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Polling Station List Indri Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Indri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Indri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Badarpur (41)Govt High School, Badarpur(Right Side)824
Govt High School, Badarpur(Left Side)752
Baldhi (Part)(4)Govt High School, Baldi(Right Side)915
Govt High School, Baldi(Left Side)1007
Bhadson (21)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bhadson(Right Side)1197
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bhadson(Left Side)695
Bhaoji (17)Govt High School, Bhauji Khalsa
Bhudhanpur (19)Govt Primary School,Budanpur Khalsa
Biana (48)Govt Senior Secondary School, Biyana(Right Side)1173
Govt Senior Secondary School, Biyana(Central Side)1399
Govt Senior Secondary School, Biyana(Left Side)1212
Bibipur Brahmana (39)Govt Primary School, Bibipur Brahmnan(Right Side)1276
Govt Primary School, Bibipur Brahmnan(Left Side)1271
Bibipur Jattan(65)Govt High School, Bibipur Jattan(Right Side)1095
Govt High School, Bibipur Jattan(Left Side)1005
Bir Bhadson (22)Govt Primary School, Bir Bhadson
Budha Khera (1)Govt Primary School, Budha Khera(Right Side)1028
Govt Primary School, Budha Khera(Left Side)844
Budhanpur Sikri (43)Govt Primary School, Budhanpur Sikri
Budhanpur Urf Rukanpur (10)Govt Primary School, Budanpur Urf Rukanpur
Butan Kher (24)Govt Primary School, Butankheri
Chand Samand (50)Govt Primary School, Chandsmand(Right Side)893
Govt Primary School, Chandsmand(Left Side)600
Chandraon (10)Govt Primary School, Chandraon
Chogawan (7)Govt High School, Chaugawan(Right Side)801
Govt High School, Chaugawan(Left Side)953
Chorpura(53)Govt High School, Chorpura
Churni(56)Govt Primary School, Churni
Dabkauli Kalan (51)Govt Primary School, Dabkoli Kalan(Right Side)1156
Govt Primary School, Dabkoli Kalan(Left Side)1123
Danialpur (72)Govt Primary School, Daniyalpur
Darar (58)Govt High School, Darad(Right Side)1365
Govt High School, Darad(Left Side)1012
Dhano Kheri (4)Govt Primary School, Dhanokheri(Right Side)731
Govt Primary School, Dhanokheri(Left Side)605
Dhanora Jagir (1)Govt Primary School, Dhanora Jagir
Dhumsi (14)Govt Primary School, Dhumsi
Fazilpur(47)Govt Primary School, Fazalpur
Gangar(72)Govt Primary School, Gangar
Garhi Birbal (32)Govt Senior Secondary School, Garhi Birbal (Right Side)909
Govt Senior Secondary School, Garhi Birbal (Central Side)1105
Govt Senior Secondary School, Garhi Birbal (Left Side)996
Garhi Gujran(54)Govt Primary School, Garhi Gujran
Garhi Jattan (9)Govt Senior Secondary School, Garhi Jattan(Right Side)744
Govt Senior Secondary School, Garhi Jattan(Left Side)651
Garhi Sadhan (10)Govt Primary School, Garhi Sadhan
Garhpur Khalsa (43)Govt Primary School, Garhpur Khalsa
Gheer(59)Govt Senior Secondary School,Gheer(Right Side)1358
Govt Senior Secondary School,Gheer(Central Side)1386
Govt Senior Secondary School,Gheer(Left Side)963
Gorgarh(64)Govt Primary School, Gaurgarh
Gumton (48)Govt Primary School, Gumto
Haibatpura (17)Govt Middle School, Haibatpur
Hanauri (18)Govt High School, Hanori
Hanso Majra (8)Govt Primary School, Hansu Majra
Indergarh (25)Govt Primary School, Indergarh
Indri (Rural)(Part)(46)Govt Primary School, Ghandinagar Indri518
Govt Primary School, Phoosgarh Indri827
Office Municiple Committee, Indri1172
Office Block Development & Panchayat Officer, Indri1313
Govt. Primary School, Indri1077
Govt Senior Secondary School, Indri(Right Side)856
Govt Senior Secondary School, Indri(Left Side)1326
Govt Senior Secondary School, Indrioffice Wing755
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Indri(Right Side)1163
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Indri(Central Side)969
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Indri(Left Side)1186
Islam Nagar (42)Govt Primary School, Islam Nagar
Janesron(53)Govt Middle School, Janesaro(Right Side)882
Govt Middle School, Janesaro(Left Side)935
Jarauli (23)Govt Middle School, Jarawali
Jatpura (62)Govt Middle School, Jatpura Jagir
Johar Majra Kalan(45)Govt Primary School, Johar Majra Khurd(Right Side)700
Govt Primary School, Johar Majra Khurd(Left Side)1111
Kalaish (Part) (2)Govt Middle School, Kailash(Right Side)1383
Shri Ram Charit Manas Senior Secondary School Basant Vihar(Right Side)1431
Shri Ram Charit Manas Senior Secondary School Basant Vihar(Left Side)1277
Kalri Jagir (5)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalri Jagir(Right Side)1140
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kalri Jagir(Left Side)829
Kalri Khalsa (27)Govt Middle School, Nanhera(Left Side)
Kalsaura (38)Govt High School, Kalsora(Right Side)1335
Govt High School, Kalsora(Central Side)1183
Govt High School, Kalsora(Left Side)1135
Khanpur (7)Govt Primary School, Khanpur(Right Side)820
Govt Primary School, Khanpur(Left Side)661
Khera (23)Govt High School, Khera(Right Side)795
Govt High School, Khera(Left Side)1118
Kheri Man Singh(63)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kheriman Singh(Right Side)951
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kheriman Singh(Left Side)926
Khokhni (6)Govt Middle School, Khukhni(Right Side)837
Govt Middle School, Khukhni(Left Side)740
Kunjpura (75)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kunjpura(Right Side)1154
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kunjpura(Central Side)827
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kunjpura(Left Side)779
Govt Girls High School, Kunjpura(Right Side)1235
Govt Girls High School, Kunjpura(Left Side)1283
Govt Primary School, Kunjpura1219
Kurak (61)Govt High School, Kurak
Kurali (61)Govt Primary School, Kurali816
Govt Primary School, Kurali(Left Side)815
Labkari (34)Govt Primary School, Labkari
Landhora(68)Govt Primary School, Landora
Mainmati (70)Govt Primary School, Bahadurgarh Urf Mainmati
Makarampur (5)Navjyoti Vidhya Mandir High School, Mukarampur(Right Wing)1183
Navjyoti Vidhya Mandir High School, Mukarampur(Left Wing)1057
Makhala (13)Govt Primary School, Makhala
Makhali (9)Govt Primary School, Makhali
Makhu Majra(67)Govt Primary School, Makhumajra
Mangalpur (Part)(1)Govt Primary School, Mangalpur(Right Wing)868
Govt Primary School, Mangalpur(Left Wing)811
Matak Majri (Part)(24)Govt Primary School, Matak Majri
Mughal Majra (58)Govt Middle School, Mugal Majra
Muradgarh (44)Govt High School, Muradgarh
Musapur (36)Govt Middle School, Musepur
Nagal (106)Govt Primary School, Nagal
Nagla Roran (62)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nagla Roran(Right Side)875
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nagla Roran(Left Side)672
Nalwi Khurd (81)Govt Primary School, Bazidpur
Nandi Khalsa (16)Govt Primary School, Nandi Khalsa
Nanhera (26)Govt Middle School, Nanhera(Right Side)
Naurta(52)Govt Primary School, Naurta1095
Govt Primary School, Dhamanheri339
Niawal (73)Govt Middle School, Niyawal(Right Side)946
Govt Middle School, Niyawal(Left Side)1026
Pathera (22)Govt Senior Secondary School, Pathera
Punjo Khera (23)Govt Primary School, Panjhokhara
Rai Tikhana (13)Govt Primary School, Raitkhana983
Govt Primary School,Bir Raitkhana449
Rajapur (28)Govt Primary School, Rajepur
Ramba(62)Govt High School,Rambahigh Section1063
Govt High School,Rambacentral Section998
Govt High School,Rambaprimary Section956
Rampura (11)Govt Primary School, Rampura
Randauli (49)Govt Primary School, Randoli
Rindal(61)Govt Primary School, Rindal(Right Side)710
Govt Primary School, Rindal(Left Side)681
Salaroo (59)Govt Primary School, Salaru
Salarpura(60)Govt Primary School, Salarpura
Santheri (3)Govt Primary School, Santhri601
Govt Primary School, Badheri Khalsa577
Sarwan Majra (20)Govt Primary School, Sarwan Majra889
Govt Primary School, Kheri Jattan518
Shahpur(63)Govt High School, Shahpur
Sheikhupura (2)Govt Primary School, Shekhpura
Shergarh (15)Govt Primary School, Shergarh (Left Side)
Shergarh Tapu (56)Govt Primary School, Shergarh Tapu
Singoha(57)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sangoha884
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sangoha775
Govt Primary School, Sangoha(Right Side)1478
Govt Primary School, Sangoha(Left Side)1231
Smora(55)Govt Primary School, Samora
Syed Chhapra (103)Govt Primary School, Saiyad Chhapra
Taprana (71)Govt Primary School, Taprana(Right Side)855
Govt Primary School, Taprana(Left Side)788
Taprian (21)Govt Primary School, Tapriain629
Govt Primary School, Chhaprian537
Tikri (3)Govt High School, Tikri(Right Side)828
Govt High School, Tikri(Right Side)707
Uchana (60)Govt High School , Uchana(Right Side)1529
Govt High School , Uchana(Left Side)1412
Govt Primary School , Uchani1242
Udana (18)Govt Primary School, Udana
Umarpur (31)Govt Primary School, Umarpur

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