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Polling Station List Kalanwali Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Kalanwali

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kalanwali Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Ahamadpur(149)Govt Middle School, Ahamadpur
Alikan(176)Govt High School, Alikan(Left Wing)1328
Govt High School, Alikan(Right Wing)1334
Anandgarh(199)Govt High School, Anandgarh
Bada Gudha(190)Govt Senior Secondary School, Baragudha(Left Wing)1039
Govt Senior Secondary School, Baragudha(Central Wing)1118
Govt Senior Secondary School, Baragudha(Right Wing)843
Baguwali(60)Govt Primary School, Baguwali
Baidwala(76)Govt High School, Vaidwala(Left Wing)946
Govt High School, Vaidwala(Right Wing)946
Govt High School, Vaidwala(Central Side)780
Baruwali - I(67)Govt High School,Baruwali-1(Left Wing)1163
Govt High School,Baruwali-1(Right Wing)1052
Bhadra(186)Govt Middle School, Bhadra(Left Wing)663
Govt Middle School, Bhadra(Right Wing)680
Bhangu(191)Govt Middle School,Bhangu(Left Wing)1161
Govt Middle School,Bhangu(Right Wing)1031
Bharokhan(68)Govt Senior Secondary School,Bharokhan(Left Wing)1166
Govt Senior Secondary School,Bharokhan(Right Wing)1169
Bhavdin(65)Govt. Primary School (For Boys), Bhawdin1069
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhavdeen(Left Wing)1192
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhavdeen(Right Wing)1098
Bhiwan(173)Govt High School,Bhinwa896
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Bhinwa651
Biruwala Gudha(183)Govt High School,Biruwala Gudha(Right Wing)1247
Govt High School,Biruwala Gudha(Left Wing)1022
Bupp(178)Govt Senior Secondary School,Bupp(Left Wing)1132
Govt Senior Secondary School,Bupp(Right Wing)1232
Govt Senior Secondary School,Buppprimary Wing1167
Burj Karamgarh(159)Govt Primary School, Buraj Karamgarh
Chakerian ( 203)Govt Primary School Chukerian
Chattar Garh(80)Schedule Caste Chopal, Chatargarh
Chhatrian(197)Govt High School, Chhatrian
Dadu(321)Govt High School Dadu(Left Wing)927
Govt High School Dadu(Right Wing)776
Cschedule Caste Choupal Dadu706
Darbi(69)Govt Senior Secondary School, Darbi(Left Wing)1034
Govt Senior Secondary School, Darbi(Central Wing)957
Govt Senior Secondary School, Darbi(Right Wing)1028
Daulatpur Khera(189)Govt Middle School, Daulatpur Khera
Desu Khurd(170)Govt Primary School, Desu Khurad
Desu Malkana(312)Govt High School, Desumalkana(Left Wing)1178
Govt High School, Desumalkana(Right Wing)1110
Govt High School, Desumalkana(Primary Side)1080
Dhaban(182)Govt Middle School,Dabhan
Dhani RampuraGovt Primary School, Dhani Rampura
Dharampura(323)Govt Middle School Dharampura
Fagu(169)Govt High School Phaggu(Left Wing)1078
Govt High School Phaggu(Right Wing)1043
Govt Girls Middle School Phaggu1043
Farwain(158)Govt High School,Pharwai Khurad873
Govt High School, Pharwai Kalan(Left Wing)1143
Govt High School, Pharwai Kalan(Right Wing)1112
Gadrana(201)Govt High School Gadrana(Left Wing)1182
Govt High School Gadrana(Right Wing)815
Aganbari Bhawan Gadrana562
Handi Khera(75)Govt Primary School, Handi Khera
Jhiri(177)Govt Middle School, Jhiri
Jhopra(153)Govt Primary School, Jhompra
Jhorar Rohi(184)Govt High School, Jhorar Rohi(Left Wing)742
Govt High School, Jhorar Rohi(Right Wing)663
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Jhorar Rohi588
Jlalana(251)Govt High School Jalalana(Left Wing)1223
Govt High School Jalalana(Right Wing)1102
Kalanwali Rural(313)Market Committee Office Kasba Kalanwali(Left Wing)1304
Market Committee Office Kasba Kalanwali(Right Wing)798
Dayanand Girls Collage Kasba Kalanwali(Left Wing)1135
Dayanand Girls Collage Kasba Kalanwali(Right Wing)903
Dayanand Girls Collage Kasba Kalanwali(Central Side)721
Govt Primary School Near Gaushala Kasba Kalanwali(Left Wing)792
Govt Primary School Near Gaushala Kasba Kalanwali(Right Wing)780
Municipal Office (Left Wing)1535
Govt Girls Se. Sec.School(Primary Wing)(Left Wing) Town Kalanwali1303
Ravidas Dharamshala Kasba Kalanwali886
Mahajan Dharamsala Kasba Kalanwali845
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Kasba Kalanwali(Left Wing)956
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Kasba Kalanwali(Central Side)881
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Kasba Kalanwali(Right Wing)1551
Govt Girls Middle School Village Kalanwali(Left Wing)1296
Govt Girls Middle School Village Kalanwali(Right Wing)992
Govt Girls Middle School Village Kalanwali(Central Side)933
Govt Girls Middle School Village Kalanwaliprimary Wing980
Kamal(319)Govt Primary School Kamal
Kewal(322)Govt High School, Kewal(Left Wing)747
Govt High School, Kewal(Right Wing)629
Khatranwa(317)Govt Primary School Khatranwa
Kheowali(202)Govt High School Khayowali(Left Wing)961
Govt High School Khayowali(Right Wing)863
Kherekan(151)Govt High School, Khairekan(Left Wing)1213
Govt High School, Khairekan(Right Wing)968
Kotli(64)Govt Middle School, Kotli(Left Wing)1109
Govt Middle School, Kotli(Right Wing)978
Govt Middle School, Kotli(Central Side)822
Panchayat Bhawan, Kotli873
Govt. Middle School Anganbari Centre, Kotli772
Kurangan Wali(185)Govt High School, Kurghanwali(Left Wing)732
Govt High School, Kurghanwali(Right Wing)691
Schedule Caste Choupal, Kurghanwali711
Lahenge Wala(165)Govt Middle School, Lahangewala
Lakarwali(200)Govt High School, Lakadwali(Left Wing)1215
Govt High School, Lakadwali(Right Wing)950
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Lakadwali481
Malari(172)Govt Middle School, Malri711
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Malri327
Mattar(166)Govt High School, Matar
Mauja Khera(334)Govt Primary School, Mojukhera
Mirpur(150)Govt Middle School, Meerpur(Left Wing)978
Govt Middle School, Meerpur(Right Wing)1029
Moriwala(72)Govt High School, Moriwala( Primary Wing)742
Govt High School, Moriwala(South Side)830
Musahab Wala(163)Govt Middle School, Musahibwala
Nagoki(161)Govt Senior Secondary School Nagoki(Left Wing)1057
Govt Senior Secondary School Nagoki(Right Wing)804
Narel Khera(61)Govt Primary School, Narelkhera(Left Wing)722
Govt Primary School, Narelkhera(Right Wing)754
Nezadela Kalan(154)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nezadela Kalan(Left Wing)976
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nezadela Kalan(Right Wing)957
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nezadela Kalan(Central Side)937
Govt Primary School, Nezadela Kalan1015
Pacca(320)Govt High School Pacca(Left Wing)776
Govt High School Pacca(Right Wing)616
Schedule Caste Chopal Pacca493
Panihari(162)Govt High School, Panihari(Left Wing)1114
Govt High School, Panihari(Right Wing)1099
Govt High School, Panihari(Central Side)1066
Patli Dabar(59)Govt High School, Patli Dabar(Left Wing)1300
Govt High School, Patli Dabar(Right Wing)930
Raguana(198)Govt Middle School, Raghuana(Left Wing)1042
Govt Middle School, Raghuana(Right Wing)909
Ranga(164)Govt. Middle School, Ranga
Rasulpur(70) Split Vill.Govt Primary School, Rasulpur
Rohan(171)Govt Middle School, Rohan
Roharan Wali(205)Govt Middle School Rohirawali
Rori(167)Govt Senior Secondary School, Rori(Left Wing)914
Govt Senior Secondary School, Rori(Right Wing)943
Govt Senior Secondary School, Rori(Central Side)890
Schedule Caste Chopal (Road Suratiya), Rori(Left Wing)782
Schedule Caste Chopal (Road Suratiya), Rori(Right Wing)775
Mahajan Dharamsala, Rori899
Govt. Primary School, Hariapatti Rori(Left Wing)1004
Govt. Middle School, Hariyapatti Rodi(Right Wing)962
Govt Girl Primary School, Dani Khuhwali Majra Patli Dabur925
Saharan(152)Govt Middle School, Saharani
Sanghar Sarishta(66)Govt Primary School, Sangar Sarista
Sikanderpur(73)Govt High School,Sikanderpur(Left Wing)1044
Govt High School,Sikanderpur(Right Wing)1125
Govt High School,Sikanderpur(Central Side)1166
Singhpura(325)Govt High School Singhpura(Left Wing)1098
Govt High School Singhpura(Right Wing)725
Schedule Caste Choupal Singhpura371
Subewala Khera(188)Govt Middle School, Subewala Khera
Suchan(63)Govt Senior Secondary School,Suchan(Left Wing)1030
Govt Senior Secondary School,Suchan(Right Wing)1014
Govt Senior Secondary School,Suchan(Primary Wing)891
Sukhchain(187)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sukhchain(Left Wing)1101
Schedule Caste Chopal, Sukhchain685
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sukhchain(Right Wing)1125
Surtia(168)Govt High School Surtiya(Left Wing)900
Govt High School Surtiya(Right Wing)1128
Schedule Caste Chopal Surtiya947
Takhatmal(314)Govt Middle School, Takhatmal(Left Wing)1049
Govt Middle School, Takhatmal(Right Wing)753
Taruana(315)Schedule Caste Choupal Taruana
Tehri Baba Sawan Singh(335)Govt Primary School, Theri Baba Sawan Singh
Thiraj(174)Govt High School, Thiraj(Left Wing)789
Govt High School, Thiraj(Right Wing)683
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Thiraj759
Tilokewala(316)Govt Middle School Tiloke Wala476
Schedule Caste Choupal Tiloke Wala526
Govt High School Taruana787

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