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Polling Station List Jagadhri Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Jagadhri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jagadhri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
?Office Ex.Engg. Hathnikund Bairaj, Jagadhri
Arnauli (323)Govt Middle School, Arnauli(Right Side)884
Govt Middle School, Arnauli(Left Side)873
Bahadurpur (164)Govt Middle School, Bahadurpur
Bakkarwala (177)Govt High School, Bakarwala(Right Side)1104
Govt High School, Bakarwala(Left Side)568
Balauli (208)Govt Middle School, Balauli
Baroli Majra (191)Govt Primary School, Baroli Majra
Begampur (80)Govt Middle School, Begumpur
Bhangera Bhangeri Bagpat (9)9-Govt Primary School, Bagpat1073
9-Govt Primary School, Bagpat1085
Bherthal (326)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bherthal(Right Side)
Bhilpura (76)Govt Middle School, Bhilpura991
Govt Middle School, Bhilpura985
Bhud Kalan (67)Govt Middle School, Budkalan
Bhud Majra (70)Govt Primary School, Bhudmajra
Chagnauli (304)Govt Middle School, Changnauli
Chahron (383)Govt Primary School, Chahron
Chhachhrauli (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School, Chhachhrauli(Right Side)1361
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chhachhrauli(Left Side)1121
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chhachhrauli(Central Side)840
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Chhachhrauli(Right Side)872
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Chhachhrauli(Right Side)710
Govt Primary School No.2, Chhachhrauli1203
Govt Girls Primary School, Chhachhrauli659
Chuharpur Kalan (168)Govt Middle School, Gulabgarh(Right Side)1210
Govt Middle School, Gulabgarh(Left Side)1292
Dadupur Jattan (222)Govt High School, Ledi(Left Side)
Damoli (195)Govt Middle School, Damoli
Darpur (17)Govt Middle School, Darpur
Darwa (78)Govt Middle School, Darwa
Dasaura (198)Govt Middle School, Dasaura
Daulatpur (180)Govt Middle School, Daulatpur
Deodhar (72)Govt Sr. Secondary School, Devdhar(Right Side)963
Govt Sr. Secondary School, Devdhar(Left Side)1178
Ganaula (308)Govt Primary School, Ganaula
Ganauli (309)Govt Middle School, Ganauli(Left Side)815
Govt Middle School, Ganauli(Left Side)753
Garhi Banjara (387)Govt Middle School, Garhi Vanjara
Hafizpur (173)Govt Primary School, Hafizpur Khurd
Harauli (194)Govt Senior Secondary School, Hadauli
Ibrahimpur (29)Govt Primary School, Ibrahimpur
Ismailpur (86)Govt Middle School, Ismailpur
Jaidhar (82)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Jaidhar(Right Side)1231
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Jaidhar(Left Side)908
Jaidhari (81)Govt Middle School, Jaidhari(Right Side)754
Govt Middle School, Jaidhari(Left Side)723
Jairampur Khalsa (98)Govt Primary School, Jairampur
Jarauda (403)Govt Middle School, Jarauda
Jatanwala (18)Govt Primary School, Jatanwala
Jatheri (307)Govt Middle School, Jatheri
Kalesar (1)Govt High School, Kalesar(Right Side)
Kansli (11)Govt Middle School, Kansli
Karkauli (171)Govt Middle School, Karkauli
Khadri (97)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Khadri(Right Side)1231
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Khadri(Left Side)1277
Khanpura (213)Govt Primary School, Khanpura
Khijri (8)Govt Middle School, Khizri
Khilanwala (10)Govt High School, Kalesar(Left Side)799
Govt Middle School, Khilanwala1345
Khizrabad (165)Govt Senior Secondary School, Khizrabad(Right Side)1286
Govt Senior Secondary School, Khizrabad(Central Side)1203
Govt Senior Secondary School, Khizrabad(Left Side)1434
Kishanpura (167)Govt Middle School, Kishanpura(Right Side)1271
Govt Primary School, Kutipur1234
Kot Basawa Singh (185)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kot Basawasingh
Kot Mushtarka (184)Govt Primary School, Kot Mustarka
Kot Sarkari (188)Govt Primary School, Kot Sarkari
Kotra Kahansingh (189)Govt Primary School, Kotra Kahan Singh
Lakar-Mai Pratap Pur (92)Govt High School, Lakarmaipratappur
Leda Khadar (190)Govt Middle School, Leda Khadar
Leda Khas (310)Govt Primary School, Ledakhas
Ledi (221)Govt High School, Ledi(Right Side)
Lopon (219)Govt Primary School, Lopon
Malikpur Khadir (170)Govt Primary School, Malakpur Khadar(Right Side)889
Govt Primary School, Malakpur Khadar(Left Side)812
Mamli (322)Govt Primary School, Mamli
Manakpur (386)Govt Primary School, Manakpur
Mand Kheri (319)Govt High School, Mandkheri(Right Side)908
Govt High School, Mandkheri(Left Side)933
Mandewala (64)Govt Primary School, Mandewala
Mehar Majra (105)Govt Middle School, Meharmajra
Mujafat Kalan (166)Govt Middle School, Muzafat Kalan(Right Side)712
Govt Middle School, Muzafat Kalan(Left Side)672
Mukarapur (181)Govt Middle School, Mukarabpur
Mukaribpura (317)Govt Primary School, Mukarabpur
Munda Khera (318)Govt High School, Mundakhera
Nagal Patti Milk (5)Govt Middle School, Nagalpatti Milk
Nahar Taharpur (211)Govt Primary School, Nahartaharpur
Nandgarh (87)Govt Primary School, Nandgarh
Nathanpur (91)S.C. Dharmshala, Nathanpur
Nawazpur (93)Govt Primary School, Nawajpur
Panjeton (315)Govt Primary School, Panjeton
Pheruwala (305)Govt Primary School, Pheruwala
Pipli Majra (199)Govt Primary School, Piplimajra
Piruwala (301)Govt Primary School, Peeruwala
Ramgarh Alias Arjun Majra (186)Govt Primary School, Ramgarh Urf Arjunmajra
Ramkheri (329)Govt Middle School, Ramkheri
Rampur Khadar (94)Govt High School, Rampur Khadar
Salempur Bangar (321)Govt Middle School, Salempur Bangar
Sankhera (306)Govt Middle School, Sankhera
Shahpur (382)Govt Primary School, Shahpur
Shahzadwala (16)Govt Middle School, Shahjadwala
Sherpur (206)Govt Primary School, Sherpur
Sipianwala (20)Govt Middle School, Sipinanwala
Taharpur Kalan (28)Govt High School, Taharpur Kalan(Right Side)1088
Govt High School, Taharpur Kalan(Left Side)948
Tahimun (174)Govt Middle School, Tihmo
Tajewala (3)Govt Middle School, Tajewala(Right Side)834
Govt Middle School, Tajewala(Left Side)746
Taranwala (327)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bherthal(Left Side)
Tarunwala (209)Govt Primary School, Taruwala
Telipura (402)Govt Middle School, Telipura
Telipura (96)Govt Middle School, Telipura
Tibbi Raiyan (179)Govt Middle School, Tibbi Raian
Tihanon (218)Govt Middle School, Tihano
Tugalpur (192)Govt Middle School, Tugalpur
Udhamgarh (401)Govt Primary School, Udhamgarh
Urjani (203)Govt Primary School, Urjni
Yakubpur (197)Govt Middle School, Yakubpur

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