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Polling Station List Kalka Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Kalka

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kalka Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Badhaur (208)Govt Primary School, Baghaur
Bagwala (20)Govt Primary School, Bagwala
Bagwali (19)Govt Primary School, Bagwali
Banoi Khuda Bax (131)Govt Primary School, Banoi Khudabakhsh
Bar (135)Govt Senior Secondary School, Barh
Barauna Kalan (9)Govt Primary School, Barhona Kalan
Basawal (125)Govt Senior Secondary School, Basawal
Basdevpura (151)Govt Primary School, Vasdevpura
Bhagwanpur (193)Govt Primary School, Bhagwanpur
Bhanvli (264)Govt Middle School, Bhanwali
Bharauli (212)Govt Primary School, Bharauli
Bhawana (155)Govt Middle School, Bhuwana
Bhogpur (190)Govt Middle School , Bhogpur(East Wing)763
Govt Middle School , Bhogpur(West Wing)652
Govt Primary School , Bhogpur1359
Bhoj Balig (325)Govt Primary School (Gajan), Bhauj Balag
Bhoj Darara (321)Govt Primary School, Bhauj Darhra
Bhoj Dharti (318)Govt High School , Bhaujdharti (Bhurhi)
Bhoj Jabial (324)Govt Senior Secondary School (Morani), Bhauj Jabiyal
Bhoj Kothi (323)Govt Primary School (Bans Pathroti), Bhaujkothi
Bhoj Koti (322)Govt High School, Bhaujkoti (Barhi Sher Koti)557
Govt Primary School (Baas Chhamla), Bhuajkoti300
Bhoj Kudana (314)Govt Senior Secondary School (Tikkar), Bhajkudana773
Govt Primary School (Kajad), Bhaukudana172
Govt Primary School , Samlotha380
Bhoj Mataur (317)Govt Primary School (Balauti), Bhauj Mataur331
Govt Senior Secondary School, Baas Mandhana , Bhauj Mataur722
Govt Primary School (Baas Mandhana), Bhauj Mataur694
Govt Primary School (Baans Balu), Bhauj Mataur541
Bhoj Nagal (326)Govt High School (Thandog), Bhojnagal473
Govt Primary School (Bans Raj Tikari), Bhauj Nagal570
Govt Primary School (Bans Dharla), Bhauj Nagal407
Govt Middle School (Dabsu), Bhauj Nagal352
Govt Primary School (Bans Utaron), Bhaujnagal554
Bhoj Naita (319)Govt Primary School, Bhaujnaita (Bas Marog)
Bhoj Palasra (316)Govt Middle School, Bhaujpalasra639
Govt Primary School (Baas Dudhgarh), Bhaujpalasra623
Bhoj Ponta (315)Govt Primary School ( Katli), Bhaujpaunta251
Govt Primary School (Bas Sher Gujran), Bhaujpaunta542
Bhoj Rajpura (313)Govt High School(Baladwala), Bhaujrajpura469
Govt Middle School Turon, Bhaujrajpura365
Govt Middle School (Thathr), Bhaujrajpura347
Govt Primary School (Joli), Bhaujrajpura362
Bhoj Tipra (320)Govt Primary School , Bhaujtipra (Bas Kainen)
Bhud (199)Govt Middle School, Bhurh
Bhud (215)Govt Middle School, Bhurh
Bitna (153)Govt High School, Bitana(East Wing)1118
Govt High School, Bitana(West Wing)1007
J. P Gurikul High School (Pinjore), Bitana(East Wing)1256
J. P Gurikul High School (Pinjore), Bitana(West Wing)865
Charnian (128)Govt Sr.Sec School, Charniya
Chikan (185)Govt High School, Chikan
Dakrog (169)Govt Middle School, Dakrog
Dandlawar (249)Govt Primary School, Danadlawarh
Dhamala (122)Govt Middle School, Dhamala
DharmpurGovt Primary School, Dharmpur(East Wing)
Fatehpur Diwanwala (181)Govt Middle School, Fatehpur Diwanwala386
Govt Primary School, Quetbey Wala730
Ferozepur (247)Govt Middle School, Firozpur
FirozpurP.C. Senior Secondary School, Firozpur
Ganauli (200)Govt Middle School, Ganauli
Ganeshpur (188)Govt Primary School, Ganeshpurbhoriya
Ganeshpur (221)Govt Primary School, Ganeshpur
Garhi (245)Govt Girls High School , Garhi(East Wing)1287
Govt Girls High School , Garhi(West Wing)1072
Gariran (126)Govt High School, Grida
Gobindpur (205)Govt Primary School, Gobindpur
Golpura (17)Govt Primary School, Golpura(East Wing)
Gorakhnath (97)Govt Primary School, Gorakhnath
Gumthala (197)Govt Primary School, Gumathala
Hangola (265)Govt High School , Hangaula(Office Wing)
Hangoli (266)Govt Primary School, Hangauli
Haripur (13)Govt Primary School, Haripur
Haruli (12)Govt Primary School, Haryauli
Hmt Pinjore (Ct)Saint Vivakanand Millenium High School, H.M.T. Pinjore (East Wing)1100
E.E.S. High School, H.M.T. Pinjore(East Wing)581
E.E.S. High School, H.M.T. Pinjore(West Wing)706
Islamnagar (192)Govt Primary School, Islamnagar
Jabrot (166)Govt Middal School, Jabrot
Jalla (179)Govt Primary School, Jalla
Janouli (162)Govt Middal School, Janauli
Jaspur (32)Govt Primary School, Jaspur
Johlowal (129)Govt Primary School, Johaluwal
Kakrali (22)Govt Primary School , Kakrali(East Wing)
Kalka (Mc)Municipal Coroporation Office, Kalka1174
Arya Girls Sr. Secondary School (Staff Room) Kalka578
Sub Divisional Officer P.W.D And R.North Side Room1028
Sikh Girls Primary School , Kalka (West Wing)756
Sikh Girls Primary School , Kalka (North Wing)1101
Hindu Girls Senior Secondary School , Kalka(East Wing)1311
S.D.O Office, Public Health(East Wing)1156
Hindu Girls Senior Secondary School , Kalka(West Wing)934
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalka(East Wing)730
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalka(West Wing)894
S.D.O Office, Public Health(West Wing)1335
Govt College ,Kalka(North Wing)968
Govt College ,Kalka(West Wing)936
Govt College ,Kalka(Office Wing)1224
Govt College ,Kalkaauditorium Block705
Railway Rest House, Kalka(East Wing)1050
Railway Rest House, Kalka(West Wing)1010
Tehsil Office , Kalka(North Side)691
Railway Institute, Kalka592
Railway Community Hall, Kalka530
Office Of Sub-Treasury Officer, Kalka553
Community Centre Hall(Municipal Community) Railway Road, Kalka948
Kandiala (137)Govt Primary School, Kandiyala
Karanpur (88)Govt Senior Secondary School , Karanpur(East Wing)876
Govt Senior Secondary School , Karanpur(West Wing)882
Kazampur (211)Govt Primary School, Kajampur
Kharkua (183)Govt Primary School, Kharkuia
Khera Sita Ram (Og)Govt Primary School, Khera Sitaram
Kheranwali (130)Govt Primary School, Kherhawali
Kheri (10)Govt Primary School, Kheri
Kherwali Palwala (243)Govt High School, Khairwali Parwala
Khoi (167)Govt Primary School, Khoi
Khokhra (100)Govt Primary School, Khokhra
Khol Fatehsingh (102)Govt Primary School, Kholfateh Singh
Khol Mola (101)Govt Middle School, Kholmulla
Kiratpur (127)Govt Middle School, Kiratpur
Kona (93)Govt Primary School, Kauna
Kotian (196)Govt High School, Kotiyan
Lohgarh (121)Govt Primary School, Lohgarh
Majra Mehtab (140)Govt Primary School, Majra Mehtab
Majri Jattan (123)Govt Middle School, Majri Jatta
Malla (174)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mallah
Manak Tabra (244)Govt High School, Manaktabra(East Wing)786
Govt High School, Manaktabra(West Wing)579
Manakpur Devilal(118)Govt Primary School, Manakpur Devilal
Manakpur Nanak Chand (119)Govt Middle School, Manakpur Nanakchand
Mandlai (198)Govt Primary School, Mandlaye
Maranwala (95)Govt High School, Maranwala(East Wing)900
Govt High School, Maranwala(West Wing)887
Mauli (16)Govt High School, Mauli(East Wing)832
Govt High School, Mauli(West Wing)741
Miranpur Bakhshiwala (194)Govt Primary School, Mirpurbakhshiwala
Nagal Bhaga (138)Govt High School, Nagalbhaga
Nagal Rootal (133)Govt Primary School, Nangalrutal
Nanakpur (91)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nanakpur(East Wing)709
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nanakpur(West Wing)749
Nandpur (175)Govt Primary School, Nandpur
Natwal (23)Govt Primary School, Natwal
Nawannagar (98)Govt Primary School,Nawanagar
Orian (147)Govt Middle School, Oriyan
Paploha (139)Govt High School , Paploha
Pinjore (Mc)Govt Primary School(West Wing)1789
Office Of Forest Zone Officer (Research And Training) , Pinjore1112
Govt Senior Secondary School , Pinjore(East Wing)852
Govt Senior Secondary School , Pinjore(West Wing)1189
Panchayat House, Pinjore(East Wing)770
Panchayat House, Pinjore(West Wing)1231
Office Of Divisonal Forest Officer Morni Pinjore Forest Complex, Pinjore(East Wing)881
Office Of Divisonal Forest Officer Morni Pinjore Forest Complex, Pinjore(West Wing)864
S.D.O Agriculture Office, Pinjore(East Wing)998
S.D.O Agriculture Office, Pinjore(West Wing)832
Prem Pura (103)Govt Primary School, Prempura
Pyarewala (250)Govt Middle School, Payrewala
Rahna (204)Govt Primary School, Rehna
Raipur (195)Govt Primary School, Raipur
Raipur Rani (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School , Raipur Rani(East Wing)1108
Govt Senior Secondary School , Raipur Rani(West Wing)1081
Govt Girls High School, Raipur Rani(East Side)1182
Govt Girls High School, Raipur Rani(West Wing)847
Govt Girls High School, Raipur Rani(Middle Wing)898
Rajipur Part (108)Govt Primary School, Rajjipur Jhajjra (Right Side)1016
Govt Primary School, Rajjipur Jhajjra568
Govt Primary School, Rajjipur Jhajjra (Left Side)1093
Ramnagar (90)Govt Primary School, Ramnagar
Rampur (209)Govt.High School, Rampur
Rampur Jangi (92)Govt Middle School, Rampur Jangi
Rampur Seori (Part)(106)Govt Primary School No. 2, (Labour Colony Surajpur ) Rampursibdi(East Wing)790
Govt Primary School No. 2, (Labour Colony Surajpur ) Rampursibdi(West Wing)837
Govt Primary School No. 2, (Labour Colony Surajpur ) Rampursibdi1336
RattpurGovt Middle School, Rattpur(East Wing)1310
Govt Middle School, Rattpur(West Wing)873
Community Centre, Rattpur(East Wing)1118
Community Centre, Rattpur(West Wing)775
Samlehri (11)Govt Primary School, Samlehrhi
Shahjahanpur (246)Govt Primary School, Shahjan Pur
Shahpur (210)Govt Primary School, Shahpur
Shahpur (99)Govt Primary School,Shahapur
Sultanpur (203)Govt Primary School, Sultanpur
Surajpur (109)Govt Middle School, Surajpur
Tabar (15)Govt Primary School, Tabar
Tagra Kali Ram (145)Govt Primary School , Tagra Kaliram
Tagra Sahoo (142)Govt Middle School , Tagra Sahu(East Wing)503
Govt Middle School , Tagra Sahu(West Wing)1093
Taparian (214)Govt Primary School, Tapriyan
Tarlokpur (216)Govt Primary School, Trilokpur
Tharwa (18)Govt Primary School, Tharwa
Tibi Majra (8)Govt Primary School, Tibbi Majra
Tipra (157)Govt Primary School , Tipra(East Wing)1167
Govt Primary School , Tipra(West Wing)1273
Govt Primary School , Tipra1128
Toda (25)Govt Senior Secondary School, Toda

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