish S/O Harkishan Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Murthal(East Wing)700
Govt. Senior Secondary School , Murthal(South Wing)916
Govt. Middle School R. K. Colony , Murthal(North Wing)986
Govt. Middle School R. K. Colony , Murthal(South Wing)778
Near House Of Jagdish S/O Harkishan Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Murthal(West Wing)561
Munirpur (59)Govt. Primary School , Munirpur
Murshidpur(26)Govt. Primary School , Mukimpur(North Wing)1054
Govt. Primary School , Mukimpur(South Wing)1034
Nahra(227)Govt.Girls Senior Secondry School , Nahra(North Wing)1332
Near House Of Ramkaran S/O Shakru Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Nahra329
Govt.Girls Senior Secondry School , Nahra(South Wing)1197
Nahri(232)Govt. High School , Nahri(North Wing)1229
Govt. High School , Nahri(Middle Wing)1217
Near House Of Dharambir S/O Rai Chand Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Nahri376
Govt. High School , Nahri1321
Govt.Girls Senior Secondry School , Nahri1220
Near House Of Ashwani S/O Nandram Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Nahri260
Nandnaur(23)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Asadpur Nandnaur(North Wing)
Nangal Kalan (43)Govt High School , Nangal Kalan(North Wing)786
Govt High School , Nangal Kalan(Middle Wing)585
Govt High School , Nangal Kalan(South Wing)1199
Govt.Girls Senior Secondary School , Nangal Kalan1301
Near House Of Ram Parsad S/O Bhima Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Nangal Kalan446
Nangal Khurd(89)Govt. Middle School , Nangal Khurd
Nathupur(56)Govt. Primary School , Nathupur(North Wing)889
Govt. Primary School , Nathupur(South Wing)953
Pabsra (36)Govt. Middle School , Pabsara(East Wing)974
Govt. Middle School , Pabsara(West Wing)873
Palra(29)Govt. Middle School , Palra
Palri Khurd (31)Govt. Middle School , Palri Khrud575
Govt. Primary School , Palri Kalan971
Patla (40)Govt. Primary School , Patla
Pritampura (67)Govt. Primary School , Pritampura
Rai(69)Govt. High School , Rai(North Wing)959
Govt. High School , Rai(South Wing)956
Rasoi(42)Govt High School , Rasoi1338
Near House Of Murti W/O Mehtab Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Rasoi277
Rewali(90)Govt. Middle School , Rewali
Seoli (39)Govt. Middle School , Sewali(North Wing)1037
Govt. Middle School , Sewali(South Wing)716
Near House Of Bijender S/O Shyonath Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Sewali324
Sersa(54)Govt. Middle School , Sersa(North Wing)1362
Govt. Middle School , Sersa(South Wing)1261
Shafiabad Pana Paposhian(58)Govt. High School , Safiyabad Pana Paposhiyan(East Wing)898
Govt. High School , Safiyabad Pana Paposhiyan(West Wing)673
Shahjahanpur(82)Govt. Primary School , Shahjanpur
Shahpur Turak(83)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Shahpur Turk
Tajpur (14)Govt Primary School , Tajpur(North Wing)
Tikola (16)Govt Primary School ,Tiloka

Last Updated on October 19, 2014