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Polling Station List Meham Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Meham

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Meham Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Ajaib(108)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Ajayab(North Side)1098
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Aadha, Ajayab488
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Ajayab(South Side)1002
Govt. Primary School, Ajayab1137
Schedule Caste Chopal, Ajayab350
Bahelba(103)Govt. Sen. Sec. School , Bahlaba(North Side)957
Govt. Sen. Sec. School , Bahlaba(South Side)951
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Khas Near Firani, Bahlba174
Govt. Sen. Sec. School , Bahlaba(Central Side)825
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Khas Near Firani, Bahlba705
Govt. New Primary School, Bahlaba(East Side)838
Govt. New Primary School, Bahlaba(West Side)625
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Bahlba(East Side)847
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Bahlba(West Side)530
Public Health Center, Bahlba158
Govt. Girls Primary School , Bahlba Bajan(East Side)903
Govt. Girls Primary School , Bahlba Bajan(West Side)718
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Bajan, Bahlba760
Bahu Akberpur(94)Govt Girls High School, Bahuakbarpur(North Side)824
Govt Girls High School, Bahuakbarpur(South Side)763
Schedule Caste Chupal Chotta Bagad, Bahuakbrpur328
Scheduel Caste Chaupal Bada Bagad, Bahuakbarpur458
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bahuakbarpur(North Side)796
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bahuakbarpur(South Side)729
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bahuakbarpur(East Side)831
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bahuakbarpur(West Side)705
Near Johad Boras Vetarnity Hospital, Bahuakbarpur(Room No. 3 )756
Near Johad Boras Vetarnity Hospital, Bahuakbarpur675
Scheduel Caste Chaupal, Bahuakbarpur356
Bahu Jamalpur(93)Govt Middle School, Bahujmalpur
Bainsi(109)Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Bainsi793
New Schedule Caste Chopal, Bainsi901
Mahila Mandal Bhawan Hall Room, Bainsi299
Old Schedule Caste Chopal, Bainsi180
Govt. High School, Bainsi(East Side)644
Govt. High School, Bainsi(West Side)703
Bedwa(114)Govt. Middle School, Bedwa403
Panchyat Ghar, Bedwa364
Govt. Primary School, Town Meham(Central Side)767
Bhagotipur(89)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhagwatipur(North Side)1257
Office Of Dispensary, Bhagwatipur232
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhagwatipur(Central Side)1024
New Schedule Caste Chaupal, Bhagwatipur367
Bhaini Bharon(122)Govt. Middle School, Bhaini Bhairon(East Side)924
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Chillaana, Bhaini Bhairon364
Govt. Middle School, Bhaini Bhairon(West Side)961
Schedule Castse Chopal Pana Muglan, Bhaini Bhairo201
Bhaini Chanderpal(117)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Bhaini Chanderpal(West Side)1227
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Chaudhran Near Shamshan Ghat, Bhaini Chanderpal217
Govt. Sen. Sec. School Primary Section,Bhaini Chanderpal(Left Side)1140
Govt. Sen. Sec. School Primary Section,Bhaini Chanderpal(Right Side)606
Schdule Caste Chopal Pana Chaudhran Near Shamshan Ghat Sapra Wali Johri433
Bhaini Maharajpur(121)Govt. Middle School, Bhaini Maharajpur1155
Schedule Castechopal National Hiway No. 10, Bhaini Mahrajpur696
Bhaini Surjan(116)Govt. Middle School, Bhaini Surjan (North Side)815
Govt. Middle School, Bhaini Surjan (South Side)927
Schedule Caste Chopal, Bhain Surjan536
Govt. Girls Primary School, Bhaini Surjan Pana Mato1032
Schedule Castechaupal Near Mandir, Bhaini Surjan473
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near Primary School, Bhaini Surjan163
Bharan(106)Govt. Girls High School, Bharan1221
Schedule Caste Chopal, Bharan716
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Bharan(East Side)1005
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Bharan(West Side)1170
Govt.Girls School Primary Section, Bharan180
Chandi(93)Govt. Girls High School894
Govt. Primary School, Chandi996
Govt. Middle School, Chandi Indergarh858
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Ladhan, Chandi Indergarh438
Dobh(99)Govt Sen.Sec. School, Dobh(North Side)1056
Govt Sen.Sec. School, Dobh(South Side)1161
Farmana Badshahpur(112)Govt. Middle School, Farmana Badshahpur(North Side)1015
Schedule Caste Chopal Near Julana Bus Stasnd, Farmana Badshahpur219
Govt. Middle School, Farmana Badshahpur(South Side)988
Schedule Caste Chopal Near Jogian Chaunk, Farmana Badshahpur259
Farmana Khas(113)Govt.Sen. Sec. School, Farmana Khas(North Side)1093
Badi Schedule Caste Near Ravidas Mandir, Farmana Khas797
Backward Chopal, Farmana Khas317
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Farmana Khas(North Side)948
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Farmana Khas(West Side)872
Schedule Caste Chopal, Farmana Khas806
Govt.Sen. Sec. School, Farmana Khas(South Side)1084
Gaddi Kheri(97)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Gaddi Khedi(East Side)1271
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Gaddi Khedi(West Side)940
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Gaddi Khedi396
Gugaheri(111)Govt. Middle School, Gugaheri585
Backward Chopal, Gugaheri519
Gurauthi(92)Govt High School, Gharothi(East Side)898
Govt High School, Gharothi(Central Side)638
Govt High School, Gharothi(West Side)879
Govt. Girls Primary School, Gharothi671
Gurawar(97)Govt.Sen Sec. School, Girawar(North Side)734
Govt.Sen Sec. School, Girawar(Right Side)781
Office Vetenary Hospital, Girawar359
Badi Schedule Caste Chopal, Girawar316
Govt.Sen Sec. School, Girawar(East Side)854
Govt.Sen Sec. School, Girawar(West Side)659
Choti Schedule Caste Chopal, Girawar152
Govt. Girls High School, Girawar(Left Side)753
Govt. Girls High School, Girawar(Right Side)729
Kharak Jatan(110)Govt. High School, Kharak Jatan(East Side)905
Schedule Caste Chopal Near Firani,Kharak Jatan614
Govt. High School, Kharak Jatan(West Side)1089
Kharkhra(104)Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Kharkara (North Side)1276
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Kharkara (East Side)950
Govt. High School, Kharakara(East Side)1022
Office Vetenary Hospital, Khrakara275
Govt. High School, Kharakara(West Side)825
Panchayat Ghar Pana Bhikanan Bhawan, Kharakara855
Kherainti(96)Govt. High School, Kharainti(North Side)1096
Govt. High School, Kharainti(West Side)1071
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Khrainti1088
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Nathan Near Kabir Mandir, Kharenti736
Kheri Maham(118)Govt. Middle School, Kheri Meham(Left Side)687
Govt. Middle School, Kheri Meham(Right Side)860
Schedule Caste Chopal, Kheri Meham452
Lakhan Majra(95)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Lakhan Majara(South Side)818
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Lakhan Majara(Central Side)691
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Lakhan Majara(North Side)1305
Govt. Girls High School, Lakhan Majara(North Side)1257
Govt. Girls High School, Lakhan Majara(South Side)1303
Schedule Caste Chopal Near Govt. Girls High School , Lakhan Majara1097
Madina Gindhran(99)Govt. Girls Primary School, Madina Gindhran(West Side)1021
Govt. Girls Primary School, Madina Gindhran(East Side)964
Govt. Primary School, Madina Gindhran(East Side)957
Govt. Primary School, Madina Gindhran(North Side)874
New Schedule Caste Chopal, Madina Gindhran728
Madina Kaursan(105)Govt. High School, Madina Korsan(Left Side)802
Govt. High School, Madina Korsan(Right Side)667
Office Vetenary Hospital, Madina Korsan447
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Madina Korsan(East Side)802
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Madina Korsan(West Side)690
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Madina Korsan(Left Side Middle Side)679
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Madina Korsan(Right Side Of Central Side)745
Maham (Rural)(Part)(120)Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Town Meham(North Side)837
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Primary Wing, Town Meham(South Side)691
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Primary Wing, Town Meham(North Side)696
Govt. Primary School, Town Meham(East Side)579
Govt. Primary School, Town Meham(South Side)706
Office Muncipal Committee, Town Meham(South Side)700
Office Muncipal Committee, Town Meham(North Side)791
Govt. College, Town Meham(South Side)754
Govt. College, Town Meham(West Side)666
Office Of The B.D.P.O., Town Meham(East Side)645
Office Muncipal Committee, Town Meham(Central Side)692
Office Of The B.D.P.O., Town Meham(West Side)816
Govt. Primary School, Town Meham(Right Side Of North Side)786
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Town Meham(South Side)792
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Town Meham(Central Side)1114
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Town Meham(East Side)1088
Govt. Sr. Sce. School, Meham Kishangarh(East Side)1064
Govt. Sr. Sce. School, Meham Kishangarh(West Side)923
Govt.Middle School, ,Meham Kishangarh877
Mokhra Khas(101)Govt. Primary School, Mokhra Khas(West Side)984
Govt. Primary School, Mokhra Khas(North Side)988
Schedule Caste Chopal, Mokhra Khas1061
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Mokhra Khas(West Side)822
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Mokhra Khas(East Side)639
Govt. Primary School, Mokhra Khas(South Side)907
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Mokhra Khas(West Side)856
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Mokhra Khas(East Side)673
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School, Mokhra Khas(Central Side)398
Mokhra Kheri Rojh(124)Govt. Primary School, Mokhra Kheri Rojh (North Side)1165
Schedule Caste Chopal, Mokhra Kheri Rojh854
Govt. Primary School, Mokhra Kheri Rojh (South Side)1050
Schedule Castechopal Pana Kheri, Mokhra Kheri Rojh142
Office Vetenary Hospital, Mokhra Kheri Rojh1015
Govt. Primary School, Mokhra Kheri Rojh (Central Side)242
Muradpur Tekna(100)Govt. Middle School, Muradpur Tekna880
Schedule Caste Chopal, Marudpur Tekna488
Nidana(98)Govt. High School, Nidana(East Side)783
Govt. High School, Nidana(West Side)970
Schedule Cas Te Chopal, Nidana722
Nindana(107)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Nindana(North Side)1012
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Nindana(South Side)969
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Nindana(Central Side)974
Govt. Girls Primary School Pana Tigri Near Talab Sansar, Nindana(East Side)750
Govt. Girls Primary School Pana Tigri Near Talab Sansar, Nindana(West Side)637
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Pana Sultanpur783
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Mahmudpur, Nindana611
Govt. Girl Sen. Sec. School, Nindana(North Side)937
Govt. Girl Sen. Sec. School, Nindana(West Side)876
Govt. Primary School, Nindana854
Samar Gopalpur(90)Govt Senior Secondary School, Samargopalpur Kalan1150
Govt Primary School, Samargopal Pur Kalan(Left Side)1152
Govt Primary School Samargopalpur Kalan(Right Side)1115
Govt Primary School, Samargopalpur Khurad661
Seman(115)Govt. Sen. Sec. School ,Seeman(North Side)1238
Schedule Castechopal Pana Todran, Seeman590
Aaganbari Center, Seeman381
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School , Seeman(North Side)1035
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School , Seeman(South Side)1028
Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School , Seeman(Central Side)778
Govt. Sen. Sec. School ,Seeman(Central Side)689
Shekhupur Titri (119)Govt. Primary School, Shekhpur Titari
Singhpura(92)Govt Middle School, Singh Pura Kalan1024
Scheduel Caste Chaupal, Singhpura Kalan477
Govt Middle School, Singhpura Khurad998
Sisar Khas(123)Govt. High School, Sisar Khas(North Side)1011
Govt. High School, Sisar Khas(South Side)1030
Office Vetenary Hospital, Sisar Khas728
Govt. High School, Sisar Khas(Central Side)924
Sunderpur(91)Govt Sen.Sec. School, Sunderpur(North Side)963
Govt Sen.Sec. School, Sunderpur(South Side)950
Panchayat Ghar, Sunderpur552

Last Updated on October 19, 2014