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Date: 17-10-2014

  • If the predictions done by the Exit Polls come close, BJP is going to make some extra gains by increasing their numbers in the Rajya Sabha. This will help Narendra Modi to accelerate the pace of his impending reform agenda. Maharashtra sends 19 members to Rajya Sabha and Haryana 5 members. NDA is expecting to gain muscle if the result goes in their favour in both the states on October 19.
  • If the results and voter turnout records are checked for the last few elections in India, it will indicate that high turnout led to nemesis for the ruling party. In the last Lok Sabha election, the turnout was good and the ruling INC was removed from power. Same happened with Mayawati when people voted in large number and removed BSP from power in Uttar Pradesh some years back. During October 15 Haryana assembly election record number of electorates voted. Will this mean change of guard in Haryana assembly? October 19 will answer.
  • Internal assessment of Congress’s performance during Haryana assembly polls is not at all encouraging. The report prepared on the basis of last lok Sabha election results show that INC will win just 10 seats.
  • After Exit Polls predicted win for BJP, they have started zeroing down their CM candidate. They are now expected to have a non-jat CM, if voted to power.
  • Rise of dera-religion politics is a serious problem and threat to the nation in general. Narendra Modi was seen praising Dera Sacha Sauda just before Haryana went to polls. In fact, the following day dera supported BJP candidates. However, this trend was first started by INC’s Bhupinder Singh Hooda who wooed Sikhs by forming Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, just before the state went to poll.
  • Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has said that BJP will win in both Haryana and Maharashtra by securing huge majority.
  • Total votes polled during October 15 assembly election of Haryana is 1,24,12,023, among which 67,37,003 are male and 56,75,020 females.
Date: 16-10-2014

  • One of the three Exit Polls has given BJP decisive mandate in both Haryana and Maharashtra to form the next government.
  • In Haryana, majority mark is 46 seats out of 90 assembly seats. Today’s Chanakya has given BJP 52 seats, INLD along with its alliance 23, Congress 10 and Others 5. ABP New-Nielson poll has given BJP 46, 29 seats, 10 seats and 5 seats to BJP, INLD+, INC, and Others respectively. India TV-CVoter has given BJP a moderate number of seats - 34 to 40, followed by 25 to 31 seats for INLD+, 12 to 18 for INC, and 4 to 16 for Others.
  • 75.90 per cent electorates voted in Haryana, a new record for the state. The last record of highest turnout was 72.65 per cent, which happened in the year 1967.
  • Though Haryana witnessed epic turnout during October 15 election, especially in the rural belts, the news of booth capturing and violence marred the day. Some of the reported clashes that led to serious injuries and also death happened in Mewat’s Punhana, Hissar’s Miana village, Uchana Kalan, and Sirsa.
  • For ensuring transparency, this year Election Commission started VVPAT or Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail system in Gurgaon, Thanesar, Panipat, Sonepat, Karnal, and Rohtak. This system helps voters get a paper printout mentioning the candidate and party for which he or she has voted.
  • Most interestingly, all the political parties in Haryana have expressed confidence of winning the election. While INC has said that they are going to form the government in Haryana for the 3rd consecutive term, INLD, BJP, and HJC have also claimed that they are going to form the next government.
  • Adampur assembly’s Budak village boycotted October 15 assembly election because they allege no government or even political party has looked into their basic demands related to water. Not a single voter from the registered 2200 voters have exercised their franchise.
Date: 15-10-2014

Haryana went into voting for the 90 seats in the state where 1351 candidates were contesting from. By around 10 AM, there was a very low voting percentage in Haryana, being recorded at 7%, however as the day passed by voting improved and at around 5 PM, there was 68% voter turnout in Haryana, with Yamunagar being recorded the highest at 72% and Faridabad being the lowest with 52%. In Haryana there were 8 incidents of violence reported, with one person being severely injured in firing at Sirsa, where a brawl broke out between BJP and INLD workers. Towards the evening there were reports of a presiding officer being beaten up in Chudcur in Hisar. Earlier in the day BJP’s probable CM candidate Captain Abhimanyu alleged that attempts of booth capturing were made in Baas Village by INLD workers, alongside there were also incidences of glitches in EVM machines in Yamunagar. At around 6 PM when voting ended, Haryana had recorded its highest voting percentage ever with voting crossing 75.5% surpassing the previous high of 72.65 % in 1967. To see live Updates during the day click here

Date: 14-10-2014

  • Narnaund constituency lies just 160 kms away from Gurgaon. However, it lacks the basic amenities such a electricity and water. The residents get just 3 hours of electricity in their homes during day time and 8 ho urs for irrigation purposes. It remains to be seen whether the residents of Narnaund constituency give votes on the basis of living conditions or caste dynamics.
  • It seems from ground reports that Om Prakash Chautala’s campaign for INLD candidates have made huge difference that helped INLD give a good fight. BJP has also relied upon the charisma of one person – Narendra Modi – the star campaigner of BJP during this assembly election season.
  • Just hours before Haryana assembly goes on poll, a recent study has revealed the plight of farmers in the state. Around 80 per cent of the farmers in the state live below poverty line, if estimates of World bank are taken into account.
  • Mewat district of Haryana is a Muslim dominated area. Though opinion polls have predicted a Modi wave in the state, it seems the effect will not be witnessed in this district. Though Muslims generally vote for Congress, it seems they will not do the same this time. INC is likely to lose votes here mainly because of underdevelopment. Just to buy water, people have to shell out rupees two thousand on a  monthly basis.
  • Rs. 500 crore punter market of Haryana is clueless about the possible election outcome of October 15 election mainly because of the multi-cornered contest. Most of the punters are giving almost equal seats to the three main political parties in the fray – INLD, BJP, and INC.
  • Last moment relook before Haryana Assembly election: Around 1.63 crore electorate will decide fate of one thousand three hundred and fifty one candidates for ninety assembly seats.
  • Votes will be polled through 6,357 polling stations. It is going to be a three cornered contest between BJP, INC and INLD. If no one gets majority then the smaller parties will play major role in government formation.
Date: 13-10-2014

  • After opinion polls indicating hung assembly, Bhupinder Singh Hooda has been reportedly banking on smaller political parties such as HJCP of Venod Sharma, HJC of Kuldeep Bishnoi, and HLP of Gopal Kanda to form government for the third time.
  • After rejection of his bail and consequently his surrender before Tihar Jail officials Om Prakash Chautala is playing the victim card to give INLD candidates the impetus before October 15 election.
  • Before upcoming election, 48 check-posts at Haryana-Uttar Pradesh border has been set up for ensuring free and fair election.
  • Captain Ajay Singh Yadav, six time MLA from Rewari and INC candidate for October 15 election, has expressed his desire for becoming the next Chief Minister of Haryana if Congress assumes power at Haryana Assembly election.
  • 92 Khap Panchayats will decide the fate of upcoming assembly election.
  • For preventing bogus voting EC is taking special measures. They will be deploying female officials to identify and restrict bogus voters who come in veils.
  • Dera Sacha Sauda’s political wing has expressed its support towards BJP so that the latter can win the upcoming election in Haryana. The decision comes after Modi was heard praising the Sirsa-based anti-Sikh sect without naming its controversial chief.
  • One of the constituencies where caste politics play bigger role than development is Adampur. This is one of the reasons why it still lacks minimum amenities for living a respectable and quality life.
  • Sushma Swaraj has asked people to vote in favour of BJP without fear. Politics of terror is commonplace during Haryana elections.
  • Sukhbir Singh Badal, Chief of Shiromani Akali Dal, during an election rally in Haryana claimed that under INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala’s leadership people of Haryana were united.
Date: 12-10-2014

  • 'Jail' has become a political issue that every political party is trying to cash in. INLD Chief Om Prakash Chautala has used his 10 year jail scam as an election issue, trying to garner sympathy votes. INC's Bhupinder Singh has to explain during his rallies that Chautala has not been sentenced to jail for providing jobs but because of large scale irregularities and corruption during recruitment of teachers.
  • Ashok Khemka, the whistleblower IAS, seems to be facing the heat of current Hooda government for raising the DLF-Robert Vadra land deal issue. Haryana government is going to appoint an investigating officer against the whistleblower even before the October 15 election date. Hooda government had earlier charged Khemka of acting beyond his jurisdiction as on October 15, 2012 he cancelled the land mutation of Rs 58 crore.
  • After Delhi High Court's cancellation of bail, O P Chautala of INLD has surrendered before Tihal Jail officials. CBI officials had approached court for cancellation of bail because instead of taking rest due to health issues he was found campaigning for his party candidates.
  • Narnaund assembly segment is witnessing a tough contest between Captain Abhimanyu Singh Sindhu, BJP's leading contender for CM's post, and Raj Singh Mor, the INLD candidate. The sitting MLA is from INLD.
  • Kaithal's three time MLA, Randeep Singh Surjewala of INC, is banking upon massive development expenditures done during his term. He claimed that Rs 4,800 crore has been spent for the district by his government.
  • The political parties, especially INLD and BJP, are hiring local folk artistes to woo voters in Haryana. Some of whom are charging around Rs 11,000 per hour for performing in election rallies.
  • While Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has asked Sikh community to vote for INC, Sehajdhari Sikh Party has asked Sikhs not to vote for Congress and Shiromani Akali Dal.
  • Rahul Gandhi attacked Narendra Modi by saying that the PM is incompetent. While Pakistan violated ceasefire agreement when the PM said everything will be fine, China continued incurssion and Modi didn't raise the issue with the Chinese President.
  • During a Congress rally in Kalanwali, Bhoopinder Singh Hooda not only spoke in Punjabi but also praised his own government for forming Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee.
  • Modi praised Dera Sacha Sauda, a controversial cult, without referring to its chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim. A few days back Gurmeet has appreciated Modi's cleanliness drive campaign. Before CBI Court Dera Sacha Sauda chief is currently facing trial on criminal offences.
Date: 11-10-2014

  • Punter market in Hansi, Haryana, has predicted  28 to 32 seats win for BJP, around 25 seats for Congress, and may be less than 25 seats for INLD. Though the 'satta' market expects to see CM from BJP, they are uncertain about any definite candidate.
  • During election campaign in Sirsa Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not only asked people of Hayana to get rid off 'goondashahi' but also dynastic politics. He went on to say that 5 families in the state fight among themselves as wrestlers fight in WWF.
  • Congress President Sonia Gandhi during a rally in Bhiwani district called BJP a party that is dedicated to help the rich instead of poors. She also alleged that the new Union government has weakened the flagship social schemes of erstwhile UPA government. Some of the schemes are Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employement Guarantee Scheme.
  • During a rally in Tosham, Sonia Gandhi accused both INLD and BJP for assuming state power for their own vested interest.
  • The three main political parties (INC, BJP, and INLD) fighting against each other in the upcoming assembly election are using all possible channels for running their advertisements. The two most popular media for their aggressive campaigning are radio and TV.
  • Narendra Modi has addressed rallies at three places in Haryana and they are Gurgaon, Jind, and Sirsa.
  • After Delhi High Court asked INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala to surrender before the administration today and go back to Tihar Jail, political analysts believe that his party may get some added advantage. They may get sympathy votes of electorates, mainly from Jat community.
  • Venkaiah Naidu, Parliamentary Affairs Minister has said that people have lost all their patience on both INLD and INC and this time BJP will get a majority in Haryana.
  • Bhupinder Singh Hooda may not win this election with a big margin, as per popular mood, as he is facing a tough challenge from strong INLD and BJP candidates in his assembly constituency. Hooda has done many works for Jats and this may anger Congress's core voters including Punjabis, Dalits, Brahmins, OBCs, and Baniyas.
Date: 10-10-2014

  • If surveys are to be believed, BJP is going to secure a thumping win in Haryana. Instavaani survey among 1,181 respondents spread over twenty urban constituencies indicate that 47 per cent of the respondents will be voting in favour of BJP, 17 per cent for INC, and 10 per cent for INLD. Corruption issue is expected to be the main mood swinger of Hanyana electorate.
  • Modi wave is sweeping Haryana assembly election, at least that's what it seems from the extent of Modi masks, posters, and billboards used almost everywhere throughout the state.
  • Rahul Gandhi hailed the wrestlers of Haryana for winning medals during recently concluded Asian Games 2014. Gandhi scion also coined a new slogan saying 'Hail the soldiers, hail the farmers, hail the wrestlers'.
  • INLD Chief Om Prakash Chautala's bail, given on health grounds, was rejected by Delhi High Court after CBI approached the court in relation to Chautala's misuse of bail for election campaigning.
  • After Congress demanded an apology from Narendra Modi for wrongly alleging violation of Model Code of Conduct by Haryana government for clearing DLF-Robert Vadra land deal, BJP shot back by
saying that Haryana Government didn't furnish all the facts to the Election Commission.
  • Whitsleblower IAS officer Ashok Khemka, who was transferred numerous times, has called deals of Robert Vadra ten years of loot.
  • Sangram Singh, wrestler cum actor, visited his native village Madina in Rohtak district and connected with young electorates. However, he revealed that he was approached for campaigning and also offered Rs. 70 Lakhs. He declined the offer.
  • Around twenty five senior observers and more than hundred observers have been appointed by Congress in Haryana.
  • During his Hisar speech BJP President Amit Shah has said that people of Haryana are fed up with INLD Chief O P Chautala and INC's Bhupinder Singh Hooda. He also said that voting in favour of Congress will be nothing but waste of valuable votes because BJP is going to assume power in the state.
  • Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has asked Indian National Congress not to make ceasefire violation issue along Indo-Pak international border, a campaign issue as he says it is a defence related matter.
Date: 09-10-2014

  • Election Commission has said that there had been no violation of Model Code of Conduct on part of current Haryana Government upon clearing DLF-Robert Vadra land deal. Congress has sought apology from Narendra Modi because of false accusation. it is upon Modi's accusation of MCC violation and insistence, EC had looked into the matter.
  • While addressing a rally in Ferozpur Jhirka, Rahul Gandhi said that unlike Modi government INC's governments are not run for one or two business houses, referring to Adani and Ambani. He also accused NDA government at center to work for industrialists only. Rahul Gandhi said that before visiting the USA, Narendra Modi has done away with the minimum prices on medicines for diabetes and cancer.
  • Mission 60 Plus campaign has been launched by BJP in Haryana, similar to 272 Plus campaign launched by it before 2014 Lok Sabha election.
  • As Pakistan continues ceasefire violation and Narendra Modi keeps himself busy in campaigning for BJP candidates in Haryana and Maharashtra, Congress has called Modi 'absentee Prime Minister'.
  • CBI has approached Delhi High Court for cancelling interim bail to INLD Chief Om Prakash Chautala, given on health grounds, because he
  • has been utilising this bail for election campaigning. O P Chautala was in jail because of JBT teachers recruitment scam case.
  • While addressing a crowd in a Yamunanagar stadium, Narendra Modi has said that he wants to convert 25 years of scam tainted Haryana to skilled Haryana.
  • Report published by Association for Democratic Reforms shows that crorepati candidates in Haryana has risen from 380 in 2009 to 563 in 2014. In terms of percentage, it is a rise from 32 per cent to 42 per cent.
  • ADR report shows that 67 MLAs of 2009 are recontesting in 2014. While five years back their average asset was Rs 7.30 crore, in 2014 their average asset has become Rs 18.71 crore. This means there has been an asset increase of Rs 11.41 crore per recontesting contestant.
  • It is believed by political analysts that irrespective of the outcome, alliance between BJP and Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab is moving towards an end.
  • Reform minded Narendra Modi's BJP seems to have changed it strategy for upcoming Haryana polls as they have resorted to populism. They have not only assured Rs. 2000 p.m pension for widows and old persons but also free medicines/treatment for poors in government hospitals and Re. 1/kg per head foodgrains for families in BPL bracket.
Date: 08-10-2014

  • Chief Electoral Officer of Haryana has sent a report on the clearance given to DLF-Robert Vadra land deal by Hooda government to the Election Commission. EC is now in the verification process whether the land deal was cleared during enforcement period of Model Code of Conduct.
  • A letter sent by Ashok Khemka, the whistleblower IAS, back in July 2014 has surfaced before the Haryana Assembly election of accusing Comptroller and Auditor General of India of harassing him by colluding with Hooda government.
  • Om Parkash Chautala, INLD supremo, who is currently on bail due to health reasons has been seen campaigning for INLD candidates. When asked about this, O P Chautala said he is campaigning ignoring his ill health as he wants to save Haryana from corrupt Congress government.
  • When the entire opposition is screaming about sinking ship of Hooda government, Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda claimed that pro-incumbency factor is working in Haryana.
  • Haryana Gurdwara Management Committee bill placed in Haryana assembly back in July 2014 is now an Act, creating a separate Gurdwara Panel. Analysts believe this move may help Congress during October 15 assembly election.
  • S Sampath, Chief Election Commissioner, has asked DGPs and Chief Secretaries of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Punjab to coordinate with their counterparts in Haryana during and before the assembly election.
  • Women from powerful political parties are now in Haryana election fray and the most important names are Kiran Choudhary, Savitri Jindal, Shakti Rani, Prem Lata, Renuka Bishnoi, Naina Singh Chautala, Geeta Bhukkal, and many more.
  • During election campaign in Kaithal, Union Minister Sushma Swaraj has said that her party will win more than 50 seats comfortably in the 90 seat assembly.
  • Sarvesh Kaushal, Chief Secretary of Punjab, has assured ECI that Punjab's six districts sharing border with Haryana is put on alert. On October 15 election, sixty four Nakas on Punjab-Haryana border will be sealed.
  • Sukhbir Singh Badal, President of Shiromani Akali Dal, has said that ties with BJP will not be adversely affected in any way because of their alliance with INLD in Haryana.
  • Rahul Gandhi will start his campaign in Haryana on October 9. He will address public meetings in Mewat, Rewari, and Sonipat.
  • While addressing a rally in Congress CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda's turf, Rohtak, Narendra Modi said that women especially Dalits are not safe in lawless Rohtak. He accused Hooda's party to provide patronage to musclemen, who are terrorising Haryana.
  • Om Prakash Chautala said that he is willing to sacrifice his health for the sake of Haryana in the same manner Devi Lal sacrificed PM's chair in 1989 for V P Singh. INLD chief played Devi Lal card by saying that his party is not power hungry but only wants to fulfill Devi Lal's vision and dreams.
  • After INC's Bhupinder Singh Hooda it was turn of Narendra Modi to taunt INLD's Om Prakash Chautala's comment on taking oath for CM's chair from the jail. The PM said that O P Chautala is the first person, he has seen in his life, who wants to take oath from jail rather than appealing to higher court for proving his innocence.
  • While addressing rally in Mahendergarh, Narendra Modi said that India can stride forward only when the politics of untouchability is abolished. He was referring to Congress's reaction to Modi's speech during first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's birth anniversary celebration.
  • Indian PM has said that change of government in Haryana is imminent. He also sounded confident about BJP forming the next government.
  • Navjot Singh Sidhu, prominent BJP politician of Punjab, attacked NDA partner Shiromani Akali Dal by referring them as backstabbers. He pointed out that it is highly mischievous as well as unethical for SAD to fight against BJP in Haryana but hobnob with them in Punjab.
Date: 07-10-2014

  • Narendra Modi addressed rallies in Hisar, Faridabad, and Kurukshetra on October 6. He revoked the Vadra-DLF land deal and alleged involvement of Hooda government in the deal. He also asked EC to look into model code of conduct violation by the current Haryana government by allotting land to the 'son-in-law', clearly referring to Vadra.
  • Current Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda has said that his government has no connection with DLF-Robert Vadra land deal. He has asked his detractors to approach Lokayukta for probing the matter. He also challenged if anyone can prove the allegation, he will leave the CM's post immediately.
  • After unsuccessful UP election engineering connected to 'Love Jihad', BJP in Haryana has made cow slaughter one of their main issues. BJP leaders believe that this issue may give them mileage in a state having dominant agrarian society.
  • During one of these speeches in Haryana, Modi has assured that the ruling Congress will not even reach double digit during upcoming assembly election.
  • Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has been sent show-cause notice by Election Commission on the charges of his speech in Latur where he asked his audience to not deny monetary/perk favours from political parties. As per EC, this amounts to promotion and abettment of bribery. Gadkari needs to respond by 5pm of October 8.
  • Narendra Modi has alleged that the political power has become concentrated within 5 families who first loot, then distribute a portion of that, and maintain their hegemony. He asked people of Haryana to do away with this concentration of power.
  • While campaigning for BJP in Gurgaon district, Rajnath Singh vouched for setting up small scale industries especially food processing units so that farmers get good price of their produce and the younger generation get employed.
  • Sushma Swaraj's younger sister Vandana Sharma, who is the BJP candidate from Safidon, is all praise for Narendra Modi. She referred Modi as the 'unquestioned leader'.
  • Election Commission has decided to field 70k polling personnel across 16,357 polling stations of Haryana.
  • Five candidates – INLD's Kulbhushan Goyal, Haryana Janhit Congress (BL)'s Ravinder Rawal, INC's Devender Kumar Bansal, BSP's Vishavdeepak Sharma, and BJP's Gian Chand Gupta - were issued notices regarding discrepancies found in their records on campaign expenditure.
  • Deepender Singh Hooda, INC MP from Rohtak, has said that BJP is misleading Haryana voters on per capita income of the state, on one hand, and accused centre of being hand-in-gloves with Adani group, on the other.

Date: 06-10-2014

  • Amit Shah has opined that Haryana's development is possible only if BJP gets a decisive mandate during upcoming October 15 election. He also attacked Sonia Gandhi by saying loud speeches doesn't translate into truth. While addressing crowd at Kharkhauda and Ganaur, Amit Shah said that the Congress government in Haryana practiced corruption and that's why it should be thrown out.
  • During a public meeting in Ambala Cantt, Haryana CM Bhoopinder Singh Hooda, has said that both BJP and INLD neither have good intention nor any policy. For continuing development as well as welfare for all economic strata, he asked voters to vote for Congress.
  • INLD supremo, Om Prakash Chautala, who is on bail right now, has attacked ruling INC for taking Haryana backward. He compared late former PM Devi Lal with Budha, Mahaveer, Krisha, and Lord Ram by referring to the sacrifices made.
  • INLD has planned to woo youth by roping in Yo Yo Honey Singh. Some of his election specific numbers have already become a rage among the young voters in Haryana. INLD has also uploaded the songs on Whatsapp too.
  • While INLD is banking on grassroot contacts, BJP is relying on the Modi factor. Absence of strong local leader has come up as one of the many challenges of BJP during this election.
  • While addressing a meeting of party workers, Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that if BJP wins Haryana Assembly election then they will provide farmers with 24x7 power and interest free loans and start woman empowerment programs such as Kanya Dhan Yojna and Rani Luxmi Bai Yojna, similar to the Madhya Pradesh model.
  • Former Bihar CM and RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav's wife Rabri Devi addressed a rally at Dharuhera in support of 6 time Congress MLA and contestant from Rewari, Captain Ajay Singh Yadav. She appealed to migrants from Bihar to vote for the INC candidate.
  • Navjot Singh Sidhu, cricketer turned politician and TV personality, is going to address BJP meetings on October 7 in Jagadhri, Mullana, Naraingarh, and Ambala City. Manoj Tiwari, actor turned politician, will also campaign for BJP candidates in Yamunanagar and Panchkula on October 6.
  • BSP's Mayawati has chosen Brahmin leader Arvind Sharma as BSP's CM candidate. Though BSP has not released any manifesto in Haryana, she promised to provide unemployed youth as well as landless families with 3 acres of cultivable government land.
  • Dr Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, Union minister of state for agriculture, has accused Bhupinder Hooda's government of politicising the drought relief issue and also misleading the farmers.
  • During a television debate organised in Jind between INLD's Dushyant Chautala and BJP's Birendra Singh, supporters of both parties clashed and 6 people were left injured. This clash also prompted the organisers to stop the programme midway.
  • Om Prakash Chautala has cleared the air of confusion on supporting independent candidate from Kalayat constituency - Jai Prakash. He made it clear that INLD is not going to support him.
  • CBI is seeking to cancel bail of Om Prakash Chautala immediately. The INLD chief is on bail on health grounds but he is campaigning for the candidates of his parties. CBI has moved to Delhi High Court for an urgent hearing on October 6.
Date: 05-10-2014

  • Narendra Modi started his election campaign in Haryana from Karnal where he asked people to change fate of their state. He pointed out that in terms of per capita income Haryana is on 8th spot. He also stressed upon building smart cities in Haryana. By attacking Congress, Modi also said that the state can develop only when Haryana is free from INC.
  • For full implementation of developmental works, Narendra Modi during his 20 minutes address at a huge rally in Karnal (Haryana) said that he doesn't need any speed breaker. He asked voters of Haryana to usher in change to be a part of the developmental works.
  • During his very first rally, Modi attacked Congress of Haryana by calling it 'anti farmer'. He questioned disappearance of thousands of acres of lands, cunningly referring to Hooda government's help to Robert Vadra-DLF land scam. He also pointed out that it is the Hooda government that imposed tax of 4 per cent on wholesale market in Haryana, consequently robbing the competitive advantage. Modi also took a dig at blatant lies circulated about ban on export of Basmati Rice in Karnal.
  • Addressing her first rally in Haryana, Sushma Swaraj stressed on delivery of good and clean governance if BJP assumes power in the state. She also referred to Narendra Modi's emphasis on giving cabinet berths to MPs of Haryana in the Union Government, which is simply unprecedented in the earlier governments.
  • Many police officers and bureaucrats have joined the poll wagon such as Ramindra Jakhu (BJP), IGP Ranbir Sharma, ADGP Ram Chander Jowal, and many more.
Date: 04-10-2014

  • Current Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda has said that the opposition only has divisive agenda and no vision of development. He has urged the voters to vote for his party and promised to distribute gains of development to every strata of society.
  • The countdown of October 15 battle starts on October 4 with two Goliaths of Indian politics – Narendra Modi of BJP and Sonia Gandhi of Congress – kick-starting their campaigns in Haryana. While Modi will start it from Karnal, Sonia's first rally will be in Rohtak.
  • Some of the assembly constituencies that may witness close fights are Uchana Kalan, Adampur, Hisar, Rewari, Mahendergarh, Dabwali, and Tosham.
  • The only minister who became poorer in Bhupinder Hooda's government is Shiv Charan Lal Sharma, the labour minister. His declared assets came down from Rs 4.30 crore to Rs 1.86 crore during 2009-2014.
  • People living in private colonies have two main demands from the candidates. They want transfer of their colonies to municipalities from private builders, on one hand, and do away with double taxation issues, on the other.
  • Haryana BJP has come up with their election manifesto, where they have put maximum importance to the cow slaugter issue. Some of the other promises are supply of foodgrains at Rs. 1 per Kilogram, increase of minimum wage to Rs. 300, honouring Guru Gobind Singh by setting up a university on his name, regularisation of service for ad-hoc employees/contract workers/daily wage earners, 24x7 water/power supply, etc.
  • JD(U)'s Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav along with JD(S)'s Deve Gowda are scheduled to address rallies in favour of INLD candidates.
  • Feudalist self-proclaimed social organisations in Haryana called Khap panchayats are jumping into political fray. Some of the prominent names who are contesting this election are Santosh Dahiya, Sudesh Chaudhary etc.
  • More and more daughters and daughter-in-laws are jumping into political fray and some of the prominent names are Nayna Chautala of INLD, Renuka Bishnoi of Haryana Janhit Congress, Kiran Chaudhary of Congress, Shruti Choudhary of Congress etc.
Date: 03-10-2014

  • Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi of BJP has exuded confidence in winning the Hanyana Assembly election with ease and elan. He has also asked the voters to do away with Congress's 10 years of malgovernance in Haryana.
  • BJP has released its manifesto for October 15 Haryana Assembly Election. Some of the promises are white revolution in Veta on Amul model, subsidised foodgrain (@Re. 1 per Kg) per BPL family, pension of Rs. 2000 for every widow and aged person, developing the state as an intellectual capital, welfare scemes for SCs and OBCs, etc.
  • In comparison to 2009 Haryana Assembly election this time the total number of electorates has increased by 31,87,414. Total number of electorates who are eligible to cast their votes in Haryana is 1,62,16,555, among which 74,79,439 are female and 87,37,116 male.
  • Sonia Gandhi will hit the campaign trail for upcoming assembly election on October 4. Her first public appearances in Haryana will be Sirsa and Meham.
  • BJP-Shiv Sena split in Maharashtra is causing more harm than good for NDA alliance across India. Some of the other NDA allies are contesting against BJP candidates. Shiromani Akali Dal, a prominent NDA partner, is in alliance with INLD in Haryana and contesting against BJP candidates in 2 seats. Moreover, SAD-INLD alliance has also forged alliance with JD(U). Recently, Haryana Janhit Congress's (which snapped ties with BJP in August) Kuldeep Bishnoi has called BJP a 'party of cheats'.
  • Though Haryana has the worst male-female ratio, the numbers change dramatically when it comes to 70-79 years age group. Currently, there are 601,971 electorate in the 70-79 years age group, among which 308,780 are females and 293,191 males.
  • Current Haryana CM said that there is no Modi-wave now and also reiterated that this assembly election is different from Parliamentary election.
  • By creating separate Gurudwara Management committee Haryana Congress is trying to woo votes of ten lakh Sikh voters.
Date: 02-10-2014

  • Opposition's charges of Congress's misrule of 10 years in Haryana, current Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said that there was no regional bias (especially against Rohtak-Jhajjar region, per claims of oppositions) and the entire state witnessed overall development. He also said his government maintained zero tolerance towards corruption.
  • India TV-C Voter tracking poll projected a hung assembly with BJP expected to emerge as single largest party. The poll results predict 33 seat win for BJP, 28 seats for INLD, 16 seats for Congress, 9 seats for Haryana Janhit Congress-Haryana Jan Chetna Party alliance, and 4 seats for Others/independent candidates.
  • On October 1, Haryana Congress released their 23-page election manifesto focusing on agriculture, FDI, commerce, trade, industry, energy, health, irrigation, and horticulture. Bhupinder Singh Hooda has promised of putting Haryana on higher growth trajectory. Empowermrnt of women, employment, education, rural and urban development, and Scheduled Caste and Backward Classes have also being mentioned in the manifesto. Setting up of one university in every district is on the cards if INC rides back to power for the 3rd consecutive term.
  • War of words continue as BJP President Amit Shah calls current CM of Haryana as 'Mujrewala' (a dancer) and said CM Hooda is dancing to the tune of INC high command as he facilitated in selling agricultural lands in throw away price. Amit Shah was probably referring to DLF-Robert Vadra land scam issue.
  • Though Aam Aadmi Party is not contesting the Haryana polls, they are urging to vote for 'clean' candidates. That's why they have started publishing names of tainted and charge-sheeted candidates. Some of the names they have published include INLD's Abhay Singh Chautala, Haryana Lokhit Party's Gopal Kanda, BJP's Somvir Sangwan and Umesh Aggarwal, HJC's Ved Pal Tanwar, etc.
  • Haryana is going to witness maximum number of women candidates. Out of the total 1350 candidates, there are 109 female candidates and 1241 male candidates. The earlier record was 93 female candidates back in 1966 assembly election.
  • BSP chief Mayawati is going to kick-start its campaign in Haryana from the coming week.
Date: 01-10-2014

  • In an interesting turn of events, Delhi BJP leaders are shying away from campaigning for Haryana assembly candidates because of the fear of sudden announcement of Delhi assembly election.
  • Narendra Modi will start campaigning for Haryana candidates from October 4. He will address 10 rallies here. Some other star campaigners from other states include Raman Singh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Manohar Parrikar, Vasundhara Raje, Anandiben Patel, Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Nitin Gadkari, Rajnath Singh, and Amit Shah.
  • Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda has exuded confidence in clear Congress win for the third term in Haryana Assembly. He also asked BJP to declare its CM candidate. Hooda made scathed attack on Narendra Modi government at Center and threatened to sit on dharna if Union government fails in ensuring better prices of rice for farmers.
  • Congress in Haryana has claimed that there are no anti-incumbency factor in the state. Moreover there are no credible opposition, Congress claimed. According to them INLD is on the verge of decimation, on one hand, and BJP is in a 'disarray' state, on the other. INC will release its assembly election manifesto on October 1.
Date: 30-09-2014

  • Sharad Yadav's Janata Dal (United) and Om Prakash Chautala's INLD have decided to forge a pre-poll alliance for Haryana Vidhan Sabha election. Since the time of Late Chaudhary Devi Lal, both the parties have cordial relations. Political analysts believe this is a sign of reuniting erstwhile Janata Dal family.
  • 360 nominations have been rejected during the scrutiny process. So, 1,565 candidates remain in the electoral process, among which 1403 are male contestants. Withdrawal of candidature can be done by the candidates till October 1.
  • While kickstarting Haryana election campaign BJP President Amit Shah accused the current state government of practicing corruption and vandalism or 'goondaism'. He asked the crowd to overwhelmingly vote for BJP to uproot corruption and 'goondaism'. Taking dig at Sonia Gandhi, Amit Shah asked voters to press the lotus symbol so hard that the repurcussions are felt in Italy too.
  • Feudal remnants, Khap Panchayats, in Haryana are still undecided about supporting certain candidates or political parties. A significant fraction of Khap Panchayats consider themselves social and non-political organisations and consider entering politics against their 'tradition', 'custom', and 'norm'.
  • Though Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has decided to support the ruling Congress during upcoming Haryana Assembky election, there are some detractors too in the organisation who think leaders of the community have no right to decide on such matters.
  • CSLA's Mahesh Nandurkar has warned investors about market dips after the October 15 elections if BJP's fares poorly. He also said any dip after election will be good buying opportunity for investors.
Date: 29-09-2014

  • During last 5 years assets of top leaders of Haryana swelled by 300 times. Since 2009 Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda's declared assets increased from Rs. 2.70 crore to Rs. 8.82 crore (almost 4 fold jump) and that of Savitri Jindal of INC's jumped by 159 per cent from Rs. 43.68 per cent to Rs. 113.27 crore. Haryana Janhit Congress President Kuldeep Bishnoi's assets increased by 363 per cent to Rs. 80.11 crore since 2009. Venod Sharma's, Chief of Haryana Jan Chetna Party, declared assets swelled by 75 per cent to Rs. 153.13 crore. Gopal Goyal Kanda's, Haryana Lokhit Party Chief, assets jumped by 82 per cent in the last 5 years from Rs. 63.15 crore to Rs. 114.75 crore.
  • Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda will have to fight against his namesake, an independent candidate, this election from Garhi Sampla Kiloi constituency who is a salesman in a private company by profession. The other contestants are Satish Kumar from INLD and Dharamvir of BJP.
  • Three poll planks of BJP during upcoming assembly election in Haryana are financial support for landless labourers, security for college girls, and farm loan relief.
  • BJP will kick start campaign in Haryana from September 29. Narendra Modi will address 10 rallies in Haryana. Other top leaders who will be campaigning in the state are Amit Shah, Sushma Swaraj, Uma Bharti, Shivraj Patil, Smriti Irani, Venod Khanna, Prakash Javadekar, Manoj Bajpai, and Hema Malini.

  • Naina Singh Chautala, wife of three times MLA and two times former MP Ajay Singh Chautala has to fight political battle this time as her husband is behind bars. OP Chautala's daughter-in-law is also focusing on winning the votes of women.
Date: 28-09-2014

  • 2304 candidates have filed nominations for 90 assembly seats of Haryana Assembly. However, it is not the highest. During 1996 Haryana Assembly election, 4,813 candidates filed their nominations. The lowest was 686 nomination filings back in 1968.
  • Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will address 6 or 7 meetings in Haryana to boost current Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda's chances of winning this year's assembly election. Rahul may spend 2 days in the state.
  • After INLD's rally, Congress's Bhupinder Singh Hooda took dig at Om Prakash Chautala by saying people will have to visit Tihar jail to meet the CM if INLD wins. He also questioned whether the cabinet will comprise prisoners of Tihar jail.
  • Current CM claimed Haryana has highest per capita income in India with the envious figure of Rs. 1, 35,000. As per Hooda, this has become possible because of the 9 and half years of development work done by Congress government.
  • Dr Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, Union minister of state, said that BJP will form government in Haryana on its own by winning more than 46 seats out of 90 seat assembly.
  • State icon actor Meghna Malik and Haryana Chief Electoral Officer Shrikant Walgad have asked girls to vote wisely and choose the leader properly during Systematic Voter's Education And Electoral Participation (SVEEP) programme.
  • Taking lessons from UP by-election results, BJP has kept the controversial leader Adityanath, infamous for Love Jihad tirade, away from campaigning in Haryana.
  • LJP's Central Parliamentary Board has decided to campaign for NDA candidates in Haryana.
Date: 27-09-2014

  • For October 15 Haryana Assembly elections, 808 candidates have filed their nominations. 513 candidates submitted their papers on September 26. September 27 is last day of filing nomination. Total number of candidates who filed nomination for different political parties are: 174 independent, 81 for INLD, 74 for INC, 62 for BJP, 34 for BSP, 27 for HJC.
  • Current Haryana Chief Minister and Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda is confident of forming government in Haryana for the 3rd consecutive time.
  • During an election rally INC leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda claimed that INLD chief Om Parkash Chautala is behind bars because of his fake selection of candidates.
  • INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala, who is not eligible to contest elections, has announced himself as the next chief minister of Haryana.The ex-CM is currently serving 10 year jail term for 1999-2000 JBT recruitment scam and is currently out on bail to attend his father's 100th birth centenary. He has been ordered to surrender before October 17 by Delhi High Court.
  • INLD has increased its women candidates from 7 to 15 and BJP from 6 to 15 during the upcoming election from 2009 assembly election.
  • Vinod Sharma's Jan Chetna Party (contesting from 25 seats), which is in alliance with Kuldeep Bishnoi's Haryana Janhit Congress (contesting from 65 seats), has announced the list of its 19 contestants. Sharma is contesting from Ambala City and his wife Shakti Rani Sharma from Kalka.
  • Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) is contesting the October 15 Haryana Assembly election in alliance with INLD. They have announced their candidates for 2 seats.
  • Haryana has lowest sex ratio in India with just 834 girls to every 100 boys. Village bachelors have formed union and asking for brides in lieu of votes from political parties.
Last Updated on October 17, 2014