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Polling Booth in Ferozepur Jhirka Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Ferozepur Jhirka

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ferozepur Jhirka Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Agon(104)Govt Senior Secondary School, Agon(Right Side)1301
Govt Senior Secondary School, Agon(Left Side)1360
Ahmadbas Ferozepur(71)Govt Primary School, Ahmadwas
Ainchwari(163)Govt Primary School, Ainchwari
Akhnaka(81)Govt Primary School, Akhnaka
Aklimpur Ferozepur (45)Govt. Middle School Aklimpur Firozepur
Aklimpur Nuh(8)Govt. Primary School, Aklimpur Nuh
Alipur Tigra(80)Govt Primary School, Alipur Tigra
Aterna Shamshabad(47)Govt Middle School, Aterna Shamshabad
Badarpur(23)Govt High School, Badarpur(Right Side)901
Govt High School, Badarpur(Left Side)740
Baded(145)Govt Senior Secondary School, Badhed(Right Side)972
Govt Senior Secondary School, Badhed(Left Side)1081
Baghola(78)Govt Middle School, Baghola
Bahripur(119)Govt. Primari School Bahripur
Bai Khera(118)Govt Middle School, Baikheda
Balai(37)Govt Middle School, Balai
Banarsi(36)Govt Middle School, Banarsi
Basai Khanzada(124)Govt High School, Basai Khanjada
Basaimeo(149)Govt Middle School, Basai Meo(Right Side)1081
Govt Middle School, Basai Meo(Left Side)1307
Bazidpur(30)Govt High School, Bajidpur
Bhadas(49)Govt High School, Bhadas(Right Side)1384
Govt High School, Bhadas(Left Wing)937
Govt. Primary School, Bhadas836
Bhakroji(99)Govt Middle School, Bhakdoji
Bhond(85)Govt Primary School, Bhond
Biwan(148)Govt High School, Biwan(Right Side)1218
Govt High School, Biwan(Left Wing)915
Govt. Girls Middel School- 2, Biwan907
Govt Primary School, Biwan(Right Side)854
Govt Primary School, Biwan(Left Side)1080
Bubalheri(139)Govt Primary School, Bubalhedi (Right Side)
Bukharaka(22)Govt Middle School, Bukharka
Chandraka(140)Govt Primary School, Chandarka
Chitora(116)Govt Primary School, Chitoda
Dhadauli Khurd(86)Govt Primary School, Dadoli Khurd
Dhadoli Kalan(34)Govt Primary School, Dadoli Kala1122
Govt Primary School, Dadola585
Dhana(138)Govt Primary School, Dhana(Right Side)1219
Govt Primary School, Dhana(Left Side)814
Dhondal(159)Govt Primary School, Dondal
Doha(94)Govt High School, Doha(Right Side)1106
Govt High School, Doha(Left Wing)1178
Govt. Girls Middle School, Doha888
Govt. Primary School Mundaka532
Dungeja(137)Govt Middle School, Dungeja
Dunghran Shahzadpur(131)Govt Middle School, Dungran Sehjadpur
Fakarpur Khori (56)Govt. Primary School Fakarpuri Khori
Ferozepur Jhirka (Rural)(73)Schedule Caste Chaupal Ward No.2, Ferozepur Jhirka1009
Municiplity Office, Ferozepur Jhirka1300
Dayanand Sr. Sec. School, Ferozepur Jhirka930
Dharmshala (Khatik Samaj), Ferozepur Jhirka648
Office Panchayat Samiti, Ferozepur Jhirka1098
Pwd Office, Ferozepur Jhirka1192
Old Tehsil Office, Ferozepur Jhirka1207
Govt Senior Secondary School Boys, Ferozepur Jhirka(Right Side)1148
Govt Senior Secondary School Boys, Ferozepur Jhirka(Middle / Right Side)1092
Govt Senior Secondary School Boys, Ferozepur Jhirka(Central Left Side)936
Govt Senior Secondary School Boys, Ferozepur Jhirka(Left Side)1154
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Ferozepur Jhirka820
Global School, Ferozepur Jhirka917
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Ferozepur Jhirka(Right Side)1574
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Ferozepur Jhirka(Left Side)824
Gandoori(17)Govt Middle School, Ganduri(Right Side)816
Govt Middle School, Ganduri(Left Side)821
Ghaghas(2)Govt Middle School, Ghaghas(Right Side)805
Govt Middle School, Ghaghas(Left Side)792
Ghata Shamasabad(106)Govt Primary School, Ghata Shamshabad
Gohana(18)Govt, Primary School, Gohana
Gokalpur(161)Govt Middle School, Gokalpur
Gujar Nagla(121)Govt Primary School, Gujar Nangla
Gumat Bihari(4)Govt Middle School, Gumatbihari
Hamzapur(113)Govt. Primary School Hamjapur
Hasanpur Bilonda (89)Govt Middle School, Hasanpur Bilonda
Hasanpur Nuh(16)Govt Middle School, Hasanpur Nuh
Hirwari Bamatheri(79)Govt Primary School, Hiravari Bawantheri(Right Side)1061
Govt Primary School, Hiravari Bawantheri(Left Side)1010
Ibrahimbas(98)Govt Primary School, Ibrahimwas
Imam Nagar (43)Govt Middle School, Imamnagar
Jaitaka(9)Govt Middle School, Jaitaka
Jaitalaka(136)Govt Middle School Jetlaka
Jalalpur Ferozepur(40)Govt Middle School, Jalalpur Ferozepur(Right Side)1415
Govt Middle School, Jalalpur Ferozepur(Left Side)707
Jalalpur Nuh(12)Govt Middle School, Jalal Pur Nuh
Jharpuri(135)Govt Primary School, Jhadpuri
Jhimrawat(125)Govt Middle School, Jhimrawat(Right Side)1445
Govt Middle School, Jhimrawat(Left Side)1448
Kameda(82)Govt Middle School, Kameda
Kansali(1)Govt Middle School, Kansali
Karaheri(50)Govt Primary School, Karheri
Karehra Ferozepur(5)Govt Middle School, Karheda Ferozepur
Khan Mohammadpur(25)Govt Primary School, Khan Mohmmadpur
Khanpur Ghati (126)Govt Middle School, Khanpur Ghati(Right Side)1025
Govt Middle School, Khanpur Ghati(Left Side)976
Kherla Kalan(100)Govt. Primary School Khedla Kala
Kherli Kalan(122)Govt Middle School, Khedli Kalan
Kherli Khurd(65)Govt Middle School, Kherli Khurd
Kherli Nuh(14)Govt Middle School,Kherli Nuh
Khoshpuri(24)Govt Middle School, Kushpuri
Kol Gaon (95)Govt Middle School, Kolgaon
Lohinga Khurd(144)Govt Primary School, Luhinga Khurd
Madapur(77)Govt Primary School, Maidapur
Madhi(15)Govt Middle School, Madhi
Maholi(87)Govt Middle School, Maholi
Mahun(11)Govt High School, Mahu(Right Side)1081
Govt High School, Mahu(Left Side)1012
Malhaka(164)Govt Middle School, Malhaka
Mandikhera(53)Govt High School, Mandi Khera (Right Side)
Marora(38)Govt Middle School, Maroda(Right Side)1110
Govt Middle School, Maroda(Left Side)963
Mohamadnagar(42)Govt. Primary School Mohammad Nagar
Mohammadbas(141)Govt Primary School, Mohmmadwas Urf Buchaka
Mohlaka(123)Govt. Middle School Mohlaka
Mohmadbas(58)Govt Primary School, Mohmmadwas
Moolthan(10)Govt Middle School, Multhan
Nagina (51) (Ct)Govt Primary School, Nagina(Right Side)855
Govt Primary School, Nagina(Left Wing)901
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Nagina(Right Wing)861
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Nagina(Left Wing)766
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Nagina662
Govt Girls High School, Nagina(Right Side)1091
Govt Girls High School, Nagina(Left Side)833
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Chanaor Nagina268
Nahrika(115)Govt Middle School, Naharika
Nai Nagla(39)Govt High School, Nai Nagla
Nangal Mubarikpur (57)Govt Middle School, Nangal Mubarikpur(Right Side)926
Govt Middle School, Nangal Mubarikpur(Left Side)978
Nangal Sabat(54)Govt. Primary School Nagal Sawant
Nasirbas(67)Govt Primary School, Nasirbas
Nawli(66)Govt Middle School, Nawli(Right Side)789
Govt Middle School, Nawli(Left Side)773
Nimkhera(147)Govt High School, Neem Khera
Notki(3)Govt Middle School, Notki
Padla Shahpuri (109)Govt Primary School, Padla Shahpuri
Patan Udaipuri (92)Govt Middle School, Patan Udaipuri
Pathrali(102)Govt Primary School, Pathrali
Patkhori(90)Govt Primary School, Patkhori(Right Side)1318
Govt Primary School, Patkhori(Left Side)1040
Rajaka(7)Govt Middle School,Rajaka
Rajoli(74)Govt Primary School, Rajoli
Rangala Rajpur(69)Govt Primary School, Rangala Rajpur
Ranika(60)Govt Middle School, Ranika
Ranyala Ferozepur(108)Govt Primary School, Raniyala Ferozepur
Ranyala Patakpur(33)Govt Middle School, Raniyala Patakpur
Ranyali(111)Govt Primary School, Raniyali
Rawa(107)Govt Primary School, Rawa
Rawli(91)Govt High School, Rawli(Right Side)982
Govt High School, Rawli(Left Side)1235
Rigarh(105)Govt Primary School, Rigad(Right Side)800
Govt Primary School, Rigad(Left Side)758
Rithath(28)Govt Middle School, Rithat(Right Side)1432
Govt Middle School, Rithat(Left Side)1381
Sakras(64)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sakras(Right Side)1117
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sakras(Left Side)987
Govt Primary School, Sakras(Right Side)1137
Govt Primary School, Sakras(Left Side)988
Govt Girls Primary School, Sakras(Right Side)973
Govt Girls Primary School, Sakras(Left Side)930
Govt. Primary School, Aamka (Sakras)984
Govt Primary School, Kala Kheda(Sakras)865
Santhawari(55)Govt Middle School, Santhawari
Saral(44)Govt Middle School,Saral
Shadipur(46)Govt Primary School, Shadipur
Shahabpur(101)Govt Primary School, Shahpur
Shahmirbas(96)Govt. Primary School, Sahmirwas
Shakarpuri(93)Govt Primary School, Sakarpuri
Sidhrawat(84)Govt Middle School, Sidhrawat
Siswan Jatka(59)Govt Primary School, Siswana Jatka
Sukhpuri(32)Govt Primary School, Sukhpuri
Sultanpur Nuh(21)Govt Girls Primary School, Sultanpur Nuh
Tigaon(143)Govt High School, Tigoan(Right Side)874
Govt High School, Tigoan(Left Side)867
Uleta(6)Govt Middle School,Uleta
Umra(20)Govt High School, Umra(Right Side)1426
Govt High School, Umra(Left Side)1230
Umri(29)Govt Girls Middle School, Umari

Last Updated on April 08, 2020
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