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Polling Station List Nalwa Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Nalwa

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nalwa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Arya Nagar(57)Govt Senior Secondary School , Arya Nagar(East Side)1325
Govt Senior Secondary School , Arya Nagar(West Side)1312
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Arya Nagar(East Side)1279
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Arya Nagar(West Side)1339
Badon Brahmanan(6)Govt Middle School,Bada Brahmnan
Badon Rangran(7)Govt Middle School,Bado Rangran
Balawas(32)Govt Primary School,Balawas
Bharri(8)Govt Primary School,Bharri
Bherian(16)Govt High School,Bheriya(East Side)774
Govt High School,Bheriya(West Side)723
Bhiwani Ruhelan(50)Govt.Sen.Secondary School Bhiwani Rohila(East Side)1294
Govt.Sen.Secondary School Bhiwani Rohila(West Side)1019
Bhojraj(62)Govt High School,Bhojraj
Bure(4)Govt High School,Bure(East Side)1083
Govt High School,Bure(West Side)951
Chandnaud(11)Govt Primary School,Charnaud
Chaudhriwas(18)Govt Senior Secondary School,Chaudhariwas(East Side)1328
Govt Senior Secondary School,Chaudhariwas(West Side)1113
Govt Senior Secondary School,Chaudhariwas(Central Side)1119
Chiraud(14)Govt High School ,Chirod(East Side)1054
Govt High School ,Chirod(West Side)967
Daha(10)Govt High School ,Daya(East Side)965
Govt High School ,Daya(West Side)925
Dahima(157)Govt Middle School,Dahima(East Side)737
Govt Middle School,Dahima(West Side)759
Dewe(60)Govt High School,Dewan(East Side)571
Govt High School,Dewan(West Side)860
Dhani Jatan(224)Govt Primary School,Dhani Jatan
Dhiran Was(53)Govt Senior Secondary School,Dhiranwas
Dobeta(5)Govt Primary School,Dubeta
Gangwa (166) (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Gangwa(East Side)1124
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Gangwa(West Side)1334
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Gangwa(Central Side)1107
Govt Primary School,Ganhwa(East Side)1161
Govt Primary School,Ganhwa(West Side)1020
Gawar(19)Govt High School ,Gawar(East Side)1088
Govt High School ,Gawar(West Side)863
Gorchhi(20)Govt High School ,Gorchhi(East Side)853
Govt High School ,Gorchhi(West Side)888
Govt High School ,Gorchhi(Central Side)971
Guzar(61)Govt Primary School,Gunjar
Hari Kot(220)Govt Middle School,Harikot
Harita (9)Govt High School,Harita(East Side)737
Govt High School,Harita(West Side)851
Hindwan (56)Govt High School, Hindwan(East Side)930
Govt High School, Hindwan(West Side)922
Hisar (Rural)(146)Govt. High School C.C.S, H.A.U., Hisar (East Side)961
Govt. High School C.C.S, H.A.U., Hisar (West Side)749
Govt Primary School Mini Secretariat Colony, Hisar472
Model Senior Secondary School Rajgad Road,Hisar(East Side)1380
Model Senior Secondary School Rajgad Road,Hisar(West Wing)1093
Model Senior Secondary School Rajgad Road,Hisar(Central Wing)1019
Govt. Sr.Sec School Patel Nagar ,Hisar(East Side)943
Govt. Sr.Sec School Patel Nagar ,Hisar(Central Wing)741
Govt. Sr.Sec School Patel Nagar ,Hisar Primary Section (North Wing)1173
Saint Sofiya High School Sector 15 A ,Hisar(East Side)1126
Saint Sofiya High School Sector 15 A ,Hisar(West Wing)1346
Saint Sofiya High School Sector 15 A ,Hisar(North Wing)947
Saint Sofiya High School Sector 15 A ,Hisar(South Wing)606
Bluming Dels High School Sector 15,Hisar(North Wing)1407
Blooming Dails High School, Sector 15A, Town Hisar(South Wing)1350
Guru Jambeshwer Sr.Sec School, Hisar(East Wing)1061
Guru Jambeshwer Sr.Sec School, Hisar(West Wing)1552
Bluming Dels High School Sector 15,Hisar(East Wing)1177
Bluming Dels High School Sector 15,Hisar(West Wing)1302
Patwar Training School Rajgarh Road,Hisar(East Wing)894
Patwar Training School Rajgarh Road,Hisar(West Wing)990
Goyal Dharmshala, Amardeep Colony, Kaimari Road, Hisar905
Patwar Training School Hostel Rajgarh Road,Hisar (West Wing)1352
Community Centre, Tulsi Vihar, Azad Nagar, Hisar(Hall Room)1308
Community Centre, Tulsi Vihar, Azad Nagar, Hisar(South Wing)1435
Community Centre, Navdeep Colony, Azad Nagar, Hisar901
Bharti Vidhya Mandir Senior Secondary School,Gangwa(East Side)1377
Bharti Vidhya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Gangwa(West Wing)1551
Community Centre, H.T.M. Colony, Azad Nagar, Hisar1031
Patwar Training School Hostel Rajgarh Road,Hisar (South Wing)1014
Patwar Training School Rajgarh Road,Hisarprinciple Room1301
Kaimri(165)Govt. High School,Kemri(East Side)1307
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School,Kemri(East Side)1299
Govt. High School,Kemri(West Side)1255
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School,Kemri(West Side)1456
Kaluwas(15)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kalwas(East Side)1042
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kalwas(West Side)1012
Kirtan(46)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kirtan(East Side)1464
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kirtan(West Side)1439
Ludas(167)Govt High School , Ludas(East Side)973
Govt High School , Ludas(West Side)1022
Mangali Akalan(161)Govt Girls Primary School,Magali Aklan(East Side)1344
Govt Girls Primary School,Magali Aklan(West Side)1298
Mangali Jhara(160)Govt Primary School,Mangali Ghara
Mangali Mohbat(158)Govt Senior Secondary School,Mangani Mohabat(East Side)1055
Govt Senior Secondary School,Mangani Mohabat(West Side)1377
Mangali Surtia(159)Old Govt Primary School New Building,Mangali Surtiya(East Side)1125
Old Govt Primary School New Building,Mangali Surtiya(West Side)980
Mater Sham(170)Govt High School , Matrashyam(East Side)1312
Govt High School , Matrashyam(West Side)967
Meengni Khera(171)Govt High School, Mignikhera(East Side)911
Govt High School, Mignikhera(West Side)885
Muklan(59)Govt Sen.Secondary School,Muklan(East Side)1045
Govt Sen.Secondary School,Muklan(West Side)1118
Nalwa(33)Govt Secondary School,Nalawa(East Side)1371
Govt Secondary School,Nalawa(West Side)970
Govt Secondary School,Nalawa(Central Side)747
Neoli Kalan(169)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nayoli Kalan(East Side)1077
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nayoli Kalan(Central Side)1085
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nayoli Kalan(West Side)1042
Panihar Chak(17)Govt High School Paniharchak(East Side)1321
Govt High School Paniharchak(West Side)961
Patan(54)Govt High School,Tokas Patan(East Side)1210
Govt High School,Tokas Patan(West Side)1186
Payal(12)Govt Middle School,Payal
Rawalwas Kalan(51)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Rawalwas Kalan(East Side)1072
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Rawalwas Kalan(West Side)1077
Rawalwas Khurd(52)Govt High School, Rawalvas Khurd(West Side)1279
Govt High School, Rawalvas Khurd(East Side)1164
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Rawalvas Khurd732
Rawat Khera(13)Govt High School,Rawatkhera(East Side)1260
Govt High School,Rawatkhera(West Side)982
Saharwa(3)Govt High School,Saharawa(East Side)1178
Govt High School,Saharawa(West Side)924
Govt High School,Saharawa(Central Side)1096
Sarsana(21)Govt High School,Sarsana(East Side)1295
Schedule Caste Chopal,Sarsan213
Govt High School,Sarsana(West Side)1354
Govt.Middle School, Basra Majra Sarsana986
Shahpur(168)Govt Senior Secondary School, Shahpur(East Side)1213
Schedule Caste Chopal, Shahpur803
Govt Senior Secondary School, Shahpur(West Side)1349
Singhran(219)Govt High School,Singrana(East Side)633
Govt High School,Singrana(West Side)760
Siswala(49)Govt High School , Siswala(East Side)1147
Govt High School , Siswala(West Side)1162
Talwandi Badshahpur(1)Govt Middle School,Talwandi Badshahpur(East Side)1311
Govt Middle School,Talwandi Badshahpur(West Side)1222
Talwandi Rukka(2)Govt Senior Secondary School,Talwandi Rukki(East Side)998
Govt Senior Secondary School,Talwandi Rukki(West Side)924
Tokas(58)Govt Girls High School.Tokas

Last Updated on October 19, 2014