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Polling Station List Prithla Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Prithla

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Prithla Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Aghwanpur(65)Govt Primary School , Agvanpur659
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Agvanpur499
Ahmadpur(62)Govt Primary School, Ahmadpur
Alapur(66)Govt. High School, Alahapur
Alawalpur(62)Govt Senior Secondary School , Alawalpur(Right Side)1278
Govt Senior Secondary School , Alawalpur(Left Side)1052
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Alavalpur(Right Side)1302
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Alavalpur(Left Side)1206
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Alavalpur1084
Amarpur(177)Govt High School, Amarpur
Amru(38)Govt Primary School, Amru
Asawta(160)Govt. High School, Asawati(Right Side)1056
Govt. High School, Asawati(Left Wing)1161
Govt. High School, Asawati(Central Wing)1175
Atali(89)Govt Girls Primary School, Atali1042
Govt. High School , Atali(Right Side)1030
Govt. High School , Atali(Left Wing)1131
Govt. High School , Atali(Central Wing)888
Aterna(60)Govt Primary School, Aterna
Baghola (44) (Ct)Govt High School , Baghola(Right Side)1072
Govt High School , Baghola(Left Side)902
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Baghola945
Bahbalpur(69)Govt Middle School, Behbalpur(Right Wing)737
Govt Middle School, Behbalpur(Left Wing)754
Bhanakpur(45)Govt. High School , Bhanakpur(Right Side)1327
Govt. High School , Bhanakpur(Left Side)685
Bhurja(10)Govt Primary School, Bhurja
Bijopur(35)Govt. Primary School, Bijopur(Right Side)1015
Govt. Primary School, Bijopur(Left Wing)693
Bukharpur(85)Govt. Middle School, Bukharpur
Chandaoli(82)Govt Senior Secondary School , Chandawali(Right Side)1223
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chandawali(Left Wing)1270
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chandawali(Central Wing)743
Chhainsa(202)Rest Room, Chhayansa1509
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Chhainsa1326
Govt High School, Chhayansa(Right Side)1274
Govt High School, Chhayansa(Left Side)875
Govt High School, Chhayansa(Central Wing)791
Govt Primary School Panchaiyti Jhugi, Chhayansa877
Chhaprola(4)Govt Primary School, Chaprola1112
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Chaparola360
Dadota(175)Govt Primary School, Dadota
Dayalpur(86)Govt Girls Senior Sec. School , Dayalpur(Right Side)1186
Govt Girls Senior Sec. School , Dayalpur(Central Side)1357
Govt Girls Senior Sec. School , Dayalpur(Left Side)1496
Schedule Caste Choupal, Dayalpur1089
Devli(46)Govt Middle School, Devli(Right Side)1011
Govt Middle School, Devli(Left Side)830
Digh(56)Govt Primary School, Deeg1333
Schedule Caste Choupal, Deeg1019
Dudola(40)Govt High School , Dudhaula(Right Side)910
Govt High School , Dudhaula(Left Side)916
Schedule Caste Chaupal-1 Near Big Chaunk Bank , Dudhola697
Schedule Caste Chaupal-2 (Near Dhatir Chaunk), Dudhola352
Dundsa(50)Govt Primary School , Dundsa
Fatehpur Biloch(58)Govt Girls Middle School, Fatehpur Biloch(Right Wing)1563
Govt High School , Fatehpur Biloch(Right Wing)1368
Govt High School , Fatehpur Biloch(Central Side)1175
Govt High School , Fatehpur Biloch(Left Side)929
Govt Girls Middle School, Fatehpur Biloch(Left Side)897
Fazalpur(63)Govt Primary School , Fazalpur(Right Side)674
Govt Primary School , Fazalpur(Left Side)338
Ferozepur(64)Govt High School , Firozepur(Right Side)1206
Govt High School , Firozepur(Left Side)1034
Firozpur Kalan(41)Govt. High School, Firozpur Kalan
Gadhpuri(2)Govt Primary School, Gadpuri
Garhkhera (67)Govt Middle School , Garhkhera(Right Side)1287
Govt Middle School , Garhkhera(Left Side)1220
Ghagot(57)Govt Primary School, Ghaghot
Gopi Khera(58)Govt Primary School, Gopikhera
Harphali(3)Govt Primary School, Harphali
Harphola (47)Govt.Primary School, Harphala
Hirapur(61)Govt Middle School , Hirapur(Right Side)1161
Govt Middle School , Hirapur(Left Side)901
Jajru(52)Govt. Middle School , Jajru(Right Wing)786
Govt. Middle School , Jajru(Left Wing)781
Jalhaka(59)Govt. Primary School, Jalhaka
Janauli(45)Govt Girls High School , Janoli(Right Side)1336
Govt Girls High School , Janoli(Left Side)1445
Govt. Middle School , Janauli1426
Jataula(48)Govt Primary School, Jatola
Jawan(59)Govt High School , Jawan(Right Side)1291
Govt High School , Jawan(Left Wing)963
Govt High School , Jawan(Central Wing)1148
Junehera(87)Govt. High School , Juneheda(Right Wing)841
Govt. High School , Juneheda(Left Wing)715
Kabulpur Bangar(39)Govt. Primary School , Kabulpur Bangar
Kadhaoli(50)Govt. Primary School, Khanadhawali(Right Wing)1064
Govt. Primary School, Khanadhawali(Left Wing)854
Kail Gaon(51)Govt. Primary School Kailgaon
Kakripur(54)Govt Primary School, Kakripur
Karnera(42)Govt. Middle School , Karnaira
Katesra(60)Govt Senior Secondary School , Katesara(Right Side)1112
Govt Senior Secondary School , Katesara(Left Side)768
Khajurka(165)Govt Primary School, Khanjurka
Ladhauli(70)Govt Primary School, Ladoli
Ladhia Pur(38)Govt. Primary School , Ladhiyapur
Machhgar(83)Govt High School , Machhgar(Right Side)1332
Govt High School , Machhgar(Left Wing)972
Govt High School , Machhgar(Central Wing)1054
Mahola(46)Govt.Middle School , Mohla
Malerna(75)Govt Primary School, Malerna
Mandkol(53)Govt Middle School, Mandkaul(Right Side)768
Govt. High School, Madhkol(Left Wing)1056
Maojpur(88)Govt. Primary School, Mojpur
Miranpur(43)Govt. Primary School, Mirapur
Mohna(204)Govt High School , Mohna(Right Side)1294
Govt Girls High School , Mohna(Left Side)1468
Govt Girls High School , Mohna(Right Side)1476
Govt High School , Mohna(Left Side)1448
Mujeri(81)Govt. Primary School, Mujeri
Nagla Jogian(49)Govt. Primary School, Nangla Jogiyan
Nangla Bhiku(41)Govt Middle School, Nangala Bhiku
Narhaoli(66)Govt Primary School, Narhawali(Right Wing)816
Govt Primary School, Narhawali(Left Wing)813
Naryala(63)Govt High School, Nariyala(Right Side)1178
Govt High School, Nariyala(Left Side)565
Nawada Tigaon(84)Govt. Primary School, Nawada Tigaon(Right Wing)961
Govt. Primary School, Nawada Tigaon(Left Wing)707
Pahladpur Majra Digh (57)Govt Primary School, Prahladpur
Panehra Kalan(64)Govt. Primary School , Panhera Kalan(Right Side)1182
Govt. Primary School , Panhera Kalan(Left Side)823
Panehra Khurd(65)Govt Senior Secondary School , Panhera Khurd(Right Side)943
Govt Senior Secondary School , Panhera Khurd(Left Side)1107
Piala (54) (Ct)Govt. High School , Pyala(Right Side)1241
Govt. High School , Pyala(Left Side)1168
Pirthla(42)Govt Sr Secondary School, Prithala(Right Side)1208
Govt Sr Secondary School, Prithala(Left Side)882
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Prithla391
Govt Girls High School , Prithla(Right Side)1126
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Prithla277
Govt Girls High School , Prithla(Left Side)955
Sadarpur(56)Govt Primary School, Sadarpur
Sagarpur(55)Govt High School , Sagarpur(Right Wing)869
Govt High School , Sagarpur(Left Wing)780
Sahapur Khurd (53)Govt. Primary School , Shahpur Khurd
Samaipur(43)Govt. High School, Samaypur
Sarurpur(27)Govt. Primary School Sarurpur
Sehrala(5)Govt Primary School , Sehrala
Shahjahanpur(189)Govt. Primary School, Shahajahanpur
Shahpur Kalan(71)Govt Primary School, Shahpur Kalan(Right Wing)834
Govt Primary School, Shahpur Kalan(Left Wing)762
Shahupura(74)Govt High School, Sahupura(Right Wing)831
Govt High School, Sahupura(Left Wing)997
Govt. Primary School, Sahupura Khadar1445
Sikandarpur(11)Govt Middle School, Sikandarpur
Sikri(48)Govt Sr Sec. School, Sikri(Right Side)1107
Govt Sr Sec. School, Sikri(Left Side)773
Schedule Caste Choupal, Sikri987
Sikrona(40)Govt. Primary School , Sikrona
Softa(1)Govt Primary School, Softa
Sotai(73)Govt High School , Sotai(Right Side)1076
Govt High School , Sotai(Left Side)1046
Sunper(72)Govt Middle School , Sunpaid
Tatarpur(47)Govt. Primary School, Tatarpur

Last Updated on October 19, 2014