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Polling Station List Nuh Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Nuh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nuh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Adbar (106)Govt High School, Adbar(Right Side)1462
Govt High School, Adbar(Left Side)794
Govt Primary School, Adbar800
Akera (121)Govt High School, Akera(Right Side)1081
Govt Primary School, Akera(Right Side)1363
Govt Primary School, Akera(Left Side)760
Govt High School, Akera(Left Side)1199
Alawalpur (133)Govt. Primary School , Alawalpur(Right Side)1487
Govt. Primary School , Alawalpur(Left Side)1274
Alduka (203)Govt High School, Alduka(Right Side)1075
Govt High School, Alduka(Left Side)1188
Schedule Caste Chopal, Alduka280
Atta(179)Panchayat Ghar , Atta
Babupur Nuh (147)Govt. Primary School, Babupur Nuh
Badka Alimudin(92)Govt Primary School, Badka Alimudeen
Bai(117)Govt Primary School, Bai
Bainsi (204)Govt Primary School, Bainsi(Right Side)1034
Govt Primary School, Bainsi(Left Side)875
Bajarka (202)Govt. Primary School, Bajarka
Bajhera (130)Govt. Middle School, Bajhera
Baroji (115)Govt Primary School, Baroji
Barota(178)Govt High School , Barota
Barwa(90)Govt Primary School, Badwan
Basai(86)Govt Middle School, Basi(Right Side)987
Govt Middle School, Basi(Left Side)959
Bhirawati(184)Govt Primary School, Bhirawati
Bhopawali (132)Govt. High School, Bhupawali
Birsika (126)Govt Primary School, Beersika
Biwan(98)Govt. Primary School, Biwan
Chandeni(158)Govt Middle School, Chandeni(Right Side)1052
Govt Middle School, Chandeni(Left Side)973
Chhachera (200)Govt. Primary School, Chhachera
Chhapera (167)Govt. Primary School, Chhapra
Chhapera(198)Govt. Primary School, Chhapera(Right Side)936
Govt. Primary School, Chhapera(Left Side)560
Dehana (124)Govt. Middle School, Dehana(Right Side)1216
Govt. Middle School, Dehana(Left Side)1309
Devla Nagli (131)Govt. Primary School, Devla Nangli(Right Side)1477
Govt. Primary School, Devla Nangli(Left Side)1410
Dhanduka (151)Govt Primary School, Dhanduka
Dhenkli (137)Govt. Primary School, Dhenkli
Dubalu(194)Govt. Primary School, Dubalu
Ferozepur Namak(156)Govt High School , Firozpur Namak(Right Side)1014
Govt High School , Firozpur Namak(Left Side)601
G.E.T.T.I. , Firozpur Namak(Right Side)730
G.E.T.T.I. , Firozpur Namak(Left Side)947
Gajarpur(166)Govt Primary School, Gajarpur
Gangauli(195)Govt Middle School. Gangoli
Ghasera(161)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ghasera(Right Side)1280
Govt Primary School, Ghasera(Right Side)671
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ghasera(Mrw)1725
Govt Girls Primary School, Ghasera(Right Side)920
Govt Primary School, Ghasera(Left Side)1358
Govt Girls Primary School, Ghasera(Left Side)1118
Golpuri (143)Govt. Primary School, Golpuri(Right Side)885
Govt. Primary School, Golpuri(Left Side)656
Hilalpur(183)Govt. Primary School, Hilalpur
Indri(197)Govt Senior Sec. School , Indri(Right Side)897
Govt Senior Sec. School , Indri(Left Side)775
Govt Primary School , Indri749
Govt. Primary School, Majra Nababgarh885
Jaisinghpur (138)Govt. Primary School, Jaisinghpur(Right Side)910
Govt. Primary School, Jaisinghpur(Left Side)1041
Jogipur (105)Govt. Primary School, Jogipur
Kairaka (144)Govt. High School, Kairaka
Kalanjar (135)Govt Primary School, Kalinjar655
Govt. Primary School, Majra Bibipur1397
Kaliaka(185)Govt Primary School, Kaliaka721
Govt. Primary School, Korali Sohna817
Kanwarsika(175)Govt Middle School, Kawarsika
Khalilpur(193)Govt High School , Khalilpur(Right Side)934
Govt High School , Khalilpur(Left Side)1302
Khanpur(177)Govt Primary School, Khanpur
Kherla (109)Govt Middle School, Kherla(Right Side)1129
Govt Middle School, Kherla(Left Side)1376
Kherli Dausa(196)Govt Primary School, Kherli Dosa
Kherli Kankar(169)Govt. Primary School, Khedlikankar
Kira (199)Govt. Primary School, Kira
Kiranj(187)Govt Middle School, Kiranj(Right Side)1005
Govt Middle School, Kiranj(Left Side)688
Kontalka (267)Govt. Primary School, Kontlaka
Kotla (120)Govt Primary School, Kotla
Kurthla (205)Govt. High School, Kurthla
KutubgarhGovt Primary School, Kutubgarh
Malab (122)Govt High School, Malab(Right Side)1039
Govt Primary School, Malab(Left Side)1044
Govt High School, Malab(Central Wing)964
Govt. Primary School, Malab1385
Govt Primary School, Ranika(Right Side)535
Govt. Middle School, Ranika(Left Side)1166
Manaki (153)Govt. Primary School, Mannaki
Manuwas(186)Govt High School, Manuwas
Maraula(172)Govt Primary School, Mahrola
Meoli (118)Govt High School, Meoli(Right Side)1178
Govt Primary School, Meoli1263
Govt High School, Meoli(Left Side)1198
Murad Bas (112)Govt Primary School, Muradvas
Naushera (142)Govt. Primary School, Naushera(Right Side)873
Govt. Primary School, Naushera(Left Side)890
Nizampur Nuh (107)Govt Primary School, Nizampur Nuh
Nuh (Rural)(Part) (103)Hindu High School, Nuh(Right Side)983
Hindu High School, Nuh(Left Side)846
Mewat Model School, Nuh(Right Side)1614
Yaseen Mev Degree College , Nuh(Right Side)1549
Yaseen Mev Degree College , Nuh(Right Medium Side)854
Yaseen Mev Degree College , Nuh(Left Medium Side)1492
Yaseen Mev Degree College , Nuh(Left Side)843
Office Municipal Committe, Nuh413
Palla (101)Govt. Primary School, Palla
Palri (102)Govt Primary School, Palri
Rahuka(182)Govt. Primary School, Rauka
Raipuri (148)Govt Primary School, Raipuri
Rehna(95)Govt Middle School , Rahna(Right Side)1036
Govt Middle School , Rahna(Left Side)529
Rethora(165)Govt Middle School, Rithora982
Govt. Primary School, Hirmathla755
Rewasan (168)Govt Middle School , Rewasan(Right Side)844
Govt Middle School, Rewasan(Left Wing)789
Rojka(173)Govt Primary School, Rojka Mev(Right Side)1000
Govt Primary School, Rojka Mev(Left Side)701
Sadain(94)Govt. Primary School, Sadai
Salaheri (155)Govt Primary School, Salaheri(Right Side)1486
Govt Primary School, Salaheri(Left Side)1133
Salamba (154) (Ct)Govt Primary School, Salamba1113
Balmiki Chopal, Salamba1287
Sangel (128)Govt High School, Sangail(Right Side)1075
Govt High School, Sangail(Left Side)1281
Satputiaka (150)Govt Primary School, Satputiyaka
Shahpur Nagli(157)Govt Primary School, Shahpur Nangli(Right Side)1088
Govt Primary School, Shahpur Nangli(Left Side)793
Sonkh(100)Govt Primary School, Sonkh
Sudaka (145)Govt. Primary School, Sudaka(Right Side)1347
Govt. Primary School, Sudaka(Left Side)1226
Govt. Primary School Majra Bharganwa, Sudaka982
Tain (152)Govt Middle School, Tain(Right Side)1250
Govt Middle School, Tain(Left Side)1037
Tapkan(96)Govt Primary School, Tapkan
Udaka(181)Govt Primary School, Udaka(Right Side)839
Govt Primary School, Udaka(Left Side)912
Ujina (141)Govt Primary School, Ujina(Right Side)717
Govt Primary School, Ujina(Central Side)856
Govt Primary School, Ujina(Left Side)955
Govt. High School, Ujina (Left Side)1301
Govt High School, Ujina(Central Side)1021
Govt Girls Primary School, Ujina(Left Side)304
Uleta(191)Govt Primary School, Uleta919
Govt Primary School, Hasanpur674
Untka (111)Govt Primary School, Untka

Last Updated on October 19, 2014