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Polling Station List Nangal Chaudhry Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Nangal Chaudhry

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nangal Chaudhry Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Akbarpur Sirohi(205)Govt Primary School, Akbarpur Sirohi
Akoli(198)Govt Primary School, Akoli
Amarpura(239)Govt Middle School, Amarpura
Antri(224)Govt Middle School, Antri
Asrawas(232)Govt Primary School, Asarawas
Azmabad Mokhuta(274)Govt Senior Secondary School , Azamabad ,Maikhura(Right Side)1086
Govt Senior Secondary School , Azamabad ,Maikhura(Left Side)837
Badopur(152)Govt Primary School, Badopur726
Schdule Caste Chaupal, Badopur325
Balaha Kalan(148)Govt Middle School , Balaha Kalan(Right Side)1025
Govt Middle School , Balaha Kalan(Left Side)1004
Govt Middle School , Balaha Kalan(Central Side)1095
Schedule Caste Chaupal Ghisaram , Balaha Kalan280
Balaha Khurd(147)Govt Primary School, Balaha Khurd
Bamanwas Nau(275)Govt Middle School, Bamanwas Nau
Banihari(240)Govt High School, Banihari693
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Banihari261
Bashirpur(281)Govt Middle School ,Basirpur (Right Side)720
Govt Middle School ,Basirpur (Left Side)643
Bayal (258)Govt Middle School, Bayal(Right Side)685
Govt Middle School, Bayal(Left Side)668
Govt Primary School Dhani Rawta , Bayal1075
Beroondla(219)Govt Primary School, Berundla
Bhankhri (149)Govt Middle School , Bhakhari(Right Side)1025
Govt Middle School , Bhakhari(Left Side)540
Schdule Caste Chaupal, Bhakhari404
Bhedanti(252)Govt Primary School, Bhedanti
Bhojawas(204)Govt Primary School, Bhojawas(Right Side)819
Govt Primary School, Bhojawas(Left Side)695
Bighopur(268)Govt Primary School, Bigopur(Right Side)864
Govt Primary School, Bigopur(Left Side)686
Budhwal(237)Govt Senior Secondary School, Budhwal(Right Side)848
Govt Senior Secondary School, Budhwal(Left Side)784
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Budhwal339
Chhapra Bibipur(222)Govt High School, Chhapra Bibipur
Chhilro(283)Govt Primary School, Chhilro1237
Govt Primary School, Dhani Chhilro304
Dancholi(276)Govt Middle School, Danchouli
Dantal(249)Govt Middle School, Datal(Right Side)797
Govt Middle School, Datal(Left Side)769
Dhanota(277)Govt Primary School, Dhanota(Right Side)704
Govt Primary School, Dhanota(Left Side)683
Dholera(267)Old Govt Senior Secondary School, Dholera(Right Side)869
Schedule Caste Choupal, Dholera193
Old Govt Senior Secondary School, Dholera(Left Side)1231
Dochana(151)Govt High School, Dochana(Right Side)781
Govt High School, Dochana(Left Side)644
Dongli(217)Govt Middle School, Dongali
Donkhera(253)Govt Middle School, Dokhera1322
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Dokhera288
Dostpur(254)Govt Primary School, Dostpur
Gadwa(201)Govt Primary School, Gadwa
Ganwari Jat(270)Govt High School, Ganwari Jat1065
Schedule Caste Choupal, Gawari Jat211
Gehli(137)Govt Senior Secondary School , Gelhi(Right Side)873
Govt Senior Secondary School , Gelhi(Left Side)1032
Schdule Caste Chaupal, Gelhi449
Ghataser(284)Govt Middle School, Ghataser(Right Side)700
Govt Middle School, Ghataser(Left Side)673
Schedule Caste Choupal, Chataser319
Goad(146)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , God(Right Side)990
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , God(Central Side)948
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , God(Left Side)917
Schdule Caste Chaupal, God313
Gothri(235)Govt Middle School, Gothari
Govla(257)Govt High School, Golwa
Hamidpur(141)Govt High School, Hamidpur
Hasanpur(154)Govt Middle School, Hasanpur
Iqbalpur Nangli(200)Govt Primary School, Ikbalpur Nangali
Islampura(269)Govt Primary School, Ishlampura
Jadupur (150)Govt Primary School, Jadupur
Kalba(242)Govt Middle School, Kalba
Kaloli(279)Govt Primary School, Kaloli
Kamania(221)Govt High School, Kamanie(Right Side)780
Govt High School, Kamanie(Left Side)809
Harlal Dharamshala , Kamanie179
Kanwariawas(156)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Koriawas(Right Side)1134
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Koriawas(Left Side)855
Schdule Caste Chaupal, Koriawas408
Khatoli Ahir(218)Govt Primary School, Khatoli Ahir
Khatoli Jat(216)Govt Primary School, Khatoli Jat
Khatoti Khurd(142)Govt Middle School, Khatoti Khurd
Khatoti Sultanpur(143)Govt High School, Khatoti Sultanpur(Right Side)748
Govt High School, Khatoti Sultanpur(Left Side)651
Kultajpur(155)Govt Middle School, Kultajpur
Lajota(245)Govt Primary School, Lujota
Makhsuspur(140)Govt Primary School, Maksuspur
Maloli(278)Govt High School , Maloli(Right Side)728
Govt High School , Maloli(Left Side)740
Mausampur(265)Govt Primary School, Mosampur1210
Schedule Caste Choupal, Mosampur380
Meghot Hala(263)Govt Middle School, Meghot Hala(Right Side)721
Govt Middle School, Meghot Hala(Left Side)697
Govt Middle School, Meghot Binja985
Mohabatpur Bhungarka(226)Govt Senior Secondary School , Mohmadpur Bhugarka(Right Side)1006
Govt Primary School, Moh. Bhugarka1040
Govt Senior Secondary School , Mohmadpur Bhugarka(Left Side)974
Momanpur(243)Govt Primary School, Momanpur
Morund(234)Govt High School Primary Section, Niyamatpur(Right Side)
Mosnota(259)Govt High School , Mousnuta(Right Side)1203
Schedule Caste Choupal, Mousnuta337
Govt High School , Mousnuta(Left Side)1125
Mukandpura(215)Govt Middle School, Mukandpura(Right Side)839
Govt Middle School, Mukandpura(Left Side)895
Mulodi(199)Govt High School, Mulodi876
Schedule Caste Choupal, Mulodi462
Nagal Chaudhry (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nangal Choudhari(Right Side)1197
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nangal Choudhari(Left Side)1162
Govt Girls High School , Nangal Choudhari(Right Side)1147
Govt Girls High School , Nangal Choudhari(Left Side)1143
Nain(230)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nayan(Right Side)1148
Govt Primary Schooldhani Chhimawali, Nayan757
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nayan(Left Side)1152
Nangal Dargu(260)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nangaldargu(Right Side)1224
Schedule Caste Choupal, Nangaldargu617
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nangaldargu(Left Side)1197
Nangal Kalia(225)Govt High School, Nangal Kaliya(Right Side)1001
Govt High School, Nangal Kaliya(Central Side)1015
Govt High School, Nangal Kaliya(Left Side)838
Nangal Nunia(248)Govt Middle School, Nuniya
Nangal Pipa(223)Govt Primary School, Nangal Pipa
Nangal Soda(231)Govt Primary School, Nangal Soda
Napla(287)Govt Primary School, Napla
Narheri(289)Govt Primary School, Narheri
Niamatpur(233)Govt High School Primary Section, Niyamatpur(Left Side)901
Govt High School Primary Section, Niyamatpur(Central Side)995
Niaz Alipur(271)Govt Middle School, Niyajlipur
Nizampur(288)Govt Primary School, Nizampur1084
Schedule Caste Choupal, Nizampur206
Nolayeja(247)Govt Middle School, Nolayaza
Panchnota(272)Govt Middle School, Panchnota
Pawera(286)Govt Primary School, Pavera1238
Patwar Bhawan, Pavera179
Raghunath Pura(138)Govt Primary School, Raghunathpura
Rai Malikpur(236)Govt Primary School, Rai Malikpur
Rambas(153)Govt High School , Rambas(Right Side)1063
Govt High School , Rambas(Left Side)744
Ruppur Sarai(273)Govt Primary School, Roopur Sarai
Saidalipur(255)Govt Middle School, Saidalipur
Sareli(295)Govt Primary School, Sareli836
Schedule Caste Choupal, Sareli295
Shahbazpur(246)Govt Senior Secondary School, Shahabpur(Right Side)850
Govt Senior Secondary School, Shahabpur(Left Side)715
Sheo Ramnathpura(207)Govt Primary School, Shyoramnathpura
Simli Ismailpur(202)Govt Primary School, Shimli Ishmilepur
Sirohi Bahali(227)Govt High School , Sirohi Bahali(Right Side)904
Govt High School , Sirohi Bahali(Central Side)906
Schedule Caste Choupal, Sirohi Bahali277
Govt High School , Sirohi Bahali(Left Side)887
Talot(282)Govt Middle School, Talot
Tehla(214)Govt Primary School, Tehla
Thana(139)Govt Middle School, Thana
Thanwas(238)Govt High School, Thanwas(Right Side)1113
Govt Girls Primary School, Thanwas361
Govt High School, Thanwas(Left Side)1243
Totaheri(206)Govt Primary School, Totaheri

Last Updated on October 19, 2014