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Polling Station List Ateli Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Ateli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ateli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Aghiar(53)Govt Middle School,Aghiyar
Atali(37)Govt Middle School, Atali
Ateli (Rural)(21)Govt Primary School, Ateli1034
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Ateli299
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Ateli Mandi(Right Side)907
Govt Primary School ,Ateli Mandi1019
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Ateli Mandi(Central Side)1205
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Ateli Mandi(Left Side)1107
Bachhod(178)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Bachhod(Right Side)1007
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Bachhod(Left Side)1138
Bajar(24)Govt Primary School, Bazar803
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Bazar333
Beghpur(22)Govt Primary School, Begpur
Bewal(30)Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Bewal(Right Side)1137
Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Bewal(Left Side)1224
Bhagot(6)Govt High School,Baghot(Left Side)964
Govt Primary School,Baghot580
Govt High School,Baghot(Right Side)950
Govt High School,Baghot(Central Side)793
Bharaf(17)Govt High School ,Bharf(Left Side)1288
Govt High School ,Bharf(Right Side)1135
Bhilwara(11)Govt Primary School, Bhilwara
Bhojawas(42)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Bhojawas(Left Side)931
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Bhojawas(Right Side)1149
Govt Primary School ,Bhojawas878
Bhori(35)Panchayat Ghar, Bohari
Bihali(16)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Bihali(Right Side)1313
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Bihali(Left Side)1117
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Bihali581
Bocharia(27)Govt High School ,Bocharia(Right Side)1061
Govt High School ,Bocharia(Left Side)1194
Chandpura(25/1)Govt High School, Chandpura1039
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Chandpura172
Chelawas(22)Govt Primary School, Aghiyaar1098
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Chelawas273
Chhapra Salimpur(182)Govt Primary School, Chhapra Salimpur
Chhithroli(11)Govt High School,Chhitroli(Right Side)797
Govt High School,Chhitroli(Left Side)771
Dhanunda(12)Govt Senior Secondary School,Dhanounda(Right Side)958
Govt Senior Secondary School,Dhanounda(Left Side)0
Govt Primary School,Dhanounda853
Panchayat Ghar,Dhanounda951
Dhanunda(3)Govt Primary School, Dhanounda
Dogra Jat(33)Govt Primary School,Dongra Jat
Dongra Ahir(32)Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Dongra Ahir(Right Side)964
Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Dongra Ahir(Left Side)941
Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Dongra Ahir(Central Side)930
Govt Primary School, Dongra Ahir198
Duloth(38)Govt High School, Duloth Jat697
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Duloth Jat221
Fatehpur(9)Govt Primary School, Fatehpur
Gahra(3)Govt Primary School,Gahra(Right Side)705
Govt Primary School,Gahra(Left Side)597
Ganiar(23)Govt Middle School, Ganiyar(Right Side)953
Govt Middle School, Ganiyar(Left Side)831
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Ganiyar184
Gomla(44)Govt Primary School,Gomla(Right Side)794
Govt Primary School,Gomla(Left Side)683
Gudha(23)Govt High School ,Gudha(Right Side)1138
Govt High School ,Gudha(Left Side)1363
Gujarwas(34)Govt High School, Gujarwas
Hasanpur(154)Scheduled Caste Dharmshala, Hasanpur
Israna(20)Govt Primary School,Israna
Jharli(10)Govt Primary School,Jharli
Jhigawan(37)Govt Middle School, Jhigawan
Kaimla(54)Govt Primary School,Kaimla
Kakrala(21)Govt High School ,Kakrala(Left Side)1036
Govt High School ,Kakrala(Right Side)1085
Govt Primary School,Kakrala1005
Kalwari(34)Govt Middle School ,Kalwari(Right Side)749
Govt Middle School ,Kalwari(Left Side)801
Kanina (Rural)(14)Govt Girls Primary School,Kanina(Right Side)802
Govt Girls Primary School,Kanina(Left Side)592
Govt Girls High School,Kanina1311
Govt Senior Secondary School,Kanina(Right Side)830
Govt Senior Secondary School,Kanina(Central Side)546
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Kanina(Right Side)764
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Kanina(Left Side)1041
Govt Senior Secondary School,Kanina(Left Side)724
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School,Kanina(Central Side)775
Govt Primary School,Kanina894
Kanti(17)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kanti(Right Side)660
Govt Primary School, Kanti784
Vetenary Hospital, Kanti532
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kanti(Left Side)1269
Kapoori(18)Govt Primary School,Kapoori
Karira(16)Govt High School ,Karira(Left Side)1140
Govt High School ,Karira(Right Side)1132
Katkai(33)Govt Middle School, Katkai
Khairana(36)Govt Middle School,Khairana(Right Side)827
Govt Middle School,Khairana(Left Side)896
Khairani(46)Govt Primary School, Khairani
Khariwara(42)Govt Primary School, Khariwara
Kharkhara(43)Govt Primary School,Kharkhara Bass(Right Side)772
Govt Primary School,Kharkhara Bass(Left Side)675
Kheri(18)Govt High School ,Kheri(Right Side)1055
Govt High School ,Kheri(Left Side)920
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Kheri486
Kheri(51)Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Kheri(Right Side)936
Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Kheri(Left Side)786
Govt Primary School,Kheri(Right Side)867
Govt Primary School,Kheri(Left Side)762
Panchayat Ghar,Kheri547
Khor (Part)(2)Govt Middle School, Khor1323
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Khor275
Koka(27)Govt Middle School,Koka
Kotia(15)Govt Middle School ,Kotia(Left Side)1018
Govt Middle School ,Kotia(Right Side)958
Kunjpura(13)Govt High School, Kunjpura(Right Side)798
Govt High School, Kunjpura(Left Side)840
Mahasar(30)Govt Primary School, Mahasar
Manpura(40)Govt Primary School,Manpura
Mirjapur(179)Govt Girls High School, Mirjapur(Right Side)791
Govt Girls High School, Mirjapur(Left Side)721
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Mirjapur455
Mohalra(45)Govt Primary School,Mohlra
Mohamadpur(24)Govt Primary School,Mohmadpur
Mohamadpur(40)Govt Primary School, Mohmadpur
Mori(41)Govt Primary School,Mori
Mundia Khera(35)Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Mundia Khera(Right Side)1138
Schedled Caste Choupal, Mundia Khera200
Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Mundia Khera(Left Side)1183
Nangal (Part)(7)Govt Primary School, Nangal
Nangal(26)Govt Middle School,Nangal
Nautana(48)G.G.S.S.S. Pota(Right Side)935
G.G.S.S.S. Pota(Left Side)1006
Dharamshala, Notana333
Navedi(19)Govt Middle School, Nawadi(Right Side)763
Govt Middle School, Nawadi(Left Side)699
Neerpur(6)Govt Primary School, Nirpur
Partal(39)Govt Middle School,Dhana Mazra Partal1310
Govt Primary School,Partal1181
Pathera(55)Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Pathera(Right Side)821
Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Pathera(Left Side)725
Govt Primary School,Pathera(Right Side)763
Govt Primary School,Pathera(Left Side)834
Pota(8)G.G.S.S.S. Pota(Right Side)1114
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School ,Pota(Left Side)1160
Prithipura(15)Govt Primary School, Prithavipura
Rajpura(14)Govt Middle School, Rajpura
Rambas(19)Govt Senior Secondary School,Rambass(Right Side)882
Govt Senior Secondary School,Rambass(Left Side)803
Rampura(20)Govt Middle School, Rampura(Right Side)682
Govt Middle School, Rampura(Left Side)640
Rasulpur(25)Govt High School ,Rasulpur(Right Side)1125
Govt High School ,Rasulpur(Left Side)801
Rata Kalan(43)Govt High School ,Ratta Kalan(Right Side)1101
Govt High School ,Ratta Kalan(Left Side)1055
Rata Khurd(44)Govt Primary School, Ratta Khurd
Ruthal Garhi(41)Govt High School ,Gadhi Ruthal(Right Side)992
Govt High School ,Gadhi Ruthal(Left Side)825
Sagarpur(36)Govt High School, Sagarpur1210
Schedul Caste Chaupal, Sagarpur232
Saidpur(5)Govt Primary School, Saidpur(Right Side)849
Govt Primary School, Saidpur(Left Side)718
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Saidpur238
Salarpur(39)Govt Senior Secondary School, Silarpur(Right Side)851
Govt Senior Secondary School, Silarpur(Left Side)782
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Silarpur472
Salimpur(32)Govt Primary School, Salimpur(Right Side)830
Govt Primary School, Salimpur(Left Side)803
Sarai Bahadur Nagar(181)Govt Primary School, Sarai Bahadur Nagar
Sehlang(9)Govt High School ,Sehlang(Right Side)1095
Govt High School ,Sehlang(Left Side)1173
Panchayat Dharamshala,Sehlang336
Govt Primary School,Sehlang1209
Siana(49)Govt Girls High School,Sayana(Right Side)1205
Govt Girls High School,Sayana(Left Side)1005
Sihor(4)Govt High School ,Sihor(Left Side)1381
Govt High School ,Sihor(Right Side)1321
Sujapur(25/2)Govt Primary School, Sujapur
Sundrah(38)Govt High School ,Sundrah(Right Side)1357
Govt High School ,Sundrah(Left Side)755
Surani(180)Govt Primary School, Surani
Tajpur(10)Govt Middle School, Tajpur1194
Scheduled Caste Choupal, Tajpur435
Talwana(50)Govt Primary School,Talwana
Tigra(1)Govt High School, Tigra(Right Side)835
Govt High School, Tigra(Left Side)755
Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Tigra394
Tobra (Part)(8)Govt Primary School, Tobra
Uchat(5)Govt Primary School,Uchchat
Unhani(13)Govt Middle School,Unhani1039
Community Center,Unhani261
Uninda (Part)(4)Govt Primary School, Uninda

Last Updated on October 19, 2014