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Polling Station List Garhi Sampla Kiloi Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Garhi Sampla Kiloi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Garhi Sampla Kiloi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Asan(56)Govt High School , Aasan(East Side)1199
Govt High School , Aasan(South Side)1100
Govt Girls High School , Aasan1163
Atail(46)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Atail(North Side)815
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Atail(West Side)704
Govt Girls High School , Atail(South Side)881
Govt Girls High School , Atail(West Side)646
Bahmanwas(80)Govt Sen. Sec. School , Brahamanwas(North Side)906
Govt Sen. Sec. School , Brahamanwas(South Side)891
Bakheta(51)Govt High Senior Secondary School New Building, Bakheta(North Side)896
Govt High Senior Secondary School New Building, Bakheta(South Side)877
Govt High Senior Secondary School New Building, Bakheta(Central Side)399
Basantpur(63)Samudayik Kender In The West Wing Of Village, Basantpur
Bhainsru Kalan(30)Govt High School , Bhainsru Kalan(North Side)900
Govt High School , Bhainsru Kalan(South Side)920
Bhainsru Khurd(31)Govt High School, Bhainsru Khurd(North Side)1087
Govt High School, Bhainsru Khurd(South Side)1171
Bhaiyan Pur(66)Govt Girls High School , Bhaiyapur
Bhalot(59)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Bhalout(North Side)1022
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Bhalout(Central Side)990
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Bhalout(South Side)713
Govt Girls Senior Middle School ,Bhalout(Left Side)693
Govt Girls Senior Middle School ,Bhalout(Right Side)586
Schedule Caste Chaupal , Bhalout898
Bohar (Part)(68)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Bohar(North Side)1109
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Bohar(South Side)1149
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Bohar(East Side)1124
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Bohar(West Side)1081
Govt High School ,Bohar(North Side)943
Govt High School ,Bohar(South Side)801
Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Melwan,Bohar1090
Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Bhopan, Bohar973
Chamaria(79)Govt Senior Secondary School , Chamariya(North Side)1247
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chamariya(South Side)1321
Schedule Caste Chaupal ,Chamariya305
Govt High School , Makroli Khurd(East Side)911
Chiri(91)Govt Senior Secondary School , Chiri(West Side)1220
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Chiri1250
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chiri(North Side)1307
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Chiri(West Side)1283
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Chiri(South Side)763
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Chiri(North Side)732
Chulliana(39)Govt Senior Secondary School , Chuliana(North Side)1183
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chuliana(West Side)1136
Govt Girls High School, Chuliana1204
Dataur(45)Govt Senior Secondary School , Dattaur(North Side)1184
Govt Senior Secondary School , Dattaur(South Side)1138
Dhamar(62)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Dhamar(North Side)1212
Govt Girls Primary School Near Schedule Caste Basti ,Dhamar529
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Dhamar(West Side)1299
Gandhra(44)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Gandhra(North Side)1193
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Gandhra(South Side)1163
Govt Girls High School, Gandhra1051
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Gandhra653
Garhi Bohar(135)Govt High School , Garhi Bohar(North Side)968
Govt High School , Garhi Bohar(South Side)1140
Schedule Caste Chaupal , Garhi Bohar891
Garhi Sampla(35)Govt High School , Garhi Sampla (North Side)1062
Govt High School , Garhi Sampla (West Side)1102
Ghilor Khurd(86)Govt. Primary School,Ghilor Khurd665
Govt. Senior Secondry School ,Ghilor Kalan(North Side)1287
Govt. Senior Secondry School ,Ghilor Kalan(South Side)1279
Ghuskani(86)Govt Middle School ,Ghuskani904
Schedule Caste Chaupal ,Ghuskani171
Gijji(32)Govt Girls Middle School , Gijhi(North Side)1142
Govt Girls Middle School , Gijhi(South Side)1114
Hassangarh(29)Govt High School, Hassangarh(North Side)1117
Govt High School, Hassangarh(South Side)1032
Govt Girls High School, Hassangarh(North Side)1002
Govt Girls High School, Hassangarh(South Side)1066
Humayunpur(50)Govt Senior Secondery School , Humayunpur(East Side)1208
Govt Senior Secondery School , Humayunpur(South Side)1236
Govt Primary School, Humayunpur452
Ismaila 9-B(38)Govt Senior Secondary School , Ismaila 9 Biswa(North Side)1120
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Ismaila 9 Biswa479
Govt Senior Secondary School , Ismaila 9 Biswa(West Side)841
Govt Primary School, Ismaila 9 Biswa1150
Ismaila-11B(37)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Ismaila -11 Biswa(East Side)1038
Govt Primary School Near Schedule Caste Basti, Ismaila 11 Biswa278
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Ismaila -11 Biswa(Central Side)1065
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Ismaila -11 Biswa(West Side)1079
Schedule Caste Chaupal In The Middle Of Village, Ismaila -11 Biswa141
Govt Girls Primary School, Ismaila 11 Biswa1050
Jasia(82)Govt Sen. Sec. School ,Jasia(North Side)1083
Schedule Caste Chaupal , Jasia1036
Govt Sen. Sec. School ,Jasia(South Side)1105
Govt Primary School , Jasia1106
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Khidwali(North Side)1086
Jindran(87)Govt Middle School , Jindaran(Left Side)882
Govt Middle School , Jindaran(Right Side)211
Kahni 121/2Biswa(78)Govt. High School, Kahni Sade Barah Biswa(North Side)1275
Govt. High School, Kahni Sade Barah Biswa(South Side)893
Kansala(49)Govt High School , Kansala(South Side)834
Govt High School , Kansala(East Side)474
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Kansala(North Side)1264
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Kansala(Central Side)885
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Kansala(South Side)914
Katwara(84)Govt Primary School, Katwara
Khadwali(85)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Khidwali(South Side)1186
Govt Senior Secondary School , Khidwali(North Side)1125
Govt Senior Secondary School , Khidwali(East Side)1202
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Khidwali675
Kiloi Dopana (61)Govt Girls Primary School , Kiloi Dopana (North Side)784
Govt Girls Primary School , Kiloi Dopana Left Side Of Central Side)842
Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Panjan ,Kiloi Dopana515
Govt Girls Primary School , Kiloi Dopana (South Side)889
Govt Girls Primary School , Kiloi Dopana (Right Side Of Central Side)744
Kiloi Khas(60)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kiloi Khas(North Side)1129
Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Bhahrana , Kiloi Khas213
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kiloi Khas(East Side)1199
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Kiloi Khas1167
Schdule Caste Chaupal Near Bus Stand , Kiloi Khas601
Kisranti(47)Govt Middle School , Kasrenti(East Side)803
Govt Middle School , Kasrenti(North Side)776
Kultana(16)Govt High School , Kultana(East Side)1258
Govt High School , Kultana(West Side)1229
Ladhot(65)Govt Sen. Sec. School , Ladhaut(North Side)1052
Govt Sen. Sec. School , Ladhaut(South Side)982
Makrouli Kalan(64)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Makrholi Kalan(North Side)1224
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Makrauli Kalan247
Govt Primary School ,Makroli Kalan1277
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Makrholi Kalan(South Side)701
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Makrholi Kalan(East Side)695
Makrouli Khurd(75)Govt High School , Makroli Khurd(West Side)
Morkheri(48)Govt High School , Mor Kheri(East Side)912
Govt High School , Mor Kheri(South Side)985
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Mor Kheri621
Mungan(55)Govt High School , Polangi(South Side)710
Govt Sen. Sec. School , Mungan(North Side)980
Govt Sen. Sec. School , Mungan(South Side)920
Nandal(94)Govt High School, Nandal(South Side)1062
Govt High School, Nandal(North Side)1100
Nasirpur(77)Govt Primary School ,Nasirpur
Naya Bans(33)Govt High School , Naya Bans(East Side)1169
Govt High School , Naya Bans(North Side)960
PadaCity High School Gohana Road Rohtak, Pada(Left Side)1100
City High School Gohana Road Rohtak, Pada(Right Side)1427
Pakasma(57)Govt Senior Secondary School, Pakasma(North Side)1069
Govt Senior Secondary School, Pakasma(South Side)1092
Govt Senior Secondary School, Pakasma(New Room Of South Side)1057
Schedule Caste Chupal Pana Pulhan , Pakasma328
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School New Room ,Pakasma(New Room Of North Side)1106
Polangi(53)Govt High School , Polangi(North Side)
Rithal Nirwal (75)Govt.Senior Secondary School, Rithal Narwal(Right Side Of South Side)849
Schedule Caste Chaupal In Front Of The Offfice Of Co-Operative Socity ,Rithal Narwal328
Rithal Phogat(76)Govt. Girls Primary School ,Rithal Phogat(North Side)1158
Govt. Girls Primary School ,Rithal Phogat(South Side)1173
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Rithal Phogat611
Govt. Girls Primary School ,Rithal Phogat(Central Side)1118
Govt.Senior Secondary School, Rithal Narwal(Left Side Of South Side)937
Rohtak (M Cl)Vaishay Public School Branch Sector -3,Rohtak(North Side)790
Vaishay Public School Branch Sector -3,Rohtak(South Side)1022
Govt Middle School Sector 3, Rohtak(Left Side)1545
Govt Middle School Sector 3, Rohtak(Right Side)1062
Rurki(54)Govt Sen. Sec.School , Rurki(Right Side Of West Side)1132
Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Rasan ,Rurki529
Govt Sen. Sec.School , Rurki(Left Side Of West Side)1186
Govt Sen. Sec.School , Rurki(Pramry Cell)1090
Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Chuglana ,Rurki228
Samchana(28)Govt Senior Secondary School , Samchana(West Room Of South Side)1237
Govt Girls High School, Samchana227
Govt Senior Secondary School , Samchana(East Room Of South Side)1151
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Samchana348
Govt Senior Secondary School , Samchana(Pramry School)1153
Sampla (Mc)Old Office B.D And Panchayat Officer Building, Sampla1075
Govt Senior Secondaryschool, Sampla(West Side)1014
Govt Senior Secondaryschool, Sampla(North East Side)1005
Govt Senior Secondaryschool, Sampla(South Side)847
Govt Senior Secondaryschool, Sampla(South East Side)927
Maharaja Agarshan Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Kheri Sampla(Right Side)957
Maharaja Agarshan Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Kheri Sampla(Central Side)1072
Maharaja Agarshan Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Kheri Sampla(Left Side)693
Maharaja Agarshan Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Kheri Sampla(West Side)794
Govt Middle School , Kheri Sampla(North Side)827
Govt Middle School , Kheri Sampla(Central Side)823
Govt Middle School , Kheri Sampla(South Side)915
Govt Middle School , Kheri Sampla(West Side)712
Sanghi(83)Govt Primary School, Sanghi(Left Side)734
Govt Primary School, Sanghi(Right Side)638
Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Dhalan, Sanghi487
New Schedule Caste Chaupal Pana Bodan, Sanghi246
Dr Saroop Singh Govt Model Senior Secondary School ,Sanghi(South Side)987
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Sanghi(North Side)738
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Sanghi(South Side)699
Dr Saroop Singh Govt Model Senior Secondary School ,Sanghi(North Side)1008
Dr Saroop Singh Govt Model Senior Secondary School ,Sanghi(East Side)881
Sasrauli(78)Govt Middle School ,Sasrauli
Titoli(88)Govt Primary School ,Titauli(Left Side)959
Govt Primary School ,Titauli(Central Side)1009
Govt Primary School ,Titauli(Right Side)1025
Office Vetenary Dispensry ,Titauli823
Govt Senior Secondary School , Titauli(North Side)995
Govt Senior Secondary School , Titauli(East Side)943
Govt Senior Secondary School , Titauli(South Side)995

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