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Polling Booth in Ganaur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Ganaur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ganaur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Aghwanpur (160)Govt. High School , Agwanpur(North Wing)1125
Near The House Of Chatru S/O Shalu Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Agwanpur332
Govt. High School , Agwanpur(South Wing)1219
Ahulana (121)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Aahulana(North Wing)903
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Aahulana(South Wing)949
Near House Of Joginder S/O Deep Chand Chaupal Schedule Caste, Aahulana541
Atail (120)Govt. Middle School, Atayal
Bai (105)Govt.Primary School, Bai
Bajana Kalan (126)Govt. High School, Bajana Kalan(North Wing)761
Near House Of Wazir S/O Ratana Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Bajana Kalan222
Govt. High School, Bajana Kalan(South Wing)904
Bajana Khurd (125)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Bajana Khrud(North Wing)882
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Bajana Khrud(South Wing)828
Near Teli Wala Johar Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Bajana Khrud327
Balli Qutabpur (122)Govt. High School ,Bali Qutabpur(North Wing)915
Govt. High School ,Bali Qutabpur(South Wing)790
Near House Of Surja S/O Rai Singh Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Bali Qutabpur139
Baraut (106)Govt.Primary School(Roshanpur), Baraut
Bari (4)Govt. High School, Bari(North Wing)938
Govt. High School, Bari(South Wing)814
Near The House Of Subhash S/O Teju Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Bari488
Begah (1)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Bega(North Wing)1112
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Bega(Middle Wing)527
Near House Of Inder S/O Tale Ram Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Bega1095
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Bega(South Wing)1131
Bhagan (98)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Bhigan(North Wing)1299
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Bhigan(South Wing)1206
Near House Of Rohtas S/O Dariyav Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Bhigan331
Bhakharpur (113)Govt. Primary School, Bhakharpur
Bhanwar (136)Govt. Primary School , Bhanwar
Bhogipur (161)Govt. Senior Secondry School, Primary Section , Bhogipur(South Wing)1135
Near House Of Sheela D/O Shyamlal Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Bhogipur352
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Rajlugarhi(South Wing)1222
Near House Of Raju S/O Hari Singh Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Bhogipur252
Bhora Rasulpur (116)Govt. Middle School, Bhaura Rasulpur
Bhuri (96)Govt. Middle School , Bhurri
Bulandpur (132)Govt. Primary School, Bulandpur
Chatia Aulia(165)Govt. Middle School , Chatiya Auliya(North Wing)934
Govt. Middle School , Chatiya Auliya(South Wing)537
Near House Of Dei Ram S/O Prithi Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Chatiya Auliya221
Chirsami (112)Govt. High School, Chirsami(North Wing)562
Govt. High School, Chirsami(South Wing)912
Near House Of Ishwar S/O Deep Chand Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Chirsami230
Dabarpur (156)Govt. Primary School, Dabarpur
Datauli (110)Govt.Girl Senior Secondry School , Datauli(North Wing)1209
Govt.Girl Senior Secondry School , Datauli(South Wing)1004
Govt. Girls Senior Secondry School Primary Section ,Datauli(North Wing)1172
Govt. Girls Senior Secondry School Primary Section ,Datauli(South Wing)1143
Dewarhu(93)Govt Middle School, Dewaru(North Wing)952
Govt Middle School, Dewaru(South Wing)646
Dhatauri (100)Govt Middle School, Dhaturi
Ganaur(Rural) (Part) (104)Haryana Modern Public School Gandhi Nagar, Ganaur(North Wing)933
Haryana Modern Public School Gandhi Nagar, Ganaur(South Wing)874
Raunak Public School , Ganaur(South Wing)1228
Govt. Middle School Garhi Kesri , Ganaur (North Wing)1327
Govt. Middle School Garhi Kesri , Ganaur (Middle Wing)942
Govt. Middle School Garhi Kesri , Ganaur (South Wing)894
Office Of B.E.O. Multipurpose Hall, Ganaur1012
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Ganaur(North Wing)1325
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Ganaur(South Wing)1526
Govt. Primary School, Ganaur1349
Govt. Model Sanskriti School, Ganaur(North Wing)1336
Jain Vidya Mandir School, Ganaur(North Wing)871
Jain Vidya Mandir School, Ganaur(South Wing)828
O/O Block Development & Panchayat Officer, Ganaur1264
Govt. Primary School Ganaur Mandi - 2(North Wing)1168
Govt. Primary School Ganaur Mandi - 2(South Wing)1077
Holy Child Modern Public School Gandhi Nagar, Ganaur(North Wing)928
Holy Child Modern Public School Gandhi Nagar, Ganaur(South Wing)944
Durga Vidya Mandir, Ganaur1387
Raunak Public School , Ganaur(North Wing)1254
Ghasoli (2)Govt. Senior Secondry School ,Ghasauli(North Wing)1359
Near House Of Rambhaj S/O Amilal Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Ghasauli234
Govt. Senior Secondry School ,Ghasauli(South Wing)1333
Giaspur (10)Govt. Primary School , Giyaspur
Gumar (139)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Gumar(North Wing)1195
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Gumar(South Wing)1177
Near House Of Roshni W/O Paan Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Gumar655
Hassanpur (99)Govt High School , Hasanpur(North Wing)921
Govt High School , Hasanpur(South Wing)584
Near House Of Duli Chand S/O Ram Bhaj Chaupal Of Schedule Caste ,Hasanpur144
Jawahri (Part)(172)Govt. High School , Jahri(North Wing)1031
Govt. High School , Jahri(South Wing)1038
Kailana (143)Govt. Senior Secondry School, Kailana(North Wing)887
Govt. Senior Secondry School, Kailana(South Wing)772
Near House Of Kanwal Singh S/O Rishal Singh Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Kailana390
Kami (95)Govt. High School , Kami(North Wing)1148
Govt. High School , Kami(South Wing)859
Near House Of Duli S/O Ramdiya Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Kami187
Karar Ibrahimpur (92)Govt. High School , Kurar Ibrahimpur(North Wing)1034
Near House Of Satbir S/O Munshi Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Kurar Ibrahimpur513
Govt. High School , Kurar Ibrahimpur(South Wing)1168
Kherigujar (133)Govt. Senior Secondry School ,Kheri Gujjar(North Wing)1342
Govt. Senior Secondry School ,Kheri Gujjar(South Wing)1294
Near House Of Ratana S/O Rai Singh Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Kheri Gujjar868
Kheritaga (109)Govt. High School, Kheri Taga1355
Near House Of Rajender S/O Sita Ram Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Kheri Taga304
Khizarpur Ahir (138)Govt. High School , Khijarpur Ahir(North Wing)1146
Govt. High School , Khijarpur Ahir(South Wing)940
Near House Of Ramdhari S/O Jogi Ram Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Khijarpur Ahir473
Khubru (130)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Khubru(North Wing)1241
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Khubru(South Wing)1266
Near House Of Balbir S/O Ratanu Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Khubru148
Lalheri (102)Govt. Middle School , Lalheri Kalan982
Govt. Primary School, Lalheri Khurd1033
Larsoli (101)Govt High School , Larsauli(North Wing)996
Govt High School , Larsauli(South Wing)435
Near House Of Sukhbir S/O Bharpal Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Larsauli216
Mohammadpur Majra (129)Govt. Primary School, Mahmudpur Majra
Nayabans (131)Govt. Primary School, Naya Bans1333
Near House Of Nafa S/O Barhma Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Naya Bans175
Pabnera (9)Govt. Middle School, Pabnera
Panchi Gujran (114)Govt. High School (Garhi Kalan), Panchi Gujran1050
Govt. Senior Secondry School (Garhi Jhinjhara), Panchi Gujran(North Wing)967
Govt. Senior Secondry School (Garhi Jhinjhara), Panchi Gujran(South Wing)589
Near House Of Maha Singh S/O Kalu Ram Chaupal Schedule Caste, Panchi Gujran209
Panchi Jatan (164)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Panchi Jatan(North Wing)896
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Panchi Jatan(Middle Wing)1092
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Panchi Jatan(South Wing)1081
Near House Of Ramesh S/O Manphool Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Panchi Jatan656
Patti Barahmnan (111)Govt. Primary School, Patti Brahmnan
Pipli Khera (5)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Pipli Khera(North Wing)1056
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Pipli Khera(South Wing)850
Near The House Of Surender S/O Rajan Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Pipli Khera215
Pogthala (124)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Pugthala(North Wing)990
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Pugthala(South Wing)1042
Near House Of Lekh Ram S/O Kherati Chaupal Of Schedule Caste,Pugthala317
Purkhas Dhiran (159)Near House Of Ram Gopal S/O Birkha Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Purkhas361
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Purkhas(South Wing)946
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Purkhas(Middle Wing)1145
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Purkhas(North Wing)988
Purkhas Rathi (158)Govt. Primary School , Purkhas(North Wing)1059
Near House Of Manga S/O Surat Singh Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Purkhas139
Rajlu (103)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Rajlugarhi(Middle Wing)1190
Near House Of Om S/O Nathu Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Rajlugarhi184
Rajpur (97)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Rajpur(North Wing)930
Near House Of Ramesh S/O Fateh Singh Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Rajpur341
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Rajpur(South Wing)925
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Rajpur(Middle Wing)855
Ramnagar (6)Govt. Middle School , Ramnagar1354
Near House Of Suresh S/O Matu Ram Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Ramnagar193
Rasulpur (11)Govt. Primary School , Rasulpur
Sandal Kalan(166)Govt High School, Sandal Kalan(North Wing)943
Govt High School, Sandal Kalan(South Wing)698
Near House Of Ramesh S/O Ratan Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Sandal Kalan490
Sandal Khurd (167)Govt. Primary School, Sandal Khurd828
Near House Of Fateh Singh S/O Rishala Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Sandal Khurd233
Sanpera (3)Govt High School, Sanpera(North Wing)944
Govt High School, Sanpera(South Wing)835
Near House Of Krishan S/O Taken Chaupal Of Schedule Caste ,Sanpera401
Sardhana (123)Govt High School, Sirdhana
Shahpur Taga (108)Govt. High School, Shahpur Taga(North Wing)883
Govt. High School, Shahpur Taga(South Wing)598
Shahzadpur (168)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Shahjadpur(North Wing)1115
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Shahjadpur(South Wing)685
Govt. Primary School , Shahjadpur275
Shamashpur (135)Govt. Primary School, Samaspur
Sheikhupura (141)Govt. High School , Shekhpura(North Wing)1180
Near House Of Pal S/O Surta Chaupal Of Schedule Caste , Shekhpura201
Govt. High School , Shekhpura(South Wing)1242
Siha Khera (142)Govt. Middle School , Saiyankhera
Teha (107)Govt. Middle School, Teha(East Wing)936
Govt. Middle School, Teha(West Wing)685
Teori (127)Govt. Senior Secondry School , Tewari(North Wing)972
Govt. Senior Secondry School , Tewari(South Wing)879
Near House Of Omparkash S/O Mamchand Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Tewari169
Tharia (169)Govt. Primary School , Thariya
Tharu(170)Govt. Middle School , Tharu Uldepur(North Wing)
Udesipur (163)Govt. Middle School ,Udeshipur (North Wing)1058
Govt. Middle School ,Udeshipur (South Wing)402
Near House Of Mehar Singh S/O Deep Chand Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Udeshipur309
Uldaipur(171)Govt. Middle School , Tharu Uldepur(South Wing)
Umedgarh (7)Govt. Primary School, Umedgarh909
Near House Of Manohar S/O Mahender Chaupal Of Schedule Caste, Umedgarh147

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