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Polling Station List Narnaul Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Narnaul

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Narnaul Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Ajam Nagar(120)Govt Primary School, Azam Nagar
Akbarpur Ramu(170)Govt Primary School, Akabarpur Ramu
Amarpur Jorasi(280)Govt High School, Amarpur Jorasi
Baproli(123)Govt High School ,Bapdoli(Right Side)1025
Govt High School ,Bapdoli(Left Side)209
Bargaon(165)Govt Middle School, Bargaon
Barkoda(166)Govt Primary School, Barkoda
Bas Kirarod Umrabad (130)Govt Primary School, Bas Kirarod Umrabad
Bhushan Kalan(191)Govt High School, Bhushan Kalan(Right Side)784
Govt High School, Bhushan Kalan(Left Side)708
Bhushan Khurd(188)Govt Primary School, Bhushan Khurd
Chinalia(124)Govt Middle School, Chindalia1261
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Chindalia183
Deroli Ahir(103)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Dairoli Ahir(Right Side)906
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Dairoli Ahir(Left Side)880
Govt Girls Primary School Dairoli Ahir901
Dhani Bathotha(208)Govt High School , Dhani Bathotha(Right Side)1124
Govt High School , Dhani Bathotha(Left Side)1146
Dharsoon(135)Govt Primary School, Dharson
Dohar Kalan(145)Govt High School, Dohar Kalan(Right Side)642
Govt High School, Dohar Kalan(Left Side)784
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Dohar Kalan335
Dohar Khurd(144)Govt Primary School, Dohar Khurd
Dublana(174)Govt Middle School, Dublana
Faizabad(118)Govt Primary School, Faijabad
Faizaltpur(187)Govt Primary School, Faizalipur
Guwani(177)Govt Middle School , Guwani(Right Side)882
Govt Middle School , Guwani(Left Side)970
Hazipur(131)Govt Primary School, Hajipur
Hudina(117)Govt Middle School, Hudina
Jailab(126)Govt High School, Jailaf
Jakhni(128)Govt Primary School, Jakhani
Kanwi(196)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kanwi(Right Side)1088
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kanwi(Left Side)1220
Karota(209)Govt High School, Karota
Khampura(102)Govt Primary School, Khampura
Khanpur(195)Govt High School, Khanpur
Khaspur(171)Govt High School, Khaspur(Right Side)789
Govt High School, Khaspur(Left Side)692
Khatripur(175)Govt Primary School, Khatripur
Khorma(127)Govt Primary School, Khorma
Kirarod Afganan(163)Govt Primary School, Kirarod Afgan
Kodinja(193)Govt Primary School , Kojinda(Right Side)1249
Govt Primary School , Kojinda(Left Side)1293
Kutbapur(167)Govt Primary School, Kutbapur
Lehroda(119)Govt Primary School, Lahroda
Mandhana(194)Govt High School , Mandhana(Right Side)1172
Govt High School , Mandhana(Left Side)1212
Mandlana(134)Govt Middle School, Mandlana(Right Side)825
Govt Middle School, Mandlana(Left Side)759
Dr. Ambedkar Bhawan, Mandlana295
Mayee(121)Govt Primary School, Mayee
Meerpur(185)Govt High School , Meerpur(Right Side)1069
Govt High School , Meerpur(Left Side)851
Mehrampur(129)Govt Middle School, Mahrampur
Mohamadpur Hamidkhan(125)Govt Primary School, Mohamadpur Hamind Khan995
Scheduled Caste Chaupal Mohamadpur Hamid Khan307
Nang Tihari(164)Govt Primary School, Nangtihari
Nangal Katha(122)Govt High School(Right Side)734
Govt High School(Left Side)619
Scheduled Caste Chaupal ,Nagal Katha213
Nangal Shaloo(210)Govt Primary School, Nagal Sayalu
Narnaul (Rural)(159)Dharamshala Sainiyan, Rewari Road , Narnaul(Right Side)1334
Dharamshala Sainiyan, Rewari Road , Narnaul(Left Side)1360
Block Development And Panchayat Officer, Narnaul(Right Side)1175
Block Development And Panchayat Officer, Narnaul(Left Side)718
Mahila Sewing Centre, Narnaul(Right Side)914
Mahila Sewing Centre, Narnaul(Left Side)823
Gandhi Ashram,Near Talab Bahadursingh, Narnaul(East Side)1193
Gandhi Ashram,Near Talab Bahadursingh, Narnaul(West Side)1259
Agarwal Sabha Near Central Bank , Narnaul(Right Side)913
Agarwal Sabha Near Central Bank , Narnaul(Left Side)1110
Agarwal Dharamshala Railway Road, Narnaul1029
Govt. Primary School, Nalapur Narnaul849
Govt Girls College , Narnaul(Room No. 4 )1077
Govt Girls College , Narnaul(Room No. 16 )1014
Saini Senior Secondary School (Bahroad Chowk), Narnaul(Right Side)563
Saini Senior Secondary School (Bahroad Chowk), Narnaul(Central Side)871
Saini Senior Secondary School (Bahroad Chowk), Narnaul(Left Side)1202
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Narnaul(Right Side)713
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Narnaul(Left Side)984
Dharam Shala Lala Hariram Purani Mandi Road, Narnaul(Right Side)1300
Dharam Shala Lala Hariram Purani Mandi Road, Narnaul(Left Side)1110
Kishori Lal High School, Narnaul(Right Side)1104
Kishori Lal High School, Narnaul(Left Side)910
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Narnaul(Right Side)1253
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Narnaul(Left Side)1126
Dharamshala Sainian Pari Aaga , Narnaul(Right Side)1095
Dharamshala Sainian Pari Aaga , Narnaul(Left Side)853
Adarsh High School Mo. Chodhriyan , Narnaul(Room No. 3 )933
Adarsh High School Mo. Chodhriyan , Narnaul(Room No. 8 )828
Adarsh Sanatan Dharam Primary School , Narnaul(Right Side)859
Adarsh Sanatan Dharam Primary School , Narnaul(Left Side)726
Dharam Shala Brahman Mo. Chanduwada , Narnaul(Right Side)936
Dharam Shala Brahman Mo. Chanduwada , Narnaul(Left Side)830
Adarsh Santan Dharam High School , Narnaul(Right Side)792
Adarsh Santan Dharam High School , Narnaul(Left Side)828
Dharam Shala Jindamal Heeralal, Narnaul(Right Side)864
Dharam Shala Jindamal Heeralal, Narnaul(Left Side)670
Dharam Shala Soni Mo .Misharwara ,Narnaul(Right Side)964
Dharam Shala Soni Mo .Misharwara ,Narnaul(Left Side)504
Govt Girls Primary School Shiv Nagar, Narnaul1392
Office Of Elecricity Board, Narnaul(Right Side)1507
Office Of Elecricity Board, Narnaul(Left Side)1275
Nasibpur(162)Govt Middle School, Nasibpur(Right Side)1185
Govt Middle School, Nasibpur(Left Side)1230
Nawaz Nagar(132)Govt Senior Secondary School, Niwaj Nagar
Nuni Kalan(173)Govt Middle School, Nuni Kalan
Nuniawal(161)Govt Bal Primary School, Nuni Awal(Right Side)834
Govt Bal Primary School, Nuni Awal(Left Side)913
Patikara(186)Govt High School, Patikara(Right Side)1217
Dharamshala Khatiyan, Patikara821
Govt High School, Patikara(Left Side)1039
Rampura(20)Govt Primary School, Rampura
Salarpur Mehta(133)Govt Primary School, Silarpur Mahta
Saloni(172)Govt Primary School, Saluni
Sarerpur(168)Govt Primary School, Sharahpur
Seehma(101)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Sihma(Right Side)1169
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Sihma(Left Side)1077
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Wing ,Sihma1089
Seka(192)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Seka(Right Side)1035
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Seka(Left Side)1192
Shahpur Awal(211)Govt Senior Secondary School , Shahpur Awal(Right Side)776
Govt Senior Secondary School , Shahpur Awal(Left Side)883
Shahpur Doyam(189)Govt Primary School, Shahpur Doyam
Shekhpur (32)Govt Girls Primary School Shekhpura
Sobhapur(190)Govt Middle School, Shobhapur
Subhash NagarGovt. Primary School Subhash Nagar
Surana(183)Govt Primary School, Surana
Tajipur(212)Govt Primary School, Tajipur

Last Updated on October 19, 2014