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Polling Booth in Thowra Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Thowra

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Thowra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1493 No Namoni Milankur L.P. School. 772Namoni Milankur
2Samukjan Govt. L.P. School. 683Samukjan
3Dolopa Lp School 788Dolopa
453 No Tengapani Dhaibari L .P. School 561Tengapani Dhaibari
5Ajanti (Tengapani) Dhaibari L .P. School 896Ajanti (Tengapani) Dhaibari
6Barpather Govt. Nimna Buniyadi School 939Barpather
7Kotiyari H/S School 1069Kotiyari
8Jamira Rajabari Basic School 877Jamira Rajabari
9Teteliguri L.P. School 502Teteliguri
10Teteliguri L.P. School 529Teteliguri
11Bhagyapur Kumar L.P School 579Bhagyapur Kumar
12Bhimpara High School 739Bhimpara
131 No Udaipur L.P. School 990Udaipur
14Ukhapur L.P. School 635Ukhapur
15Rupahibam L.P School 957Rupahibam
16Santipur Nabajyoti L.P. School 876Santipur Nabajyoti
17Pahukhua L.P. School 545Pahukhua
18Pahukhua L.P. School 922Pahukhua
19Rupapur L.P School 581Rupapur
20Dihingmukh High School 831Dihingmukh
21Dihingmukh High School 763Dihingmukh
22Gohaipukhuri L.P. School 616Gohaipukhuri
23Gahaigaon L.P. School 773Gahaigaon
24Bhatgajgaon L.P. School 605Bhatgajgaon
25Ahompathar L.P. School 551Ahompathar
26Dihingia L.P. School 713Dihingia
27Dubarisiga L.P School 673Dubarisiga
28Nitaipukhuri High School.950Nitaipukhuri.
29Nitaipukhuri High School783Nitaipukhuri
30Naojan L.P. School 561Naojan
31Nagaon L.P. School449Nagaon
32Dupani Basic School 785Dupani
33Garhbhanga L.P. School 844Garhbhanga
34Bogalipathar L.P. School 1039Bogalipathar
35Joymati M.V. School 585Joymati
36Joymati M.V. School758Joymati
37Nahat Goroimari L.P. School953Nahat Goroimari
38Gomiri L.P. School 767Gomiri
39Sakalapathar L.P. School 708Sakalapathar
40Shukanpukhuri L.P. School 603Shukanpukhuri
41Dimow Town High School 221Dimow Town
42Dimow M.V. School519Dimow
43Dimow M.V. School 622Dimow
44Bonbikhoyar Banglo(Forest Banglow824Bonbikhoyar Banglo(Forest Banglow
45Bhakelai L.P. School 622Bhakelai
46Konwar Dihingia L.P. School 721Konwar Dihingia
4759 No Soroguwa L.P. School 723Soroguwa
4859 Soroguwa L.P. School895Soroguwa
49540 No. Disang Gohain Majulia L.P. School 538Disang Gohain Majulia
50Koibarta Daloni L.P. School 761Koibarta Daloni
51Koibarta Daloni M.V School 239Koibarta Daloni
52Koibarta Daloni Mv School483Koibarta Daloni
53Kesuwani L.P. School 713Kesuwani
54Dhondarmukh M.V. School. 875Dhondarmukh.
55365 No. Kosaripathar L.P. School. 754Kosaripathar
56Loguabari L.P. School. 724Loguabari.
57Loguabari L.P. School. 402Loguabari.
58Dimow H/S School.572Dimow
59Dimow H/S School.853Dimow
60Dimow H/S School. 615Dimow
61Dimow H/S School. 760Dimow
62Gojali L.P. School. 953Gojali.
63Kuchiamari L.P. School577Kuchiamari
64Kuchiamari L.P. School575Kuchiamari
65120 No. Kusiamari L.P. School 821Kusiamari
66120 No. Kusiamari L.P. School 615Kusiamari
67Barua Changmai L.P. School 564Barua Changmai
68Barua Changmai L.P. School 526Barua Changmai
69Athabari Bagan L.P. School. 557Athabari Bagan.
70Athabari Bagan L.P. School.487Athabari Bagan.
71Rajmai L.P. School 574Rajmai
72Rajmai L.P. School497Rajmai
73Rajmai Creche House 676Rajmai
74Rajmai L.P. School 448Rajmai
75Rajmai Bagan Stuff Club Ghar 914Rajmai Bagan
76Thowra Dol Mv School 946Thowra Dol
77Jamuguri L.P. School. 824Jamuguri.
78Bamunbari L.P. School 547Bamunbari
79Bamunbari L.P. School 657Bamunbari
80Saru Palengi L.P. School. 443Saru Palengi.
81Dhian Pathar L.P. School. 765Dhian Pathar.
82Rojabari Aclass L.P. School915Rojabari Aclass
83Athabari High School. 612Athabari.
84Athabari High School406Athabari
85Bordeoroi Bagisa L.P. School. 642Bordeoroi Bagisa.
86Disang Deroi L.P. School. 625Disang Deroi.
87Saruderoi L.P. School. 803Saruderoi.
88Saruderoi L.P. School. 397Saruderoi.
89Khorahat Bagan L.P. School 768Khorahat Bagan
90Masoi L.P. School. 645Masoi.
91Athabari Bagicha Lp School 920Athabari Bagicha
92Krishna Bihari Bagan L.P. School. 607Krishna Bihari Bagan.
93Khongia Bagisa L.P. School. 643Khongia Bagisa.
94Khongia Bagisa L.P. School. 525Khongia Bagisa.
95Deroi Habi L.P. School. 591Deroi Habi.
96Thowra Bagan Stuff Club Ghar.685Thowra Bagan
97Thowra Bagan Stuff Club Ghar. 605Thowra Bagan
98Amlaguri Bagan L.P. School 842Amlaguri Bagan
99Amlaguri Bagan L.P. School 490Amlaguri Bagan
100Amlaguri Bagan L.P. School (Anganwadi Centre) 458Amlaguri Bagan(Anganwadi Centre)
101Sandbesa L.P. School 794Sandbesa
102Mohkhuti Bagan Bonuwa Club Ghar 623Mohkhuti Bagan
103Mohkhuti Bagan Bonuwa Club Ghar 412Mohkhuti Bagan
104Jutuliting L.P. School. 952Jutuliting.
105Nakotani M.E. School.816Nakotani
106Borbam L.P. School. 671Borbam.
107Borbam L.P. School. 780Borbam.
108Khonikar L.P. School. 487Khonikar.
1092 No. Konwar Gaon L.P. School. 569Konwar Gaon
110Mahkhowabari L.P. School 395Mahkhowabari
111Mahkhowabari L.P. School 795Mahkhowabari
112Sarubhanga L.P. School 789Sarubhanga
113Sarubhanga L.P. School451Sarubhanga
114Nemuguri L.P. School 811Nemuguri
115Nemuguri High School 648Nemuguri
116Parijat M.E. School 613Parijat
117Parijat M.E. School722Parijat
118Bordeodhai M.V. School 549Bordeodhai
119Bordeodhai M.V. School 714Bordeodhai
1201 No. Konwar Gaon L.P. School 474Konwar Gaon
121Jobalating L.P. School. 622Jobalating.
12298No. Bam Gohain Gaon L.P. School 658Bam Gohain Gaon
123Nanglamora L.P. School. 702Nanglamora.
124Borpial Bahgarh L.P. School 472Borpial Bahgarh
125Ukhajyoti L.P. School 806Ukhajyoti
126Ukhajyoti L.P. School W 213UkhajyotiW
127Kohar Gaon L.P. School 514Kohar Gaon
128Kohar Gaon L.P. School 592Kohar Gaon
129Bhadhara M.V School 597Bhadhara

Last Updated on April 02, 2020
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