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Polling Booth in Bawal Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Bawal

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bawal Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Ahrod (29)Govt High School Ahrodh(Left Side)1291
Govt High School Ahrodh(Right Side)1276
Alwal Pur (303)Govt Primary School, Alawalpur
Anandpur (24)Govt Primary School, Anandpur
Aram Nagar(46)Govt Primary School, Aasalwas
Asiakitappa Jarthal (308)Govt Primary School, Aasiyaki Tappa Jarthal
Asrakamajra (15)Govt Primary School, Asara Ka Majra519
Schedule Castechoupal, Asara Ka Majra196
Badhrana (4)Govt Senior Secondary School, Badhrana
Bagthala (47)Govt Senior Secondary School Bagthala(Left Side)1084
Govt Senior Secondary School Bagthala(Right Side)1120
Balawas (10)Govt High School, Balawas1052
Sechduled Caste Chopal, Balawas350
Balwari (33)Govt Middle School, Balwari1154
Schedule Castechoupal, Balwardi295
Banipur (40)Govt Primary School, Banipur1132
Schedule Caste Choupal, Banipur314
Baqapur (162)Govt High School, Kasola
Bas Dooda (26)Govt High School Basaduda (Left Side)1000
Govt High School Basaduda (Right Side)698
Bawal (Rural)(37)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Bawal(Left Side)816
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Bawal(Central Side)868
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Bawal(Right Side)1138
Office Of Block Development And Panchayat Officer, Bawal1129
Govt Senior Secondary School Bawal, Bawal (Left Side)702
Govt Senior Secondary School Bawal, Bawal (Right Side)778
Govt Middle School, Bawal (Left Wing)992
Govt Middle School, Bawal (Central Side)1081
Govt Middle School, Bawal (Right Side)578
Community Hall, Bawal616
Bawana Gujar (40)Govt Primary School, Bawana Gujar
Behrampur Bharangi (9)Govt Primary School, Bhairampur Bharangi
Berwal (5)Govt Primary School, Berwal
Bhalaki (35)Govt Primary School, Bhalkhi
Bhandor (59)Govt Primary School, Bhandor
Bharawas (145)Govt Primary School, Bharawas(Left Side)984
Govt Primary School, Bharawas(Right Side)897
Dharamshala Bharwas (Left Side)1060
Dharamshala Bharwas (Right Side)1145
Bhatsana (301)Govt Primary School, Bhatsana1075
Schedule Castechoupal, Bhatsana417
Bidawas (56)Govt Primary School, Alawalpur466
Govt Primary School, Bidawas869
Schedule Castechoupal, Bidawas170
Bishanpura (73)Govt Primary School, Bishanpur456
Govt Primary School, Mangleshwar804
Bithwana (149)Govt Senior Secondary School Bithawana(Left Side)972
Govt Senior Secondary School Bithawana(Right Side)966
Bolni (164)Govt Sr. Sec School, Bolani(Left Side)1009
Govt Sr. Sec School, Bolani(Central Side)1011
Govt Sr. Sec School, Bolani(Right Side)981
Cheeta Dungra (37)Govt Middle School Chitadungra
Chhuriawas (157)Govt Middle School, Chhurianwas
Chimnawas (69)Govt High School, Chimanawas
Chirhara (39)Govt Primary School, Chirhadha
Daliaki (133)Govt Primary School Daliyaki
Dawana (156)Govt Primary School Dawana
Dhaliawas (173)Govt Primary School, Dhaliyawas (Left Side)706
Govt Primary School, Dhaliyawas (Right Side)755
Dhamlaka (155)Govt Primary School, Dhamlaka
Dhamlawas (136)Govt Middle School, Dhamalawas
Dhani Sundrod (62)Govt Girls Primary School Dhani Sundroj
Dhar Chana (31)Govt Primary School, Darchana
Dharan (7)Govt High School, Dharan (Left Side)762
Govt High School, Dharan (Right Side)653
Schedule Castechoupal, Dharan290
Dodhai (160)Govt Primary School, Dyodhai
Dulhera Khurd (35)Govt Primary School, Dulhera Khurd
Garhi (163)Govt Primary School, Garhi
Goliaka (58)Govt Priamry School, Goliyaka
Gopal Pura Urf Pranpura (81)Govt Middle School Gopalpura Urf Puranpura
Gothara Tappa Khori (39)Govt High School, Gothra Tappa Khori(Left Side)825
Govt High School, Gothra Tappa Khori(Right Side)859
Schedule Castechoupal, Gothra Tappa Khori227
Gujar Majri (52)Govt High School, Gujarmajari
Gumina (42)Govt Primary School, Gumina
Harchandpur (14)Govt Primary School, Harchandpur1112
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Harchandpur452
Harjipur (43)Govt Primary School, Harjipur
Husainpur (134)Govt Primary School, Husianpur
Ibrahimpur (50)Govt Primary School, Ibrahimpur
Jai Singhpur Khera (22)Govt Primary School, Jaisinghpur Kheda979
Schedule Castechoupal, Jaisinghpur Kheda345
Jaitrawas (143)Govt Primary School Jaitrawas
Jalalpur (43)Schedule Caste Chaupal, Jalalpur
Jaliawas (41)Govt Primary School, Jaliyawas
Jatuwas (148)Govt Primary School Jatuwas
Jhabuwa (68)Govt High School, Jhabuwa (Left Side)863
Govt High School, Jhabuwa (Right Side)928
Schedule Castechoupal, Jhabuwa256
Jorthal (305)Govt High School Jarthal(Left Side)947
Govt High School Jarthal(Right Side)1152
Kamalpur (152)Govt Primary School Kamalpur
Kamalpur (48)Govt Primary School, Kamalpur Urf Mundanwas
Kanuka (45)Govt Primary School, Kanuka
Karnawas (151)Govt Senior Secondary School, Karnawas(Left Wing)1032
Govt Senior Secondary School, Karnawas(Right Side)943
Kasoli (161)Govt Primary School, Kasoli
Keshopur (23)Govt Primary School, Keshopur
Khaleta (17)Govt Middle School Khaleta (Left Side)1077
Govt Middle School Khaleta (Right Side)1059
Khandewra (50)Schedule Castechoupal, Khandewara306
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Khandewara(Left Side)970
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Khandewara(Central Side)890
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Khandewara(Right Side)867
Kharkhari (11)Govt Primary School, Kharkhari
Khera Murar (53)Govt Middle School, Kheramurar
Kheri Dalusingh (49)Govt Primary School, Khedi Dalu Singh
Khijuri (190)Govt Primary School, Khijuri
Khijuri (70)Govt Primary School, Khijuri
Khol (30)Govt Senior Secondary School Khol(Left Side)958
Govt Senior Secondary School Khol(Right Side)913
Schedule Castechoupal Khol418
Khori (70)Govt Senior Secondary School Khori(Left Side)1093
Govt Senior Secondary School Khori(Right Side)1117
Schedule Caste Choupal Khori294
Khurampur (66)Govt Primary School, Khurampur
Kolana (22)Govt Primary School, Kolana (Left Side)699
Govt Primary School, Kolana (Right Side)647
Kundal (44)Govt Primary School, Kundal
Lalpur (158)Govt Primary School, Lalpur
Mailawas (61)Govt Primary School, Mailawas
Majra Mutsal Bhalaki (36)Govt Middle School Majra Mutsil Bhalkhi(Left Side)1295
Govt Middle School Majra Mutsil Bhalkhi(Right Side)1259
Mamaria Aasampur (74)Govt Primary School Mamdiya Aasampur1243
Schedule Castechoupal Mamdiya Aasampur209
Mamaria Ahir (73)Govt High School, Mamdiya Ahir875
Govt Primary School Mamdyia Thethar777
Manethi (28) (Ct)Schedule Castechoupal Manethi524
Govt Middle School Manethi(Left Side)1157
Govt Middle School Manethi(Right Side)1023
Govt Primary School Kundmandi Majra Manethi815
Mayan (31)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Mayan(Left Side)739
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Mayan(Right Side)658
Mohamadpur (12)Govt Middle School, Mohammadpur1073
Schedule Castechoupal, Mohammadpur271
Mohanpur (20)Govt Senior Secondary School, Mohanpur
Nandha (34)Govt Middle School Nandha (Left Side)843
Govt Middle School Nandha (Right Side)890
Nandrampur Bas (304)Govt Senior Secondary School Nandrampurbas (Left Side)1004
Govt Senior Secondary School Nandrampurbas (Central Side)835
Govt Senior Secondary School Nandrampurbas (Right Side)830
Sechdule Choupal Jatiyan, Nandrampurbas635
Sechdule Choupal Charmaran Nandrampurbas666
Nangal Jamalpur (25)Govt Middle School, Nangal Jamalpur (Left Side)874
Govt Middle School, Nangal Jamalpur (Right Side)702
Nangal Shahbazpur (55)Govt High School, Nangalshahbajpur
Nangal Teju (29)Govt High School, Nangalteju794
Govt Primary School, Saidpur Urf Jaitpur661
Nangli Godha (141)Govt Senior Secondary School Nagligodha
Nangli Parsapur (36)Govt Primary School, Nangali Parsapur
Narainpur (138)Govt Primary School Narayanpur
Narsinghpur Garhi (8)Govt Primary School, Narsinghpur Gari
Nechana (1)Govt High School, Naihcana(Left Side)787
Govt High School, Naihcana(Right Side)789
Niganiawas (192)Govt Primary School, Niganiyawas
Odhi (19)Govt Primary School, Audhi739
Sechduled Caste Choupal, Audhi431
Padla (27)Govt Primary School, Padla (Left Side)748
Govt Primary School, Padla (Right Side)667
Pali (38)Govt Senior Secondary School Pali(Left Side)1304
Govt Senior Secondary School Pali(Right Side)1081
Schedule Caste Choupal, Pali493
Panchor (307)Govt Primary School, Panchor
Panwar (65)Govt Middle School, Panwar
Paranpura (61)Govt Senior Secondary School, Paranpura960
Schedule Castechoupal, Paranpura245
Patuhera (49)Govt Primary School, Patuhera
Pawti (64)Govt Middle School, Pawati
Pithanwas (166)Govt Middle School, Pithanwas1043
Govt Primary School Lodhana520
Pitherawas (60)Govt High School , Pithrawas
Pragpura (3)Govt Primary School, Pragpura
Punsika (56)Govt High School, Punsika
Raipur (54)Govt Primary School, Raipur (Left Side)734
Govt Primary School, Raipur (Right Side)730
Rajgarh (47)Govt High School , Rajgarh(Left Side)1144
Govt High School , Rajgarh(Right Side)799
Govt Primary School, Rajgarh274
Rajpura Istamrar (64)Govt Middle School Rajpura Istmurar1163
Govt Middle School Dhani Santo405
Rajyaka (57)Govt Primary School, Rajiyaka
Raliawas (191)Govt Middle School, Raliyawas (Left Side)882
Govt Middle School, Raliyawas (Right Side)728
Rampura (132) (Ct)Dharamshala Near Johar Rampura (Left Side)856
Dharamshala Near Johar Rampura (Right Side)775
Kumaran Dharamshala Rampura1068
Ranoli (62)Govt Primary School, Ranoli
Ransi Majri (27)Govt Primary School, Runsimajri
Rasiawas (25)Govt Middle School, Rasiyawas904
Schedule Castechoupal, Rasiyawas242
Rudh (38)Govt Primary School, Rudh
Saban (17)Govt Primary School, Saban
Sanjarpur (16)Govt Primary School, Sanjarpur
Sanpli (309)Govt Primary School, Sanpali
Shahpur (33)Govt Primary School, Shahpur
Shekhpur (32)Govt Primary School, Shekhpur
Subasheri (67)Govt Primary School, Subasehari707
Sechduled Caste Choupal, Subasehari232
Sulkha (2)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sulkha (Left Side)1272
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sulkha (Right Side)1141
Sundrodh (66)Govt Middle School Sundroj
Suthana (42)Govt High School, Suthana781
Govt Primary School, Suthani709
Tankri (48)Schedule Castechoupal, Tankari799
Govt High School , Tankari(Left Side)1079
Govt High School , Tankari(Right Side)914
Tatarpur Khalasa (302)Govt High School, Tatarpurkhasala
Teekla (60)Govt Primary School, Tikala
Thothwalka (139)Govt Primary School Thothawolka
Tihara (34)Govt High School, Tihara1060
Schedule Castechoupal, Tihara259
Tint (41)Govt High School Tint(Left Side)929
Govt High School Tint(Right Side)836

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