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Polling Station List Gharaunda Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Gharaunda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gharaunda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Alipur Khalsa (36)Govt High School, Alipur Khalsa(Right Side)968
Govt High School, Alipur Khalsa(Left Side)929
Amritpur Kalan (98)Govt Middle School, Amritpur Kalan(East Side)1070
Govt Middle School, Amritpur Kalan(West Side)774
Amritpur Khurd (97)Govt Primary School, Amritpur Khurd
Andhera (96/1)Govt Primary School, Andhera
Arainpura (12)Govt Senior Secondary School, Araipura(Senior Section)1213
Govt Senior Secondary School, Araipura(High Section)1149
Govt Senior Secondary School, Araipura(Middle Section)929
Govt Girls Primary School, Araipura1140
Balhera (54)Govt Middle School, Balhera
Barsat (42)Govt Senior Secondary School, Office Block ,Barsat(High Section, Right Side)1170
Govt Senior Secondary School, Office Block ,Barsat(Middle Section)891
Govt Girls Primary School, Barsat1280
Govt Senior Secondary School, Office Block ,Barsat1333
Govt Primary School, Sanjay Nagar ( Barsat)(Right Wing)901
Govt Primary School, Sanjay Nagar ( Barsat)(Left Wing)631
Basdhara (7)Govt High School, Bastada(Right Side)1033
Govt High School, Bastada(Central Side)1090
Govt High School, Bastada(Left Side)1205
Basi Akbarpur (19)Govt Primary School, Basi Akbarpur
Bazida Jattan (4)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bajida Jatan(Right Side)886
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Bajida Jatan(Left Side)896
Begampur (24)Govt Primary School, Begampur
Bhusli (14)Govt High School, Bhusli
Bijna (12)Govt High School, Bijna(Right Side)938
Govt High School, Bijna(Left Side)1275
Chaunra (13)Govt High School, Chora(Right Side)936
Govt High School, Chora(Left Side)1268
Chhapra Khera (91)Govt Primary School, Chaprakhera1065
Govt Primary School, Chaprajagir361
Dabarki (86)Govt Middle School, Dabarki Kalan(Right Side)1275
Govt Middle School, Dabarki Kalan(Left Side)885
Dabarkipar (118)Govt Middle School, Dabarki Par(Left Wing)373
Govt Primary School, Mustafabad383
Daha (3)Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Daha(Right Side)577
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Daha(Left Wing)1051
Govt Primary School, Madanpur765
Govt Primary School, Sirsi869
Dhakwala (121)Govt. High School, Dhakwala Rodan594
Govt. High School, Dhakwala Gujran1117
Dingar Majra (24)Govt Middle School, Digar Majara(Right Side)913
Govt Middle School, Digar Majara(Left Side)838
Faizalipur Majra (14)Govt Primary School, Faij Alipur Majra
Faridpur (39)Govt Senior Secondary School, Faridpur(Right Side)1166
Govt Senior Secondary School, Faridpur(Central Side)856
Govt Senior Secondary School, Faridpur(Left Side)883
Gagsina (16)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Gagsina (High Section)1142
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Gagsina750
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Gagsina881
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Gagsina (Sen.Sec.Section)1173
Govt Girls High School, Gagsina1166
Ganjo Garhi (7)Govt Middle School, Gajoghari
Garhi Bhalal(43)Govt Middle School, Ghari Bhall824
Govt Primary School, Devipur1321
Garhi Khajur(18)Govt Middle School, Ghari Khajur(Right Side)815
Govt Primary School, Premnagar1450
Garhi Multan (26)Govt Primary School, Gari Multan
Gharaunda (Rural)(Part) (27)Govt Primary School No. 1, Gharaunda(Right Side)1110
Govt Primary School No. 1, Gharaunda(Left Side)1267
Office Muncipal Comittee, Gharaunda(Right Side)1573
Office B. D. And P. O. , Town Gharaunda(Right Side)1357
Office B. D. And P. O. , Town Gharaunda(Left Side)1189
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Gharaunda(Right Side)1340
Jain Senior Secondary School(Right Side)1294
Jain Senior Secondary School(Left Side)1300
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Gharaunda(Left Side)1353
Office Muncipal Comittee, Gharaunda(Left Side)1255
Govt Primary School No. 2, Gharaunda(Right Side)1146
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gharaunda(Right Side)932
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gharaunda(Central Side)1201
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gharaunda(Left Side)1344
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gharaunda(Middle Section, Right Side)1068
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gharaunda(Middle Section, Left Side)1286
Govt Primary School No. 2, Gharaunda(Left Side)1435
Ghogripur (50)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ghoghripur(Right Side)1275
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ghoghripur(Left Side)1062
Govt Primary School, Ghoghripur707
Gudha (23)Govt High School, Gura(Right Side)1323
Govt High School, Gura(Left Side)1371
Har Singh Pura (37)Govt Middle School, Harisingh Pura
Hasanpur (8)Govt High School, Hasanpur
Jamalpur (22)Govt Middle School, Jamalpur
Jhinwar Heri (6)Govt Primary School, Jhewarheri
Kaimla (25)Govt Primary School, Kaimla(Right Side)1036
Govt Primary School, Kaimla(Left Side)994
Govt High School, Kaimla(Primary Section)1259
Govt High School, Kaimla(Middle Section)1104
Kalheri (41)Govt Primary School, Kalheri(Right Side)813
Govt Primary School, Kalheri(Left Side)887
Kalron (11)Govt High School, Kalro(High Section)1170
Govt High School, Kalro(Middle Section, Right Side)924
Govt High School, Kalro(Middle Section, Left Side)806
Govt Girls Primary School, Kalro759
Kalwa Heri (90)Govt High School, Kalwaheri(Right Side)1030
Govt High School, Kalwaheri(Left Side)1074
Kamboh Pura (Part)(2)Govt High School, Kambohpura(Right Side)1485
Govt High School, Kambohpura(Left Side)904
Keharwali (99)Govt Middle School, Kairwali(Right Side)883
Govt Middle School, Kairwali(Left Side)786
Kharajpur (79)Govt Primary School, Khirajpur
Kharkwali (5)Govt Primary School, Kharkali
Khora Kheri(18)Govt Middle School, Khorakheri
Kohand (30)Office Of Co-Operative Society, Kohand1151
Govt Primary School, Kohand(Right Side)1091
Govt Primary School, Kohand(Central Side)1220
Govt Primary School, Kohand(Left Side)1254
Kutail (9)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Kutail(High Section, Right Side)745
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Kutail(High Section, Left Side)962
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Kutail(Middle Section)1271
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Kutail(Office Wing)1097
Panchayat Bhawan, Kutail1351
Lalupura (109)Govt High School, Lalupura(Right Side)940
Govt High School, Lalupura(Left Side)404
Malakpur (28)Govt Primary School, Malikpur
Manglaura Qadim (121/2)Govt Primary School, Magrola Kadim
Mirgahan (3)Govt Primary School (Nagla Firm), Margehan(Left Side)
Mohamadpur (76)Govt High School, Mohmadpur(Right Side)1049
Govt High School, Mohmadpur(Left Side)883
Mohay-Ud-Dinpur(88)Govt High School, Mohiyudinpur(Right Side)1422
Govt High School, Mohiyudinpur(Left Side)1351
Mubarkabad (10)Govt Primary School, Mubarkabad
Mundi Garhi (52)Govt Primary School, Mundighari(Right Side)713
Govt Primary School, Mundighari(Left Side)597
Nabipur (78)Govt Primary School, Nabipur
Nagla Megha (96)Govt High School, Naglamegha(High Section)1435
Govt High School, Naglamegha(Primary Section)1187
Nalwi Kalan (82)Govt Primary School, Nalwi Kalan
Nalwi Khurd (81)Govt Primary School, Nalwi Khurd549
Govt Primary School, Nasirpur652
Nalwipar (83)Govt Middle School, Nalwipar(Right Side)1332
Govt Middle School, Nalwipar(Left Side)1358
Panauri (21)Govt Middle School, Panodi(Right Side)758
Govt Middle School, Panodi(Left Side)755
Phurlak (21)Govt High School, Phurlak(Right Side)862
Govt High School, Phurlak(Left Side)658
Govt High School, Phurlak(Primary Section)939
Phusgarh (Part) (2)Govt Primary School, Phusgarh(Right Side)1419
Govt Primary School, Phusgarh(Left Side)1142
Parkash Public Sr. Sec. School, Phusgarh(Right Side)1293
Parkash Public Sr. Sec. School (Left Wing)1483
Parkash Public Sr. Sec. School, Phusgarhleft Wing, Primary Section1706
Parkash Public Sr. Sec. School (Right Wing)1439
Pingli (47)Govt Primary School, Pingli
Pir Badauli (110)Govt Primary School, Pir Barauli
Pundri (40)Govt High School, Pundri(Right Side)1412
Govt High School, Pundri(Left Side)1357
Raipur Jattan (19)Govt High School, Raipur Jatan(Right Side)955
Govt High School, Raipur Jatan(Left Side)717
Ranwar (4)Govt Middle School, Rawar(Right Side)1092
Govt Middle School, Rawar(Central Side)991
Govt Middle School, Rawar(Left Side)1051
Rasin (10)Govt Middle School, Rasin(Primary Section)
Rasulpur Kalan (93)Govt Primary School, Rasulpur Kalan
Rasulpur Khurd (92)Govt Middle School, Rasulpur Khurd
Sadarpur (48)Govt Middle School, Sadarpur(Right Side)1243
Govt Primary School, Sadarpur671
Old Age Home Bharatpur393
Sataundi (15)Govt High School, Stondi(Primary Section)1088
Govt High School, Stondi(High Section)1152
Govt Girls High School, Stondi1213
Shah Jahanpur (17)Govt Primary School, Shahjahanpur
Sharafabad (89)Govt Primary School, Sharfabad
Shei Khpura (95)Govt High School, Shekhpura(Right Side)1206
Govt High School, Shekhpura(Left Side)948
Govt Primary School (Nagla Firm), Margehan(Right Side)779
Sheikhopura (22)Govt High School, Shekhpura Khalsa(Right Side)903
Govt High School, Shekhpura Khalsa(Left Side)1301
Smalkha (13)Govt Primary School, Samalkha
Sohana (94)Govt Primary School, Suhana
Subhri (74)Govt Senior Secondary School, Subhri
Uncha Siwana (Ct)Govt Primary School, Madhuban1089
Govt High School, Uchhasiwana(Right Side)1035
Govt High School, Uchhasiwana(Central Side)1051
Govt High School, Uchhasiwana(Left Side)949
Upli (9)Govt Middle School, Upli

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