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Polling Booth in Tezpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Tezpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tezpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Napam Mowamari L.P. School 544Napam Mowamari
2Napam Mowamari L.P.School 554Napam Mowamari
3Pakhijhar L.P.School 359Pakhijhar
4Depota Gir M.V. School 866Depota Gir
5Depota Gir M.V. School 258Depota Gir
6Saikia Chuburi M.V. School 858Saikia Chuburi
7Depota M.E. School 743Depota
8Teleria L.P. School 988Teleria
9Saikiachuburi L.P. School 913Saikiachuburi
10Kundarbari L.P. School 716Kundarbari
11Kundarbari L.P. School 928Kundarbari
12Dekargaon High School 923Dekargaon
13Dekargaon High School 470Dekargaon
14Niz Halleswar M.E. School 615Niz Halleswar
15Niz Halleswar M.E. School 642Niz Halleswar
16Rengonijhar L.P. School 416Rengonijhar
1746 Barpukhuri L.P. School 597Barpukhuri
1846 Barpukhuri L.P. School 504Barpukhuri
19Goraimari L.P. School 710Goraimari
20Goraimari L.P. School 625Goraimari
21Goraimari L.P. School 315Goraimari
22Goraimari L.P.School 699Goraimari
23Bhalukjharani Kasturba L.P. School 675Bhalukjharani Kasturba
24Bhalukjharani Kasturba L.P. School 696Bhalukjharani Kasturba
25Napam M.V. School 845Napam
26Napam M.V.School843Napam M.V.School
27Amolapam Gandhi Memorial L.P. School 553Amolapam
28Amolapam Gandhi Memorial School 553Amolapam
29Borguri L.P. School 973Borguri
30Borguri L.P. School 1045Borguri
31Puniani L.P. School 986Puniani
32Puniani L.P. School 953Puniani
33Solmora M.E. School 882Solmora
34Solmora M.E. School 641Solmora
35Baruachuburi L.P. School 882Baruachuburi
36Saikia Chuburi Musalman Gaon L.P. School 388Saikia Chuburi Musalman Gaon
37Saikia Chuburi Musalman Gaon L.P. School 837Saikia Chuburi Musalman Gaon
38Rangapukhuri L.P. School 514Rangapukhuri
39Rangapukhuri L.P. School 985Rangapukhuri
40Noorbari Govt. L.P. School 986Noorbari
41Noorbari Govt. L.P. School 477Noorbari
42Jyoti Sowarani L.P. School 891Jyoti Sowarani
43Jyoti Sowarani L.P. School 823Jyoti Sowarani
44Jyoti Sowarani L.P. School 749Jyoti Sowarani
45Parowa L.P. School 768Parowa
46Porowa L.P.School 864Porowa
47Mulagabharu M.E. School 795Mulagabharu
48Mulagabharu M.E. School 601Mulagabharu
49Tiniali L.P. School 1333Tiniali
50Dewrigaon L.P. School 729Dewrigaon
51Dewrigaon L.P. School 610Dewrigaon
52Ketekibari Gir M.V. School 684Ketekibari Gir
53B.T. College Mazgaon 727Mazgaon
54Dekargaon Chuk L.P.School 623Dekargaon Chuk
55Dekargaon Chuk L.P.School 541Dekargaon Chuk
56Baruchuburi L.P. School 814Baruchuburi
57Baruchuburi L.P. School 617Baruchuburi
58Baruachuburi L.P. School 459Baruachuburi
59Mazgaon G.P. Office 830Mazgaon
60Ushapur L.P. School 716Ushapur
61Gabharu Dev Block 904Gabharu Dev Block
62Gabharu Dev. Block 675Gabharu Dev. Block
63Bamgaon L.P. School 525Bamgaon
64Sopora Chuburi L.P. School 310Sopora Chuburi
65Bamgaon L.P. School 667Bamgaon
66Besseria M.V. School 750Besseria
67Dabesseria L.P. School785Dabesseria
68Besseria High School 394Besseria
69Besseria High School 593Besseria
70Dachuburi L.P. School 614Dachuburi
71Dachuburi L.P. School705Dachuburi
72Kaushikpur L.P. School 750Kaushikpur
73Kaushikpur L.P. School 606Kaushikpur
74Bam Parbatia L.P. School 843Bam Parbatia
75Daparbatia L.P. School463Daparbatia
76Daparbatia L.P. School593Daparbatia
77Bamparbatia L.P. School 676Bamparbatia
78Gourimata L.P. School 1044Gourimata
79Gourimata L.P. School 596Gourimata
80Gourimata L.P. School 585Gourimata
81Sahid Smriti Vidyapith (Rupaknagar) 581(Rupaknagar)
82Sahid Smriti Vidyapith (Rupaknagar) 592(Rupaknagar)
83Jyanoday L.P. School 903Jyanoday
84Jyanoday L.P. School 971Jyanoday
85Jyanoday L.P. School 718Jyanoday
86Gotlong L.P. School 1044Gotlong
87Gotlong Akbar Muktab 958Gotlong Akbar Muktab
88Gotlong L.P. School 623Gotlong
89Gotlong L.P. School 597Gotlong
90Gotlong L.P. School 985Gotlong
91Gotlong L.P. School783Gotlong
922 No. Dolabari L.P. School 809Dolabari
932 No. Dolabari L.P. School 905Dolabari
94Dolabari L.P. School 785Dolabari
95Dolabari L.P. School 748Dolabari
96Dolabari L.P. School 1043Dolabari
97Dolabari L.P. School 1000Dolabari
98Khanamukh L.P. School 808Khanamukh
99Jahajduba L.P. School 579Jahajduba
100No.1 Oriumguri L.P. School 714Oriumguri
101No.1 Oriumguri L.P. School 751Oriumguri
102No.2 Uriumguri L.P. School 999Uriumguri
103Panchmile High School 944Panchmile
104Panchmile High School 649Panchmile
105Panchmile High School 756Panchmile
106Tengabasti Gir School 757Tengabasti Gir
107Tengabasti Gir School 595Tengabasti Gir
108Tengakhuti L.P. School 653Tengakhuti
109Tengakhuti L.P. School 845Tengakhuti
110Tengakhuti L.P. School 686Tengakhuti
111Koraiani Bengali L.P. School 657Koraiani Bengali
112Koraiani Bengali L.P. School 659Koraiani Bengali
113Islampur L.P. School 718Islampur
114Islampur L.P. School 575Islampur
115Batamari L.P. School 760Batamari
116Batamari L.P. School 731Batamari
117Mukti Judha Rudra Bora L.P. School 584Mukti Judha Rudra Bora
118Mukti Judha Rudra Bora L.P. School 537Mukti Judha Rudra Bora
119Chatai Chapari L.P. School 985Chatai Chapari
120Sisuwati L.P. School 684Sisuwati
121Industrial Training Centre 968
122Industrial Training Centre 736
123Industrial Training Centre 748
124Kumargaon L.P. School 970Kumargaon
125Chandmari M.E. School 789Chandmari
126Chandmari M.E. School 716Chandmari
127Tezpur Gir Multipurpose School1250Tezpur Gir
128Dandinath Smriti L.P. School 768Dandinath Smriti
129Dandinath Smriti L.P. School 672Dandinath Smriti
130Tezpur Boys Higher Secy. School 923Tezpur
131Silver Jubilee L.P. School 849Silver Jubilee
132Silver Jubilee L.P. School 995Silver Jubilee
133Horijan Hinidi L.P. School 905Horijan Hinidi
134Rangmahal Bibah Bhaban 619Rangmahal Bibah Bhaban
135Rangmahal Bibah Bhaban 502Rangmahal Bibah Bhaban
136Maharishi Vidyamandir 691
137Tezpur College 199Mahabhairab
138Bengali Theatre Hall 622
139Bengali Theatre Hall 484
140Tezpur Bengali H.S. School 723Tezpur
141Tezpur Bengali H.S. School 801Tezpur
142Tezpur Bengali H.S. School 688Tezpur
143Old Ban Stage 892Old Ban Stage
144Old Ban Stage 608Old Ban Stage
145S.D.O. (Ofc) Bsnl Godown No.1 1035S.D.O. (Ofc) Bsnl Godown No.1
146S.D.O. (Ofc) Bsnl Godown No.1 596S.D.O. (Ofc) Bsnl Godown No.1
147Sonitpur L.P.School 864Sonitpur
148Sonitpur L.P.School 406Sonitpur
149Gandhi Memoriall.P. School 752
150Gandhi Memoriall.P. School 893
151Tezpur Bengali Higher Secy. School Towna824Towna
152Tezpur Bengali Higher Secy. School Townb415Towna
153Tezpur Academy 619
154Tezpur Academy 770
155Tezpur Academy 1096
156Tezpur Academy795
157Mahabhairab Harisabha School Tezpur Town A845Tezpur Town A
158Mahabhairab Harisabha School Tezpur Town B489Tezpur Town B
159Mahabhairab Harisabha School 731
160Mahabhairab Harisabha School1111
161Netaji M.E. School 806
162Netaji M.E. School 917
163Tezpur Collegiate High School 865Tezpur Collegiate
164Tezpur Collegiate High School 790Tezpur Collegiate
165Agnigarh Vidyapith 727Agnigarh
166Agnigarh Vidyapith 677Agnigarh
167Ghorpora Chuburi L.P. School 922Ghorpora Chuburi
168O/O Exe. Eng. (Agriculture) 673
169Chandmari L.P. School 720Chandmari
170Chandmari L.P.School 808Chandmari
171Gandhi Ashram L.P. School 882Gandhi Ashram
172Gandhi Ashram L.P. School 1099Gandhi Ashram
173Dist. Employm.E.Nt Exchange Office 338
174Dist. Employm.E.Nt Exchange Office Tezpur Towna1002Tezpur Towna
175Dist. Employm.E.Nt Exchange Office Tezpur Townb548Tezpur Townb
176Usha Kalibari School 920Usha Kalibari
177Usha Kalibari School 569Usha Kalibari
178Usha Kalibari School 546Usha Kalibari
179Kalibari L.P. School 805Kalibari
180Kalibari L.P. School 561Kalibari
181Kalibari L.P. School 1052Kalibari
182Dept. Of Industriall Commerce 812
183Madhya Barika Chuburi L.P.School 594Madhya Barika Chuburi
184Dept. Of Industriall Commerce 625
185Madhya Barika Chuburi L.P.School Bamungaon 664Bamungaon
186Madhya Barikachuburi L.P. School 387Madhya Barikachuburi
187Ploground L.P. School 904Ploground
188Pologround L.P. School 641Pologround
189Pologround L.P. School 507Pologround
190Bhojkhowa Sirajia M.E. Madrassa 708Bhojkhowa Sirajia
191Bhojkhowa Sirajia M.E. Madrassa 565Bhojkhowa Sirajia
192Bhojkhowa Sirajia M. E. Madrassa 746Bhojkhowa Sirajia
193Bhomoraguril.P. School 899Bhomoraguri
194Bhomoraguril.P. School 707Bhomoraguri
195Bhojkhowal.P. School 954Bhojkhowal.P.
196Bhojkhowal.P. School 748Bhojkhowal.P.
1971No.Jorgorl.P. School 1040Jorgor
198Rajbharall.P. School 1058Rajbharal
199Rajbharall.P. School 613Rajbharal

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