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Polling Station List Hathin Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Hathin

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hathin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Aharwan(32)Govt Senior Secondary School, Aharwan(Right Side)873
Govt Senior Secondary School, Aharwan(Left Side)877
Schedule Caste Chaupal ,Aharwan486
Akbarpur Natol(214)Govt Middle School, Akaberpur Natol
Ali Brahman(285)Govt Middle School, Ali Brahman
Ali Meo(284)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ali Mev(Right Side)1079
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ali Mev(Central Side)1264
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ali Mev(Central Right Side)1053
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ali Mev(Left Side)1175
Andhop(287)Govt Middle School, Andhop(Right Side)1233
Govt Middle School, Andhop(Left Side)1153
Andhrola(236)Govt Primary School, Andhrola(Right Side)915
Govt Primary School, Andhrola(Left Side)795
Attar Chata(17)Govt Primary School , Atarchata
Badha(27)Govt Middle School , Badha(Right Side)773
Govt Middle School , Badha(Left Side)792
Bahin(281)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Bahin(Right Side)1279
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Bahin302
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Bahin(Left Side)1322
Govt Senior Secondary (Boys) School, Bahin(Right Side)1055
Govt Senior Secondary (Boys) School, Bahin(Central Side)924
Govt Senior Secondary (Boys) School, Bahin(Left Side)241
Bahrola (157)Govt Middle School, Bahrola
Bajada Pahari(232)Govt Primary School, Bajada Pahari
Bamani Khera (155)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bamnikhera(Right Side)1320
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bamnikhera(Central Side)1445
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bamnikhera(Central Right Side)556
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bamnikhera(Central Left Side)948
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bamnikhera(Left Side)857
Bamnola Jogi(230)Govt Primary School, Bamnola Jogi
Bhanguri Palwal(228)Govt Primary School, Bhaguri Palwal
Bhimsika(271)Govt Primary School, Bhimsika
Bichpuri(224)Govt Primary School, Bichhpuri
Bighawali(207)Govt Middle School, Bighawali
Chhainsa(211)Govt Senior Secondary School, Chhainsa(Right Side)1104
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chhainsa(Left Side)1093
Chirawta(80)Govt High School , Chirawata
Dhakalpur(273)Govt Primary School, Dhakalpur
Dhamaka(30)Govt Middle School, Dhamaka
Dhiranka(249)Govt Middle School, Dhiranki
Dungarpur(13)Govt Primary School , Dungurpur
Durgapur(76)Govt Middle School, Durgapur(Right Side)763
Govt Middle School, Durgapur(Left Side)793
Ferozepur Rajput(254)Govt Middle School, Firojpur Rajput
Gahlab (233)Govt Senior Secondary School, Gahlab(Right Side)1059
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gahlab(Central Side)963
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gahlab(Left Side)1108
Govt Primary School, Gahlab (Kodal Road)786
Gailpur(33)Govt Middle School, Gailpur
Gharot(256)Govt High School, Gharrot(Right Side)1151
Govt High School, Gharrot(Left Side)1122
Ghurawali(274)Govt Middle School, Ghurawali(Right Side)1130
Govt Middle School, Ghurawali(Left Side)992
Gohpur(245)Govt Middle School, Gohpur
Guraksar(243)Govt High School, Guraksar(Right Side)1277
Govt High School, Guraksar(Left Side)1159
Hathin (Rural)(Part)(252)Govt Senior Secondary (Boys) School, Hathin(Right Side)1125
Govt Senior Secondary (Boys) School, Hathin(Central Side)1095
Govt Senior Secondary (Boys) School, Hathin(Left Side)1367
Govt Middle School, Hathin1503
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Hathin(Right Side)1452
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Hathin(Left Side)1351
Office Municipal Corporation, Hathin899
Govt Primary School, Buraka Hathin928
Hudithal(261)Govt High School ,Hudithal1205
Old Age Home, Hudithal272
Hujpuri Majra ChhaynsaGovt Middle School, Huchpuri Majra Chhainsa
Jaindapur(16)Govt High School , Jaindapur
Jainpur(220)Govt Primary School, Jainpur
Jalalpur Hathin(270)Govt Middle School, Jalalpur Hathin
Jalalpur Khalsa(31)Govt Primary School, Jalalpur Khalsa
Janacholi(221)Govt Middle School, Janacholi
Jarari(279)Govt Middle School, Jarari
Jodhpur(78)Govt Middle School, Jodhapur
Kalsara(229)Govt High School, Kalsara(Right Side)710
Govt High School, Kalsara(Left Side)797
Kalwaka(6)Govt Primary School, Kalwaka(Right Side)1185
Govt Primary School, Kalwaka(Left Side)569
Kanoli(189)Govt Middle School, Kanoli
Khaika Hathin(289)Govt Middle School, Khaika Hathin(Right Side)1284
Govt Middle School, Khaika Hathin(Left Side)1290
Khilluka(241)Govt Middle School ,Khiluka(Right Side)1329
Govt Middle School ,Khiluka(Left Side)1008
Khokiaka(219)Govt Primary School , Khokhiyaka
Kishorpur(18)Govt Middle School, Kishorpur1295
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kishorpur272
Kondal(234)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kondal(Right Side)1195
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kondal(Central Side)1322
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kondal(Left Side)1265
Kot(280)Govt Middle School, Kot(Right Side)1315
Govt Middle School, Kot(Left Side)897
Govt Primary School, Kot(Right Side)1424
Govt Primary School, Kot(Left Side)971
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kot151
Ladmaki(264)Govt Primary School, Ladmaki
Lakhnaka(262)Govt Middle School, Lakhnaka(Right Side)1276
Govt Middle School, Lakhnaka(Left Side)657
Mahaluka(266)Govt Middle School, Mahluka767
Govt Middle School, Ghurawali(Right Wing)1570
Maheshpur(24)Govt Middle School, Maheshpur
Malai(272)Govt Senior Secondary School, Malai(Right Side)1332
Govt Senior Secondary School, Malai(Left Side)1222
Govt Primary School, Malai1269
Malokhra(227)Govt Middle School, Malokhara
Maluka(276)Govt Primary School, Maluka(Left Side)
Mandhnaka(213)Govt High School , Mandhanaka(Right Side)1408
Govt High School , Mandhanaka(Left Side)1306
Mandkola(217)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mandkola(Right Side)887
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mandkola(Central Side)817
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mandkola(Left Side)1456
Govt Girls Middle School, Mandkola1249
Govt Primary School, Mandkola(Right Wing)769
Govt Primary School, Mandkola(Left Wing)1169
Manduri(218)Govt Primary School, Mandori
Mangoraka(226)Govt Primary School, Mangorka
Manpur(238)Govt High School, Manpur(Right Side)1331
Govt High School, Manpur(Central Side)1405
Govt High School, Manpur(Left Side)1172
Schedule Caste Chaupal ,Manpur1088
Mathepur Majra ChhaynsaGovt Middle School ,Mathaipur Majra Chhainsa(Right Side)756
Govt Middle School ,Mathaipur Majra Chhainsa(Left Side)909
Mirka(208)Govt Middle School, Meeraka
Mohdamka(237)Govt Primary School, Mohdamaka
Nangal Jat(286)Govt Middle (Boys) School Nangal Jat(Right Side)1218
Govt Middle (Boys) School Nangal Jat(Central Side)931
Govt Middle (Boys) School Nangal Jat(Left Side)1081
Nangal Sabha(288)Govt Primary School, Nangal Sabha
Nangli Pachanki(26)Govt Primary School, Nangli Pachanki
Pachanka(244)Govt Middle School, Pachanka
Pahari(240)Govt Middle School, Pahari
Paharpur(247)Govt Primary School, Paharpur
Paosar(282)Govt Middle School, Pawsar
Paroli(7)Govt Middle School , Paroli
Phulwari (156)Govt High School, Phulwari(Right Side)1005
Govt High School, Phulwari(Central Side)928
Govt High School, Phulwari(Left Side)939
Pondri(215)Govt Primary School, Pondri
Pothli(223)Govt Middle School, Puthali
Rajpura(77)Govt Middle School , Rajpura(Right Side)760
Govt Middle School , Rajpura(Left Side)677
Rakhota(29)Govt Primary School, Rakhota
Raniala Khurd(277)Govt Primary School ,Raniala Khurd1632
Govt High School, Raniala Khurd1505
Ransika(269)Govt High School, Ransika(Right Side)891
Govt High School, Ransika(Left Side)745
Ratipur(75)Govt Middle School , Ratipur
Rehrana(81)Govt Middle School, Rahrana(Right Side)843
Govt Middle School, Rahrana(Left Side)736
Ribar(216)Govt Middle School, Ribar
Rindka(253)Govt Primary School, Rindaka
Rupnagar Natoli(283)Govt Middle School, Roopnagar Natoli(Right Side)909
Govt Middle School, Roopnagar Natoli(Left Side)626
Rupraka(246)Govt Middle School, Rupraka(Right Side)1433
Govt Middle School, Rupraka(Left Side)1279
Govt. Boys Primary School,Rupraka(Right Side)913
Govt Girls Primary School, Rupraka951
Sechdule Caste Choupal, Rupraka1288
Sailothi (154)Govt Primary School, Salothi(Right Side)1112
Govt Primary School, Salothi(Left Side)887
Sanpal(225)Govt Middle School, Sapanki
Saroli(188)Govt Primary School, Saroli
Swamika(258)Govt Middle School, Swamika(Right Side)1047
Govt Middle School, Swamika(Left Side)1356
Teharki(12)Govt Middle School , Teharki
Thanthri (182)Govt Sr.Sec. School, Tikri Brahaman(Right Side)
Tikri Brahman(82)Govt Sr.Sec. School, Tikri Brahaman(Central Side)772
Govt Sr.Sec. School, Tikri Brahaman(Left Side)783
Tonka(275)Govt Middle School, Tonka
Utawar(278)Govt Girls Primary School ,Utawar(Right Side)899
Govt Girls Primary School ,Utawar(Left Side)1116
Govt Senior Secondary School, Utawar(Right Side)1584
Govt Senior Secondary School, Utawar(Left Side)1481
Govt Girl Primary School ,New Bhawan Utawar(Right Side)1267
Govt Girl Primary School ,New Bhawan Utawar(Left Side)1241

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