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Polling Booth in Dabwali Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Dabwali

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dabwali Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Abub Shahar(271) Split Vill.Govt Senior Secondary School, Abubshehar(Left Wing)937
Govt Senior Secondary School, Abubshehar(Right Wing)928
Govt Senior Secondary School, Abubshehar(Central Side)947
Govt Girls High School, Abubshehar(Left Wing)1064
Govt Girls High School, Abubshehar(Right Wing)849
Govt Girls High School, Abubshehar(Central Side)944
Ahmadpur Darewala(261)Govt Girls Primary School, Ahemadpur Darewala(Left Wing)804
Govt Girls Primary School, Ahemadpur Darewala(Right Wing)829
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Ahemadpur Darewala675
Alika(276)Govt. Middle School , Alikan(Left Wing)1079
Govt. Middle School , Alikan(Right Wing)1014
Asa Khera(268)Govt Middle School , Aasa Khera(Left Wing)1261
Govt Middle School , Aasa Khera(Right Wing)966
Asir(310)Govt Middle School, Asir
Banwala(223)Govt High School, Banwala(Left Wing)1028
Govt High School, Banwala(Right Wing)1024
Govt High School, Banwala(Central Side)950
Bharu Khera(266)Govt Middle School, Bharu Khera(Left Wing)798
Govt Middle School, Bharu Khera(Right Wing)670
Bijuwali(258)Govt High School, Bijjuwali(Left Wing)930
Govt High School, Bijjuwali(Right Wing)798
Chakjalu(257)Govt Middle School, Chakjalu
Chatha(297)Govt Middle School, Chattha
Chormar Khera(252)Govt High School, Chormar Khera(Left Wing)1211
Govt High School, Chormar Khera(Right Wing)966
Chutala(267)Govt Senior Secondary School, Chautala(East Side)1027
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chautala(Central Side)944
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chautala(West Side)1131
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chautala(North Side)821
Schedule Caste Chaupal North Bas, Chautala1238
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Chautala(Left Wing)1386
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Chautala(Right Wing)998
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Chautala(Central Side)792
New Panchayat Bhawan, Chautala(Left Wing)837
New Panchayat Bhawan, Chautala(Right Wing)906
Govt Primary School Dhani Sikhon Wali, Chautala624
Dabwali (Rural)(Part)(278)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kasba Dabwali(Left Wing)1010
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kasba Dabwali(Right Wing)640
Raja Ram Girls Senior Secondary School, Kasba Dabwali1262
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Kasba Dabwali1203
Tansukh Das Bihari Lal Dharamsala, Kasba Dabwali1125
Govt Primary School No.1, Kasba Dabwali(North Wing)800
Govt Primary School No.1, Kasba Dabwali(South Wing)1154
Kisan Rest House New Anja Mandi (A) Block Left Wing Mandi Dabwali1010
Kisan Rest House Mkt Comittee Library Room A Block Mandi Dabwali773
Office Of Sub Divisional Engineer Sub Division No. 1 Public Health, Kasba Dabwali1493
Arora Vansh Adarsh High School , Kasba Dabwali(North Side)1015
Arora Vansh Adarsh High School , Kasba Dabwali(South Side)778
Bishnoi Dharamshala(Left Wing)1317
Bishnoi Dharamshala(Right Wing)1306
Mehta Dharamsala , Kasba Dabwali(Left Wing)1117
Mehta Dharamsala , Kasba Dabwali(Right Wing)1217
Modern Montessary Convent School, Kasba Dabwali(Left Wing)924
Modern Montessary Convent School, Kasba Dabwali(Right Wing)1340
Lord Shri Krishan College Of Education, Kasba Dabwali(East Side)1183
Lord Shri Krishan College Of Education, Kasba Dabwali(West Side)774
Khalsa Senior Secondry School , Kasba Dabwali(Sai Mian Meer Block)1153
Khalsa Senior Secondry School , Kasba Dabwali(Bhai Ghaniya Block)1125
Crist Mission Senior Secondary School Father Baretowala , Kasba Dabwali(Left Wing)780
Crist Mission Senior Secondary School Father Baretowala , Kasba Dabwali(Right Wing)1013
Govt Middle School No. 3, Kasba Dabwali1231
Govt. Middle School No 3 Right Wing, Kasba Dabwali894
Nehru Senior Secondary School, Kasba Dabwali975
Lord Shri Krishna College Of Edu. Middle East1024
Lord Shri Krishna College Of Edu. Middle West735
Saint Josaf High School Bhatinda Road , Kasba Dabwali(Left Wing)1253
Saint Josaf High School Bhatinda Road , Kasba Dabwali(Right Wing)1049
B.D.P.O. Dabwali Office812
Banwri Dharamsala , Kasba Dabwali820
Govt High School, Village Dabwali(Left Wing)756
Govt High School, Village Dabwali(Central Side)691
Govt Primary School Village Dabwali(Left Wing)1212
Govt High School, Village Dabwali(Right Wing)700
Govt Primary School Village Dabwali(Right Wing)1195
Desu Jodha(281)Govt High School, Desujodha(East Side)1071
Govt High School, Desujodha(West Side)1058
Govt High School, Desujodha(North Side)1029
Govt High School, Desujodha(Central Side)1174
Dewan Khera(292)Govt Primary School, Diwan Khera
Ganga(264)Govt Senior Secondary School , Ganga(Left Wing)668
Govt Senior Secondary School , Ganga(Central Side)706
Govt Girls Primary School , Ganga(Left Wing)1086
Govt Girls Primary School , Ganga(Right Wing)888
Govt Girls Primary School , Ganga(Central Side)1033
Govt Senior Secondary School , Ganga(Right Wing)1178
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Ganga735
Ghukanwali(221)Govt High School , Ghukkanwali(Left Wing)1232
Govt High School , Ghukkanwali(Right Wing)1354
Giddar Khera(287)Govt Primary School, Gidarkhera
Gobindgarh(285)Panchayat Bhawan Govindgarh
Godeka(262)Govt. Middle School, Godikan(Left Wing)717
Govt. Middle School, Godikan(Right Wing)736
Goria Wala(255)Govt Senior Secondary School, Goriwala(Left Wing)1256
Govt Senior Secondary School, Goriwala(Right Wing)1312
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Goriwala334
Habuana(295)Govt Middle School, Haibuana(Left Wing)1063
Govt Middle School, Haibuana(Right Wing)364
Hassu(311)Govt Primary School, Hassu
Jagmalwali(309)Govt High School , Jagmalwali(Left Wing)1205
Govt High School , Jagmalwali(Right Wing)1210
Govt High School , Jagmalwali(Central Side)848
Jandwal Jattan(253)Govt Middle School, Jandwala Jatan
Jandwala Bishnoian(265)Govt High School, Jandwala Bishnoian(Left Wing)815
Govt High School, Jandwala Bishnoian(Right Wing)774
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Jandwala Bishnoian669
Jhuti Khera (289)Govt Middle School, Jhuthi Khera
Joge Wala(279)Govt Middle School, Jogewala983
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Jogewala520
Jottanwali(274)Govt Middle School, Jutanwali
Kaluana(238)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kaluana(North Side)1031
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kaluana(South Side)825
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kaluana153
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kaluana(East Side)927
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kaluana(West Side)736
Khokhar(300)Govt Primary School, Khokhar
Khuyan Malkhana(293)Govt High School, Khuian Malkana(Left Wing)1144
Govt High School, Khuian Malkana(Right Wing)1133
Govt High School, Khuian Malkana(Central Side)1017
Kingra(306)Govt Middle School, Kingra
Lakhuana(286)Govt Middle School, Lakhuana(Left Wing)886
Govt Middle School, Lakhuana(Right Wing)732
Lambi(288)Govt Middle School, Lambi
Lohgarh(273)Govt High School, Lohgarh(Left Wing)939
Govt High School, Lohgarh(Right Wing)861
Govt. High School, Lohgarh(Prinary Wing) Middle Part816
Govt. High School, Lohgarh(Prinary Wing) South Part701
Makha(301)Govt Primary School, Makha733
Govt. Primary School , Makha Right Wing333
Malakpur (305)Govt High School, Malikpura(Left Wing)715
Govt High School, Malikpura(Right Wing)660
Mangiana(282)Govt High School, Mangeana(Left Wing)795
Govt High School, Mangeana(Right Wing)642
Govt. Primary School , Mangeana796
Masitan(284)Govt High School, Masitan(Left Wing)1008
Govt High School, Masitan(Right Wing)826
Govt Girls Primary School, Masitan(Left Wing)990
Govt Girls Primary School, Masitan(Right Wing)827
Matdadu(290)Govt High School , Matdadu(Left Wing)1245
Govt High School , Matdadu(Right Wing)1179
Maujgarh (291)Govt High School, Maujgarh(Left Wing)1193
Govt High School, Maujgarh(Right Wing)1345
Mithri(304)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Mithari909
Govt Primary School, Mithari811
Modi (256)Govt Middle School, Modi
Moonanwali(263)Govt High School, Munnawali
Naurang(299)Govt High School, Naurang996
Govt High School,(Right Wing) Nourang523
Nillanwali(294)Govt Middle School , Neelanwali691
Govt. Middle School Primary Wing Neelanwali505
Nuhiyan Wali(249)Govt Primary School, Nuhianwali(Left Wing)996
Govt Primary School, Nuhianwali(Right Wing)1030
Govt Primary School, Nuhianwali(Central Side)1014
Odhan(204)Govt Senior Secondary School, Odhan(Left Wing)749
Govt Senior Secondary School, Odhan(Central Side)726
Govt. Boys Pri. School, Odhan1104
Govt Senior Secondary School, Odhan(Right Wing)1258
Office Of Block Development And Panchyat Officer, Odhan(Left Wing)788
Office Of Block Development And Panchyat Officer, Odhan(Right Wing)819
Pana(302)Govt Middle School, Pana(Left Wing)612
Govt Middle School, Pana(Right Wing)342
Panniwala Moreka(280)Govt High School, Panniwala Morika1092
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Panniwala Morika532
Panniwala Ruldu(303)Govt High School, Panniwala Ruldu(Left Wing)948
Govt High School, Panniwala Ruldu(Right Wing)904
Phullo(296)Govt Middle School, Phoolo(Left Wing)892
Govt Middle School, Phoolo(Right Wing)818
Pipli(308)Govt Senior Secondary School , Pipli(Left Wing)924
Govt Senior Secondary School , Pipli(Right Wing)974
Rajpura(248)Govt High School, Ratta Khera
Ramgarh Majra Risaliya KhedaGovt Middle School, Ramgarh Majra Risalia Khera
Rampura Bishnoian(254)Govt Middle School, Rampura Bishnoian(Left Wing)878
Govt Middle School, Rampura Bishnoian(Right Wing)720
Ratta Khera (247)Govt Primary School, Ratta Khera
Risalia Khera(246)Govt Senior Secondary School, Risalia Khera(Left Wing)927
Govt Senior Secondary School, Risalia Khera(Right Wing)813
Govt Primary School, Risalia Khera(Left Wing)833
Govt Primary School, Risalia Khera(Right Wing)807
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Risalia Khera591
Sakta Khera(272)Govt High School, Sakta Khera(Left Wing)1040
Govt High School, Sakta Khera(Primary Wing) Middle Part1006
Govt High School, Sakta Khera(Right Wing)806
Salam Khera(250)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Salam Khera
Sanwant Khera(283)Govt Middle School, Sawant Khera
Shergarh (275)Govt Middle School, Shergarh(Left Wing)991
Govt Middle School, Shergarh(Right Wing)924
Sukheranwala(269)Govt High School, Sukherawala(Left Wing)1002
Govt High School, Sukherawala(Right Wing)1023
Tappi(307)Govt Middle School, Tappi
Teja Khera(270)Govt High School, Teja Khera(Left Wing)844
Govt High School, Teja Khera(Right Wing)756
Thadi Rajpura Majra AbubshaharGovt Middle School, Dhani Rajpura Majra
Tigri(298)Govt Middle School, Tigri

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