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Polling Station List Loharu Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Loharu

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Loharu Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Ahmedwas(56)Govt Primary School, Ahamdawas678
Panchayat Ghar, Ahmadawas276
Allaudinpur(24)Govt Middle School, Alaudinpur1167
Newly Constructed Schedule Caste Chopal, Alaudinpur476
Bakhtawarpura (61)Govt Middle School, Bakhtawar Pura
Barahlu(43)Govt Senior Secondary School, Barahlu(Right Side)682
Govt Senior Secondary School, Barahlu(Left Side)716
Bardu Chaina(20)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bardu Chaina801
Schedule Caste Chopal, Bardu Chaina348
Bardu Dhirja (18)Govt Primary School, Bardu Dhirja
Bardu Jogi(21)Govt Primary School, Bardu Jogi
Bardu Mughal (17)Govt Middle School, Bardu Mugal
Barwa (133)Govt High School, Barwa(East Side)1081
Govt High School, Barwa(West Side)934
Govt High School, Barwa(North Side)1101
Govt Girls High School ,Barwa(Right Side)1235
Govt Girls High School ,Barwa(Left Side)1250
Govt Girls High School ,Barwa(South Side)943
Barwas(55)Govt Senior Secondary School, Barwas(East Side)1122
Govt Senior Secondary School, Barwas(West Side)576
Behal(106)Govt Senior Secondary School, Behal(North Side)932
Govt Senior Secondary School, Behal(North Wing North Side)1006
Govt Senior Secondary School, Behal(South Side)1278
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Behal(North Side)1121
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Behal(South Side)931
Market Committee Office, Behal1139
Beran (16)Govt Middle School, Bairan
Bidhnoi (8)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bidhnoi1266
Schedule Caste Chopal, Bidhnoi528
Bidhwan (113)Govt High School, Bidhwan(North Side)964
Govt High School, Bidhwan(South Side)844
Schedule Caste Chopal, Bidhwan244
Bisalwas(57)Govt Senior Secondary School , Bisalwas
Bithan(14)Govt Middle School, Bithan
Budh Saili (122)Govt High School, Budh Shaili(East Side)680
Govt High School, Budh Shaili(West Side)758
Budhera(22)Govt Senior Secondary School, Budhera892
Govt Primary School, Amirwas404
Schedule Caste Chopal, Budhera285
Budheri(35)Govt Primary School, Budheri
Cheher Kalan(13)Govt Sr Sec School, Chaher Kalan(East Side)1287
Govt Sr Sec School, Chaher Kalan(West Side)1327
Schedule Caste Chopal, Chaher Kalan781
Cheher Khurd(28)Govt Primary School, Chaher Khurd1380
Newly Constructed Schedule Caste Chopal, Chaher Khurd300
Damkora(45)Govt Middle School, Damkora
Devsar(54)Govt Middle School, Devsar
Dhana Jogi(34)Govt Primary School, Dhana Jogi
Dhani Bhakhra (118)Govt High School, Dhani Bhakran(East Side)750
Govt High School, Dhani Bhakran(West Side)733
Dhani Dholan(60)Govt Primary School, Dhani Dhola
Dhani Lachman(25)Govt Primary School, Dhani Lachman
Dhani Ramjas (62)Govt Primary School, Dhani Ramjas493
Govt Primary School, Dhani Mithi378
Dhani Shama(68)Govt Middle School, Dhani Shyama
Dhani Silawali (130)Govt Primary School, Dhani Silawali
Dhigawa Jatan(38)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dighawa Jattan(North Side)896
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dighawa Jattan(South Side)901
Schedule Caste Chopal, Dighawa Jattan639
Dhigawa Shamyan(39)Govt Primary School, Dhigawa Shamiyan
Dhulkot(127)Govt Primary School, Dhulkot357
Schedule Caste Chopal, Dhulkot355
Gagarwas(58)Govt Primary School, Gagarwas673
Schedule Caste Chopal, Gagarwas360
Gaindawas (60)Govt Middle School, Gaindawas(Right Side)758
Govt Middle School, Gaindawas(Left Side)694
Garwa(109)Govt High School, Garwa(Right Side)726
Govt High School, Garwa(Left Side)682
Schedule Caste Chopal, Garwa520
Ghangala (117)Govt Primary School, Ghanghala1274
Schedule Caste Chopal, Ghanghala216
Gignaw(51)Govt Sr Sec School, Gignaw(North Side)745
Govt Sr Sec School, Gignaw(South Side)738
Gokalpura (12)Govt Middle School, Gokalpura1284
Panchayat Ghar Naya Bhawan, Gokalpura448
Gopalwas (2)Govt Middle School, Gopalwas(East Side)743
Govt Middle School, Gopalwas(West Side)686
Gothra(49)Govt Primary School, Gothra(West Side)700
Govt Primary School, Gothra(East Side)679
Schedule Caste Chopal, Gothra482
Gudha (116)Govt Middle School, Gudha(North Side)747
Govt Middle School, Gudha(South Side)796
Schedule Caste Chopal, Gudha339
Gurera (131)Govt Senior Secondary School, Gurera(East Side)1047
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gurera(Central Side)784
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gurera(West Side)1211
Hariawas (3)Govt Primary School, Hariyawas
Hasanpur(41)Govt Primary School, Hasanpur
Jhanjara Sheoran(46)Govt Middle School, Jhanjhara Sheoran723
Govt Middle School, Jhanjhara Toda(East Side)425
Jhanjra Toda(47)Govt Middle School, Jhanjhara Toda(West Side)
Jhumpa Kalan(52)Govt High School, Jhumpa Kalan
Jhumpa Khurd(53)Govt Primary School, Jhumpa Khurd
Jhupa Kalan(120)Govt Senior Secondary School, Jhumpa Khurd489
Vaternary Hospital Office , Jhumpa Kalan1107
Jhupa Khurd (119)Govt Senior Secondary School, Jhumpa Khurd(Left Side)599
Govt Primary School, Moti Pura Majra Jhumpa Kalan350
Panchayat Ghar, Jhumpa Khurd252
Kalali (114)Govt Middle School, Kalali
Kalod (115)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalod(Right Side)932
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalod(Left Side)944
Kasni Kalan (10)Govt Middle School, Kasni Kalan
Kasni Khurd(11)Govt Primary School, Kasni Khurd
Kharkari (124)Govt Girls Primary School, Kharkari271
Govt Middle School, Gadwa649
Kharkhari(37)Govt Sr Sec School, Kharkari(East Side)1165
Govt Sr Sec School, Kharkari(West Side)918
Schedule Caste Chopal, Kharkari345
Khera(126)Govt Middle School, Khera(Left Side)868
Govt Middle School, Khera(Right Side)428
Govt Middle School, Dhani Balaara951
Kikral(129)Govt High School , Kikral
Kurdal(70)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kural(East Side)788
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kural(West Side)1177
Newly Constructed Schedule Caste Chopal, Kural511
Schedule Caste Chopal, Kural299
Kushal Pura(48)Govt Primary School, Kushalpura
Lilas (121)Govt High School, Lilas(East Side)734
Govt High School, Lilas(West Side)741
Loharu (Rural)(65)Tehsil Office, Loharu(North Room)515
Govt Senior Secondary School, Loharu(North Side)1135
Govt Senior Secondary School, Loharu(Central Side)1275
Govt Primary School Chungi No. 7, Loharu595
Govt Senior Secondary School, Loharu(South Side)1452
Office Of Block Development And Panchayat Officer, Loharu(North Side)1248
Office Of Block Development And Panchayat Officer, Loharu(South Side)1468
Dharmashala Khatikan, Loharu919
Mandholi Kalan (1)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mandholi Kalan(North Wing)1140
Schedule Caste Chopal, Mandholi Kalan269
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mandholi Kalan(South Wing)1141
Schedule Caste Chopal, Mandholi Kalan219
Mandholi Khurd (102)Govt High School, Mandholi Khurd(East Side)1016
Govt High School, Mandholi Khurd(West Side)536
Schedule Caste Chopal, Mandholi Khurd355
Matani (111)Govt High School, Matani(Right Side)813
Govt High School, Matani(Left Side)798
Mithi (103)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mithi(East Side)766
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mithi(West Side)611
Schedule Caste Chopal, Mithi316
Mohamad Nagar(26)Govt Primary School, Mohmmadnagar
Mohila (123)Govt Middle School, Mohila489
Govt Primary School, Sherpura Majra Mohila427
Seth Chananmal Ki Dharmshala, Mohilla241
Morka (110)Govt Middle School, Morka1023
Schedule Caste Chopal, Morka421
Nakipur(27)Govt High School, Nakipur
Naloi (132)Govt High School, Naloi(East Side)730
Govt High School, Naloi(South Side)861
Schedule Caste Chopal, Dhankan, Naloi399
Nangal(33)Govt Middle School, Nangal
Nunsar (7)Govt High School, Nunsar
Obra (6)Govt Senior Secondary School, Obra
Pahari(36)Govt Sr Sec School, Pahari(East Side)1283
Govt Sr Sec School, Pahari(West Side)829
Paju(32)Govt High School, Paju(East Side)830
Govt High School, Paju(West Side)779
Patwan (108)Govt High School, Patwan(North Side)1203
Govt High School, Patwan(South Side)551
Rahimpur(67)Govt Primary School, Rahimpur
Rupana(59)Govt High School, Rupana
Salempur (5)Newly Constructed Schedule Caste Chopal, Slampur
Sarsi(29)Govt High School, Sirsi(North Side)671
Govt High School, Sirsi(South Side)662
Sehar(44)Govt High School, Sehar
Serla (9)Govt High School, Serla(North Side)749
Govt High School, Serla(South Side)742
Sheharyarpur (72)Govt Primary School, Sheharyarpur
Sidhanwa (4)Govt High School, Sidhnawa1332
Newly Constructed Schedule Caste Chopal, Sidhnawa305
Singhani(40)Govt Sr Sec School, Singhani(East Side)1078
Schedule Caste Chopal, Singhani802
Govt Sr Sec School, Singhani(West Side)1204
Siwach (112)Govt Middle School, Siwach
Siwani (Rural) (128)Govt Senior Secondary School, Siwani(North Side)1510
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Lohari, Siwani1214
Govt Senior Secondary School, Siwani(East Side)781
Govt Senior Secondary School, Siwani(South Side)870
Govt Primary School, Siwani(East Side)731
Govt Primary School, Siwani(West Side)758
Udmi Ram Saraswati Devi Jindal Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Siwani(East Wing North Side)699
Udmi Ram Saraswati Devi Jindal Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Siwani(East Wing South Side)714
Govt Girls Primary School, Siwani(East Side)898
Govt Girls Primary School, Siwani(West Side)980
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Rai, Siwani949
Udmi Ram Saraswati Devi Jindal Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Siwani(South Side North Wing)596
Udmi Ram Saraswati Devi Jindal Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Siwani(South Side South Wing)869
Sohasra(61)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sohasara(North Side)1296
Schedule Caste Chopal, Sohasara567
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sohasara(South Side)1275
Govt Girls Primary School, Sohasara302
Govt Primary School, Samsawas547
Sorda Kadim(30)Govt Middle School, Sorda Kadim853
Govt Middle School, Sorda Jadid563
Sudhiwas(107)Govt Primary School, Sudhiwas
Surpura Kalan (105)Govt Middle School, Surpura Kalan1254
Schedule Caste Chopal, Surpura Kalan331
Surpura Khurd(104)Govt Middle School, Surpura Khurd
Talwani (101)Govt Primary School, Talwani

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