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Polling Booth in Titabar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Titabar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Titabar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Puranimati Dhalajan High School 732Puranimati Dhalajan
2Gatanga Bagicha L.P. School 973Gatanga Bagicha
3Kamarbandha Bagicha L.P. School 734Kamarbandha Bagicha
4Bapuji High School Komarbandha T.E. 808BapujiKomarbandha T.E.
5346 No Chengeli Chetia Boys L.P. School 800Chengeli Chetia
6346 No. Chegali Chetia Boys L.P. School 394Chengeli Chetia
771 No Changchowa L.P. School 1046Changchowa
8Dhali Malia L.P. School 917Dhali Malia
9Chungi Panbari L.P. School 639Chungi Panbari
10Chungi Tamulbari M.E. School 557Chungi Tamulbari
11Atapam Sr. Basic School 1144Atapam Sr.
12Puranimati Phota Gaon L.P. School 717Puranimati Phota Gaon
13Gajpuria L.P. School 697Gajpuria
14Thengal Mouza Femal Social Welfare Building 610Thengal Mouza
15Awaria L.P. School 724Awaria
16Ratanpur L.P. School 560Ratanpur
17Bojalbari Sr Basic L.P. School 620Bojalbari Sr Basic
18Bojalbari Sr Basic School Part 922Bojalbari SrPart
19Balijan L.P. School 849Balijan
20Moran Koibrata L.P. School 1081Moran Koibrata
21Thengal Gir L.P. School 1056Thengal
22Barhoibari Jr. Basic School 691Barhoibari
23Barhoi Bari Kukurachowa M.E. School 582Barhoi Bari Kukurachowa
24Titaram Bordoloi High School 1008Titaram Bordoloi
25Buruk Baruah Sishu Niketan L.P. School 581Buruk Baruah
26Karangakhat L.P. School 556Karangakhat
27Na Ali Hondique Gaon Lower Primary School 620Na Ali Hondique Gaon
28Moran Gaon Boys Jr. Basic School 699Moran Gaon
29Moran Gaon Boys Jr. Basic School 599Moran Gaon
30303 No Gatanga L.P. School 594Gatonga
31303 No. Gatonga L.P. School 623Gatonga
32Kharikatia Bagicha L.P. School 701Kharikatia Bagicha
33Kharikattia Jengline Kishan L.P. School 600Kharikattia Jengline Kishan
34Kharikatia L.P. School 966Kharikatia
35Rangajan Bagicha L.P. School 1001Rangajan Bagicha
36Dholi Bagicha L.P. School 662Dholi Bagicha
37Rangajan Jr. Basic L.P. School 539Rangajan Jr. Basic
38Bukahola Te L.P. School 704Bukahola Te
39Bukahula Bagicha Mazdur Club 1142Bukahula Bagicha
40Borera Govt. L.P. School 580Borera
41Borera Govt L.P. School640Borera Govt
42Dakhinpat Satra Khat L.P. School 342Dakhinpat Satra Khat
43Muhuramukh L.P.School 873Muhuramukh
44Mihiram Saikia Hs School 831Mihiram Saikia Hs
45Mihiram Saikia Hs School 712Mihiram Saikia
46Bebejia Jr. Basic School 711Bebejia
47Bebejia Jr. Basic School 596Bebejia
48Tanti Gaon Jr. Basic School 693Tanti Gaon
49M.E.Jenga Jr. Basic School 705Jenga
50M.E.Jenga Jr. Basic School 1119Jenga
51Bogar Gaon Govt. Jr. Basic School 698Bogar Gaon
52Kuhum L.P. School 801Kuhum
53370 No Nam Chungi L.P. School 916Nam Chungi
54383 No Chungi L.P. School 619Chungi
55Dalaatra High School 872Dalaatra
56Chungi Te L.P. School 851Chungi Te
57Mohanating Chariapathar Mishing Gaon M.E.School 693Mohanating Chariapathar Mishing Gaon
58Mohanating Chariapathar Mishing Gaon High School 475Mohanating Chariapathar Mishing Gaon
59Bakharbara L.P. School 711Bakharbara
60Pragati Madhya English School 569
61Alengi Mahadev Seminery High School 778Alengi
62M.E.Lamati Jr. Basic School 678Lamati
63M.E.Lamati Jr. Basic School 639Lamati
64M.E.Lamati M.E. School 780Lamati
65M.E.Lamati High School (Venture) 450Lamati(Venture)
66Dafalating Bagicha L.P. School 723Dafalating Bagicha
67Dofalating Bagicha L.P. School 716Dofalating Bagicha
68Abdul Munif M.E. School 1097
69Layet Govt. Jr. Basic School 781Layet
70Ajijur Rahman M.E. School 804
71Birinasayak Gaon M.E. School 736Birinasayak Gaon
72Birinasayek Gaon M.E. School 770Birinasayek Gaon
732 No Mandal Gaon L.P. School 645Mandal Gaon
74Bor Alengi Bogia Satra L.P. School 625Bor Alengi Bogia Satra
75Salaguri Jr. Basic School 1065Salaguri
76Tolai Kachari L.P. School 1058Tolai Kachari
77Kakadonga M.E. School 928Kakadonga
7864 No Naharbari L.P. School 465Naharbari
79Basa Gaon Sr Bassic School 1129Basa Gaon
80Ekarani High School 690Ekarani
81Ekarani High School 966Ekarani
82Borholla Higher Secandary School 949Borholla
83Barhulla Hs School 847Barhulla
84Barhulla College Part 873Barhulla
85Barhulla Collegepart 664Barhulla
86Borhulla Govt. Basic School 804Borhulla
87Ujani Negheri L.P. School 781Ujani Negheri
88663 No Raidangjuri L.P. School 784Raidangjuri
89Bojalkata Sonowal L.P. School 440Bojalkata Sonowal
90Naginijuri L.P. School 1051Naginijuri
91Raidangjuri M.E. School 628Raidangjuri
92Raidangjuri M.E. School1015Raidangjuri
93Mitur Ashram Bidyapith 766Mitur Ashram
94Sankar Madhab M.E. School 712Sankar Madhab
95Sanjkar Madhab High School 853Sanjkar Madhab
96Chenijan L.P. School 866Chenijan
97Bekajan High School 617Bekajan
98Bekajan Gir Higher Secondary School 547Bekajan
99Bekajan High School 1105Bekajan
10013 No Block Miri L.P. School 976Miri
101Arunamukh L.P. School 948Arunamukh
102Balijan M.E. School 740Balijan
1037 No Block L.P. School 6027 Block
1047 No Block L.P. School 7557 Block
105Balijan M.E. School 740Balijan
106Garajan L.P. School 1064Garajan
107Garajan M.E. School 874Garajan
108Chereli Pathar L.P. School 1033Chereli Pathar
109Tairakuri L.P. School 947Tairakuri
110Rajabari L.P. School 944Rajabari
1112 No Gaharichowa L.P. School 727 Gaharichowa
112Rajabahar M.E. School 1084Rajabahar
113Rajabahar High School 842Rajabahar
114Tipamia Bagardia Jr. Bassic School 1140Tipamia Bagardia
115Tipamia M.E. School 658Tipamia
116Panjan L.P. School 833Panjan
117Pahukatia Shyam Gaon L.P. School 806Pahukatia Shyam Gaon
118Tengajan L.P. School 578Tengajan
119Tengajan L.P. School 492Tengajan
120Phulbari M.E. School 782Phulbari
121Phulbari High School 454Phulbari
1221No M.E.Delujan L.P. School 607Delujan
123Gohainjan L.P. School 583Gohainjan
124Charaipani Bagicha L.P. School 503Charaipani Bagicha
125Charaipani Te L.P. School612Charaipani Te
126Basabari Bagicha L.P. School 854Basabari Bagicha
127Sri Sri Kamalabari Satra High School 559Sri Sri Kamalabari Satra
128Adaha Mahimabari M E School 828Adaha Mahimabari
129Lahong Kachari L.P. School 675Lahong Kachari
130Lahong Bebejia L.P. School 975Lahong Bebejia
131Madhapur Padmaram Sarmah H.S. School 1038Madhapur Padmaram Sarmah
132Lalung Gaon L.P. School 923Lalung Gaon
133Basabari Dangdhara L.P. School 954Basabari Dangdhara
134Pathar Gaon Govt. Jr. Basic School 425Pathar Gaon
135Silikhabari L.P. School 723Silikhabari
136Silikhabari M.E. School 525Silikhabari
137Deugharai L.P. School 1199Deugharai
138Gumati Devi Gir High School 626Gumati Devi Gir
139Gumati Devi Gir High School 900Gumati Devi Gir
140Sree Manta Sankar Bidyapith 710Sree Manta Sankar
141Sree Manta Sankar Bidyapith 506Sree Manta Sankar
142Bibijan Jr. Basic 1147Bibijan
143Titabar Town High School 1014Titabar Town
144Titabar Town High School 938Titabar Town
145Kachukhhat Adaa Basic School 855Kachukhhat Adaa
146Gobinpur Bagiccha L.P. School 847Gobinpur Bagiccha
147Hatipara Bagicha L.P. School 952Hatipara Bagicha
148Tairun Bagicha L.P. School 526Tairun Bagicha
149Tairun Bagicha Mazdur Club 725Tairun Bagicha
150537 No Samoguri L.P. School 847Samoguri
151Balijan Betbari L.P. School 936Balijan Betbari
152476 No Bandarchaliha L.P. School 677Bandarchaliha
153Bandarchalia Balika Parthamik Bidyalaya 961Bandarchalia
154143 No Kharakatia L.P. School 1077Kharakatia
155Letekujan Bagicha L.P. School 614Letekujan Bagicha
156Letekujan Bagicha L.P. School 439Letekujan Bagicha

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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