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Polling Station List Jhajjar Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Jhajjar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jhajjar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Akehri Madanpur(200)Govt Senior Secondary School , Akehdi Madanpur(North Side)1167
Govt Senior Secondary School , Akehdi Madanpur(South Side)1244
Govt Senior Secondary School , Akehdi Madanpur(Central Side)1150
Amboli(193)Govt High School, Amboli(North Side)714
Govt High School, Amboli(South Side)708
Bahu(18-N)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Bahu(North Side)1210
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near Badhuram House, Bahu(North Side)679
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bahu(South Side)1303
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Bahu1244
Bambulia(203)Govt Primary School, Bambulia
Bhadana(95)Govt Primary School, Bhadana442
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Bhadana213
Bhadani(94)Govt Sr.Sec. School , Bhadani(North Side)960
Govt Sr.Sec. School , Bhadani(South Side)878
Govt Sr.Sec. School , Bhadani(Central Side)808
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Bhadani436
Bhurawas(194)Govt Senior Secondary School , Bhurawas(North Side)1258
Govt Senior Secondary School , Bhurawas(South Side)1114
Bir Chhuchhakwas(118)Govt Primary School, Bahalgarh
Birar(199)Govt Middle School, Birad(East Side)759
Govt Middle School, Birad(West Side)825
Birohar(145)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Birohar(North Side)1301
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Birohar(South Side)874
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Birohar(East Side)883
Bithla(195)Govt Middle School, Bithla(North Side)721
Govt Middle School, Bithla(South Side)622
Chadhwana(218)Govt Middle School, Chadhwana
Dhalanwas(150)Govt Primary School, Dhlanwas
Dhana(162)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhanna
Dhania(164)Govt Middle School, Dhania
Dhanirwas(161)Govt Primary School, Dhanirwas
Gawalison(114)Govt Senior Secondary School, Gawalison(North Side)761
Harjian Chaupal, Gawalison215
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gawalison(South Side)1022
Gorawar(106)Govt Senior Secondary School, Girawad1055
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Girawad270
Goria(14-N)Govt High School, Goriya(North Side)1061
Govt High School, Goriya(South Side)985
Govt High School, Goriya(Central Side)1066
Gudha(109)Govt Senior Secondary School , Gudha(East Side)898
Govt Senior Secondary School , Gudha(West Side)974
Hamayunpur(159)Govt Primary School, Humayunpur
Islamgarh(117)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ismailgarh(East Side)1431
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ismailgarh(West Side)1344
Govt Primary School, Dhani Islamgarh362
Jamalpur(160)Govt Primary School, Jamalpur
Jhajjar (Rural)(100)Govt Girls Sr. Sec.School, Jhajjar(North Side)1321
Govt Girls Sr. Sec.School New Room, Jhajjar(South Side)1556
Govt Girls Sr. Sec.School New Room, Jhajjar(South Side)1266
Govt Girls Sr. Sec.School New Room, Jhajjar(South West Side)1317
Jatia Chaupal Hall Room, Jhajjar1298
Community Hall, Sitaram Gatel, Jhajjar839
District Library Old Municipal Committe Office, Jhajjar832
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Old Building, Jhajjar(South Side)895
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Old Building, Jhajjar(North Side)697
Govt Primary School Cantt., Jhajjar(North Side)1247
Govt Primary School Cantt., Jhajjar(South Side)1141
Govt Primary School Cantt., Jhajjar(Central Side)1386
Govt Senior Secondary School New Building, Jhajjar(North Side)968
Govt Senior Secondary School New Building, Jhajjar(South Side)1258
Govt Senior Secondary School New Building, Jhajjar(West Side)1221
Govt Senior Secondary School Old Building, Jhajjar(South East Side)1089
Sanatan Dharm Senior Secondary School, Jhajjar(East Side)768
Sanatan Dharm Senior Secondary School, Jhajjar(West Side)634
Vaidik Girls Senior Secondary School, Jhajjar(West Side)729
Vaidik Girls Senior Secondary School, Jhajjar(East Side)720
Govt Primary School No.1, Jhajjar(North Side)1046
Govt Primary School No.1, Jhajjar(South Side)1454
Maharaja Agarsen Women College, Jhajjar(Left Side)753
Maharaja Agarsen Women College, Jhajjar(Central Side)759
Maharaja Agarsen Women College, Jhajjar(Right Side)1098
Maharaja Agarsen Middle School, Jhajjar730
Gurukul Jhajjar, Jhajjar Dehat459
Jhamri(151)Govt High School, Jhamari(West Side)812
Govt High School, Jhamari(North Side)752
Jhanswa(156)Govt Senior Secondary School, Jhanswa(North Side)1057
Govt Senior Secondary School, Jhanswa(South Side)1101
Jharli(154)Govt Senior Secondary School , Jhadli(North Side)1024
Govt Senior Secondary School , Jhadli(South Side)1144
Jondhi(107)Govt High School , Joundhi(South Side)794
Govt High School , Joundhi(North Side)829
Kablana(92)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kablana(North Side)889
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kablana(South Side)888
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kablana(Central Side)785
Kaliawas(146)Govt Middle School, Kaliawas
Karoda(213)Govt Primary School, Karoda
Khachroli(147)Govt Middle School, Khachroli(North Side)738
Govt Middle School, Khachroli(South Side)677
Khanpur Kalan(16-N)Govt Middle School, Khanpur Kalan
Khanpur Khurd(15-N)Govt Senior Secondary School, Khanpur Khurd(North Side)1325
Govt Senior Secondary School, Khanpur Khurd(South Side)1374
Khaparwas(204)Govt Middle School, Khaparwas
Khatiwas(113)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Khatiwas(North Side)1333
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Khatiwas(South Side)1291
Khera Tharu(19-N)Govt Primary School, Kheratharu
Kheri Asra(18)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kheri Aasra(North Side)1055
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kheri Aasra(South Side)584
Chaupal Harijanan, Kheri Aasra235
Kheri Hosdarpur(207)Govt Primary School, Kheri Hoshiyarpur
Kheri Khumar(111)Gps , Kheri Khumar(West Side)1102
Ggsss , Kheri Khumar(East South Side)1328
Gps(South Side) , Kheri Khumar1292
Khetawas(205)Govt Primary School, Khetawas
Khorra(17-N)Govt Senior Secondary School , Khorda(North Side West Wing722
Govt Senior Secondary School , Khorda(East South Side)1212
Govt Senior Secondary School , Khorda(South Side)1193
Kohandrali(221)Govt Middle School, Kondrawali
Koilpuri(217)Govt Senior Secondary School, Koyalpuri(West Side)778
Govt Senior Secondary School, Koyalpuri(East Side)868
Ladain(158)Govt Senior Secondary School , Ladayan(North Side)985
Govt Senior Secondary School , Ladayan(South Side)844
Maliawas(144)Govt Primary School, Maliawas
Marot(206)Govt Senior Secondary School , Marot(North Side)1241
Govt Senior Secondary School , Marot(South Side)1174
Matanhail(141)Govt Senior Secondary School , Matanhel(North Side)1369
Govt Senior Secondary School , Matanhel(North Side)1258
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Matanhail(North Side)1290
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near Block Samiti Chairman Shrimati Dhanpti House, Matanhel.794
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Matanhail(South Side)1062
Mohanbari(155)Govt Primary School, Mohanbadi799
Schedule Caste Choupal, Mohanbadi349
Mundahera(198)Govt Senior Secondary School , Mundahera(North Side)917
Govt Senior Secondary School , Mundahera(South Side)946
Govt Senior Secondary School , Mundahera(Central Side)857
Mundsa(202)Govt High School, Mundsa
Nilaheri(197)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nilaheri(North Side)1002
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nilaheri(South Side)838
Niwada(220)Govt Middle School, Niwada
Noganwa(143)Govt High School , Nogawa(South Side)908
Govt High School , Nogawa(North Side)593
Rankhanda(208)Govt Primary School, Rannkhanda
Redhuwas(219)Govt Primary School, Reduwas
Ruriawas(142)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ruriawas(West Side)826
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ruriawas(South Side)735
Salhawas (163)Govt Senior Secondary School , Salhawas(North Side)1025
Govt Senior Secondary School , Salhawas(Central Side)1013
Schedule Caste Chaupal In Front Of Kriparam Punia House, Salhawas270
Govt Senior Secondary School , Salhawas(South Side)1043
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near Bus Stop Chownk , Salhawas329
Sasroli(153)Govt Senior Secondary School , Sasroli(North Side)1346
Govt Senior Secondary School , Sasroli(South Side)1084
Sekhupur Jat (96)Govt Primary School, Shekhupur Jatt
Selanga(149)Govt Senior Secondary School , Sehlanga(North Side)924
Govt Senior Secondary School , Sehlanga(South Side)987
Sundrehti(157)Govt Middle School, Sunderheti1363
Schedule Caste Chaupal Vill. Mahender Putar Near Sundar House, Sunderheti330
Surakhpur Tappa Haveli(104)Govt Middle School, Surakhpur Tappa Haveli(North Side)724
Govt Middle School, Surakhpur Tappa Haveli(South Side)784
Chaupal Balmikiyan, Surakhpur Tappa Haveli203
Talao(112)Govt High School, Talao(North Side)1084
Govt High School, Talao(South Side)987
Govt Girls Primary School Near Schedule Caste Basti, Talao419
Tamaspura(116)Govt Primary School, Tamaspura

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