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Polling Booth in Assandh Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Assandh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Assandh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
AchhanpurGovt Primary School, Achhanpur
Agond (37)Govt Girls Primary School , Agondh1451
Govt Senior Secondary School, Agondh(High Section)1426
Govt Senior Secondary School, Agondh(Middle Section)1407
Alawla (65)Govt High School, Alawala(Right Side)931
Govt High School, Alawala(Left Side)756
Anchla (56)Govt Middle School, Anchala
Ardana (64)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ardana(Right Side)1136
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ardana(Middle Section)1012
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ardana(Left Side)920
Govt Primary School, Ardana1252
Assandh (Rural)(Part)(84)Govt Primary School New Building Sc Basti, Asandh1155
Jeevan Chanana Girls College, Asandh(Right Side)1071
Jeevan Chanana Girls College, Asandh(Middle Section)1014
Jeevan Chanana Girls College, Asandh(Left Side)1063
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Asandh(Right Side)1012
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Asandh(Left Side)992
B.E.O. Office, Assandh868
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Asandh(Right Side)1446
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Asandh(Middle Section)1149
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Asandh(Left Side)1173
Govt. Primary School (Pirwala), Asandh(Right Side)1320
Govt. Primary School (Pirwala), Asandh(Middle Section)1480
Govt. Primary School (Pirwala), Asandh(Left Side)1083
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Asandh(Central Side)1212
Govt Primary School, Dera Gama1237
Govt Primary School Dera Fulla Singh, Asandh1278
Bahlolpur Mushtarka (19)Govt. Primary School, Behlolpur, Mustarka
Bahri (65)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bahri(Right Side)1317
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bahri(Left Side)1172
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bahri(Primary Section)1318
Balla (30)Govt Senior Secondary School, Balla(High Section)1340
Govt Senior Secondary School, Balla(Middle Section)1389
Govt Senior Secondary School, Balla(Office Wing)1432
Govt Primary School Math, Balla(North Side)1349
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Balla(Right Side)1125
Govt Primary School Math, Balla(West Side)1410
Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School, Balla(Left Side)1537
Govt Primary School, Manpura619
Balona (72)Govt High School, Bilona(Right Side)956
Govt High School, Bilona(Left Side)1148
Baloo (18)Govt High School, Balu(Right Side)1131
Govt High School, Balu(Left Side)779
Balran Gran (70)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Balrangran(Right Side)1251
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Balrangran(Middle Section)1091
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Balrangran(Left Side)702
Govt Girls Primary School, Balrangran1138
Bansa (57)Govt High School, Bansa(Right Side)1061
Govt High School, Bansa(Middle Section)1025
Govt High School, Bansa(Left Side)1022
Barota (51)Govt Senior Secondary School, Barota(Right Side)890
Govt Senior Secondary School, Barota(Left Side)1061
Bassi (70)Govt Primary School, Bassi
Bazida Roran (16)Govt Primary School, Bajida Rodan
Bhambar Heri (69)Govt Middle School, Bhamberheri
Bindrala (88)Govt Primary School, Bandrala
Birachhpur (52)Govt Middle School, Birchpur
Budhanpur Abad (53)Govt Primary School, Budhanpur Abad(Right Side)592
Govt Primary School, Budhanpur Abad(Left Side)951
Budhanpur Viran (39)Govt Primary School, Budhanpur Viran
Chaugawan (86)Govt Primary School, Chaungawa
Chirao (49)Govt Middle School, Chirao
Chochran (42)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Chochra(East Side)1324
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Chochra(Middle Section)1125
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Chochra(West Side)912
Govt Primary School Brahman Chaupal, Chochra1132
Dadoopur Roran (43)Govt High School, Dadupur Rodan(Right Side)1400
Govt High School, Dadupur Rodan(Left Side)1080
Danauli (92)Govt Middle School, Danauli
Dopedi (93)Govt Middle School, Dupedi(Right Side)959
Govt Middle School, Dupedi(Left Side)1048
Gangatheri (56)Govt Senior Secondary School, Gangatheri(Right Side)857
Govt Senior Secondary School, Gangatheri(Left Side)1201
Goli (32)Govt High School, Goli(Right Side)1267
Govt High School, Goli(Left Side)1250
Hathlana (40)Govt High School, Hathlana(Right Side)981
Govt High School, Hathlana(Left Side)784
Jai Singhpura (82)Govt High School, Jaisinghpura(Right Side)886
Govt High School, Jaisinghpura(Middle Section)1149
Govt High School, Jaisinghpura(Left Side)1109
Jalmana (64)Govt High School, Jalmana(Right Side)1409
Govt High School, Jalmana(Middle Section)1312
Govt Primary School, Jalmana(Right Side)1412
Jani (54)Govt High School, Jani(Right Side)1301
Govt High School, Jani(Left Side)1172
Jhabala (81)Govt High School, Jhabala(Right Side)842
Govt High School, Jhabala(Left Side)699
Jhimri Khera (59)Govt Primary School, Jhiwanri Khera
Jundla (44)Govt Senior Secondary School, Jundla(Right Side)1384
Govt Primary School , Jundla1209
Govt Senior Secondary School, Jundla(Middle Section)1121
Govt Senior Secondary School, Jundla(Left Side)1224
Govt. Girls Primary Scool, Jundla(Right Side)1073
Govt. Girls Primary Scool, Jundla(Left Side)1174
Govt Girls Middle School, Jundla(Right Side)1155
Govt Girls Middle School, Jundla(Left Side)974
Kaboolpur (80)Govt Primary School, Kabulpur Khera
Karsa Chaur (63)Govt High School, Karsachor(Right Side)925
Govt High School, Karsachor(Middle Section)692
Govt High School, Karsachor(Left Side)1223
Katlaheri (59)Govt Senior Secondary School, Katlaheri(Right Side)675
Govt Senior Secondary School, Katlaheri(Middle Section)1109
Govt Senior Secondary School, Katlaheri(Left Side)1394
Govt Primary School, Alipur Viran400
Kaul (57)Govt Primary School, Kol Khera
Khanda Kheri (83)Govt Primary School, Khanda Kheri393
Govt Middle School, Rangruti Khera736
Kheri Munak (71)Govt Middle School, Kheri Munak
Kheri Naru (46)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kherinaru(High Section)1266
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kherinaru(Office Wing)1317
Govt Girls Primary School, Kherinaru1270
Kheri Sharafali (69)Govt High School, Kheri Sharf Ali(High Section)971
Govt High School, Kheri Sharf Ali(Middle Section)1011
Govt High School, Kheri Sharf Ali(Primary Section)1076
Khizarabad (85)Govt Middle School, Khizrabad
Kurlan (73)Govt High School, Kurlan(Right Side)1383
Govt High School, Kurlan(Left Side)1385
Kutana (26)Govt Middle School, Kotana
Lalain Panghala (75)Govt High School, Lalain Panghala(Right Side)954
Govt High School, Lalain Panghala(Left Side)598
Govt Primary School, Lalain511
Manjoora (17)Govt High School, Manjura(Right Side)955
Govt High School, Manjura(Left Side)666
Mardan Heri (87)Govt Primary School, Mardanheri
Mor Majra (31)Govt Middle School, Mormajra
Munak (28)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Munak(Right Side)1173
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Munak(Middle Section)1214
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Munak(Left Side)1371
Govt Girls High School, Munak(Middle Section)1253
Govt Girls High School, Munak(Left Side)1357
Mundh (67)Govt High School, Mund(Right Side)826
Govt High School, Mund(Left Side)555
Pabana Hassanpur (72)Govt High School, Pabana Hasanpur(Right Side)1056
Govt High School, Pabana Hasanpur(Left Side)1190
Pacca Khera (75)Govt Primary School, Pakka Khera(Right Side)841
Govt Primary School, Pakka Khera(Left Side)667
Padha (68)Govt Senior Secondary School, Padha(Right Side)928
Govt Senior Secondary School, Padha(Middle Section)769
Govt Primary School, Padha562
Govt Senior Secondary School, Padha(High Section)1348
Phaphrana (94)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Phaphrana(Right Side)1287
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Phaphrana(Middle Section)962
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Phaphrana(Left Side)849
Popra (58)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Popara(Right Side)1290
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Popara(Left Side)1134
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Popara(Primary Section)1030
Pucholia (55)Govt High School, Picholiy(Right Side)1254
Govt High School, Picholiy(Left Side)1125
Rahra (73)Govt Senior Secondary School, Rihara(Right Side)1445
Govt Senior Secondary School, Rihara(Right Side)1451
Govt Girls Primary School, Rihara(Right Side)1504
Govt Girls Primary School, Rihara(Left Side)1212
Govt Senior Secondary School, Rihara(Middle Section)1547
Rattak (76)Govt Middle School, Ratag(Right Side)1026
Govt Middle School, Ratag(Left Side)844
Risalwa (96)Govt Primary School, Risalwa
Ruksana (41)Govt Middle School, Rugsana
Salwan (95)Minny Bank, Salwan(Right Side)763
Minny Bank, Salwan(Left Side)1363
Govt Senior Secondary School, Salwan(Right Side)1140
Govt Senior Secondary School, Salwan(Middle Section)1380
Govt Senior Secondary School, Salwan(Left Side)1216
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Salwan(Right Side)1502
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Salwan(Left Side)1313
Govt Primary School New Bhawan Near Well, Salwan(West Side)1320
Govt Primary School Purana Bhawan (Near Well)(East Side)1319
Govt Primary School , Padhana685
Shahpur (13)Govt High School, Shahpur(Right Side)875
Govt High School, Shahpur(Left Side)948
Sheikhupura Manchuri (66)Govt Primary School, Manchuri909
Govt High School, Shekhpura Manchuri(Right Side)949
Govt High School, Shekhpura Manchuri(Left Side)731
Sirsi (15)Govt Primary School, Sirsi
Thal (68)Govt Middle School, Thal
Thari (79)Govt Middle School, Thari(Right Side)781
Govt Middle School, Thari(Left Side)843
Tharwa Majra (67)Govt Primary School, Tharwamajra
Uplana (78)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Uplana(Right Side)841
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Uplana(Middle Section)1198
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Uplana(Office Wing)1126
Uplani (77)Govt High School, Uplani

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