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Polling Booth in Udalguri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Udalguri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Udalguri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Kherkheria Tea Estate L.P. School 971Kherkheria Tea Estate
2Kherkheria Tea Estate L.P. School 992Kherkheria Tea Estate
3Santipur L.P. School 502Santipur
4Bishnu Rabha M.E. School 610Bishnu Rabha
5Barangabari L.P. School 943Barangabari
6Ghagra Bebilon L.P. School 838Ghagra Bebilon
7Adenbari M.E. School 643Adenbari
8Adenbari L.P. School 546Adenbari
9Adenbari M.E. School 545Adenbari
10Ghagrapara L.P. School 649Ghagrapara
11Ghagrapara L.P. School 923Ghagrapara
12No.1 Fasia L.P. School 831Fasia
13Uttar Horisinga L.P. School 930Uttar Horisinga
14Horisinga Govt. Jr. Basic School 566Horisinga
15Horisinga Govt. Jr. Basic School 631Horisinga
16Merbang Chuba L.P. School 746Merbang Chuba
17Merbang Chuba L.P. School 434Merbang Chuba
18Bengbari L.P. School 998Bengbari
19Bengbari L.P. School 923Bengbari
20Ulubari Navarekha L.P. School 576Ulubari Navarekha
21Bengbari High School 1008Bengbari
22Kathalguri L.P. School 834Kathalguri
23Kathalguri L.P. School 608Kathalguri
24Khristanpara L.P. School 882Khristanpara
25Bhergaon L.P. School 602Bhergaon
26Panery Jawaharlal M.V. School 1066Panery
27Anadhowapara L.P. School 1033Anadhowapara
28Uttar Simaluguri L.P. School 1020Uttar Simaluguri
29Nachansali L.P. School 603Nachansali
30Nachansali L.P. School 692Nachansali
31Murm.E.La L.P. School 1053MurLa
32Uttar Gejerkuchi L.P. School 872Uttar Gejerkuchi
33Panery T. E. L.P. School 631Panery T. E.
34Panery T. E. Club Ghar 660Panery T. E.
35Panery Tea Estate L.P. School 579Panery Tea Estate
36Bardaloi Smriti Bidyalaya 539Bardaloi
37Bardaloi Smriti Bidyalaya 652Bardaloi
38Panery High School 748Panery
39Panery High School 684Panery
40No.4 Panery Bhekuli Kanda L.P. School 351Panery
41Gitibari L.P. School 778Gitibari
42Gitibari L.P. School 374Gitibari
43Khoira Jangal L.P. School 564Khoira Jangal
44Khoira Jangal L.P.School 704Khoira Jangal
45Hatigarh Tea Estae Majdur Club 662Hatigarh Tea Estae
46Hatigarh Tea Estae L.P. School 533Hatigarh Tea Estae
47Bhutia Chang T.E. Club Ghor 540Bhutia Chang T.E.
48Bhutia Chang T.E. L.P. School 598Bhutia Chang T.E.
49Bhutia Chang T. E. Club Ghor 633Bhutia Chang T. E.
50Bhutia Chang T.E. L.P. School 615Bhutia Chang T.E.
51Baghekhowa L.P. Sachool 1032Baghekhowa
52Swahid Bandana Orang L.P. School 360Swahid Bandana
53Swahid Bandana L.P.School 488Swahid Bandana
54No.2 Satgharia L.P. School 520Satgharia
55Jorpukhuri M.E. School 985Jorpukhuri
56Majuli Tea Estate Club Ghor 631Majuli Tea Estate
57Majuli Tea Estate Club Ghor 892Majuli Tea Estate
58Hatigarh T.E. L.P. School Egs Centre 792Hatigarh T.E.
59Hatigarh T. E. L.P. School Egs Centre 703Hatigarh T. E.
60Khoirabari T.E. L.P. School 660Khoirabari T.E.
61Barbori Pathar L.P. School 948Barbori Pathar
62Majuli L.P. School 716Majuli
63Majuli L.P. School 587Majuli
64Kundarbil L.P. School 444Kundarbil
65Kundarbil L.P. School 740Kundarbil
66No.3 Amjuli L.P. School 474Amjuli
67Nalbari L.P. School 864Nalbari
68Nalbari L.P.School 321Nalbari
69Daodwigaon M.V. School 945Daodwigaon
70Barigaon L.P. School 457Barigaon
71Panimudijhar L.P.School 772Panimudijhar
72Barigaon M.E. School 1015Barigaon
73834 Jhakara L.P. School 705Jhakara
74Ambagaon L.P. School 737Ambagaon
75Ulubari L.P. School 956Ulubari
76Dogarmakha L.P. School 446Dogarmakha
77554 Jharabari L.P. School 893Jharabari
78Udalguri Mission L.P. School 965Udalguri
79Udalguri Mission L.P. School 1237Udalguri
80No.2 Sapkhaiti L.P. School 531Sapkhaiti
81Gerua Bagariguri L.P. School 905Gerua Bagariguri
82Gerua Bagariguri L.P. School 518Gerua Bagariguri
83Ballagaon L.P. School 929Ballagaon
84Barnagaon High School 691Barnagaon
85Barnagaon High School 855Barnagaon
86Bhurachuburi L.P. School 1045Bhurachuburi
87Bagaribari L.P. School 482Bagaribari
88Darrangipara L.P. School 991Darrangipara
89Khatarbari L.P. School 891Khatarbari
90Bhairaguri L.P. School 537Bhairaguri
91Kuptimari M.E. School 1034Kuptimari
92Barbengera L.P. School 530Barbengera
93Barbengera L.P. School 748Barbengera
94Kalbari L.P. School 447Kalbari
95Nalkhamara L.P. School 709Nalkhamara
96Bogapani L.P. School 623Bogapani
97Belguri L.P. School 1091Belguri
98Uttar Rawnagar L.P. School 1008Uttar Rawnagar
99Sastrapara M.E. School 1125Sastrapara
100Kahibari L.P. School 710Kahibari
101Landangchuburi L.P. School 650Landangchuburi
102Bicharchuburi L.P. School 847Bicharchuburi
103Chamuapara L.P. School 578Chamuapara
104Nizambagaon L.P. School553Nizambagaon
105Honglabasti L.P. School 900Honglabasti
106Adala L.P. School 630Adala
107No.1 Nonke Amjuli L.P. School 1005Nonke Amjuli
108Amjuli Coloney L.P. School 764Amjuli Coloney
109Amjuli Coloney L.P. School 461Amjuli Coloney
110Garobasti L.P. School 995Garobasti
111Sindhrijora L.P. School 1114Sindhrijora
112Kalajhar L.P. School 858Kalajhar
113Gumgaon L.P. School 857Gumgaon
114Bhairabkunda High School 333Bhairabkunda
115Bhairabkunda L.P. School 641Bhairabkunda
116Gerenchi L.P. School 1011Gerenchi
117Khuchurabari L.P. School 599Khuchurabari
118Khuchurabari L.P. School 621Khuchurabari
119Fuhurabari L.P. School 585Fuhurabari
120Majgaon L.P. School 936Majgaon
121Swapangaon L.P. School 993Swapangaon
122No.1 Bandarguri L.P. School 960Bandarguri
123No.1 Bandarguri L.P. School 1212Bandarguri
124No.2 Bandarguri L.P. School 515Bandarguri
125Badagaon L.P. School 821Badagaon
126Khem.E.Ngaon L.P. School 341KheNgaon
127Majulikhuti L.P. School 820Majulikhuti
128Tarajuli L.P. School 669Tarajuli
129Barigaon Jangal L.P. School 810Barigaon Jangal
130No.2 Majuli L.P. School 272Majuli
131Sonaigaon L.P. School 928Sonaigaon
132Sonaigaon L.P. School 411Sonaigaon
133Hatkata L.P. School 769Hatkata
134No.2 Goraibari L.P. School 819Goraibari
135Daipam Khuti L.P. School 925Daipam Khuti
136Dhulachuburi L.P. School 836Dhulachuburi
137Nizudalguri L.P. School 865Nizudalguri
138Nizudalguri L.P. School290Nizudalguri
139Purani Thana L.P. School 1034Purani Thana
140Nalbari L.P. School 812Nalbari
141Udalguri Town Refugee L.P.S (Nongovt.)665Udalguri Town Refugee L.P.S (Nongovt.)
142Nalbari L.P. School 881Nalbari
143Nalbari L.P. School 706Nalbari
144Udalguri Gir' H.S. School 680Udalguri
145Uttar Udalguri Nagar L.P. School 612Uttar Udalguri Nagar
146Udalguri Gir' H.S. School 947Udalguri
147Udalguri Gir' H.S. School 995Udalguri
148Golmagaon L.P. School 847Golmagaon
149Golmagaon L.P. School 1024Golmagaon
150Golmagaon L.P. School 745Golmagaon
151Chandana Tea Estate L.P. School 1022Chandana Tea Estate
152Kaporpura L.P. School 1087Kaporpura
153Chandana L.P. School 1065Chandana
154Khawrang Barigaon L.P. School 1330Khawrang Barigaon
155Pakribari L.P. School 577Pakribari
156Barigaon L.P. School 603Barigaon
157Mazkhuti L.P. School 618Mazkhuti
158No.3 Barigaon L.P. School 1076Barigaon
159Kahibari L.P. School 899Kahibari

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