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Polling Booth in Adampur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Stations in Adampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Adampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Adampur (Ct)Office Market Committe Mandi , Adampur(North Side)1222
Office Market Committe Mandi , Adampur(South Side)1178
Office S.D.O.Market Committe Mandi , Adampur1271
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Old Bhawan, Mandi Adampur(North Side)957
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Old Bhawan, Mandi Adampur(South Side)907
Govt Girls Senior Secondaryschool New Bhawan, Mandi Adampur(West Side)1024
Govt Girls Senior Secondaryschool New Bhawan, Mandi Adampur(Central Side)1234
Govt Girls Senior Secondaryschool New Bhawan, Mandi Adampur(East Side)979
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Old Bhawan, Mandi Adampur(Central Side)1012
Govt Middle School Jawahar Nagar Line Par , Mandi Adampur(East Side)1468
Govt Middle School Jawahar Nagar Line Par , Mandi Adampur(West Side)1090
Govt Middle School Jawahar Nagar Line Par , Mandi Adampur(Central Side)847
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Adampur(East Side)1010
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Adampur(West Side)698
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Adampur (Central Side)1021
Govt Primary School Primari Section,Adampur(West Side)758
Govt. Primary School, Primary Section Adampur (East Wing)598
Govt. Primary School, Primary Section Adampur (West Wing)1071
Asranwan(39)Govt Senior Secondary School , Asarawan(East Side)914
Govt Senior Secondary School , Asarawan(West Side)1048
Bagla (26)Govt High School, Bagla(East Side)1211
Govt High School, Bagla(West Side)1315
Balsmand(22)Govt Senior Secondary School , Balsamand(North Bilding Of East Cell)1134
Govt Girls Primary School, Balsamand914
Govt Senior Secondary School , Balsamandnorth Bilding Of Center Cell)889
Govt Senior Secondary School , Balsamandnorth Bilding Of West Cell616
Govt Senior Secondary School , Balsamandsouth Bilding Of West Cell873
Govt Senior Secondary School , Balsamandsouth Bilding Of Eest Cell1108
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Balsamand(North Side)895
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Balsamand(South Side)793
Govt Primary School, Balsamand(East Side)754
Govt Primary School, Balsamand(West Side)807
Bandaheri(24)Govt High School , Bandaheri(East Side)1012
Govt. Girls Primary School, Bandaheri394
Govt High School , Bandaheri(West Side)1048
Bhana(24)Govt High School , Bhana(East Side)652
Govt High School , Bhana(Central Side)799
Govt High School , Bhana(West Side)1238
Bhodia Khera Bishnoian(25)Govt High School, Bhodia Bishnoiyan(East Side)862
Govt High School, Bhodia Bishnoiyan(West Side)1296
Bir Hisar(145)Govt. Primary School Bir Babran, Hisar(East Side)896
Govt. Primary School Bir Babran, Hisar(West Side)778
Govt. Primary School , Dandur, Bir Hisar (Room No. 2 )1383
Govt. Primary School , Dandur, Bir Hisar (Room No. 3 )1303
Govt. Primary School Rajiv Nagar(Jhidi ), Bir Hisar1396
Govt. Primary School Dani Piran Wali, Bir Hisar1441
Parbha Bal Vihar, Sheep Breeding Farm (Ebs) Bir Hisar593
Govt Middle School T.T.C. , Hisar1242
Govt Middle School T.T.C. , Hisarhall Cell924
Govt. Primary School Sanjay Nagar Balsamand Road , Hisar(North Side)677
Govt. Primary School Sanjay Nagar Balsamand Road , Hisar(South Side)1062
Burak(23)Govt High School , Budak(East Side)1185
Govt High School , Budak(West Side)1059
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Budak Near Ratiram S/O Sh. Surjaram House357
Chabbarwal(19)Govt Primary School,Chabrwala
Chikanwas(144)Govt High School, Chikanwas(East Side)765
Govt High School, Chikanwas(West Side)976
Chudhriwali(29)Govt High School , Chodhariwali(East Side)1036
Govt High School , Chodhariwali(West Side)966
Chuli Bagarian(8)Govt Senior Secondary School , Chulibagriyan(East Side)1144
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chulibagriyan(West Side)1075
Govt Senior Secondary School , Chulibagriyan(Central Side)892
Chuli Kalan(7)Govt High School, Chuli Kalan(East Side)857
Govt High School, Chuli Kalan(West Side)755
Chuli Khurd(6)Govt Middle School, Chuli Khurd(East Side)891
Govt Middle School, Chuli Khurd(West Side)681
Daroli(32)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Daroli(East Side)1210
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Daroli(West Side)1082
Dobhi(25)Govt Senior Secondary School , Dobhi(East Side)881
Govt Senior Secondary School , Dobhi(North Side)647
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Dobhi Near Dr. Ambadkar Library469
Govt Senior Secondary School , Dobhi(West Side)1377
Govt Girls Middle School, Dobhi1269
Durjanpur(143)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Durjanpur(East Side)739
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Durjanpur(Central Side)860
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Durjanpur(West Side)832
Fransi(37)Govt Middle School, Fransi(East Side)611
Govt Middle School, Fransi(West Side)1109
Ghursal(30)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ghursal(East Side)963
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ghursal(West Side)685
Jagan(141)Govt High School ,Jagan(East Side)1250
Govt High School ,Jagan(West Side)767
Jakhod Khera(42)Govt Senior Secondary School , Jakhodkherha(North Side)864
Govt. Girls Middle School ,Jakhod Khera557
Govt Senior Secondary School , Jakhodkherha(South Side)1155
Kabrer(173)Govt High School , Kabrel(East Side)1121
Govt High School , Kabrel(Central Side)1029
Govt High School , Kabrel(West Side)1003
Kajla(142)Govt High School , Kajlan(East Side)1074
Govt High School , Kajlan(West Side)1213
Kalirawan(36)Govt Girls High School , Kalirawan(East Side)1287
Govt Girls High School , Kalirawan(Central Side)1257
Govt Sr. Secondary School, Kalirawan(North Side)911
Govt Girls High School , Kalirawan(West Side)1090
Govt Sr. Secondary School, Kalirawan(South Side)647
Khara Barwala(33)Govt Girls High School, Khara Barwala(East Side)924
Govt Girls High School, Khara Barwala(West Side)653
Govt High School , Kishangarh(East Side)947
Govt High School , Kishangarh(North Side)897
Kharia(47)Govt Sr. S. School , Khariya(East Side)1320
Govt Sr. S. School , Khariya(West Side)1262
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Khariya Near Maniram S/O Sh. Sona Ram House417
Khasa Mahajanan(96)Govt High School , Khasa Mahajan(East Side)965
Govt High School , Khasa Mahajan(West Side)1035
Govt Primary School, Dani Khasa343
Kherampur(21)Govt High School , Kharampur(East Side)1311
Govt High School , Kharampur(West Side)844
Govt Primary School , Kharampur749
Kohli(35)Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Kohli (North Wing)818
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Kohli (Middle Wing)998
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Kohli (South Wing)947
Ladwi(41)Govt High School , Ladvi(East Side)1244
Govt High School , Ladvi(West Side)1170
Mahalsara(40)Govt Middle School, Mahlasray
Malapur(43)Govt High School, Mallapur (North Wing)943
Govt High School, Mallapur (South Wing)994
Moda Khera(31)Govt Senior Secondary School , Moda Khera(East Side)846
Govt Senior Secondary School , Moda Khera(Central Side)1028
Govt Senior Secondary School , Moda Khera(West Side)1047
Mohabatpur(175)Govt High School , Mohbatpur(North Side)992
Govt High School , Mohbatpur(South Side)1016
Govt High School , Mohbatpur(Central Side)843
Govt High School , Dani Kumharan(West Side)819
Govt High School , Dani Kumharan(Central Side)727
Govt High School , Dani Kumharan(East Side)1330
Mothsara(221)Govt Middle School, Motasaray
Neoli Khurd(45)Govt High School, Nyoli Khurd(East Side)760
Govt High School, Nyoli Khurd(West Side)758
Sadelpur(20)Govt Primary School, Sadalpur(East Side)816
Govt Primary School, Sadalpur(West Side)707
Govt Senior Secondary School , Sadalpur(East Side)998
Govt Senior Secondary School , Sadalpur(West Side)864
Govt Primary School , Dani Fursani Sadalpur767
Govt Primary School No. 2 , Sadalpur902
Govt Primary School Dhani Sadlpur Nakawali Johari, Sadalpur751
Govt Primary School Dhani Alakhpura Bhodiya Road, Sadalpur812
Govt Primary School No.3 , Bhodiya Road Sadalpur853
Govt Govt. High School Dani Sadalpur, Dani Chhimpa Wali Sadalpur1369
Govt Primary School ,Dhani Sadalpur Khermpur Road963
Salemgarh(172)Govt High School, Salemgarh(East Side)886
Govt High School, Salemgarh(West Side)785
Odd, Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Salemgarh624
Sarangpur(22)Govt High School , Sarangpur(East Side)1285
Govt High School , Sarangpur(West Side)484
Govt High School , Sarangpur(Central Side)962
Siswal(174)Govt Senior Secondary School , Siswaal(East Side)1060
Govt Senior Secondary School , Siswal (Hall Room)780
Govt Senior Secondary School , Siswaal(West Side)1251
Govt Senior Secondary School , Siswal West Side (Middle Wing)689
Govt Girls High School , Siswaal(East Side)859
Govt Girls High School , Siswaal(Central Side)1062
Govt Girls High School , Siswaal(West Side)972
Govt Girls Praimari School , Siswaal917
Sundawas(48)Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Sundawas1089
Govt. Primary School, Sundawas702
Telanwali(27)Govt Senior Secondary School, Telanwali1003
Govt Girls Primary School,Kutiya Kheri521
Thaska(139)Govt High School, Thasaka(East Side)757
Govt High School, Thasaka(West Side)938

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