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Polling Booth in Tinsukia Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Tinsukia

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tinsukia Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Ramkrishna Sishu Vidyalaya 1273
2Ramkrishna Sishu Vidyalaya 1192
3Vidyaniketon L.P. School 1173
4Sripuria L.P. School 917Sripuria
5Sripuria L.P. School (New Building) 1153Sripuria(New Building)
6Sripuria L.P. School 783Sripuria
7Tinsukia M.E. School Sripuria 727TinsukiaSripuria
8A.O.C..Club 513A.O.C..Club
9A.O.C. Club603A.O.C. Club
10Banisadan L.P. School 904Banisadan
11Banisadan L.P. School941Banisadan
12Raiay High School 285Raiay
13Raiay High School 728Raiay
14Raiay High School 834Raiay
15Sripuria Pathar Adaa Bharitya Hindi L.P. School 691Sripuria Pathar Adaa
16Sripuria Pathar Adaa Bharitya Hindi L.P. School 860Sripuria Pathar Adaa
17Banikanta Vidyalaya 890
18Banikanta Vidyalaya (Middle 1)988
19N. F.Raiay D.T.P. L.P. School 438N. F.Raiay D.T.P.
20Sripuria Pather Adaha Bharatia Hindi L.P. School 676Sripuria Pather Adaha
21Banikanta Vidyala 659
22Fishery Office (Na Pukhuri) 857(Na Pukhuri)
23Fishery Office Naphukuri973Naphukuri
24Ganapatrai Rachibachia Basic School 961Ganapatrai Rachibachia
25Maintance Building Tinsukia Electrical Div.Sukanpukhuri 1076Sukanpukhuri
26Admn.Section Dgm Electrical Circle Office 899Admn.Section Dgm Electrical Circle Office
27Steeorth Parthamic Vidayalaya 830Steeorth
28Steeorth Parthamic Vidayalaya 591Steeorth
29Ganapatrai Rachibachia Basicschool312Ganapatrai Rachibachia
30Gobardhandas Goenka L.P. School 776
31Gobardhandas Goenka L.P.. School 1104
32Gobardhandas Goenka L.P. School 910
33Tinsukia College 838Kachujan
34Tinsukia College 1036Kachujan
35Bipin Bora M.E. School 651Bipin Bora
36Bipin Bora M.E. School 579Bipin Bora
37Sri Durga M.E. School 904Sri Durga
38Bshnujyoti Sangeet Vidyalaya 937
39Bimala Prasad Chaliha L.P. School 993Bimala Prasad Chaliha
40Bimala Prasad Chaliha L.P. School 688Bimala Prasad Chaliha
41Bimala Prasad Chaliha L.P. School 634Bimala Prasad Chaliha
42Dohotiachuk L.P. School 1190Dohotiachuk
43Hindustani Vidyalaya 1072
44Hindustani Vidyalaya 882
45Hindustani Vidyalaya 998
46Bangiya Vidyalaya 908Bangiya
47Bangiya Vidyalaya 939Bangiya
48Bangiya Vidyalaya 1187Bangiya
49Sarbajanin Valika Vidyalaya 1207Sarbajanin
50Sarbajanin Valika Vidyalaya891Sarbajanin
51Sarbajanin Valika Vidyalaya 932Sarbajanin
52Adaha Parthamik Vidyalaya 814Adaha
53Adaha Parthamik Vidyalaya 787Adaha
54Kanya Pathsala 603
55Kanya Pathsala 798
56Senairam H. S.School 662Senairam
57Senairam H.S. School 1054Senairam
58Senairam H. S. School 1093Senairam
59Hindi English School (Auditorium) 187
60Hindi English School 602
61Hindi English Shool 361
62Bongiya Sishu Vidyalaya 800Bongiya
63Bongiya Sishu Vidyalaya 590Bongiya
64Bengali Gir High School 1096
65Bengali Gir High School 998
66Tinsukia Wom.E.N'S College 637Tinsukia
67Tinsukia Women'S College 885Tinsukia
68Batorpukhuri Partamik Vidyalaya 1217Batorpukhuri
69Sarbananda Singha M.E. School 1040Sarbananda Singha
70Sarbananda Singha M.E. School 674Sarbananda Singha
71Monideep L.P. School 471Monideep
72Monideep L.P. School 1170Monideep
73Monideep L.P. School 723Monideep
74Asstt. Labour Commisioner Office Tinsukia 644Tinsukia
75Circle Office Tinsukia 920Tinsukia
76Circle Office Tinsukia650Tinsukia
77Harijan Colony L.P. School 702Harijan Colony
78Harijan Colony L.P. School 778Harijan Colony
79Baby Nuery School Bor Pathar 827Bor Pathar
80Harijan Colony L.P. School 856Harijan Colony
81Chotahapjan Refujee Colony L.P. School 1114Chotahapjan Refujee Colony
82Ashok Nagar M.E. School 1017Ashok Nagar
83Chotohapjan Refujee Colony L.P. School 491Chotohapjan Refujee Colony
84Kuhipat L.P. School 741Kuhipat
85Sankhadhar L.P. School 1057Sankhadhar
86Birbal Line Sangjogi Siksha Kendra 1011Birbal Line Sangjogi
87Loharijan L.P. School 594Loharijan
88Ramchandra Agaalla L.P. School 597Ramchandra Agaalla
89Ramchandra Agaalla L.P. School1008Ramchandra Agaalla
90Koriatoli L.P. School 958Koriatoli
91Koriatali L.P. School 929Koriatali
92Raiay Institute 380Raiay Institute
93Raiway Institute 757Raiway Institute
94Raiay L.P. School 403Raiay
95Community House Tingrai Habi Unnayanmulak Committee 1052Tingrai Habi
96Tingrai Habi L.P. School 757Tingrai Habi
97Community House Tingrai Habi Unnayanmulak Committee 900Tingrai Habi
98Tingrai Habi L.P. School 604Tingrai Habi
99Rongpuria L.P. School 1179Rongpuria
100Dhekiajuri Hindi L.P. School 884Dhekiajuri
101Dhekiajuri Hindi L.P. School 863Dhekiajuri
102Hijuguri Hindi L.P. School 1196Hijuguri
103Hijuguri Hindi L.P. School 948Hijuguri
104Itakhuli Te L.P. School 1065Itakhuli Te
105Itakhuli Te Labour Club 485Itakhuli Te
106Nabajagriti Vidyalaya 685Nabajagriti
107Nabajagriti Vidyalaya 1086Nabajagriti
108115 No.Mahakali Grant L.P. School 720Mahakali Grant
109Chototingrai Te L.P. School 768Chototingrai Te
110Chototingrai Te L.P. School 672Chototingrai Te
111Mohakali Te L.P. School 459Mohakali Te
112Mohakali Te L.P. School 886Mohakali Te
113Mohakali Te Labour Club 479Mohakali Te
114Tengpani Te L.P. School 662Tengpani Te
115Tingrai Bangali Gaon L.P. School 855Tingrai Bangali Gaon
116Tengapani Te Labour Club 1093Tengapani Te
117Tengapani T.E. Staff Club 202Tengapani T.E.
118Langkachi Te L.P. School 318Langkachi Te
119Tengpani L.P. School 776Tengpani
120Langkachi Te L.P. School 542Langkachi Te
121Dhulijan L.P. School 729Dhulijan
122Laina L.P. School 904Laina
123Rajgarali Te Staff Club 937Rajgarali Te
124Rajgarali Te Labour Club 732Rajgarali Te
125Sukani Majgaon L.P. School 778Sukani Majgaon
126Kharia Gaon L.P. School 1066Kharia Gaon
127Bahadur Te L.P. School 845Bahadur Te
128Kachomari L.P. School 906Kachomari
129Langkachi Majgaon L.P. School 470Langkachi Majgaon
130Himolugurichuk L.P. School 775Himolugurichuk
131Langkachi L.P. School 1074Langkachi
132Langkachi L.P. School 545Langkachi
133Bozaloni Te Staff Club 635Bozaloni Te
134Bozaloni Te Labour Club 542Bozaloni Te
135Bazaloni T.E. L.P. School 609Bazaloni T.E.
136Bozaloni L.P. School 946Bozaloni
137Keyhung Te Staff Club 873Keyhung Te
138Keyhung Te Staff Club 774Keyhung Te
139Shilikhaguri L.P. School 767Shilikhaguri
140Laipuli M.E. School 760Laipuli
141Deohal Te Staff Club 703Deohal Te
142Deohal Te Staff Club 672Deohal Te
143Deohal Te Mazdoor Club 781Deohal Te
144Dharia Roitok L.P. School 607Dharia Roitok
145Dharia Roitok L.P. School 617Dharia Roitok
146Puberun L.P. School 492Puberun
147Hatimara T.E. Labour Club 612Hatimara T.E.
148Puberun L.P. School642Puberun
149Harijan L.P. School 1121Harijan
150Netaji Vidyamandir590
151Netaji Bidya Mandirl.P. School 685
152Bordubi H.S. School 1111Bordubi
153Netaji Vidyamandir 1019
154Bordubi Higher Secondery School 641Bordubi
155Monkhushi T.E. L.P. School 565Monkhushi T.E.
156Monkhushi T.E. Labour Club 491Monkhushi T.E.
157Konwari Pathar L.P. School 748Konwari Pathar
158Konwari Pathar L.P. School 699Konwari Pathar
159Mohkhuli L.P. School 1063Mohkhuli
160Mohkhuli L.P. School 968Mohkhuli
161Keyhung T.E. L.P. School 706Keyhung T.E.
162Keheng T.E. L.P. School 678Keheng T.E.
163Dhunda Nahar Papahua Parthamik Vidyalaya 848Dhunda Nahar Papahua
164Lakhi Pathar High School 852Lakhi Pathar
165Lakhi Pathar Parthamik Vidyalaya 1053Lakhi Pathar
166Lakhi Pathar High School 991Lakhi Pathar

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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