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Polling Station List Ladwa Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Ladwa

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ladwa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Babain (145)Govt Primary School, ,Babain(Right Side)905
Govt Primary School, ,Babain(Left Side)735
Govt Senior Secondary School, Babain(Left Side)1318
Govt Senior Secondary School, Babain(Central Side)834
Govt Senior Secondary School, Babain(Right Side)808
Badarpur (69)Govt.Primary School, Badarpur
Bagrat (346)Govt Primary School, Bargat
Bahlolpur (330)Govt. Primary School, Bahlolpur
Baholi (357)Govt.Senior Sec.School, Bohli
Bakali (58)Govt Middle School, Bakali(Right Side)703
Govt Middle School, Bakali(Left Side)729
Ban (62)Govt. High School, Ban(Right Side)1180
Govt. High School, Ban(Left Side)1164
Bani (68)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Bani
Bapda (74)Govt. High School, Bapdi(Left Side)
Bapdi (75)Govt. High School, Bapdi(Right Side)
Baraichpur (77)Govt.Middle School, Baraichpur
Baraundi (79)Govt.Primary School, Barondi606
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Baronda1129
Baraut (81)Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School , Barot
Barhan (82)Govt Middle School, Barhan
Barshami (65)Govt.Primary School, Badshami
Bazidpur (358)Govt. Middle School, Bajidpur
Berthala (124)Govt High School, Berthala
Bhagwanpur (111)Govt Middle School, Bhagwanpur
Bhaini (153)Govt. Primary School, Bhaini
Bhalar (215)Govt Primary School, Bhalar
Bhartauli (165)Govt Primary School, Bartoli
Bhukri (150)Govt Primary School, Bhukhari
Bhut Majra (71)Govt. Primary School, Bhootmajra
Binat (144)Govt Primary School, ,Bint
Bir Bhartauli (160)Govt Middle School, Bir Bhartauli546
Govt Primary School, Bir Bhartoli601
Bir Kalwa (137)Govt High School, Bir Kalwa(Right Side)792
Govt High School, Bir Kalwa(Left Side)773
Bir Khairi (344)Govt. Primary School, Bir Khairi
Bir Mangaoli (129)Govt Primary School, Bir Mangholi
Bir Mathana (363)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bir Mathana(Right Side)821
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bir Mathana(Left Side)739
Bir Pipli (Part)(359)Govt. Primary School, Bir Pipli
Bir Sujra (139)Govt Middle School, Bir Sujra
Bodhi (89)Govt. Primary School, Bodhi
Bodla (352)Govt Primary School, Bodla
Budha (61)Govt. Primary School, Budha
Buhawi (127)Govt Primary School, Buhavi
Chhalaundi (67)Govt. Primary School, Chalaundi(Right Side)791
Govt. Primary School, Chalaundi(Left Side)573
Chhapra (158)Govt Primary School, Chhapra
Chharpura (354)Govt Primary School, Charpura
Dab Khera (339)Govt. High School, Dabkhera
Daulatpur (366)Govt.Middle School, Daulatpur
Dehra (Part)(60)Govt.Primary School, Dera
Dhanani (134)Govt Primary School, Dhanani
Dhanaura (59)Govt Middle School, Dhanora(Right Side)744
Govt Middle School, Dhanora(Left Side)682
Dhandla (214)Govt Middle School, Dhayangla
Dhangali (122)Govt.Middle School, Dangali
Dhuda (83)Govt.Primary School, Duda
Dhudhla (106)Govt Girl Primary School , Dudhala
Dhudi (84)Govt.Primary School, Dudi
Dig (118)Govt. Senior Sec. School, Deeg(Right Side)807
Govt. Senior Sec. School, Deeg(Left Side)739
Gadli (86)Govt. Middle School, Gadli
Gajlana (166)Govt Primary School,, Gajlana
Gharaula (335)Govt. Primary School, Gharola
Ghisarpari (148)Govt Primary School, Ghisarpari
Gobindgarh (80)Govt. Primary School, Gobindgarh
Govind Majra (407)Govt Primary School, Jogi Majra
Gudah (157)Govt High School, Gudha(Right Side)976
Govt High School, Gudha(Left Side)1344
Halalpur (334)Govt. Primary School, Halalpur
Hamidpur (143)Govt Primary School, Hamidpur
Ishargarh (356)Govt Middle School, Ishargarh
Isherheri (138)Govt Primary School, Isharheri
JainpurGovt.Primary School, Jainpur
Jalaludin Majra (337)Govt Middle School, Jalaludin Majra
Jalkheri (114)Govt Middle School, Jalkheri
Jandaula(149)Govt Primary School, Jandaula
Jandhera (66)Govt.Primary School, Jandhera
Jhinwarheri (28)Govt Middle School, Jhinwarheri
Jirbari (371)Govt. Middle School, Jirbari
Jogi Majra (212)Govt. Primary School, Jogi Majra
Kalal Majra (113)Govt Primary School, Kalal Majra
Kali Raona (154)Govt. Primary School, Kalirona
Kalwa (136)Govt Primary School, Kalwa
Kandauli (151)Govt Primary School, Kandouli
Kanipla (104)Govt. High School, Kanipala
Karahami (87)Govt. Primary School, Kadhami
Kasithal (110)Govt High School, Kasithal
Kaulapur (349)Govt Middle School, Kaulapur(Right Side)727
Govt Middle School, Kaulapur(Left Side)1161
Khairi (343)Govt. High School, Khairi
Khanpur Kolian (105)Govt. Middle School,, Khanpur Koliyan(Right Side)744
Govt. Middle School,, Khanpur Koliyan(Left Side)782
Khera (272)Govt. Primary School, Khaira
Kheri Dabdalan (64)Govt Middle School, Kheri Dabdalan(Right Side)1137
Govt Middle School, Kheri Dabdalan(Left Side)737
Kheri Gadian (88)Govt. Primary School, Kheri Gadian
Khirki Viran (332)Govt. Primary School, Khirki Viran
Kishan Garh(Part)(368)Govt. Middle School, Kishangarh
Kishan PuraGovt.Primary School, Village Kishanpura
Ladwa (Rural)(Part)(76)Govt. Sen. Sec. School , Ladwa(Right Side)881
Govt. Sen. Sec. School , Ladwa(Central Side)503
Govt. Sen. Sec. School , Ladwa(Left Side)912
Govt. Sen. Sec. School , Ladwa(Left Side)575
Tagor Model School, Ladwa(Right Side)966
Tagor Model School, Ladwa(Left Side)745
Office Muncipal Committee, Ladwa(Right Side)906
Office Muncipal Committee, Ladwa(Left Side)743
Thakari Devi Govt. Girls Sanior Sec. School, Ladwa(Right Side)699
Thakari Devi Govt. Girls Sanior Sec. School, Ladwa(Left Side)1363
Thakari Devi Govt. Girls Sanior Sec. School, Ladwa(Central Side Of Right Side)546
Thakari Devi Govt. Girls Sanior Sec. School, Ladwa(Central Side Of Left Wing)1235
Arya Girls High School, ,Ladwa(Right Side)961
Arya Girls High School, ,Ladwa(Left Side)784
Govt. Primary School, Ladwa(Right Side)901
Govt. Primary School, Ladwa(Left Side)807
Hindu High School, Ladwa(Right Side)665
Hindu High School, Ladwa(Left Side)747
Lakhmari (128)Govt Middle School, Lakhmari
Lohara (338)Govt. Middle School, Lohara(Right Side)1315
Govt. Middle School, Lohara809
Mahwa Kheri (161)Govt Primary School, Mahuakheri
Mangaoli Rangran (130)Govt Primary School, Mangholi Rangran
Mangoli Jattan (131)Govt Senior Sec School, Mangholi Jatan(Right Side)908
Govt Senior Sec School, Mangholi Jatan(Left Side)954
Masana (96)Govt. Middle School, Masana
Mathana (364)Govt. Primary School, Mathana(Right Side)721
Govt. Primary School, Mathana(Left Side)774
Govt. High School, ,Mathana(Right Side)725
Govt. High School, ,Mathana(Left Side)691
Govt. Girls Primary School, ,Mathana954
Mehra (57)Govt Primary School, Mehra(Right Side)691
Govt Primary School, Mehra(Left Side)726
Govt Senior Sec School, Mehra(Left Side)1140
Mirchaheri (348)Govt Primary School, Mirchaheri
Morthala (107)Govt Primary School, Morthala
Mukarpur (355)Govt Middle School, Mukarpura
Munyarpur (365)Govt. Primary School,, Muniyarpur
Murad Nagar (70)Govt.Primary School, Muradnagar
Nakhrojpur (164)Govt Primary School, Nakhrojpur
Naraingarh (116/1)Govt Primary School, Naraingarh
Nawarsi (336)Govt. Middle School, Niwarasi(Right Side)754
Govt. Middle School, Niwarasi(Left Side)748
Govt. Primary School, Niwarsi718
Pahladpur (331)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Prahladpur
Phalsanda Jattan (133)Govt Primary School, Falsanda Jatan
Phalsanda Rangran (162)Govt Primary School, Falsanda Rangran
Pipli (Part)(360)Govt. Primary School, Pipli(Right Side)1318
Govt. Primary School, Pipli(Left Side)686
Govt. High School , Pipli(Left Side)1124
Govt. High School , Pipli(Left Wing South Side)996
Govt. High School , Pipli(Central Side)1327
Govt. High School , Pipli(Right Side)743
Ramgarh (395)Govt. Middle School, Ramgarh
Ramnagar (112)Govt Primary School, Ramnagar
Rampura (108)Govt Primary School, Rampura
Ramsaran Majra (147)Govt High School, Ramsaran Majra(Right Side)1031
Govt High School, Ramsaran Majra(Left Side)1071
Rurki (333)Govt Primary School, Rurki
Salempur (85)Govt. Primary School, Salempur
Samalkha (63)Govt.Primary School, Samalkha
Samani (29)Govt Middle School, Samani
Sanwala (396)Govt. Middle School, Sanwala
Shadipur Ladwa (367)Govt. Primary School, ,Shadipur Ladwa
Shahzadpur (211)Govt Primary School, Shahjadpur
Singhaur (163)Govt Middle School, Sanghor(Right Side)1030
Govt Middle School, Sanghor(Left Side)806
Sirsama (362)Govt. High School, Sirsma(Right Side)953
Govt. High School, Sirsma(Left Side)976
Sodhi (369)Govt. Primary School, Sodhi
Sultanpur (155)Govt. Primary School,, Sultanpur
Sunarian (135)Govt Middle School, Sunariyan
Sunthi (340)Govt. Primary School, Sonti
Sura (50)Govt Primary School, Sura
Tatka (109)Govt Middle School, Tatka
Tatki (347)Govt Primary School, Tatki
Umri (Part)(370)Govt. Girls Primary School, Umri(Right Side)1099
Govt. Girls Primary School, Umri(Left Side)624
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Umri(Left Side)626
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Umri(Right Side)840
Govt. Primary School, Umri(Right Side)1065
Govt. Primary School, Umri(Left Side)752
Untheri (342)Govt. Primary School, Untheri
Untsal (350)Govt Primary School, Untsal

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