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Polling Station List Hansi Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Hansi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hansi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Banda Heri (24)Govt Girls High School, Banda Heri(East Side)946
Govt Girls High School, Banda Heri(West Side)863
Bhatla(113)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Bhatla(East Side)845
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Bhatla(Central Side)750
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Bhatla(West Side)1003
Schedule Caste Choupal Mohalla Chmaran, Bhatla1148
Bhatol Jatan (10)Govt Primary School, Bhatol Jatan(East Side)875
Govt Primary School, Bhatol Jatan(West Side)1044
S.C. Choppal, Bhatol Jatan903
Bhatol Rangran(126)Govt Primary School, Bhatol Rangran(East Side)517
Govt Primary School, Bhatol Rangran(West Side)375
Govt Middle School, Jitpura1045
Bir Hansi((120)Govt Primary School, Bir Hansi
Channot(112)Govt. High School, Chanaut(East Side)1323
Govt. Primary School, Chanaut799
Govt. High School, Chanaut(West Side)1294
Depal (118)Govt Middle School, Depal(East Side)747
Govt Middle School, Depal(West Side)459
Govt Primary School, Mamanpura(East Side)583
Govt Primary School, Mamanpura(West Side)377
Dhamian(29)Govt Middle School. Dhamiyan
Dhana(128)Govt Sr.Sec. School, Dhanakalan(East Side)1012
Govt Sr.Sec. School, Dhanakalan(West Side)967
Govt Sr.Sec. School, Dhanakalan(Central Side)433
Govt High School, Rampura(East Side)850
Govt High School, Rampura(Central Side)729
Govt High School, Rampura(West Side)553
Govt Primary School, Anipura512
Govt High School, Dhana Khurd(East Side)1296
Govt High School, Dhana Khurd(West Side)1154
Govt High School, Dhani Piranwali(South Side)886
Govt High School, Dhani Piranwali(West Side)901
Govt Primary School, Dhani Piran943
Govt Primary School, Dhani Kundnapur624
Govt Middle School, Dhani Kumharan1096
Dhanderi(117)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhanderi1375
Govt Girls Primary School, Dhandheri642
Garhi(139)Govt Girls Sr.Sec. School, Garhi(East Side)810
Govt Girls Sr.Sec. School, Garhi(Central Side)768
Govt Primary School, Garhi(East Side)786
Govt Girls Sr.Sec. School, Garhi(West Side)739
Govt Primary School, Garhi(West Side)823
Ghirai(24)Govt. High School, Ghirai(East Side)1150
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Ghirai1260
Govt. High School, Ghirai(West Side)1267
Schedule Castebasti Chaupal Dhankan, Ghirai927
Hajampur(135)Govt High School, Hazampur(East Side)992
Govt High School, Hazampur(West Side)1182
Hansi (Rural)(119)Dharmshala Ravidass, Town Hansi(East Side)949
Dharmshala Ravidass, Town Hansi(West Side)857
Prabhat Public High School, Town Hansi1141
Manocha Dharmshala, Town Hansi771
Guru Harkrishan Public High School, Gol Kothi, Town Hansi839
Jain Dharmshala Near Dadal Park, Town Hansi(East Side)877
Jain Dharmshala Near Dadal Park, Town Hansi(West Side)836
Jain School Near Dadal Park, Town Hansi(East Side)1060
Jain School Near Dadal Park, Town Hansi(West Side)1058
Govt. Girls Primary School, Kanungo, Hansi1135
Govt Primary School Rampura Mohalla, Town Hansi(West Side)1001
Govt Primary School Rampura Mohalla, Town Hansi(East Side)671
Bhai Narayan Dass Dharmshala (Punjabi), Town Hansi(South Side)836
Bhai Narayan Dass Dharmshala (Punjabi), Town Hansi(West Side)487
Bhatia Dharamshala Hansi (East Wing)731
Bhatia Dharamshala Hansi (West Wing)844
Govt Primary School Char Kutub, Town Hansi(East Side)731
Govt Primary School Char Kutub, Town Hansi(West Side)686
Jai Bharat Mandal Dharamshala , Town Hansi(North Side)867
Jai Bharat Mandal Dharamshala , Town Hansi(South Side)1232
Chhoti Panchayti Dharmshala, Town Hansi(East Side)652
Chhoti Panchayti Dharmshala, Town Hansi(West Side)682
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Town Hansi(East Side)751
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Town Hansi(West Side)622
Vaishay Panchayati Dharamshala, Town Hansi(East Side)773
Vaishay Panchayati Dharamshala, Town Hansi(West Side)890
Jain Dharamshala, Town Hansi816
Arya Girls High School, Town Hansi737
Govt High School Multan Colony, Town Hansi(East Side)976
Govt High School Multan Colony(Primary Section), Town Hansi797
Govt High School Multan Colony, Town Hansi(West Side)856
Govt High School Multan Colony, Town Hansi(Central Side)1004
Bajrang Dharamshala Multan Colony, Town Hansi(East Side)1166
Bajrang Dharamshala Multan Colony, Town Hansi(Central Side)901
Bajrang Dharamshala Multan Colony, Town Hansi(West Side)1335
Dharamshala New Anaj Mandi, Town Hansi(West Side)611
Dharamshala New Anaj Mandi, Town Hansi(East Side)1104
Dharamshala Seniyan Near Jind Chowk, Town Hansi(South Side)1018
Dharamshala Seniyan Near Jind Chowk, Town Hansi(East Side)1047
Sanatan Dharam High School, Town Hansi(East Side)1277
Sanatan Dharam High School, Town Hansi(West Side)826
Sanatan Dharam High School, Town Hansi(Central Side)892
P.W.D.Rest House, Town Hansi735
Jaat Dharamshala , Town Hansi814
Bajrang Ashram Dharamshala, Town Hansi1036
Sanatan Dharam Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Town Hansi(West Side)770
Sanatan Dharam Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Town Hansi(East Side)686
Cainal Rest House, Town Hansi(East Side)1186
Cainal Rest House, Town Hansi(West Side)901
Govt Senior Secondary School, Town Hansi(East Side)1063
Govt Senior Secondary School, Town Hansi(Central Side)898
Govt Senior Secondary School, Town Hansi(West Side)1315
Govt Primary School Mandi Saniyan, Town Hansi1053
Dharmshala Khatika, Town Hansi937
Dharamshala Saniyan, Town Hansi869
Dharamshala Kumharan, Town Hansi1027
Govt Primary School, Premnagar(East Side)894
Govt Primary School, Premnagar(West Side)1307
Govt High School, Sainipura(East Side)1296
Govt High School, Sainipura(West Side)753
Govt High School, Dayal Singh Colony(North Side)1271
Govt High School, Dayal Singh Colony(South Side)1231
Govt Middle School, Bara Jagga(East Side)786
Govt Middle School, Bara Jagga(West Side)880
Govt Primary School, Dhani Gujran682
Govt Primary School, Dhani Thakeria844
Govt Primary School, Dhani Sankari695
Govt Middle School, Dhani Raju1296
Govt Primary School, Dhani Puria598
Govt Middle School, Dhani Pal(West Side)845
Govt Middle School (Primary Section), Dhani Pal788
Jamawari(122)Govt Senior Secondary School, Jamawari(East Side)1027
Govt Primary School, Jamawari1447
Govt Senior Secondary School, Jamawari(West Side)929
Kanwari(30)Govt High School, Kawari(East Side)1054
Govt High School, Kawari(Central Side)1090
Govt High School, Kawari(South Side)1156
Khar Khara(127)Govt Primary School, Kharkara(North Side)732
Govt Primary School, Kharkara(East Wing)891
Govt Primary School, Kharkara(South Side)1008
Kheri Gangan(123)Govt High School, Kheri Gagan (East Side)748
Govt. High School (Primary Section), Kheri Gagan663
Govt High School, Kheri Gagan (West Side)1016
Khumba(125)Govt High School, Kumbha (East Side)1369
Govt Primary School, Kumbha887
Govt High School, Kumbha (West Side)979
Govt High School, Kumbha (Central Side)533
Kulana(114)Govt High School, Kulana(East Side)793
Govt High School, Kulana(Central Side)681
Govt High School, Kulana(West Side)831
Kutabpur(115)Govt Middle School, Kutubpur(East Side)1092
Govt Middle School, Kutubpur(West Side)1256
Mazadpur(31)Govt High School, Muzadpur(East Side)1126
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Muzadpur272
Govt High School, Muzadpur(West Side)738
Mehanda(129)Govt High School, Maihanda(East Side)1142
Govt High School, Maihanda(West Side)1224
Govt High School, Maihanda New Building501
Putthi Mangalkhan(136)Govt High School, Puthi Mangalkhan(East Side)1336
Govt High School, Puthi Mangalkhan(West Side)732
Govt High School(Primary Section), Puthi Mangalkhan772
Ramayan (116)Govt Primary School, Ramayan(East Side)1151
Govt Primary School, Ramayan(West Side)773
Sheikhpura(121)Govt High School, Shekhpura(East Side)1106
Govt High School, Shekhpura(Central Side)460
Govt High School, Shekhpura(West Side)1292
Govt. Middle School, Dhani Kendu958
Sorkhi(130)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sorkhi(Central Side)855
Govt Senior Secondary School(Primary Section), Sorkhi653
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sorkhi(West Side)985
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sorkhi(North Side)1118
Sultanpur(138)Govt Primary School, Sultanpur1326
Govt Sr. Sec School, Sultanpur (East Side)728
Govt. Sr. Sec School Sultanpur (Central Side)666
Office Vaternity Hospital, Sultanur561
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Sultanpur(West Side)1063
Thurana(103)Govt Senior Secondary School, Thurana(East Side)936
Govt Senior Secondary School, Thurana(Central Side)984
Govt Primary School, Thurana (North Wing)949
Govt Primary School, Thurana(South Side)835
Govt Senior Secondary School, Thurana(West Side)1057
Umra(137)Govt Secondary Sec. School, Umra(West Side)828
Govt Secondary Sec. School, Umra(East Side)678
Govt Primary School, Umra(East Side)1338
Govt Primary School, Umra(West Side)1159
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Umra(East Side)645
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Umra(Central Side)757
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Umra(West Side)1110

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