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MCD Election 2017 Exit Poll Results

DU's Developing Countries Research Center (DCRC) Prediction on MCD Polls

*Sample Size: 39,147; Wards: 272;
*Survey date: April 14 to 21

MCD Election 2017 - Axis India-Today Exit poll Results

The exit polls have predicted that the BJP which has ruled the three wings of the MCD is going to be the winner of the MCD elections. The exit poll carried out by India Today- Axis has predicted between 202 to 220 seats for the BJP while AAP and Congress are likely to get around 23-35 and 19-31 seats respectively.

PartySeats predicted

Corporation wise Exit Poll Results

North78-848 - 128 - 12
South79-859 - 137 - 11
East45-516 - 104 - 8

MCD Election 2017 - ABP News C-Voter Exit poll Results

C-Voter for ABP has predicted almost same results and give BJP 218 seats. The congress and AAP would get 22 and 24 seats respectively. So in all likelihood, the BJP would be sweeping the MCD elections.

PartySeats predicted

Corporation wise Exit Poll Results


Internal Survey gives 208 seats to the Congress in MCD elections

An internal survey conducted by the congress party has given it 208 of 272 seats in the forthcoming MCD elections. The findings of the survey were made public by Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken who said that it was Congress all the way in the MCD. According to him, 52,000 voters across 13,000 polling booths were asked about their preferred party for MCD. They overwhelmingly supported the congress party.

These results are at variance with other opinion polls which give congress third position in the MCD elections. Ajay Maken is also drawing flak in the party for ignoring the senior leaders. Many leaders like Arvinder Singh Lovely and Barkha Singh have already left the party.

Opinion poll predicts a comfortable win for BJP in MCD elections!

The opinion polls conducted just ahead of the MCD elections predict a clean sweep by the BJP in the three wings of MCD. The opinion poll conducted by the ABP C-voter has predicted a comfortable win for the BJP with AAP on the second spot and Congress relegated to the third position. The poll has predicted 179 seats for the BJP, 45 for AAP and 26 for the congress. Total number of seats in the MCD is 272. The elections to one of the largest civic body in the world MCD are going to be held on April 23, 2017. Around 132,00,000 voters would be exercising their franchise. The election commission has set up 10,000 polling stations in the capital. The counting will take place on April 26 in 34 counting stations.

AAP is losing MCD Elections According to its Own internal Survey

The election of MCD is round the corner and all political parties are busy assessing their chances. According to sources the Aam Aadmi Party has also conducted its internal survey to assess the ground situation. The findings of the survey are not good news for AAP as survey report says that the BJP is winning the MCD while AAP would be first runner up. For this reasons Arvind Kejriwal has not made public the findings of its own survey which gives only six percent vote share to AAP while BJP is going to win 202 wards.

This might be annoying for the AAP but is good news for the BJP whose Delhi spokesperson Tajinder Pal S Bagga shared this information on micro blogging site.

MCD Elections Survey by ABP News

It seems Delhi is going to vote for the BJP in MCD elections. The opinion poll conducted by ABP News-C Voter has predicted that the BJP would have the largest support in the forthcoming MCD elections in all the three wings of the MCD. The poll results released on Wednesday indicate that despite anti-incumbency the BJP is still the first choice of Delhi voters as it is supported by 34% poll respondents.

The Aam Aadmi Party enjoys the support of only 26% respondents. The Congress the third major player in the elections is supported by 17% voters of Delhi. Thus it looks like that the BJP is heading for another win after Uttar Pradesh and is going to rule all the three wings of MCD. The elections for all the 272 wards of the MCD would be held on April 23, 2017 and the result would be declared on April 26.

PartyNorth MCDEast MCDSouth MCD
BJP (Vote Support In %)353834
AAP (Vote Support In %)312126
Congress (Vote Support In %)132117
*Note Survey Published Date: 12 April, 2017

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East Municipal Corporation Survey of 64 Ward by ITN

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North Municipal Corporation Survey of 104 Ward by ITN

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South Municipal Corporation Survey of 104 Ward by ITN

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The sample size: 35000
Published Date: 31 Dec, 2015

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