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Polling Station List Pehowa Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Pehowa

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pehowa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Adoya (4)Govt. Primary School, Adhoya(Right Side)908
Govt. Primary School, Adhoya(Left Side)690
AsmanpurGovt. Primary School, Asamanpur(Right Side)1395
Govt. Primary School, Asamanpur(Left Side)942
Bachki (416)Govt. Primary School, Bachki
Bakhli (11)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Bakhali.978
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Bakhali(Left Side)736
Govt. Middle School, Plot No. 5, Bakhli1129
Baloch Pura (46)Govt. Primary School, Bilochpura
Batheri (12)Govt High School, Bhateri(Right Side)988
Govt High School, Bhateri(Left Side)591
Bhainsi Majra (18)Govt Middle School, Bhainsi Majra
Bherian (42)Govt. Primary School, Bheriyan
Bhor Saidan (157)Govt. High School, Bhore Saindan(Right Side)1087
Govt. High School, Bhore Saindan(Left Side)1107
Bhorak (17)Govt. Sen Sec. School, Bhorakh(Right Side)868
Govt. Sen Sec. School, Bhorakh(Left Side)563
Govt. Sen Sec. School, Bhorakh(Central Side)1256
Govt. Primary School, Bhorakh1003
Bhusthla (301)Govt. Senior Secondary. School, Bhustala
Bibipur Kalan (50)Govt. Primary School, Bibipur Kalan
Bodha (18)Govt. Primary School, Bhodha
Bodhni (16)Govt. High School, Bodhani(Right Side)1403
Govt. High School, Bodhani(Left Side)964
Chanal Heri (305)Govt. Middle School, Chanalheri
Chhajupur (328)Govt. Primary School, Chhajupur
Chhawlan (53)Govt. Primary School, Chhawala
Dhani Rampura (47)Govt. Primary School, Dhaniram Pura
Dhulgarh (55)Govt. Primary School, Dhoolgarh
Diwana (5)Govt. High School, Diwana(Right Side)756
Govt. High School, Diwana(Left Side)750
Govt. Primary School, Diwana1199
Duniya Majra (310)Govt. Primary School, Duniya Majra
Gangheri (324)Govt. Primary School, Gangheri
Garhi Langri (6)Govt. Primary School, Garhi Langari
Garhi Roran (152)Govt. Primary School, Garhi Rodan
Gledwa (40)Govt. Primary School, Galedwa
Guldehra (54)Govt. High School, Guldehra
Gumthala Garhu (139)Govt. Primary School, Gumthala Garhu ( Dera Fateh Singh)1003
Govt. Sen Sec. School, Gumthala Garhu(Right Side)845
Govt. Sen Sec. School, Gumthala Garhu(Left Side)734
Govt. Girls Primary School, Gumthala Garhu(Right Side)891
Govt. Girls Primary School, Gumthala Garhu(Left Side)725
Schedule Castechaupal, Gumthala Garhu420
Govt. Primary School, Gumthala Garhu593
Helwa (58)Govt. Primary School, Helwa
Ishaq (10)Govt. Girls Middle School, Ishhak(Right Side)611
Govt. Girls Middle School, Ishhak(Left Side)1146
Mini Bank, Ishhak551
Ismailabad (317)(Ct)Govt. Model Sen. Sec. School, Ismailabad(Right Side)1008
Govt. Model Sen. Sec. School, Ismailabad(Left Side)834
Govt. Model Sen. Sec. School, Ismailabad(Central Side)985
Govt. Primary School, Ismailabad969
Office Market Committee, Ismailabad672
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Ismailabad(Right Side)932
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Ismailabad(Left Side)987
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Ismailabad(Central Side)998
Govt. Girl Primary School, Ismailabad989
Ismailpur (319)Govt. Primary School, Ismailpur
Jakhwala (20)Govt. High School, Jakhwala
Jal Behra (307)Govt. High School, Jalbehra(Right Side)980
Govt. High School, Jalbehra(Left Side)627
Jhansa (299)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Jhansa(Right Side)957
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Jhansa(Left Side)634
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Jhansa(Central Side)913
Govt. Primary School, Jhansa(Right Side)581
Govt. Primary School, Jhansa(Left Side)1388
Jhinwarheri (36)Govt. Primary School, Jhinwarheri ( Near Morthali)
Jorasi Kalan (32)Govt. Primary School, Jurasi Kalan
Jorasi Khurd (33)Govt. Primary School, Jurasi Khurd
Kakrala Gujran (7)Govt. Middle School, Kakrala Gujran
Kalsa (1)Govt. High School,Kalsa (Right Side)889
Govt. High School,Kalsa (Left Side)859
Govt. Primary School, Kalsa Mhashaya Plot814
Kamoda (26)Govt High School, Kamoda(Right Side)938
Govt High School, Kamoda(Left Side)859
Kanthala (306)Govt. Middle School, Kanthala
Karah (3)Govt. Primary School, Karah(Right Side)940
Govt. Primary School, Karah(Left Side)736
Khanpur Roran (25)Govt Middle School, Khanpur Roran
Kheri Shahidan (315)Govt. Primary School, Kheri Shahidan(Right Side)
Kheri Shishgran (38)Govt. Middle School, Kheri Shishgaran(Right Side)790
Govt. Middle School, Kheri Shishgaran(Left Side)719
Khizar Pura (28)Govt Primary School, Khijarpura
Lohar Majra (27)Govt High School, Loharmajra
Lotni (325)Govt. Middle School, Lotani
MadanpurGovt. Primary School, Madanpur
Malakpur (326)Govt. High School, Malikpur1059
Mini Bank, Malikpur258
Mandi (415)Govt. Primary School, Mandi
Mangna (57)Govt. Primary School, Mangna(Right Side)874
Govt. Primary School, Mangna(Left Side)600
Megha Majra (303)Govt. Middle School, Meghamajra(Right Side)877
Govt. Middle School, Meghamajra(Left Side)523
Mohanpur (2)Govt. Middle School, Mohanpur(Right Side)923
Govt. Middle School, Mohanpur(Left Side)532
Morthali (35)Govt. Primary School, Morthali
Murtzapur (48)Govt. High School, Murtjapur(Right Side)859
Govt. High School, Murtjapur(Left Side)1022
Govt. Primary School, Murtjapur1333
Naisi (323)Govt. High School, Naisi(Right Side)855
Govt. High School, Naisi(Left Side)736
Nimbwala (9)Govt Primary School, Neemwala
Pehowa (Rural Part)(41)Market Committee Office, Pehowa(Right Side)1166
Market Committee Office, Pehowa(Left Side)582
Govt. Primary School Tibba Farm, Pehowa(Right Side)1064
Govt. Primary School Tibba Farm, Pehowa(Left Side)717
Govt. Primary School, (Four Marla Colony), Pehowa(Right Side)1177
Govt. Primary School, (Four Marla Colony), Pehowa(Left Side)528
Govt. Primary School, (Four Marla Colony), Pehowa(Central Side)1012
S. D. Sen. Sec. School, Pehowa1143
Govt. High School, Pehowa(Right Side)867
Govt. High School, Pehowa(Left Side)752
Govt. High School, Pehowa(Central Side)922
Govt. High School, Pehowa(Right Side In Center )967
Baba Swarn Nath Sen. Sec. School, Pehowa(Right Side)777
Baba Swarn Nath Sen. Sec. School, Pehowa(Left Side)677
Baba Swarn Nath Sen. Sec. School, Pehowa(Central Side)807
Govt. Primary School, Dera Mangal Gir, Pehowa(Right Side)969
Govt. Primary School, Dera Mangal Gir, Pehowa(Left Side)1073
Office Muncipal Committee, Pehowa1003
Govt. Primary School No. 2, Pehowa1048
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Pehowa(Right Side)1133
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Pehowa(Left Side)1071
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Pehowa(Central Side)874
Tagor Public School, Pehowa978
Govt. Primary School, Gau Charand, Pehowa(Right Side)1397
Govt. Primary School, Gau Charand, Pehowa(Left Side)1015
Govt. Primary School, Cooprative Farm, Pehowa964
Pipli Majra (304)Govt. Middle School, Pipli Majra
Ramgarh Alias Rohar (60)Govt. High School, Ramgarn Rorh(Right Side)907
Govt. High School, Ramgarn Rorh(Left Side)730
Rattangarh Alias Kakral (8)Govt. Primary School, Rattangarh Urf Kakrali
Rohti (312)Govt. Primary School, Rohti
Ruan (15)Govt High School, Ruhan
Saidpur Shahidan (313)Govt. Primary School, Kheri Shahidan(Left Side)
Sandholi (45)Govt. High School, Sandholi(Right Side)1285
Govt. High School, Sandholi(Left Side)992
Govt. Primary School, Sandhola867
Govt. Primary School, Sandhola, Dera Nankpura497
Sansa (49)Govt. Primary School, Sainsa
Sarsa (17)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sarsa(Right Side)918
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sarsa(Left Side)655
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sarsa(Central Side)1352
Govt Primary School, Sarsa1462
Sarusti Khera (34)Govt.High School, Sarswati Khera ( Bhatt Majra)(Right Side)1043
Govt.High School, Sarswati Khera ( Bhatt Majra)(Left Side)911
Sataura (37)Govt. Middle School,Sataura
Seonsar (59)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Syonser(Right Side)767
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Syonser(Left Side)669
Shahpur (14)Govt. Primary School, Shahpur
Shergarh (321)Govt. Primary School, Shergarh
Siana Saidan (13)Govt. Middle School, Siyana Saidan(Right Side)879
Govt. Middle School, Siyana Saidan(Left Side)838
Govt. Primary School, Jaiswal Farm851
Govt. Primary School, Siyana Khurd1209
Surmi (51)Govt. High School, Surmi
Tabra (322)Govt. Primary School, Tabra
Talheri (327)Govt. Middle School, Talheri
Tangoli (22)Govt. Primary School, Tangoli
Thana (56)Govt. Sen Sec. School, Thana(Right Side)740
Govt. Sen Sec. School, Thana(Left Side)663
Govt. Sen Sec. School, Thana(Central Side)916
Govt. Primary School, Thana(Right Side)592
Govt. Primary School, Thana(Left Side)1146
Thandran (318)Govt. Primary School, Thandra
Thaska Miranji (308)Govt. Sen. Secondary School, Thaska Miranji(Right Side)951
Govt. Sen. Secondary School, Thaska Miranji(Left Side)714
Govt. Primary School, Thaska Miranji1203
Theh Malbora (13)Govt Middle School, Thehmal Boda
Tikri (31)Govt. Primary School, Tikari
Urnai (329)Govt.High School, Urnai(Right Side)1258
Govt.High School, Urnai(Left Side)1160
Urnaicha (14)Govt Middle School, Urnaicha

Last Updated on October 19, 2014