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Polling Station List Kalayat Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Kalayat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kalayat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Badsikri Kalan(24)Govt High School , Badsikri Kalan(Right Side)619
Govt High School , Badsikri Kalan(Left Side)1241
Badsikri Khurd (22)Govt High School , Badsikri Khurd(Right Side)986
Govt High School , Badsikri Khurd(Middle Side)1050
Govt High School , Badsikri Khurd(Left Side)931
Balu(20)Govt Senior Secondary School , Balu(Right Side)877
Govt Senior Secondary School , Balu(Middle Left Side)569
Govt Senior Secondary School , Balu(Middle Right Side)1209
Govt Senior Secondary School , Balu(Left Side)1186
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Balu798
Govt Girls High School , Balu(Right Side)1120
Govt Girls High School , Balu(Middle Side)1187
Govt Girls High School , Balu(Left Side)533
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near House Of Diwana S/O Harful , Balu225
Batta (15)Govt Girls Middle School , Bata(Right Side)846
Govt Girls Middle School , Bata(Left Side)648
Govt Senior Secondary School , Bata(Right Side)1005
Govt Senior Secondary School , Bata(Middle Side)384
Govt Senior Secondary School , Bata(Left Side)1344
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section , Bata(Right Side)1081
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section , Bata(Left Side)985
Govt Primary School, Narwalgarh643
Bhalang(73)Govt Primary School, Bhalang
Bhamniwala Urf Rajpura (16)Govt Primary School, Baramaniwala
Bir Bangran (52)Govt High School , Bir Bangrha(Right Side)1067
Govt High School , Bir Bangrha(Left Side)1179
Chandana (18)Govt High School, Chandana(Right Side)1088
Govt High School, Chandana(Middle Right Side)1018
Govt High School, Chandana(Middle Left Side)872
Govt High School, Chandana(Left Side)1174
Chusala (28)Govt Senior Secondary School , Chaushala(Right Side)1043
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chaushala(Middle Side)1050
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chaushala(Left Side)938
Dhondhwa (44)Govt Primary School , Dhundwa(Right Side)1167
Govt Primary School , Dhundwa(Left Side)1148
Govt High School , Deban (Right Side)1194
Govt High School , Deban (Left Side)1198
Govt High School , Deban (Middle Side)1161
Dubal (13)Govt Primary School , Dubbal(Right Side)729
Govt Primary School , Dubbal(Left Side)916
Dumara(17)Govt Primary School, Dumara
Fariabad (48)Govt Primary School, Fariyabad
Guliana (60)Govt Senior Secondary School , Guliyana(Right Side)1097
Govt Senior Secondary School , Guliyana(Left Side)1011
Govt Senior Secondary School , Guliyana(Middle Side)1101
Hari Pura(11)Govt High School, Haripura(Right Side)787
Govt High School, Haripura(Left Side)766
Harsola (46)Govt Senior Secondary School , Harsaola(Right Side)1035
Govt Senior Secondary School , Harsaola(Middle Side)868
Govt Senior Secondary School , Harsaola(Left Side)1108
Jakholi (56)Govt Senior Secondary School , Jakhouli(Right Side)1187
Govt Senior Secondary School , Jakhouli(Left Side)1027
Govt Senior Secondary School , Jakhouli(Middle Side)1146
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Jakhouli(Right Side)1101
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Jakhouli(Left Side)1157
Julani Khera (23)Govt Middle School, Julani Kherha
Kachhana (55)Govt High School , Kichhana(Right Side)1341
Govt High School , Kichhana(Left Side)1124
Kailram (18)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Kailram1336
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near House Of Nafa S/O Shri Ram Sawrup , Kailram899
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section , Kailram(Right Side)1138
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section , Kailram(Left Side)1028
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section , Kailram(Middle Side)864
Kakot (5)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Kakaut(Right Side)1183
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Kakaut(Left Side)1153
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Kakaut(Central Side)1202
Kala Sher(72)Govt Primary School , Kalasar
Kalayat(Rural) (30)Govt Girls Primary School Near Old Bus Stand , Kasba Kalayat(Right Side)900
Govt Girls Primary School Near Old Bus Stand , Kasba Kalayat(Middle Side)635
Municipal Office, Kasba Kalayat769
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Kasba Kalayat(Right Side)675
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Kasba Kalayat(Middle Side)729
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Kasba Kalayat(Left Side)1270
Govt Primary School Near Hospital, Kasba Kalayat(Right Side)977
Govt Primary School Near Hospital, Kasba Kalayat(Left Side)697
Govt Senior Secondary School (Boys), Kasba Kalayat990
Govt Girls Primary School Near Old Bus Stand , Kasba Kalayat(Left Side)880
Block Development & Panchayat Office Of Officer, Kasba Kalayat(Right Side)822
Block Development & Panchayat Office Of Officer, Kasba Kalayat(Left Side)606
Govt Primary School Anaj Mandi, Kasba Kalayat945
Kamalpur(21)Govt High School , Kamalpur(Right Side)1429
Govt High School , Kamalpur(Left Side)1266
Kasan (57)Govt High School , Kasan(Right Side)1259
Govt High School , Kasan(Left Side)1275
Panchayat Ghar, Kasan1013
Kathana (61)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kithana(Right Side)1185
S.C. Chaupal Near House Of Satpal S/O Mulkha , Kithana946
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kithana(Left Side)1015
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kithana(Middle Side)1088
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Kithana855
Govt Girls Primary School, Kithana1132
Kharak Pandwan(29)Govt High School , Kharak Pandwa(Right Side)1219
Govt High School , Kharak Pandwa(Left Side)1365
Govt High School Primary Deptt., Kharak Pandwa1042
Kheri Lamba (46)Govt Primary School , Kheri Lamba(Right Side)957
Govt Primary School , Kheri Lamba(Left Side)900
Kheri Raowali (64)Govt Primary School, Kherhi Raowali
Kheri Sherkhan (74)Govt Middle School, Kherhi Sherkha(Right Side)986
Govt Middle School, Kherhi Sherkha(Left Side)804
Kheri Sheru (45)Govt Primary School, Kherhisheru(Right Side)810
Govt Primary School, Kherhisheru(Left Side)738
Kheri Simbalwali (63)Govt High School, Kherhi Simbalwali
Kole Khan (45)Govt Primary School , Kolekhan(Right Side)999
Govt Primary School , Kolekhan(Left Side)1032
Kotra (53)Govt High School , Kotra(Right Side)1344
Govt High School , Kotra(Left Side)1295
Kurar (47)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kurar(Right Side)1461
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kurar(Middle Right Side)489
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kurar(Middle Left Side)1120
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kurar(Left Side)1344
Majra Nand Karan (51)Govt High School , Majranandkaran(Right Side)1248
Govt High School , Majranandkaran(Left Side)1241
Majra Rohera (50)Govt Primary School, Majra Rohera
Mandhwal 71)Govt Middle School , Mandwal(Right Side)689
Govt Middle School , Mandwal(Left Side)712
Mator(26)Govt Girls High School , Mator(Right Side)1290
Govt Girls High School , Mator(Left Side)1429
Govt Primary School , Mator(Right Side)1090
Govt Primary School , Mator(Middle Side)1067
Govt Primary School , Mator(Left Side)1129
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near House Of Pasi S/O Samat , Mator715
Narar (37)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Nararh(Right Side)998
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Nararh(Left Side)1075
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Nararh(Central Side)633
Narwal (54)Govt Primary School, Narwal840
Govt Primary School, Narwal Abadi Nimwala983
Peoda (41)Govt Primary School , Peoda(Right Side)1142
Govt Primary School , Peoda(Middle Side)1109
Govt Primary School , Peoda(Left Side)914
Pinjupura(31)Govt Middle School, Pinjupura
Rajaund (51)Govt Senior Secondary School , Rajound(Right Side)1296
Govt Senior Secondary School , Rajound(Left Side)1319
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Rajound(Right Side)1259
S.C. Chaupal Near Jind Road Lada Patti, Rajound1292
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Rajound(Middle Side)932
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Rajound(Left Side)582
Govt Primary School, Rajound(Right Side)737
Govt Primary School, Rajound(Left Side)845
Block Development And Panchayat Office Of Officer , Rajound(Right Side)549
Block Development And Panchayat Office Of Officer , Rajound(Left Side)855
Govt Primary School, Rajound Basti Khurha1026
Ramgarh Pandwan(27)Govt Middle School , Ramgarh Pandawa(Right Side)1018
Govt Middle School , Ramgarh Pandawa(Left Side)741
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near House Of Nayala S/O Ram Chand , Ramgarh Pandawa473
Rohera (62)Govt Senior Secondary School , Rohera(Right Side)852
Govt Senior Secondary School , Rohera(Middle Side)765
S.C. Chaupal Thokka Patti , Rohera708
Govt Senior Secondary School , Rohera(Left Side)1148
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Rohera(Right Side)825
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Rohera(Left Side)623
Roherian (17)Govt Primary School, Roherhian
Sangri (59)Govt Girls Primary School, Songri (Right Side)1261
Govt Girls Primary School, Songri (Left Side)1159
Santokh Majra (49)Govt Middle School, Santokh Majra
Saran (43)Govt Middle School, Saran
Seend (12)Govt Primary School , Sinand(Right Side)712
Govt Primary School , Sinand(Left Side)916
Sega (38)Govt Primary School , Sega(Right Side)1057
Govt Primary School , Sega(Left Side)1015
Serhada (52)Govt High School , Serda(Right Side)1056
Govt High School , Serda(Left Side)1033
Govt High School , Serda(Middle Side)1021
Govt Girls Pry. School , Serda(Right Side)1090
Govt Girls Pry. School , Serda(Left Side)971
Simla (32)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Shimla(Right Side)1227
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Shimla(Left Side)1093
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near House Of Mangatu S/O Kanhiya, Shimla675
Sisla Sismore (47)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Sisla- Sismaor(Right Side)1087
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Sisla- Sismaor(Middle Side)775
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Sisla- Sismaor(Left Side)1163
Govt Senior Secondary School Sec.(Primary Section), Sisla-Sismaor1127
Songal (50)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Songal(Right Side)1442
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Songal(Left Side)1347
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Songal(Middle Side)1176
Taragarh (58)Govt High School , Taragarh(Right Side)895
Govt High School , Taragarh(Left Side)923
Theh Bahri (66)Govt Primary School, Theh Bahari
Titram (42)Govt High School , Titram(Right Side)1327
Govt High School , Titram(Left Side)1156
Wazir Nagar(19)Govt Primary School, Vazir Nagar

Last Updated on April 08, 2020

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