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Polling Booth in Bawani Khera Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bawani Khera

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bawani Khera Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Badesra (53)Govt Sr Sec School Badesra(East Wing)1159
Govt Sr Sec School Badesra(West Wing)1024
Paras Dhankan Mohalla Badesra381
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Ravidas Bhawan Badesra855
Govt Primary School Badesra899
Schedule Caste Chopal Badesra433
Baliali (44)Govt. Sr. Secondary School Baliyali(East Wing)1024
Govt. Sr. Secondary School Baliyali(South Wing)1104
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Samadh Baliyali186
Govt. Sr. Secondary School Baliyali(West Wing)1062
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Gadi Chamaran Baliyali1203
Govt. Primary School Baliyali(Right Side)1307
Govt. Primary School Baliyali(Left Side)1327
Barsi (133)Govt. Middle School, Jita Kheri Majra Barsi981
Govt. High School , Durjanpur Majra Barsi(East Wing)979
Govt. Primary Sch0Ol, Durjanpur Majra Barsi563
Govt. High School , Durjanpur Majra Barsi(West Wing)835
Govt. High School Milkpur Majra Barsi(West Wing)1197
Govt. High School Milkpur Majra Barsi(South Wing)822
Schedule Caste Chopal Chmaraan Milkpur Majra Barsi419
Govt. Middle School Sikandarpur Majra Barsi1120
Schedule Caste Chopal Chmaraan Sikandarpur Majra Barsi326
Govt. Middle School Dhani Kushal Majra Barsi1194
Govt. Primary School Dhani Chortapur Majra Barsi606
Govt. Sr. Secondary School Barsi(East Wing)1330
Govt. Sr. Secondary School Barsi(Middle Wing)1115
Govt.Girls Primary School Barsi330
Schedule Caste Chopal Naykaan Barsi269
Govt. Sr. Secondary School Barsi(West Wing)1206
Schedule Casten Chopal Balmiki Gujran Pana Barsi617
Govt. Primary School Barsi1166
Bawani Khera (Rural)(42)Govt. Primary School Bawani Khera(East Wing)1129
Govt. Primary School Bawani Khera(Middle Wing)492
Govt. Primary School Bawani Khera(East Wing Of South Part)791
Govt. Primary School Bawani Khera(West Wing Of South Part)749
Govt. Primary School Bawani Khera(Middle-Wing)1206
Govt. Primary School Bawani Khera(East Wing)844
Govt. Primary School Bawani Khera(West Wing)936
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Bawani Khera(East Wing)1115
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Bawani Khera(South-East Wing)541
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Bawani Khera(South Wing)941
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Bawani Khera(West Wing)537
Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Bawani Khera(Middle Wing)988
Govt. Primary School Bawani Khera(North Wing)829
Govt. Primary School Bawani Khera(West Wing)1280
Bohal (37)Govt. High School Bohal904
Schedule Caste Chopal Bohal326
Chang (5)Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Sivran Chang(North Wing)798
Schedule Caste Chopal Pana Sivran Chang(South Wing)720
Govt Primary School Chang999
Govt Senior Secondary School Chang(East Wing)1167
Govt Senior Secondary School Chang(West Wing)1324
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Chang1394
Dharmshala Jangdan Chang(East Wing)806
Dharmshala Jangdan Chang(West Wing)652
Dhanana (52)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Dhanana(East Wing)1053
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Dhanana(South Wing)1176
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Dhanana(Middle Wing)675
Govt Senior Secondary School Dhanana(East Wing)1298
Govt Senior Secondary School Dhanana(South Wing)1156
Govt Senior Secondary School Dhanana(North Wing)1144
Paras Schedule Caste Main Road Dhanana367
Govt Primary School Dhanana1315
Ghuskani (7)Govt High School Ghuskani(East Wing)759
Govt High School Ghuskani(West Wing)838
Schedule Caste Chopal Ghuskani440
Gujrani (11)Govt High School Gujrani(East Wing)1198
Schedule Caste Chopal Dhankan Gujrani740
Govt High School Gujrani(West Wing)785
Govt High School Gujrani(Middle Wing)325
Jamalpur (40)Govt. Senior . Secondary School Jamalpur(West Wing)1177
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Jamalpur375
Govt. Senior . Secondary School Jamalpur(South Wing)1217
Chopal Balmiki Jamalpur804
Govt. Girls High School Jamalpur1095
Mohalla Dhankaan Mein Schedule Caste Chopal Jamalpur766
Jatai (54)Govt High School Jatai(East Wing)808
Govt High School Jatai(West Wing)628
Schedule Caste Chopal Jatai463
Kelanga (130)Govt Senior Secondary School Kelanga(East Wing)695
Govt Senior Secondary School Kelanga(Middle Wing)834
Purani Chopal Dhankan Pana Siway Kelanga242
Govt Girls Middle School Kelanga(North Wing)793
Govt Girls Middle School Kelanga(East Wing)1171
Govt Girls Middle School Kelanga(South Wing)951
Govt Senior Secondary School Kelanga(Primary Section West Wing)707
Govt Senior Secondary School Kelanga(Primary Section East Wing)1010
Govt Primary School Kelanga(South Wing)1228
Govt Primary School Kelanga(West Wing)986
Kharak Kalan (131)Govt Senior Secondary School Kharak Kalan(North Wing)860
Govt Senior Secondary School Kharak Kalan(South Wing)665
Chopal Chamaran Kharak Kalan689
Chopal Dhankan Near Railway Station Kharak Kalan554
Seth Shyamlal Govt Primary School Kharak Kalan(North Wing)1057
Seth Shyamlal Govt Primary School Kharak Kalan(West Wing)722
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section Kharak Kalan(North Wing)669
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section Kharak Kalan(South Wing)786
Govt Senior Secondary School Kharak Kalan(Middle Side)932
Govt Senior Secondary School Kharak Kalan(South Wing)718
Balmiki Chopal Near Senior Secondary School Kharak Kalan282
Kharak Khurd (132)Govt Primary School Kharak Khurd(East Wing)1002
Govt Primary School Kharak Khurd(East Wing)860
Govt Primary School Kharak Khurd(West Wing)695
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Near Kelanga Moad Kharak Khurd386
Kungar (131)Govt High School Bhaini Kungar Majra Kungar(West Wing)1032
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Bhaini Jatan Majra Kungar378
Govt High School Bhaini Kungar Majra Kungar(East Wing)721
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Bhaini Rangdan Majra Kungar241
Govt Primary School Kungar(East Wing)1252
Govt Primary School Kungar(West Wing)1194
Govt Senior Secondary School Kungar(North Wing)1119
Govt Senior Secondary School Kungar(South Wing)1065
Lohari Jatu (47)Govt Senior Secondary School Lohari Jatu(East Wing)1195
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Lohari Jatu1278
Schedule Caste Chopal Mohalla Nunaan Lohari Jatu463
Govt Senior Secondary School Lohari Jatu(West Wing)932
Balmiki Chopal Lohari Jatu383
Govt Senior Secondary School Lohari Jatu(Middle Wing)868
Schedule Caste Chopal Near House Of Bholu Nambardar Lohari Jatu438
Mandhana (48)Govt. Senior Secondary School Mandhana(North Wing)1095
Govt. Senior Secondary School Mandhana(Middle Wing)984
Schedule Caste Chopal Mandhana649
Govt. Senior Secondary School Mandhana(East Wing)1156
Mitathal (6)Govt Senior Secondary School Mitathal(East Wing)1112
Paras Bhagat(Bari) Chamaran Mitathal811
Govt Senior Secondary School Mitathal(West Wing)998
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Mitathal(East Wing)1088
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Mitathal(West Wing)851
Schedule Caste Chopal Dhankan Mitathal555
Mundhal Kalan (55)Govt Primary School Mundhal Kalan(East Wing)869
Govt Primary School Mundhal Kalan(West Wing)807
Schedule Caste Chopal Mundhal Kalan220
Mundhal Khurd (57)Govt Senior Secondary School Mundhal Khurd(East Wing)1333
Schedule Caste Chopal Balmikiyan Mundhal Khurd473
Govt Girls Middle School Mundhal Khurd452
Govt Senior Secondary School Mundhal Khurd(West Wing)1368
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Mundhal Khurd227
Govt Primary School Mundhal Khurd(East Wing)724
Govt Primary School Mundhal Khurd(West Wing)749
Govt Primary School Sukhpura Majra Mundhal Khurd499
Nathuwas (14)Govt High School Nathuwas1308
Schedule Caste Chopal Nathuwas452
Ninan (17)Govt Middle School Ninan
Paluwas (12)Govt High School Paluwas(East Wing)822
Govt Girls Primary School Paluwas776
Chamaran Chopal Paluwas650
Govt High School Paluwas(West Wing)1054
Panchayat Bhawan Paluwas579
Paposa (41)Govt. High School Paposa(East Wing)1159
Govt. High School Paposa(South Wing)821
Schedule Caste Chopal Chmaran Paposa407
Prem Nagar (9)Govt High School Prem Nagar(North Wing)1060
Panchayat Ghar Prem Nagar238
Govt High School Prem Nagar(South Wing)874
Health Department Office Prem Nagar402
Pur (49)Govt Primary School Pur(East Wing)1191
Govt Primary School Pur(West Wing)313
Govt High School Pur(West Wing)1019
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Pur905
Govt High School Pur(South Wing)1317
Ramupura (27)Govt. Middle School Ramupura
Ratera (34)Govt. High School Ratera(East Wing)1233
Govt. High School Ratera(West Wing)1304
Dhankan Chopal Ratera1025
Riwari (4)Govt High School Riwari Khera(East Wing)861
Govt High School Riwari Khera(West Wing)874
Schedule Caste Chopal Riwari Khera491
Govt Middle School Dhani Harsukh Majra Riwari Khera701
Rohnat (35)Govt. High School Rohnat(East Wing)777
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Rohnat599
Govt. High School Rohnat(West Wing)1045
Sai (1)Govt High School Sai(East Wing)1089
Govt High School Sai(West Wing)1174
Govt High School Sai(Middle Wing)1066
Sarsa (2)Govt Middle School Sarsa Ghoghra(North Wing)829
Govt Middle School Sarsa Ghoghra(South Wing)804
Govt Middle School Kaluwas1467
Siper (36)Govt Primary School Sipar870
Govt Middle School Sipar656
Siwana (132)Govt. High School Alakhpura Majra Siwana1282
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Near Hospital Alakhpura Majra Siwana622
Govt Primary School Siwana477
Govt Middle School Kheri Daulatpur Majra Siwana979
Schedule Caste Chopal Dhaankan Kheri Daulatpur Majra Siwana416
Siwara (50)Govt High School Siwara(East Wing)1257
Govt High School Siwara(South Wing)880
Paras Dhankan Siwara702
Sui (46)Govt Senior Secondary School Sui(North Wing)1129
Govt Senior Secondary School Sui(Middle Wing)1017
Govt Senior Secondary School Sui(South Wing)808
Sumra Khera (43)Govt Primary School Sumra Khera
Talu (51)Govt High School Talu(North Wing)1071
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Talu1168
Govt Girls Primary School Talu263
Govt High School Talu(Middle Wing)1004
Govt High School Talu(South Wing)1072
Chopal Balmiki First Talu143
Chopal Balmiki Second Talu98
Schedule Caste Chopal Chamaran Talu230
Tigrana (10)Govt Middle School Tigri (East Wing)1356
Govt Middle School Tigri (West Wing)907
Chopal Balmikiyan Near Ghuskani Road Tigrana439
Govt Girls High School Tigrana(East Wing)727
Govt Girls High School Tigrana(West Wing)746
Govt Girls High School Tigrana(Middle Wing)279
Govt. Senior Secondary School Tigrana(East Wing)1355
Govt. Senior Secondary School Tigrana(West Wing)1191
Tigri (8)Govt Middle School Tigri (Middle Wing)

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