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Polling Booth in Teok Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Teok

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Teok Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Meleng High School 951Meleng
2Barkhat L.P. School 706Barkhat
3Barkhat M.E. School.420Barkhat
4Hatigarh High School 863Hatigarh
5Hatigarh High School660Hatigarh
6Baraguri Basapathar L.P. School 930Baraguri Basapathar
7Hatigarh Gharphalia L.P. School 567Hatigarh Gharphalia
8Cheni Amguri High School 1113Cheni Amguri
9M.E.Leng Balichapori Mv School 777Leng Balichapori
10M.E.Leng Balichapori Mv School 705Leng Balichapori
11111 No.Coporadhara L.P. School 914Coporadhara
12112 No Sarumainaparia L.P. School 669Sarumainaparia
13112 No Sarumainaparia L.P. School 608Sarumainaparia
14Bam Kukurachowa L.P. School 908Bam Kukurachowa
15Bam Kukurachowa L.P. School1062Bam Kukurachowa
16Junaki L.P. School674Junaki
17Junaki L.P. School 691Junaki
1873 No Bharaluwa L.P. School 555Bharaluwa
1973 No Bharaluwa L.P. School 550Bharaluwa
208 No Bongaon L.P. School 808Bongaon
21605 No Natun Dharigaon L.P. School 922Natun Dharigaon
22605 No Natun Dharigaon L.P. School 271Natun Dharigaon
2315 No Dekiakhowa L.P. School 798Dekiakhowa
24Rukinikanta Hatibaruah L.P. School443Rukinikanta Hatibaruah
25622 No.Bormoinaparia L.P. School 637Bormoinaparia
26622 No. Bormoinaparia L.P. School 381Bormoinaparia
27Sankardev L.P. School 825Sankardev
2872 No Barkhelia L.P. School 929Barkhelia
29Bezorciga Chapori L.P. School 844Bezorciga Chapori
30Nimati Toramari Lp School 752Nimati Toramari
31Barmathauri L.P. School 1061Barmathauri
32Sagunpara L.P. School 951Sagunpara
33Bhakat Gaon L.P. School 831Bhakat Gaon
34Janjimukh M.E. School 526Janjimukh
35Kowomari Gohain Gaon M.E. School 761Kowomari Gohain Gaon
36Kawoimari Gohain Gaon M.E. School 944Kawoimari Gohain Gaon
37Major Chapori Govt. Lp School. Arunamukh799Arunamukh
38197 No Uttar Dulia Gaon L.P. School 442Uttar Dulia Gaon
39Madhya Dakhin Dulia L.P. School 762Madhya Dakhin Dulia
40Kumar Kahar Gaon L.P. School 698Kumar Kahar Gaon
41Kamar Khatowal L.P. School 1035Kamar Khatowal
4273 No Dulia Gaon L.P. School 539Dulia Gaon
43Namoni Dulia L.P. School 731Namoni Dulia
44Teok Rajabari High School 723Teok Rajabari
45Teok Rajabari High School 577Teok Rajabari
46329 No Mahara L.P. School 767Mahara
47Teok High School 835Teok
48Teok High School872Teok
49168 No Jakharia L.P. School 685Jakharia
50Central Teok High School Jakhaia 626Central TeokJakhaia
51Sonari Gaon L.P. School 813Sonari Gaon
5254 No Dulia Gaon L.P. School 595Dulia Gaon
53Jagduwar Sonari L.P. School 691Jagduwar Sonari
54Jagduwar Sonari L.P. School 397Jagduwar Sonari
5538 No Katikucia L.P. School 656Katikucia
5638 No Katikucia L.P. School 538Katikucia
57Jagduwar M.E. School 757Jagduwar
58Jagduwar Chapari L.P. School 902Jagduwar Chapari
59Bongali Gaon L.P. School 1135Bongali Gaon
60Panikhati L.P. School 746Panikhati
61Bamunpukhuri High Sachool 825Bamunpukhuri
621 No Pahumara L.P. School 641Pahumara
63Rabi Gaon L.P. School 767Rabi Gaon
64Jagduwar Basic School 745Jagduwar
65Bonai High School 694Bonai
66Bonai Napamuwa L.P. School 919Bonai Napamuwa
67Bonai Napamuwa L.P. School 528Bonai Napamuwa
68Borkur Gaon L.P. School 604Borkur Gaon
69Oguri High School 538Oguri
70Oguri High School 527Oguri
7159 No Jelengitoop L.P. School 1016Jelengitoop
7250 No Khatowal L.P. School 1055Khatowal
73Gharphalia L.P. School 989Gharphalia
7452 No Charingia L.P. School 792Charingia
75Bhagamukh Mv School 855Bhagamukh
76Bhagamukh Mv School 792Bhagamukh
77Tamuli Gaon L P School 701Tamuli Gaon
78Sesa Satra M V School 452Sesa Satra
7943 No Dagayen Napamuwa L.P. School 672Dagayen Napamuwa
8044 No Dagayen Napamuwa L.P. School 319Dagayen Napamuwa
8159 No Bahatia L.P. School 981Bahatia
8241 No Lahuwal L.P. School 673Lahuwal
83Tamuliciga Gaon Panchayat Office 766Tamuliciga Gaon
84Dihingia Gaon L.P. School 444Dihingia Gaon
8546 No Simaluguri L.P. School 656Simaluguri
8647 No Simaluguri L.P. School 348Simaluguri
87Bora Gaon L.P. School 716Bora Gaon
88Sirumoni L.P. School 628Sirumoni
89Churamoni L.P. School 616Churamoni
90Siram Miiri L.P. School 857Siram Miiri
91Teok Te L.P. School 887Teok Te
92Teok Te Mazdur L.P. School 555Teok Te Mazdur
93No.122 Chapani L.P. School 682Chapani
94No.122 Chapani L.P. School748Chapani
95Jahakhhat L.P. School 550Jahakhhat
96Kanupukhuri M.E. School881Kanupukhuri
97Kanupukhuri M.E. School657Kanupukhuri
98Balama High School 747Balama
99Balama High School673Balama
100163 No Majkuri L.P. School 519Majkuri
101163 No Majkuri L.P. School 682Majkuri
102Nakari Burakuri L.P. School 552Nakari Burakuri
103337 No Balijania L.P. School 1008Balijania
104Moinapur L.P. School 828Moinapur
105Lahing Habi L.P. School 660Lahing Habi
106Lahing Adaa M.E. School 870Lahing Adaa
107Lahing Adaa M.E. School 429Lahing Adaa
108Chutia Gaon L.P. School 466Chutia Gaon
109Chutia Gaon L.P. School 636Chutia Gaon
110328 No. Mudoijan Bharalua L.P. School 1034Mudoijan Bharalua
111434 No Nepam Bharalua L.P. School 474Nepam Bharalua
112Ram.E.Swar Bora L.P. School 656RaSwar Bora
113Pirakota M.V. School622Pirakota
114Dewan Gaon L.P. School N.ADewan Gaon
115Ram.E.Swar Bora L.P. School 607RaSwar Bora
116Arandhara Gaon L.P. School 691Arandhara Gaon
117Arandhara Gaon L.P. School 754Arandhara Gaon
118Madhya Hulongapar Mv School 472Madhya Hulongapar
119Dihagagpuria L.P. School 984Dihagagpuria
120Madhya Hulongapara Mv School 489Madhya Hulongapara
121Ghuguramukh L.P. School 661Ghuguramukh
122Karasguri L.P. School 640Karasguri
123Lahdoigarh Sankardev M.E. School 839Lahdoigarh Sankardev
124Cheni Amguri M.E. School 770Cheni Amguri
125Hatigarh M.E.Teli L.P. School 571Hatigarh
126Dolakharia Gir L.P. School 867Dolakharia Gir
127Hatichungi L.P. School 955Hatichungi
128Hatichungi L.P. School 439Hatichungi
129Sataibasti Banua L.P. School 639Sataibasti Banua
130Rampur L.P. School 484Rampur
131103 No Bhakat Gaon L.P. School 908Bhakat Gaon
132Jatakia Te L.P. School 596Jatakia Te
133Jatakia Bagisa Mazdur Club701Jatakia Bagisa
134Jatakia Bagisa Mazdur Club476Jatakia Bagisa
135M.E.Leng Te L.P. School 569Leng Te
136M.E.Leng Te L.P. School 868Leng Te
137Gohain Gaon L.P. School 939Gohain Gaon
138Salalbaari L.P. School 848Salalbaari
139Salalbari L.P. School 837Salalbari
14094 No Fesuwal L.P. School 851Fesuwal
141Diha Te L.P. School456Diha Te
142Diha Te L.P. School671Diha Te
143Rajoi Te L.P. School 609Rajoi Te
144Rajoi Banua L.P. School 528Rajoi Banua
145Ticira L.P. School 701Ticira
146Ticira L.P. School 344Ticira
147Kheroni Mazdur L.P. School 932Kheroni Mazdur
148No 2 Kakajan Bagicha L.P. School 675Kakajan Bagicha
149No 2 Kakajan Bagicha L.P. School 582Kakajan Bagicha
150Kakajan Bagicha L.P. School 659Kakajan Bagicha
151Kakajan Bagicha L.P. School571Kakajan Bagicha
152Ruhini Hatibarua L.P. School 537Ruhini Hatibarua

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