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Polling Booth in Ambala City Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Ambala City

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ambala City Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Addu Majra (278)Govt Primary School, Adumajra
Ahman (175)Govt Primary School, Ehma
Anandpur Jalbera (121)Govt. Senior Secondary School , Anandpur Jalbera(East Wing)1064
Govt. Senior Secondary School , Anandpur Jalbera(West Wing)919
Baknaur (282)Govt High School, Baknaur(East Wing)1070
Govt High School, Baknaur(West Wing)405
Balana (173)Govt Senior Secondary School , Balana(East Wing)1014
Govt Senior Secondary School , Balana(West Wing)1021
Govt Senior Secondary School , Balana(Middle Wing)946
Batrohan (294)Govt Middle School, Batrohan(East Wing)821
Govt Middle School, Batrohan(West Wing)470
Bhano Kheri (180)Govt Primary School, Bhano Kheri(East Wing)1214
Govt Primary School, Bhano Kheri(West Wing)845
Bhari (176)Govt Primary School, Barhi
Bhuni (290)Govt Middle School, Bhunni
Bhurangpur (286)Govt High School, Bharangpur
Dadiana (36)Govt. Middle School, Dudiana
Danipur (322)Govt High School, Danipur
Devinagar (37)Govt. Primary School, Devi Nagar
Dhulkot (Part)(60)Govt. Middle School, Dhulkot(East Wing)896
Govt. Middle School, Dhulkot(West Wing)957
Dhurala (119)Govt Primary School, Dhurala
Dhurkra (118)Govt Primary School, Dhurkara
Ghel (52)Govt. Senior Secondary School , Ghel1135
Govt. Primary School, Ghel Khurd942
Gorsian (309)Govt Primary School, Gaursia
Hamayupur (179)Govt Primary School, Hamayupur
Ismailpur (262)Govt High School, Ismailpur716
Govt Primary School, Mallor675
Jandheri (323)Govt Primary School, Jandheri(East Wing)937
Govt Primary School, Jandheri(West Wing)409
Jandli (Part) (113) (Ct)Govt. Middle School , Jandli(East Wing)982
Govt. Primary School , Jandli(East Wing)567
Govt. Middle School , Jandli(West Wing)1157
Govt. Primary School , Jandli(West Wing)1279
Govt. Middle School , Jandli(North Wing)1280
Govt. Primary School , Jandli(North Wing)1356
Govt. Middle School , Jandli(South Wing)1145
Govt. Primary School , Jandli(South Wing)1233
Jansui (308)Govt Senior Secondary School, Jansui(East Wing)1186
Govt Senior Secondary School, Jansui(West Wing)943
Jansuya (315)Govt Primary School, Jansua
Kalawar (320)Govt Primary School, Kalawar
Kangwal (319)Govt Middle School, Kangwal
Kanwla (110) (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kanwla(East Wing)1079
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kanwla(West Wing)1333
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kanwla(West Wing)1357
Khana Majra (297)Govt Primary School, Khanna Majra
Khera (281)Govt High School, Khaira
Ladana (172)Govt Primary School, Ladana
Lakhnaur Sahib (183)Govt Middle School, Lakhnor Sahib
Laotan (291)Govt Middle School, Lottan
Liharsa (54)Govt Middle School, Liharsa
Lohgarh (34)Govt. Primary School, Lohgarh
Mahlan (318)Govt Primary School, Mehlan
Manakpur (35)Govt. Middle School, Manakpur
Matehri Jattan (120)Govt Primary School, Matehri Jatan
Matehri Shekhan (256)Govt High School, Matehri Shekhan
Mehmudpur (303)Govt Primary School, Mehmoodpur
Miyan Majra (300)Govt Middle School, Miyan Majra
Naggal (102)Govt. Senior Secondary School ,Nangal(West Wing)940
Govt. Senior Secondary School ,Nangal(East Wing)884
Nanyola (292)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Nanyola1139
D.A.V. College , Nanyola(East Wing)959
D.A.V. College , Nanyola(West Wing)805
D.A.V. College , Nanyola(West Wing)301
Niharsi (311)Govt Primary School, Niharsi
Panjola (289)Govt High School, Panjola
Rawalan (171)Govt Primary School, Rawala
Roshanpura (325)Govt Primary School, Roshanpura
Sakhraon (265)Govt Middle School, Sukhraon
Sarangpur (117)Govt Middle School , Sarangpur1042
Govt Primary School, Rupo Majra694
Segti (306)Govt Primary School, Segti
Sheikhupur (313)Govt Primary School, Shekhupura
Sonda (114) PartGovt High School, Saunda(East Wing)1337
Govt Primary School, Parshuram Nagar, Ambala City(East Wing)944
Govt Primary School, Parshuram Nagar, Ambala City(West Wing)1084
Sonta (316)Govt Senior Secondary School, Saunta(East Wing)977
Govt Senior Secondary School, Saunta(West Wing)971
Sonti (317)Govt Middle School, Saunti
Udepur (295)Govt High School, Udeypur

Last Updated on April 08, 2020

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