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Polling Booth in Dadri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Dadri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dadri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Achina (153)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Achina(East Side)1419
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Achina(West Side)627
Govt High School, Achina(West Side)1227
Govt High School, Achina(Central Side)1397
Akhtiar Pura(108)Govt Primary School, Akhtyarpura
Atela Kalan(88)Govt Primary School, Atela Kalan758
Govt Primary School, Atela New692
Schedule Caste Chopal, Atela New543
Atela Khurd(87)Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Atela Khurd1235
Panchayat Bhawan, Atela Khurd315
Barsana(89)Govt High School, Barsana
Bas Mutsil Ranila (154)Govt Middle School, Bass Near Ranila(East Side)1227
Schedule Caste Chopal, Bass Near Ranila309
Bhagesri (152)Govt High School , Bhageswari(West Side)1214
Govt High School , Bhageswari(East Side)968
Bhagvi (163)Govt High School, Bhagwi(East Side)1322
Govt Girls Sen.Sec. School, Bhagwi998
Schedule Caste Chopal, Bhagwi547
Bigowa (155)Govt High School, Bigowa(North Side)1051
Govt High School, Bigowa(South Side)1087
Birhi Kalan(93)Govt Senior Secondary School, Birhi Kalan(East Side)861
Govt Senior Secondary School, Birhi Kalan(West Side)804
Vocational Iti School, Birhi Kalan919
Schedule Caste Chopal Birhi Kalan461
Bond Kalan (127)Govt Girls Primary School Bond Kalan(East Side)1331
Govt Girls Primary School Bond Kalan(West Side)1253
Govt Girls High School, Bond Kalan(South Side)1077
Govt Girls High School, Bond Kalan(Central Side)1299
Schedule Caste Chopal, Chamaran Pana, Kalwan, Bond Kalan1406
Govt Sr. Sc. School , Bond Kalan(North Side)1269
Govt Sr. Sc. School , Bond Kalan(South Side)1104
Bond Khurd (128)Govt Primary School, Bond Khurd1200
Schedule Caste Chopal, Bond Khurd426
Charkhi(143)Govt Girls Sr Sec School, Charkhi(West Side)975
Govt High School, Charkhi(East Side)1012
Govt High School, Charkhi(West Side)1050
Govt High School, Charkhi(Central Side)1401
Panchayat Bhawan, Charkhi362
Chhapar(98)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Chhapar(North Side)1159
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Chhapar(South Side)1155
Govt Girls Primary School, Chhapar(West Side)1077
Schedule Caste Chopal, Chhapar475
Dadri(147)Chhotu Ram Dharmshala , Town Dadri(East Side)1686
Chhotu Ram Dharmshala , Town Dadri(West Side)1146
Agriculture Office, Town Dadri(East Side)1513
Agriculture Office, Town Dadri(West Side)1422
Arya Hindi College, Town Dadri(East Side)1136
Arya Hindi College, Town Dadri(West Side)1399
Vaish Girls Senior Secondary School, Town Dadri(Central Side)1435
Vaish Girls Senior Secondary School, Town Dadri(West Side)1962
Vaish Girl Primary School, Town Dadri673
Vaish Senior Secondary School, Town Dadri(East Side)1224
Office Market Committe, Town Dadri(East Side)1072
Office Market Committe, Town Dadri(West Side)722
Adarsh Dharamshala, Town Dadri(North Side)1127
Adarsh Dharamshala, Town Dadri(South Side)1046
Sir Chhotu Ram High School, Town Dadri1350
Municipal Office, Town Dadri(East Side)1337
Municipal Office, Town Dadri(West Side)1070
Dharmshala Derawal Shbha, Town Dadri756
Pars Laghan, Town Dadri746
Bhrahman Bhawan, Town Dadri(North Side)1186
Vardhman High School, Town Dadri1395
Dharmshala Khatikan, Town Dadri(South Side)765
Dharmshala Khatikan, Town Dadri(North Side)744
Govt Primary School Badhwana Gate, Town Dadri(North Side)679
Govt Primary School Badhwana Gate, Town Dadri(South Side)818
Gandhi Aashram Balmiki Basti, Town Dadri(Right Side)1045
Gandhi Aashram Balmiki Basti, Town Dadri(Left Side)1655
Dharmshala Ravidas, Town Dadri(North Side)1135
Dharmshala Ravidas, Town Dadri(South Side)1048
Dohka Dina(9)Govt Middle School, Dohka Dina748
Govt Middle School, Dudiwala Nandkaran518
Dohka Harya(7)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dohka Hariya(East Side)1039
Schedule Caste Chopal, Dohka Hariya180
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dohka Hariya(West Side)929
Dohka Moji(8)Govt High School, Dohka Moji596
Schedule Caste Chopal, Dohka Moji198
Dohki(107)Govt High School, Dohki(North Side)989
Govt High School, Dohki(South Side)1149
Dudiwala Kishanpura(5)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Dudiwala Kishanpura1409
Schedule Caste Chopal, Dudiwala Kishanpura234
Fatehgarh(140)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Fatehgarh(East Side)951
Sheep Centre, Fatehgarh213
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Fatehgarh(West Side)1047
Ghikara(141)Govt High School, Ghikara1313
Schedule Caste Chopal, Ghikara333
Hindol (120)Govt Primary School, Hindol(East Side)742
Govt Primary School, Hindol(West Side)708
Panchayat Ghar, Hindol262
Imlota (159)Govt Girl Primary School , Imlota966
Govt Senior Secondary School, Imlota(East Side)1139
Govt Senior Secondary School, Imlota(Central Side)581
Govt Senior Secondary School, Imlota(West Side)937
Schedule Caste Chopal, Imlota385
Jhinjar (151)Govt Girls Middle School, Jhinjhar1155
Govt High School , Jhinjhar(Central Side)1181
Govt High School , Jhinjhar(South Side)1088
Paras Schedule Caste , Jhinjhar402
Kamod (134)Govt Middle School, Kamod
Kanehti (158)Govt Middle School, Kanheti1030
Paras Schedule Caste Chopal Kanheti211
Kasni (139)Govt Middle School, Kasni
Khatiwas (149)Govt Primary School, Khatiwas(East Side)662
Govt Primary School, Khatiwas(West Side)797
Kohlawas (132)Govt Primary School, Kohlawas
Lamba (137)Govt. Primary School, Lamba
Loharwara (150)Govt High School, Loharwara1056
Schedule Caste Chopal, Loharwara1191
Malkosh (125)Govt Middle School, Malkosh(East Side)785
Govt Middle School, Malkosh(West Side)808
Schedule Caste Chopal, Malkosh214
Mankawas(97)Govt High School, Mankawas(North Side)1005
Govt Girls High School, Mankawas(South Side)888
Schedule Caste Chopal, Mankawas499
Mirch (135)Govt Middle School, Mirch853
Schedule Caste Chopal, Mirch289
Missri (136)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Misri(North Side)1299
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Misri(Central Side)1375
Schedule Caste Chopal, Misri390
Morwala (157)Govt High School, Morwala
Narsingwas (2)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Narsinghwas890
Govt Primary School, Old Narsinghwas250
Neemli (161)Govt High School, Nimli(North Side)1013
Schedule Caste Chopal, Nimli242
Govt High School, Nimli(South Side)916
Neemri (126)Govt Primary School, Nimri1098
Schedule Caste Chopal, Nimri434
Pandwan(96)Govt Middle School, Pandwan(North Side)733
Govt Middle School, Pandwan(South Side)676
Schedule Caste Chopal, Pandwan268
Pantawas Khurd(109)Govt High School , Pantawas Khurd(North Side)720
Govt High School , Pantawas Khurd(South Side)666
Pentawas Kalan(110)Govt Sr Sec School, Paintawas Kalan(North Side)1184
Panchayat Ghar, Paintawas Kalan366
Govt Sr Sec School, Paintawas Kalan(South Side)1057
Rampura(4)Govt Middle School, Rampura
Ranila (130)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Ranila(Central Side)1125
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Ranila(North Side)1135
Schedule Caste Chopal, Ranila522
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Ranila(South Side)1400
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Ranila(East Side)1239
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Ranila(West Side)1263
Rankoli (124)Govt Primary School, Rankoli
Rasiwas(94)Govt High School , Rasiwas(North Side)1175
Govt High School , Rasiwas(South Side)1071
Rawaldhi (148)Govt High School, Rawaldhi(North Side)1288
Sewing Centre, Rawaldhi615
Govt High School, Rawaldhi(South Side)1399
Sahuwas(142)Govt Primary School, Sahuwas(East Side)
Samaspur (164)Govt Senior Secondary School, Samaspur(East Side)1096
Govt Senior Secondary School, Samaspur(West Side)1053
Schedule Caste Chopal, Samaspur1016
Govt Senior Secondary School, Samaspur(Central Side)747
Sanjerwas (131)Govt Sr. Sc. School, Sanjarwas(East Side)1069
Govt Sr. Sc. School, Sanjarwas(Central Side)1041
Schedule Caste Balmiki Chopal, Sanjarwas407
Govt Sr. Sc. School, Sanjarwas(West Side)1020
Sankror (123)Govt High School, Sankrod(East Side)798
Govt High School, Sankrod(West Side)842
Schedule Caste Chopal, Sankrod727
Santor(162)Govt High School, Santor(East Side)679
Govt High School, Santor(West Side)785
Sanwer (121)Govt Girls High School, Sanwar(East Side)1039
Govt Girls High School, Sanwar(West Side)997
Ambedkar Bhawan, Sanwar956
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Sanwar(East Side)1026
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Sanwar(West Side)1094
Sarangpur(3)Govt High School, Sarangpur
Sarupgarh (160)Govt High School, Sarupgarh960
Panchayat Bhawan, Sarupgarh298
Sonf (138)Govt Middle School, Saunf763
Schedule Caste Chopal, Saunf250
Tiwala(90)Govt High School, Tiwala(East Side)817
Govt High School, Tiwala(West Side)807
Schedule Caste Chopal, Tiwala288
Une Mutsilbond Kalan (129)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Unn Mutsil, Bond Kalan(North Side)1123
Dr. Ambedkar Bhawan, Unn Mutsil Bond Kalan481
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Unn Mutsil, Bond Kalan(South Side)576

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