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Polling Station List Mahendragarh Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Mahendragarh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mahendragarh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Adalpur(44)Govt Primary School, Adalpur
Akbarpur Nangal (69)Govt Primary School , Akbarpur Nangal(Right Side)804
Govt Primary School , Akbarpur Nangal(Left Side)694
Anawas(66)Govt Primary School, Anawas
Bachini(70)Govt Primary School, Bachini1023
Dharamshala Near Johad, Bachini299
Bairawas(110)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bairawas(Right Side)771
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bairawas(Left Side)655
Balana(27)Govt Primary School, Balana795
Panchayat Ghar, Balana306
Balayacha(32)Govt Primary School, Balaicha
Barda(18)Govt High School , Barda(North Side)1221
Govt High School , Barda(South Side)1261
Bas (3)Govt Primary School, Bass
Basri(5)Govt Primary School, Basri
Bassai(47)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Bassai(Right Side)1010
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Bassai(Left Side)962
Seth Amilal Girls High School, Bassai(Right Side)1026
Seth Amilal Girls High School, Bassai(Left Side)1039
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Bassai643
Bawana(52)Govt Middle School , Bawana(Right Side)978
Govt Middle School , Bawana(Left Side)975
Bawania(28)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Bawania(Right Side)1276
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Bawania(Left Side)1132
Beri(82)Govt High School, Beri(Right Side)814
Govt High School, Beri(Left Side)797
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Beri344
Bhagdana(59)Govt High School, Bhagdana(Right Side)848
Govt High School, Bhagdana(Left Side)774
Bhalkhi(31)Govt Primary School, Bhalkhi
Bhandor Nichi(83)Govt Middle School, Bhandor Nichi
Bhandor Unchi(80)Govt Middle School, Bhandor Unchi
Bhurjat(46)Govt Primary School, Bhurjat
Birsinghwas(8)Govt Primary School, Birsingh Bass
Buchawas(68)Govt High School , Buchawas(Right Side)778
Govt High School , Buchawas(Left Side)1041
Bucholi(76)Govt High School, Buchauli(Right Side)760
Govt High School, Buchauli(Left Side)800
Budin(31)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Budin(Right Side)722
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Budin(Left Side)722
Panchayat Ghar, Budin181
Cham Dhera(85)Govt Primary School, Chamdhera
Chhajiawas(106)Govt Primary School, Chhajiawas
Chitlang(78)Govt Primary School, Chitlang
Dalenwas(23)Govt High School , Dalanwas(North Side)1258
Govt High School , Dalanwas(South Side)1207
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Dalanwas430
Degrota(13)Govt Middle School , Digrota(East Side)767
Govt Middle School , Digrota(West Side)943
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Digrota286
Deroli Jat(100)Govt Middle School, Deroli Jat1172
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Deroli Jat310
Dewas(79)Govt High School, Dewas(Right Side)745
Govt High School, Dewas(Left Side)720
Dhador(28)Govt High School, Dhadhot(Right Side)807
Govt High School, Dhadhot(Left Side)646
Dhana(21)Govt Middle School, Dhana
Dholi(40)Govt Middle School, Dholi
Dulana(77)Govt Senior Secondary School , Dulana
Duloth Ahir (30)Govt Girls High School, Duloth Ahir(Right Side)1168
Govt Girls High School, Duloth Ahir(Left Side)1118
Gadania(108)Govt Primary School, Gadania
Gagarwas(71)Govt Primary School, Gagarwas
Garhi(42)Govt Primary School, Garhi
Gulawala(115)Govt Middle School, Gulawala
Jairpur (16)Govt Primary School, Zairpur
Janjriyawas(92)Govt Middle School, Janjariawas
Jant(45)Govt Middle School, Jat1118
Panchayat Ghar, Jat415
Jarwa(4)Govt High School , Jarwa(Right Side)1073
Govt High School , Jarwa(Left Side)1206
Jasawas(81)Govt Primary School, Jasawas726
Panchayat Ghar, Jasawas208
Jatwas(94)Govt Middle School, Jatwas
Jhagroli(67)Govt Middle School ,Jhagroli(Right Side)1017
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Jhagroli312
Govt Middle School ,Jhagroli(Left Side)1032
Jhook(56)Govt Middle School, Jhook(Right Side)748
Govt Middle School, Jhook(Left Side)795
Jonawas(95)Govt Primary School, Jonawas
Khaira (Part)(89)Govt Primary School, Khayara
Kharkhara(43)Govt High School , Kharkhara (Aakhoda)(Right Side)1094
Govt High School , Kharkhara (Aakhoda)(Left Side)1137
Govt Primary School , Kharkhara (Akoda)935
Kharoli(105)Govt Middle School, Khairoli1040
Panchayat Ghar, Khairoli201
Khatiwas(96)Govt Middle School, Khatiwas
Khatod (90)Govt Middle School, Khatod(Right Side)844
Govt Middle School, Khatod(Left Side)824
Khatodra(34)Govt High School, Khatodra
Khera(72)Govt Primary School, Khera(Right Side)686
Govt Primary School, Khera(Left Side)725
Kherki(114)Govt Middle School, Kherki
Khudana(41)Govt Senior Secondary School, Khudana953
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Khudana244
Dharmshala Joshiji Govt Girls Primary School, Khudana1076
Govt Primary School , Khudana(East Side)997
Govt Primary School , Khudana(West Side)1274
Kothal Kalan(98)Govt High School, Kothal Kalan(Right Side)779
Govt High School, Kothal Kalan(Left Side)739
Kothal Khurd(97)Govt Middle School, Kothal Khurd
Kuksi(113)Govt Primary School, Kuksi
Kurahwata(37)Govt Middle School, Kurahwata(Right Side)771
Govt Middle School, Kurahwata(Left Side)641
Panchayat Ghar,Kurahwata316
Lawan(58)Govt Primary School, Lawan(Right Side)1075
Govt Primary School, Lawan(Left Side)920
Madhogarh(25)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Madhogarh(Right Side)802
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Madhogarh(Left Side)749
Mahendragarh (Mc)Govt Primary School Grain Market , Mahendergarh(Right Side)1144
Govt Primary School Grain Market , Mahendergarh(Left Side)1417
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School , Mahendergarh(Right Side)1181
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School , Mahendergarh(Left Side)978
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School , Mahendergarh(Central Side)861
Govt Girls College Moh. Padav, Mahendergarh835
Govt Primary School Moh. Jawahar Nagar, Mahendergarh1075
Govt Primary School Moh. Chauk , Mahendergarh(Right Side)740
Govt Primary School Moh. Chauk , Mahendergarh(Left Side)774
Govt Primary School , Mohalla. Naya Bas, Mahendergarh(Right Side)1259
Govt Primary School , Mohalla. Naya Bas, Mahendergarh(Left Side)1172
Bagichi Mohalla Khatikan, Mahendergarh1089
Asst. Public Relation Officer (Moh. Saray), Mahendergarh997
Govt Primary School, Moh. Mahechyan, Mahendergarh(Right Side)736
Govt Primary School, Moh. Mahechyan, Mahendergarh(Left Side)701
Dharamshala Bansidhar , Mahendergarh1422
Majra Kalan(60)Govt Primary School, Majra Kalan(Right Side)783
Govt Primary School, Majra Kalan(Left Side)671
Majra Khurd(63)Govt Primary School, Majra Khurd
Malra Bas (57)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Malra Bass836
Govt Primary School , Malra Bass884
Malra Sarai (57)Govt Primary School , Malra Sarai(Right Side)845
Govt Primary School , Malra Sarai(Left Side)1006
Mandola(15)Govt High School, Mandola(Right Side)857
Govt High School, Mandola(Left Side)813
Meghanwas(75)Govt Primary School, Meghanwas
Mundain(29)Govt Primary School, Mudain
Nanagwas(99)Govt Primary School, Nangwas
Nangal Mala(14)Govt Middle School, Nangal Mala
Nangal Sirohi(104)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Nagal Sirohi(Right Side)1025
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Nagal Sirohi(Central Side)1208
Scheduled Caste Dharamshala, Nangal Sirohi296
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Nagal Sirohi(Left Side)1134
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Nangal Sirohi380
Nanwan(12)Govt Senior Secondary Middle School, Nawan1251
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Nawan977
Nihalawas(112)Govt Primary School, Nihalawas
Nimbi(107)Govt High School, Nimbi(Right Side)725
Govt High School, Nimbi(Left Side)764
Nimbira(33)Govt Primary School, Nimbehra738
Panchayat Bhawan, Nimbehra216
Paiga(88)Govt Primary School, Payga
Pal(109)Govt Primary School, Pal
Palh(111)Govt Primary School, Palh
Pali(39)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Pali(Right Side)1071
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Pali(Left Side)1059
Govt Primary School, Pali1063
Panchayat Ghar, Pali896
Palri Panihar (38)Govt High School, Palri Panihar(Right Side)861
Govt High School, Palri Panihar(Left Side)807
Panchayat Ghar, Palri Panihar261
Patharwa(2)Govt High School, Patharwa(Right Side)1371
Govt Primary School, Dhani Kumharan708
Govt High School, Patharwa(Left Side)1180
Govt Primary School, Nangla795
Rajawas(26)Govt High School, Rajawas1292
Dharamshala, Rajawas293
Rathiwas(35)Govt Primary School, Rathiwas
Rewasa (Part)(62)Govt Middle School, Riwasa(Right Side)835
Govt Middle School, Riwasa(Left Side)798
Panchayat Ghar, Riwasa264
Satnali(7)Govt Senior Secondary School Satnali(East Side)1272
Govt Senior Secondary School Satnali(West Side)1080
Govt Girls Senior Secondary Middle School , Satnali(Right Side)1219
Govt Girls Senior Secondary Middle School , Satnali(Left Side)1166
Govt Primary School, Satnali1133
Sesoth(61)Govt Middle School, Sishoth(Right Side)919
Govt Middle School, Sishoth(Left Side)745
Shampura(1)Govt High School , Shyampura(Right Side)1092
Govt High School , Shyampura(Left Side)1148
Sigra(65)Govt Middle School, Sigra(Right Side)794
Govt Middle School, Sigra(Left Side)737
Sigri(64)Govt Primary School, Sigri
Sohari(6)Govt Middle School, Sohri
Sohla(29)Govt Primary School, Sohla
Sureti Jakhar(19)Govt Middle School, Sureti Jakhar
Sureti Maveryana(20)Govt Primary School, Sureti Modiyan
Sureti Pilania(22)Govt High School, Sureti Pilania
Surjanwas(73)Govt Middle School , Surjanwas(Right Side)1161
Govt Middle School , Surjanwas(Left Side)804
Ushmapur(17)Govt Primary School, Ushmapur

Last Updated on October 19, 2014