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Polling Booth in Ambala Cantt Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Ambala Cantt

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ambala Cantt Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Babiyal (Ct)Govt Girls High School, Babyal(East Wing)1280
Govt Girls High School, Babyal(West Wing)A1270
Govt Primary School, Babyal(Middle Wing)1098
Govt Primary School, Babyal (Eastwing)1214
Govt Primary School, Babyal(West Wing)906
Govt Middle School, Dalipgarh(East Wing)1493
Govt Middle School, Dalipgarh(West Wing)1189
Govt Middle School, Dalipgarh(North Wing)1271
Govt Middle School, Dalipgarh(South Wing)856
Govt Senior Secondary School, Babyal(East Wing)1339
Govt Senior Secondary School, Babyal(North Wing)1020
D.C. Model School ,Shyam Nagar(East Wing)1447
D.C. Model School ,Shyam Nagar(West Wing)1288
D.C. Model School ,Shyam Nagar(North Wing)1290
D.C. Model School ,Shyam Nagar(South Wing)1046
Sewa Samiti Girls Senior Secondary School, Ambala Cantt(Middle Wing)1125
Bara (123)Govt Middle School, Bara
Barnala (Part)(48)Govt Primary School,Barnala(East Wing)904
Govt Primary School,Barnala(West Wing)670
Boh(27) (Ct)Govt, Sr.Sec School, Boh(East Wing)968
Govt, Sr.Sec School, Boh(West Wing)924
Govt, Sr.Sec School, Boh(North Wing)1071
Gov. Tprimary School ,Boh(East Wing)1181
Gov. Tprimary School ,Boh(West Wing)998
Brahman Majra (127)Govt Primary School, Brahaman Majra
Dhankaur (Part)(61)Govt Primary School, Dhankaur
Garnala (44)Govt High School, Garnala(East Wing)900
Govt High School, Garnala(West Wing)656
Ghasitpur (126)Govt Middle School, Ghasitpur
Janetpur (45)Govt Primary School, Janetpur
Kalarheri (28)Govt High School,Kalarheri(East Wing)868
Govt High School,Kalarheri(West Wing)898
Govt High School,Kalarheri(Primary Vibhag)889
Kardhan (Ct)Govt Primary School, Kardhan(East Wing)1082
Govt Primary School, Kardhan(West Wing)1068
Govt Primary School, Nanhera (East Wing)946
Govt High School, Kardhan(East Wing)723
Govt High School, Kardhan(West Wing)746
Little Angel Middle Public School Nishant Baag, Kardhan(East Wing)1235
Little Angel Middle Public School Nishant Baag, Kardhan(West Wing)799
Little Angel Middle Public School Nishant Baag, Kardhan(Middle Wing)831
Pushapdeep Model School Nishant Baag, Kardhan(East Wing)1299
Pushapdeep Model School Nishant Baag, Kardhan(West Wing)1366
Kumayun Dharamshala Shanti Nagar, Kardhan(East Wing)1100
Kumayun Dharamshala Shanti Nagar, Kardhan(West Wing)770
Khatoli (30)Govt Middle School, Khatauli
Khojkipur( Part) (101)Govt Middle School,Khojkipur(East Wing)925
Govt Middle School,Khojkipur(Central Wing)1151
Govt Middle School,Khojkipur(West Wing)1408
Machhonda (105)Govt Primary School. Machaunda(East Wing)1185
Sewa Samiti Little Angel Convent School, ,Machhaunda(East Wing)708
Govt Primary School. Machaunda(West Wing)1217
Sewa Samiti Little Angel Convent School, ,Machhaunda(West Wing)1623
Govt Middle School, Machhonda(Middle Wing)1452
Mardon (252)Govt High School. Mandhaur
Nanhera(104) (Ct)Govt. Primary School, Nanhera (Middle Wing)1040
Govt Primary School, Nanhera (West Wing)993
Govt Primary School, Nanhera (North Wing)952
Panjokhara (29)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Panjokhara(East Wing)1000
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Panjokhara(West Wing)606
Govt Senior Secondary School, Panjokhara(North Wing)856
Govt Senior Secondary School, Panjokhara(Middle Wing)698
Ramgarh Urf Sharifpur (26)Govt Primary School, Ramgarh569
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Rampur Sarsehedi(West Wing)1003
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Rampur Sarsehedi(North Wing)883
Salarheri (128)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Rampur Sarsehedi(East Wing)1039
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Rampur Sarsehedi(Middle Wing)708
Shahpur (125)Govt Senior Secondary School Shahpur(East Wing)1152
Govt Senior Secondary School Shahpur(West Wing)1041
Govt Girls Middle School, Shahpur(East Wing)831
Govt Girls Middle School, Shahpur(West Wing)699
Tundla(46) (Ct)Govt High School, Tundla(East Wing)947
Govt High School, Tundla(Middle Wing)535
Govt High School, Tundla(West Wing)949
Govt High School, Tundla(Primary Vibhag)1019
Tundli (47)Govt Middle School, Tundali

Last Updated on April 08, 2020

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