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Polling Station List Palwal Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Palwal

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Palwal Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Adupur(23)Govt Middle School,Aadupur
Akbarpur Dakora(151)Govt Priamry School, Akbarpur Dakora
Allika(36)Govt Senior Secondary School, Allika(Right Side)1341
Govt Senior Secondary School, Allika(Left Side)1363
Amroli(143)Govt Primary School, Amrauli1137
Schedule Cast Chopal, Amaroli155
Asawta(160)Govt Senior Secondary School, Asawata(Right Side)837
Govt Senior Secondary School, Asawata(Left Side)1215
Atohan (158)Govt Middle School, Atohan
Attba(109)Govt Primary School, Atva
Bagpur Kalan(191)Govt High School, Bagpur Kalan(Right Side)1088
Govt High School, Bagpur Kalan(Left Side)928
Govt High School, Bagpur Kalan(Central Side)793
Govt High School, Bagpur Kalan(Central Left Side)680
Balai(180)Govt Primary School, Balai
Barauli(149)Govt Girl Middle School, Badoli(Right Side)1050
Govt Girl Middle School, Badoli(Left Side)759
Govt.Senior Sec. School Boys Baroli(Right Side)929
Govt.Senior Sec. School Boys Baroli(Left Side)734
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Badoli(Central Left Wing)1073
Govt. Primary School Kamrawali843
Schedule Cast Chopal, Badoli1255
Bata(142)Govt High School, Bata
Bela(112)Govt Primary School, Bela882
Govt. Primary School, Ajijabad Majra Bela1050
Govt. Primary School, Aligarh Majra Bela(Left Side)585
Bholra(188)Govt Primary School, Bholra
Bhud(194)Govt Primary School, Bhudhkhedali
Bilochpur(110)Govt Primary School, Bilochpur(Right Side)1022
Govt Primary School, Bilochpur(Left Side)1155
Chandhat(172)Govt Senior Secondary School, Chandhat(Right Side)1380
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chandhat(Left Side)505
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chandhat(Central Right Side)1462
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chandhat(Right Side)1456
Schedule Cast Chopal, Chandhat1413
Chhaju Nagar(153)Govt High School, Chajjau Nagar(Right Side)777
Govt High School, Chajjau Nagar(Left Side)762
Chirwari(167)Govt Middle School, Chirwari (Right Side)782
Govt Middle School, Chirwari (Left Side)639
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Chirwari(Between Middle & Left Side)372
Dhatir(37)Govt Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School Dhateer(Right Side)1297
Govt Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School Dhateer(Central Side)276
Govt Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School Dhateer(Left Side)1041
Govt Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School Dhateer(Central Left Side)399
Govt Primary School , Dhateer962
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Dhateer436
Govt Girl Senior Secondary School , Dhateer608
Dholagarh(79)Govt Middle School, Dhaulagarh
Farezarabad Misa(171)Govt High School, Frijrabad Misa(Right Side)864
Govt High School, Frijrabad Misa(Left Side)738
Schedule Cast Chopal, Frijrabad Misa1009
Govt Middle School, Frijanbad Khedla1141
Ghori(183)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Ghori(Right Side)678
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Ghori(Left Side)816
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Ghori(Central Right Side)627
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Ghori(Central Left Side)1024
Schedule Caste Chopal, Ghori937
Gugera(68)Govt Middle School, Gughera
Gurwari(185)Govt Middle School, Gurwari
Hansapur(181)Govt Primary School, Hansapur
Hosangabad(152)Govt Primary School, Hoshangabad
Kakrali(69)Govt Primary School , Kakrali
Karna(70)Govt High School, Karna (Right Side)1027
Govt High School, Karna (Left Side)762
Kashipur(108)Govt Primary School, Kashipur(Right Side)1115
Govt Primary School, Kashipur(Left Side)702
Govt Primary School, Sheruka Nangla495
Govt Primary School, Phatko Nagar893
Khusropur(159)Govt Middle School, Khushrupur(Right Side)1275
Govt Middle School, Khushrupur(Left Side)602
Kithwari(163)Govt Middle School , Nangla Bansatgarh498
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kithwari379
Kulina(178)Govt Middle School, Kulena
Kushak(111)Govt Primary School, Karimpur Majra Kushak(Right Side)914
Govt. Primary School, Khudadpur(Left Side)712
Govt Primary School, Majra Kushak Bhawana1128
Govt Primary School, Achhe Majra Kushok(Right Side)1192
Govt. Primary School, Ilahabad Majra Kushak(Left Side)517
Govt Primary School, Kushak(Right Side)854
Govt Primary School, Kushak(Left Side)980
Schedule Cast Chopal, Kushak931
Ladiaka(137)Govt Primary School, Lariyaka
Lalgarh(145)Govt Primary School, Lalgarh
Lalpur Qadim(166)Govt Primary School, Lalpur Kadim
Lalwa(71)Govt Primary School, Lalwa
Lohagarh(161)Govt Middle School, Lohagarh
Lulwari(141)Govt Primary School, Lulwari
Nangal Brahman (140)Govt Middle School Nangal Brahman, Hidayatpur
Palwal (Rural) (Part) (73) (Ct)Govt High School Majra, Sarlagarh(Right Side)702
Govt High School Majra, Sarlagarh(Left Side)743
Govt High School Majra, Sarlagarh(Central Side)1328
Govt High School Majra, Sarlagarh(Central Right Side)1419
Govt Primary School, Salragarh (Right Side)949
Govt Primary School, Salragarh (Left Side)848
Govt Primary School, Salragarh (Central Right Side)1198
Govt Primary School, Salragarh (Central Left Side)1488
S.D.College, Palwal(Right Side)1273
S.D.College, Palwal(Left Side)735
S.D.College, Palwal(Central Right Side)1553
S.D.College, Palwal(Central Left Side)1169
S.D.College Self Fiance'S Deptt, Palwal(Room No. 1 )1213
S.D.College Self Fiance'S Deptt, Palwal(Room No. 2 )1300
S.D.College Self Fiance'S Deptt, Palwal(Room No. 3 )1060
Iti, Palwal(Right Side)1299
Iti, Palwal(Left Side)1362
Mandi Dharmshala,Palwal(Right Side)1172
Mandi Dharmshala,Palwal(Left Side)1321
Mandi Dharmshala,Palwal(Central Side)937
Bal Bhawan Near Mandi Dharmshala(Right Side)783
Bal Bhawan Near Mandi Dharmshala(Left Side)1172
Office Municipal Corporation, Palwal(Right Side)738
Office Municipal Corporation, Palwal(Left Side)573
D.G.Khan Hindu Senior Sec. School, Palwal(Right Side)1240
D.G.Khan Hindu Senior Sec. School, Palwal(Central Right Side)936
D.G.Khan Hindu Senior Sec. School, Palwal(Central Side)916
D.G.Khan Hindu Senior Sec. School, Palwal(Central Left Side)1216
D.G.Khan Hindu Senior Secondary School, Palwal Primary Wing(Central Right Side)878
D.G.Khan Hindu Senior Secondary School, Palwal Primary Wing(Left Side)785
D.G.Khan Hindu Senior Secondary School, Palwal Primary Wing(Central Left Side)996
Saraswati Senior Secondary School, Palwal(Right Side)1386
Saraswati Senior Secondary School, Palwal(Left Side)1052
Saraswati Senior Secondary School, Palwal(Central Side)758
P.W.D. Office, New Colony Palwal(Right Side)879
P.W.D. Office, New Colony Palwal(Left Side)1196
P.W.D. Office, New Colony Palwal(Central Side)1196
P.W.D. Office, New Colony Palwal(Central Right Side)1244
Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Palwal(Right Side)1124
Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Palwal(Left Side)1202
Govt High School Palwal Camp, Palwal(Right Side)970
Govt High School Palwal Camp, Palwal(Left Side)955
P.W.D.Public Health Office, Palwal(Right Side)871
P.W.D.Public Health Office, Palwal(Left Side)1492
Govt Girls Primary School Camp , Palwal(Right Side)1114
Govt Girls Primary School Camp , Palwal(Left Side)1017
Govt Senior Secondary School, Palwal(Right Side)1014
Govt Senior Secondary School, Palwal(Left Side)1027
Govt Senior Secondary School, Palwal(Central Side)1456
B.E.O. Office Palwal Room No. 1(Central Right Side)1234
B.E.O. Office Palwal Room No. 2 (Central Side)1316
John Beptis School, Palwal(Right Side)1097
John Beptis School, Palwal(Left Wing)1079
John Beptis School Mathematics Laboratory(Right Side)909
John Beptis School Mathematics Laboratory(Left Side)786
Taigor Education Niketan Mohalla Thai, Palwal(Right Side)969
Taigor Education Niketan Mohalla Thai, Palwal(Left Side)952
Govt Primary School-1 Darbar Kuan, Palwal1233
Govt Primary School-2, Palwal (Right Side)1005
Govt Primary School-2, Palwal (Left Side)699
Dev Samaj Middle School, Palwal(Right Side)1432
Dev Samaj Middle School, Palwal(Left Side)810
Mahavir Adarsh School, Palwal(Right Side)921
Mahavir Adarsh School, Palwal(Left Side)888
Govt Senior Secondary School, Palwal City(Right Side)1133
Govt Senior Secondary School, Palwal City(Left Side)1236
Dayanand High School, Palwal(Right Side)1455
Dayanand High School, Palwal(Central Side)1040
Dayanand High School, Palwal(Left Side)825
Dayanand High School, Palwal(Central Left Side)855
Office Executive Engineer Darnej Division, Palwal(Right Side)1156
Office Executive Engineer Darnej Division, Palwal(Central Side)1286
Office Executive Engineer Darnej Division, Palwal(Central Left Side)1063
Office Executive Engineer Darnej Division, Palwal(Left Side)1280
Govt Middle School, Shamshabad(Right Side)1112
Govt Middle School, Shamshabad(Central Side)812
Govt Middle School, Shamshabad(Left Side)1391
Patli Khurd(67)Govt Primary School , Patli Khurd
Pelak(168)Govt High School, Pelak(Right Side)978
Govt High School, Pelak(Left Side)995
Rahimpur(148)Govt Primary School, Rahimpur
Rai Daska(136)Govt Primary School, Raidaska(Right Side)1091
Govt Primary School, Raidaska(Left Side)1203
Raipur(74)Govt Primary School, Raipur
Rajolaka(34)Govt Middle School, Rajolaka
Rajupur Khadar (187)Govt Middle School, Rajpur Khader
Rampur Khor(176)Govt Primary School, Rampurkhor
Rasulpur(150)Govt High School, Rasulpur(Right Side)1209
Govt High School, Rasulpur(Left Side)1062
Ronija(162)Govt Primary School, Ronija855
Govt Middle School, Kithwari1275
Rundhi(139)Govt High School, Rundhi(Right Side)887
Govt High School, Rundhi(Left Side)765
Shaikhpur(195)Govt Primary School, Shekhpur
Sihol(173)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sihol(Right Side)1021
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sihol(Left Side)494
Govt Middle School, Sihol(Central Right Side)352
Govt Middle School, Sihol(Central Left Side)1029
Solra(189)Govt High School, Solra(Right Side)1312
Govt High School, Solra(Left Side)1245
Sujwari(174)Govt Middle School, Sujwari
Sultanpur(147)Govt Middle School, Sultanpur
Taraka(169)Govt Middle School, Taraka
Thanthri (182)Govt High School, Thanthari
Tikri Gujar(144)Govt Middle School, Teekari Gujjar

Last Updated on October 19, 2014