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Polling Booth in Ellenabad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Ellenabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ellenabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Amritsar(129)Govt Middle School, Amritsar Khurd791
Govt, Middle School, Amritsar Kalan942
Govt Middle School, Pratap Nagar Majra Amritsar1284
Arnian Wali(43)Govt High School, Arniawali(Left Wing)1320
Govt High School, Arniawali(Right Wing)1381
Bakarianwali(40)Govt High School, Bakrianwali1294
Govt Primary School, Bakrianwali813
Govt. Girls Primary School, Bakrianwali669
Baruwali Doem(38)Govt Primary School, Baruwali -2
Berwala Khurd(116)Govt Middle School, Beharwala Khurd(Left Wing)994
Govt Middle School, Beharwala Khurd(Right Wing)1002
Bhurat Wala(106)Govt Sr. Sec School Bhurtwala(Left Wing)1088
Govt Sr. Sec School Bhurtwala(Right Wing)1109
Govt. Primery School, Bhurtwala963
Brasari(34)Govt High School, Brasari(Left Wing)943
Govt High School, Brasari(Right Wing)883
Budhi Mari(130)Govt Primary School, Budhi Meri
Chaharwala(2)Govt Sr. Sec School , Chaharwala(Left Wing)937
Govt Sr. Sec School , Chaharwala(Right Wing)861
Govt Girls High School, Chaharwala(Left Wing)864
Govt Girls High School, Chaharwala(Right Wing)1226
Chilkani Dhab(105)Govt Primary School, Chilkani Dhab(Left Wing)773
Govt Primary School, Chilkani Dhab(Right Wing)759
Darban Kalan(30)Govt Girls Primary School, Darba Kalan(Left Wing)1049
Govt Girls Primary School, Darba Kalan(Right Wing)854
Govt Girls Primary School, Darba Kalan(Central Side)1285
Dhadi MaujubaliGovt Primary School, Dhani Maujuwali
Dhani Jatan(117)Govt Primary School, Dhani Shera
Dhol Palia(115)Govt Sr.Sec School, Dholpalia(Left Wing)1299
Govt Sr.Sec School, Dholpalia(Right Wing)1298
Dhookara(37)Govt Sr. Sec School, Dhukra(Left Wing)963
Govt Sr. Sec School, Dhukra(Right Wing)926
Govt Primary School, Dhukra996
Ellenabad (Rural)(118)Govt Senior Secondary School, New Bulding Kasba Ellenabad(Left Wing)1209
Govt Senior Secondary School, New Bulding Kasba Ellenabad(Right Wing)638
Govt Senior Secondary School, New Bulding Kasba Ellenabad(Left Wing)1305
Govt Senior Secondary School, New Bulding Kasba Ellenabad(Right Wing)1199
Govt Girls Primary School Near Cho. Devi Lal Park Kasba Ellenabad1265
Govt Girls Primary School, Ward No. 6 Near Dabwali Road, Kasba Ellenabad(Left Wing)1363
Govt Girls Primary School, Ward No. 6 Near Dabwali Road, Kasba Ellenabad(Right Wing)1064
Govt Girls Primary School, Ward No. 6 Near Dabwali Road, Kasba Ellenabad(Central Wing)851
Office Of Block Education Officer New Bulding Town Elnabad1046
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,New Building Kasba Ellenabad(Left Wing)544
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,New Building Kasba Ellenabad(Central Side)1076
Office Of Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School , Town Ellenabad500
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,New Building Kasba Ellenabad(Right Wing)939
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,New Building Kasba Ellenabad(Left Wing)730
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,New Building Kasba Ellenabad(Right Wing)1260
Office Of Block Education Officer, Town Ellenabad951
Govt Primary School Harchandka Bas , Kasba Ellenabad(Left Wing)1378
Govt Primary School Harchandka Bas , Kasba Ellenabad(Right Wing)1023
Ambedkar Bhawan Harchand Ka Bass Town Elnabad773
Office Of Market Committee, Kasba Ellenabad1283
Govt Primary School Ward No. 9, Town Ellenabad(Left Wing)891
Govt Primary School Ward No. 9, Town Ellenabad(Right Wing)981
Ganja Rupana(14)Govt High School, Ganja Rupana
Gigorani(10)Govt Middle School, Gigorani(Left Wing)932
Govt Middle School, Gigorani(Right Wing)935
Gudia Khera(39)Govt. Primary School, Gudia Khera906
Govt. Girls Middal School, Gudia Khera812
Govt. Girls Primary School, Gudia Khera1180
Gusaiana(8)Govt Middle School, Gusainana(Left Wing)781
Govt Middle School, Gusainana(Right Wing)801
Hanjira(23)Govt High School , Hanjira(Left Wing)1034
Govt High School , Hanjira(Right Wing)1069
Himayun Khera(135)Govt Middle School, Humayunkhera
Jamal(36)Govt Senior Secondary School , Jamal(Left Wing)998
Govt Senior Secondary School , Jamal(Right Wing)1055
Govt Senior Secondary School , Jamal(Central Side)1032
Govt Girls High School, Jamal(Left Wing)1063
Govt Girls High School, Jamal(Right Wing)1066
Govt Girls High School, Jamal(Central Side)982
Jasania(9)Govt Middle School, Jasanian
Jogiwala(1)Govt High School, Jogiwala(Left Wing)1040
Govt High School, Jogiwala(Right Wing)1144
Jorian(25)Govt Middle School, Jorian
Kagdana(4)Govt High School , Kagdana(Left Wing)1005
Govt High School , Kagdana(Right Wing)957
Govt Primary School , Kagdana1022
Karamsana(113)Govt High School, Karmshana(Left Wing)693
Govt High School, Karmshana(Right Wing)693
Kashiram Ka Bas Majra EllenabadGovt Primary School, Kashi Ram Ka Bas(Left Wing)790
Govt Primary School, Kashi Ram Ka Bas(Right Wing)839
Keshopura(101)Govt Middle School, Keshupura946
Govt Primary School, Keshupura899
Khari Surera(Part)(111)Govt Middle School , Khari Sureran(Left Wing)1075
Govt Middle School , Khari Sureran(Right Wing)1163
Kheri(6)Govt Middle School, Kheri(Left Wing)819
Govt Middle School, Kheri(Right Wing)774
KishanpuraGovt Primary School, Kishanpura(Left Wing)783
Govt Primary School, Kishanpura(Right Wing)799
Kotli(102)Govt Primary School, Kotli
Kumbhthal(327)Govt Primary School, Kumthal
Kumharia(5)Govt High School, Kumharia(Left Wing)957
Govt High School, Kumharia(Right Wing)837
Kuta Budh(107)Govt Primary School, Dhani Santa Singh295
Govt Sr. Sec School, Kuttabad(Left Wing)929
Govt Sr. Sec School, Kuttabad(Right Wing)1002
Govt Primary School , Kuttabad961
Kutiana(35)Govt Middle School, Kutiana
Ludesar(27)Govt High School Ludesar(Left Wing)1060
Govt High School Ludesar(Right Wing)1215
Madho Singhana(95)Govt Senior Secondary School, Madho Singhana(Left Wing)926
Govt Senior Secondary School, Madho Singhana(Central Wing)961
Govt Senior Secondary School, Madho Singhana(Right Wing)1096
Govt. Girls Primary School, Madho Singhana815
Govt Primary School, Madhosinghana(Left Wing)999
Govt Primary School Madho Singhana(Right Wing)918
Makho Soran(20)Govt Middle School , Makhoshyoran(Left Wing)922
Govt Middle School , Makhoshyoran(Right Wing)981
Malekan(96)Govt Sr. Sec School, Mallekan(Left Wing)937
Govt Sr. Sec School, Mallekan(Central Side)792
Govt Sr. Sec School, Mallekan(Right Wing)1070
Govt. Primery School, New Bulding Mallenka999
Govt Primary School, Mallekan1014
Mamera(131)Govt Primary School Mamera(Left Wing)1120
Govt Primary School Mamera(Right Wing)855
Govt Primary School, Mamera Khurd812
Mehna Khera(104)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Mehna Khera
Mirzapur(125)Govt High School, Mirjapur1027
Govt Primary School, Ther Mirjapur367
Mithanpur(112)Govt Middle School, Mithanpura(Left Wing)864
Govt Middle School, Mithanpura(Right Wing)822
Mithi Surera(110)Govt Sr.Sec. School, Mithi Surera1377
Govt. Girl Middal School, Mithi Surera1045
Moju Khera(132)Govt High School, Maujukhera1394
Govt Primary School, Mauju Khera443
Moosli(108)Govt Primary School, Musali
Nathusari Kalan(21)Govt Primary School , Nathusari Kalan(Left Wing)1322
Govt Primary School , Nathusari Kalan(Right Wing)1185
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Nathusari Kalan1238
Neemla(114)Govt Middle School, Nimla(Left Wing)1250
Govt Middle School, Nimla(Right Wing)1115
Nirwan(32)Govt Primary School, Nirban(Left Wing)743
Govt Primary School, Nirban(Right Wing)807
Patti Kirpal(133)Govt Primary School, Patti Kirpal
Phorka (Pohrakan)(109)Govt High School , Poharkan(Left Wing)1025
Govt High School , Poharkan(Right Wing)792
Govt Primary School Poharkan(Left Wing)848
Govt Primary School Poharkan(Right Wing)916
Raipur(33)Govt Primary School, Raipur
Rajpura Sani(7)Govt Primary School, Rajpura Sahni
Rampura Bagrian(3)Govt Middle School, Rampura Bagriyan
Rampura Bisnoian(15)Govt Middle School, Rupana Bishnoian
Rampura Dhilanwala(24)Govt High School, Rampura Dhillon(Left Wing)1149
Govt High School, Rampura Dhillon(Right Wing)1163
Randhawa(31)Govt Sr. Sec School, Randhawa(Left Wing)833
Govt Sr. Sec School, Randhawa(Right Wing)824
Ratta Khera(326)Govt Middle School, Rattakhera(Left Wing)680
Govt Middle School, Rattakhera(Right Wing)765
Rupana Urf Darban Khurd(28)Govt High School, Rupana Urf Darba Khurd(Left Wing)791
Govt High School, Rupana Urf Darba Khurd(Right Wing)749
Rupawas(26)Govt High School , Rupawas(Left Wing)1123
Govt High School , Rupawas(Right Wing)1309
Shahpuria(12)Govt Sr. Sec School, Shahpuria(Left Wing)913
Govt Sr. Sec School, Shahpuria(Right Wing)844
Shakar Mandori(13)Govt Middle School, Shakkar Mandori956
Govt Girls Primary School, Shakkar Mandori994
Shekhu Khera(134)Govt Primary School, Shekhu Khera
Talwara Khurd-1 (120)Govt Senior Secondary School Talwara Khurd(Left Wing)1257
Govt Senior Secondary School Talwara Khurd(Right Wing)1058
Govt Senior Secondary School Talwara Khurd(Central Wing)1035
Govt Primary School , Talwara Khurd(Left Wing)961
Govt Primary School , Talwara Khurd(Right Wing)1217
Tarkan Wali(11)Govt Middle School, Tarkanwali(Left Wing)707
Govt Middle School, Tarkanwali(Right Wing)685
Thadi Lakaji Majra EllanabadGovt Primary School , Dhani Lakhji(Left Wing)1084
Govt Primary School , Dhani Lakhji(Right Wing)1414
Thobaria(119)Govt Primary School, Thobrian
Umedpura(103)Govt Middle School, Umedpura(Left Wing)703
Govt Middle School, Umedpura(Right Wing)759

Last Updated on April 08, 2020
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