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Polling Booth in Tingkhong Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Tingkhong

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tingkhong Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Athabari Naharani L.P. School 503Athabari Naharani
2Pithubor M.E.School 906Pithubor
3Chenimari L.P. School 247Chenimari
4Deori Gaon L.P. School 741Deori Gaon
5Cherepa Khati L.P.School. 568Cherepa Khati
6Kolowluwa Mv School 772Kolowluwa
7Napam Than Gaon L.P. School374Napam Than Gaon
8No.1 Burikhowang L.P. School L.P. School 664Burikhowang
9No.1 Burikhowang L.P. School 377Burikhowang
103 No. Burikhowang L.P. School (Deochali) 411Burikhowang
11Duliabam Te L.P. School630Duliabam Te
12Duliabam Te L.P. School 566Duliabam Te
13Halmari Te Mazdur Club 816Halmari Te
14Halmari Te Mazdur Club 935Halmari Te
15Jariguri Mv School 380Jariguri
16No. 3 Thengal L.P. School 559Thengal
17Jariguri Mv School 736Jariguri
18Tinthengia High School681Tinthengia
19No One Puberun Krishi Nigam Lp School 606No One Puberun Krishi Nigam
20Garmora Balijan L.P. School 633Garmora Balijan
21Lachongia Miri L.P. School 637Lachongia Miri
22Meslow M.E. School 654Meslow
23Meslow M.E. School 502Meslow
24Saharikata L.P. School 686Saharikata
25Saharikata M.E. School 588Saharikata
26Nagaon L.P. School (Centre No. 1)674Nagaon(Centre No. 1)
27Nakhat Janajati Lp School 449Nakhat Janajati
28Garuhora L.P. School 806Garuhora
29Halalguri Gaon L.P. School 856Halalguri Gaon
30No.2 Halaguri L.P. School600Halaguri
31Aghunubari High School 671Aghunubari
32Changmai L.P. School606Changmai
33Changmai L.P. School 690Changmai
34Lengeri L.P. School 903Lengeri
35Lengeri High School 503Lengeri
36Thengal (Borbam)L.P. School 492Thengal (Borbam)
37Thengal L.P. School 773Thengal
38Ghugulani Borbam L.P. School755Ghugulani Borbam
39Ghugulani Borbam Mv School 678Ghugulani Borbam
40Koilagora Habi L.P. School (Centre No. 1) 445Koilagora Habi(Centre No. 1)
41Ghugoloni Nagaon L.P. School720Ghugoloni Nagaon
42Nahula L.P. School (Centre No. 1)411Nahula(Centre No. 1)
43Kheronipather L.P. School 597Kheronipather
44Nar Bahadur Newar L.P. School 633Nar Bahadur Newar
45Nar Bahadur Newar L.P. School 486Nar Bahadur Newar
46No.1 Dighalia L.P. School 573Dighalia
47No.1 Dighalia L.P. School508Dighalia
48No.2 Dighalia L.P. School560Dighalia
49Bamunbari L.P. School473Bamunbari
50Bamunbari H.E. School 763Bamunbari
51Bamunbari L.P. School536Bamunbari
52Kekuri Sonowal L.P. School 764Kekuri Sonowal
53Ouphalia L.P. School 1004Ouphalia
54Diksam Hindi L.P. School 745Diksam
55Ouphalia Te L.P. School 557Ouphalia Te
56Ouphulia T.E Labour Club 406Ouphulia T.E
57Ouphalia Te L.P. School 537Ouphalia Te
58Ouphalia Te L.P. School 551Ouphalia Te
59Nalani L.P. School 403Nalani
60Nalani L.P. School 824Nalani
61Nemupathar M.E. School 847Nemupathar
62Diroibam Mazdur Club 748Diroibam
63Diroi Te L.P. School681Diroi Te
64Diroi Te L.P. School711Diroi Te
65Diroi Grant L.P. School 690Diroi Grant
66Borbil L.P. School 567Borbil
67Diksam Hindi M.E. School 449Diksam
68101 Borpathar L.P. School 746Borpathar
69101 Borpathar L.P. School 504Borpathar
70Ghugulani Mv School 1010Ghugulani
71Kenduguri L.P. School 454Kenduguri
72Hingibil L.P. School 658Hingibil
73Nachani Gaon L.P. School703Nachani Gaon
74Nachani Gaon L.P. School614Nachani Gaon
75Nachani Gaon L.P. School 549Nachani Gaon
76Naharpara Jyoti L.P. School 649Naharpara Jyoti
77Thekeraguri L.P. School 1003Thekeraguri
78Kakowani L.P. School 483Kakowani
79Kakowani L.P. School 672Kakowani
80Pithaguti Te L.P. School 487Pithaguti Te
81Pithaguti Te L.P. School 457Pithaguti Te
82Pithaguti Te Mazdur Sangha 612Pithaguti Te
83Mahkhowa L.P. School366Mahkhowa
84Mahkhowa L.P. School626Mahkhowa
85Bhalukmara L.P. School 834Bhalukmara
86Longboijan Mv School 768Longboijan
87Longboijan Mv School 557Longboijan
88Juktoli Mazdur Sangha 627Juktoli
89Juktoli Mazdur Sangha 656Juktoli
90Dongal Para High School 547Dongal Para
91Dongal Para High School 650Dongal Para
92Rajgarh Te L.P. School770Rajgarh Te
93Rajgarh Te L.P. School 474Rajgarh Te
94Rajgarh Te Labour Club 410Rajgarh Te
95Gerekoni L.P. School 899Gerekoni
96Sukani L.P. School 748Sukani
97Kenduguri Te L.P. School987Kenduguri Te
98Kenduguri Te L.P. School409Kenduguri Te
99Chareng M.E. School 716Chareng
100Chareng M.E. School 614Chareng
101Ouguri Mv School 409Ouguri
102Majpathar L.P. School 742Majpathar
103Nalani L.P. School 859Nalani
104Dhaman L.P. School 900Dhaman
105Dhaman L.P. School 203Dhaman
106Sesabil M.E. School 579Sesabil
107Dahakataki L.P. School 670Dahakataki
108Halmari Te L.P. School 148Halmari Te
109Dhanpur Mv School 438Dhanpur
110Disang L.P.School 487Disang
111Halaguri Dighalia L.P. School 744Halaguri Dighalia
112Kadamoni Mv School 427Kadamoni
113Hatigarh L.P. School 792Hatigarh
114Tipamia L.P. School 1018Tipamia
115Phetengibor L.P. School 833Phetengibor
116Azizbag Te L.P. School 679Azizbag Te
117Azizbag Te Mazdur Sangha 417Azizbag Te
118Azizbag Te Mazdur Sangha 541Azizbag Te
119Arunoday L.P. School 748Arunoday
120Sarujani Te L.P. School 714Sarujani Te
121Rajgarh Hs School 521Rajgarh
122Rajgarh Hs School 531Rajgarh
123Rajgarh Hs School845Rajgarh
124No. 1 Chakalia L.P. School 936Chakalia
125Lorarmukh L.P. School 282Lorarmukh
126Dangpara High School675Dangpara
127Tipamia Gaon Mv School 588Tipamia Gaon
128Naga Pather Lp School 465Naga Pather
129Karangani Mazdur Sangha 529Karangani
130Nilmani Te L.P. School 779Nilmani Te
131Lakribam Mazdur Sangha 748Lakribam
132Bahani Gaon L.P. School 475Bahani Gaon
133Tingkhong Te L.P. School 471Tingkhong Te
134Tingkhong Te Staff Club 419Tingkhong Te
135Tingkhong Te Mazdur Sangha 528Tingkhong Te
136Halaguri High School 744Halaguri
137Udaipur L.P. School 609Udaipur
138Udaipur L.P. School 502Udaipur
139Tiniali Te L.P. School 536Tiniali Te
140Nasiripuria L.P. School572Nasiripuria
141Betoni Mv School 783Betoni
142No.1 Dhadumia L.P. School 1054Dhadumia
143Konwari Gaon High School 528Konwari Gaon
144Konwari Gaon High School 807Konwari Gaon
145No. 2 Dhadumia Lp School 715Dhadumia
146Rongabanani L.P. School 289Rongabanani
147Nachoudang L.P. School495Nachoudang
148Tingkhong L.P. School 466Tingkhong
149Tingkhong H.S. School 821Tingkhong
150Tingkhong L.P. School 696Tingkhong
151Tingkhong H.S. School 455Tingkhong
152Powali Pathar L.P. School 448Powali Pathar
153Powali Pathar L.P. School423Powali Pathar
154Dillinagarr M.E. School 666Dillinagarr
155Diroipam Lp School 398Diroipam
156Sapkait L.P. School959Sapkait
157Ghahipather L.P. School 274Ghahipather
158No. 1 Chapatali L.P. School 190No. 1 Chapatali
159Puwali Baghmora L.P. School 993Puwali Baghmora
160Dhowapathar L.P. School 785Dhowapathar
161Pohumora L.P. School 561Pohumora
162Lachit Nagar Lp School 204Lachit Nagar
163Dhowapathar L.P. School 685Dhowapathar
164Geleki L.P. School 512Geleki
165Geleki L.P. School 653Geleki
166Panibil Lp School 329Panibil
167Seuni L.P. School 820Seuni
168Dillibari Te L.P. School 833Dillibari Te
169Simaluguri L.P. School 967Simaluguri
170Kereng Gaon L.P. School752Kereng Gaon
171Kereng Gaon L.P. School 688Kereng Gaon
172Bortani M.E. School 685Bortani
173Bortani M.E. School 384Bortani

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