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Polling Station List Panipat Rural Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Panipat Rural

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Panipat Rural Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Asan Kalan (21)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Aasan Kalan(Right Side)1150
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Aasan Kalan(Central Side)1011
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Aasan Kalan(Left Side)1035
Azizullapur (5)Govt Middle School, Ajijulapur
Babail (26)Govt. Sen Secondary School, Babailnorth Wing Right Side920
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Babailnorth Wing Left Side1069
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Babailsouth Wing Left Side1037
S. C. Chopal, Babail538
Babarpur (34)Govt Middle School, Babarpur
Badauli (33)Govt Senior Secondary School, Baddoli(Right Side)830
Govt Senior Secondary School, Baddoli(Central Side)762
Govt Senior Secondary School, Baddoli(Left Side)800
Barana (44)Govt High School, Barana(Right Side)876
Govt High School, Baranacentral Right Side715
Govt High School, Baranacentral Left Side1184
Govt High School, Barana(Left Side)1315
Bhainswal (7)Govt Middle School, Bhainswal
Binjhol (28)Govt. High School, Binjhol(Right Side)783
Govt. High School, Binjhol(Central Side)832
Govt. High School, Binjhol(Left Side)1392
Brahman Majra (40)Govt.Middle School, Brahman Majra1475
Dhanko Ki Chopal369
Bursham (35)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Budsham(Right Side)1033
Govt Senior Secondry, Bursham1196
Govt Senior Secondry, Bursham(Left Side)701
Chandoli (6)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Chandoli463
S.C. Chopal, Chandoli903
Dadlana (25)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dadlana(Right Side)1446
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dadlana(Left Side)1254
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dadlana(Central Wing)1302
Dahar (37)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Dahar(Right Side)984
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Dahar(Central Side)852
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Dahar(Left Side)794
Govt. Primary School, Dahar(Right Side)835
Govt. Primary School, Dahar(Left Side)845
Diwana (33)Govt. Middle School, Diwana1125
S. C. Chopal, Diwana1009
Faridpur (17)Govt Middle School, Faridpur
Ganjbar (31)Govt High School, Ganjbar(Room No. 3 )956
Govt High School, Ganjbar(Room No. 1 )855
Garh Sanrai (38)Govt High School, Garhsarnai(Right Side)1141
Govt High School, Garhsarnai(Left Side)833
Hartari (36)Govt. Middle School, Hartari
Jatol (27)Govt. Sen Secondary School , Jataul(Right Side)1174
Govt. Sen Secondary School , Jataul(Left Side)1259
Kabri (18) (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kabri(Right Side)1283
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kabri(Left Side)1295
S. C. Chopal, Kabri1388
Kachrauli (1) (Ct)Govt Primary School, Kachroli825
Govt Middle School, Kachroli835
Govt Primary School,Mandi Babarpur1493
Kheri Nangal (131) (Ct)Govt High School, Kheri Nangal (Right Side)1603
Govt High School, Kheri Nangal (Central Right Side)1463
Govt High School, Kheri Nangal (Central Left Wing)1517
Govt High School, Kheri Nangal (Left Side)1223
Govt. Primary School, Kheri Nangal1013
S.C. Chopal, Kheri Nangal1405
Khotpura (35)Govt Senior Secondary School, Khotpura(Right Side)822
Govt Senior Secondary School, Khotpura(Left Side)722
Kotani( 8)Govt. Middle School, Kutani1252
S. C. Chopal, Kutani473
Mahmadpur (15)Govt Primary School, Mohammad Pur
Mahrana (29)Govt. Primary School, Maharana(Right Side)1265
Govt. Primary School, Maharana(Left Side)1154
Nimbri (21)Govt. High School , Nimbri(Right Side)836
Govt. High School , Nimbri(Central Side)740
Govt. High School , Nimbri(Left Side)980
Nizampur (3)Govt Middle School, Nizampur
Pahladpur Khalila (34)Govt. Middle School, Pahladpur Khalila
Palheri (46)Govt Middle School, Palheri
Raja Kheri (25)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Raja Kheri(Right Side)1197
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Raja Kheri(Left Side)833
S.C. Chopal, Rajakheri996
Razapur (13)Govt Primary School, Rajapur(Right Side)1116
Govt Primary School, Rajapur(Left Side)895
Risalu (18)Govt. High School, Risalu(Right Side)1022
Govt. High School, Risalu(Left Side)1241
Sewah (32)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Sewah(Right Side)918
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Sewah(Central Right Side)889
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Sewah(Central Left Side)917
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Sewah(Left Side)833
Govt Girls Sen. Sec. School, Sewah (Right Side)1017
Govt Girls Sen. Sec. School, Sewah (Left Side)1116
S. C. Chopal , Sewah(Right Side)984
S. C. Chopal , Sewah(Left Side)1272
Sikanderpur (19) (Ct)Govt Middle School, Garhi Sikanderpur(Right Side)1232
Govt Middle School, Garhi Sikanderpur(Central Wing)1271
Govt Middle School, Garhi Sikanderpur(Left Side)1445
Simla Molana (2)Govt Primary School, Shimla Maulana
Sondhapur (26)Govt. High School , Sondhapur(Right Side)1710
Govt. High School , Sondhapur(Left Side)1057
Ugra Kheri(19) (Ct)D.C.M Public School, Vidhyanand Colony(South Wing Right Side)1586
D.C.M Public School, Vidhyanand Colony(South Wing Left Side1623
Astha Public School Baljeet Nagar (Right Wing)1180
Astha Public School Baljeet Nagar (Central Side)1274
Astha Public School Baljeet Nagar (Left Side)1214
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Ugra Kheri (Right Side)1447
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Ugra Kheri (Central Side)991
Govt. Sen Secondary School, Ugra Kheri (Left Side)1091
Rajender Memorial Public School Ekta Vihar Colony Ugha Road Ugra Kheri(Right Side)1527
Rajender Memorial Public School Ekta Vihar Colony Ugha Road Ugra Kheri(Central Wing)1506
Rajender Memorial Public School Ekta Vihar Colony Ugha Road Ugra Kheri(Left Wing)1576

Last Updated on October 19, 2014