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Polling Booth in Tamulpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Tamulpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tamulpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Pub Patkijuli L.P. School 663Pub Patkijuli
2Pub Patkijuli L.P. School 553Pub Patkijuli
3Pub Patkijuli L.P. School 780Pub Patkijuli
4Paschim Paharpur L.P. School 422Paschim Paharpur
5Patkijuli M.E. School 418Patkijuli
6Paschim Paharpur L.P. School 701Paschim Paharpur
7Darranga L.P. School 820Darranga
8Darranga L.P. School 555Darranga
9Darrangam.E.La L.P. School 543DarrangaLa
10Darrangam.E.La L.P. School 515DarrangaLa
11Hatiduba L.P. School 325Hatiduba
12Darranga M.E. School 740Darranga
13Darranga M.E. School 570Darranga
14Jogeshpur L.P. School 686Jogeshpur
15Jogeshpur L.P. School 764Jogeshpur
16Jogeshpur L.P. School 694Jogeshpur
17No.2 Paharpur L.P. School 677Paharpur
18Menoka Bagan L.P. School 771Menoka Bagan
19Menoka Bagan Staff Club. 554Menoka Bagan
20Menoka Bagan L.P. School 962Menoka Bagan
21M.E.Noka Bagan L.P. School 630Noka Bagan
22No.1 Gopinathpur L.P. School 629No.1 Gopinathpur
23No.1 Gopinathpur L.P. School 438No.1 Gopinathpur
24M.E.Shguri L.P. School 807Shguri
25Meshguri L.P. School 393Meshguri
26Kawli High School 685Kawli
27Kawli High School 545Kawli
28Chandanpur L.P. School 735Chandanpur
29Harinchara L.P. School 725Harinchara
30Narayanpur L.P. School 735Narayanpur
31Narayanpur L.P. School 599Narayanpur
32Chandranagar L.P. School 466Chandranagar
33Bishnupur L.P. School 531Bishnupur
34Bishnupur L.P. School 670Bishnupur
35Bishnupur L.P. School 427Bishnupur
36Siddhinathpur 2 No. Kowli L.P. School 649Siddhinathpur 2 No. Kowli
37Siddhinathpur 2 No. Kowli L.P. School 728Siddhinathpur 2 No. Kowli
38No.3 Kowli L.P. School 727No.3 Kowli
39Pakribari L.P. School 864Pakribari
40Ekrajuli L P School 660Ekrajuli L P School
41Pukhuripar L.P. School 878Pukhuripar
42Khoirabari L.P. School 467Khoirabari
43Khoirabari L.P. School 289Khoirabari
44Ambari Batabari L.P. School 357Ambari Batabari
45Ambari Batabari L.P. School 741Ambari Batabari
46Bhangbari L.P. School 885Bhangbari
47Hazira Gaon L.P. School 642Hazira Gaon
48Bherakhat M.E. School 521Bherakhat
49Bahbari M.E. Madrassa 905Bahbari
50Kumarikata Jr. Basic School 852Kumarikata
51Bahbari L.P. School 514Bahbari
52Kumarikata High School 287Kumarikata
53Kumarikata High School 666Kumarikata
54Bahbari L.P. School 546Bahbari
55Kumarikata High School 640Kumarikata
56Matangapar L.P. School 554Matangapar
57Matangapar L.P. School 823Matangapar
58Sessapani 2 No. L.P. School 841Sessapani 2 No.
59Belkhuti L.P. School 852Belkhuti
60Belkhuti L.P. School 641Belkhuti
61Bori Angrkata L.P. School 968Bori Angrkata
62Belkhuti L.P. School 1004Belkhuti
63Nonke Angarkata Santipur L.P. School 1199Nonke Angarkata Santipur
64Nonke Angarkata Santipur L.P. School 824Nonke Angarkata Santipur
65Sessapani M.E. School 697Sessapani
66Sessapani M.E. School 728Sessapani
67Khoirani L.P. School 590Khoirani
68Khoirani L.P. School 682Khoirani
69Borbhera L.P. School 660Borbhera
70Uparcharia L.P. School. 559Uparcharia.
71Ambari M.E. School 692Ambari
72Soru Bhera L.P. School 691Soru Bhera
73Garo Ghutu L.P. School 460Garo Ghutu
74Rangapani L.P. School 481Rangapani
75Simalubari L.P. School 915Simalubari
76Padmapara L.P. School 799Padmapara
77Barkajuli L.P. School. 544Barkajuli.
78Padmapara L.P. School 384Padmapara
79Darrangapar Katahbari L.P. School 875Darrangapar Katahbari
80Darrangapar Katahbari L.P. School 625Darrangapar Katahbari
81Salmara L.P. School 750Salmara
82Dumaria L.P. School. 563Dumaria.
83Katahbari L.P. School 487Katahbari
84Padma Ananda M.E. School. 607Padma Ananda
85Pub Madarbari L.P. School 676Pub Madarbari
86Pub Madarbari L.P. School 428Pub Madarbari
87Majdia L.P. School 802Majdia
88Balabari L.P. School 476Balabari
89Dakhin Hahkata L.P. School. 686Dakhin Hahkata.
90Amayapur Mv School 492Amayapur
91Kahibari L.P. School 572Kahibari
92Guwakuchi L.P. School 646Guwakuchi
93Guwakuchi L.P. School1124Guwakuchi
94Chapatal L.P. School 609Chapatal
95Chapatal L.P. School 595Chapatal
96Teteliguri L.P. School 637Teteliguri
97Teteliguri L.P. School 608Teteliguri
98Ghogapar L.P. School 697Ghogapar
99Kalakuchi L.P. School 726Kalakuchi
100Kalakuchi L.P. School 799Kalakuchi
101Barkhopa L.P. School 1007Barkhopa
102Barkhopa L.P. School 414Barkhopa
103Geruwa L.P. School 639Geruwa
104Geruwa L.P. School 537Geruwa
105Jhargaon L.P. School 783Jhargaon
106Pub Jhargaon L.P. School 408Pub Jhargaon
107No. 2 Batiamari L.P. School 701Batiamari
108No. 2 Batiamari L.P. School 569Batiamari
109Kalbari Boy'S L.P. School 706Kalbari
110Kalbari Boy'S L.P. School 660Kalbari
111Barbelbari L.P. School 711Barbelbari
112No. 3 Baraliapar L.P. School. 597No. 3 Baraliapar.
113Tamul.P.Ur Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya 715Tamul.P.Ur
114Tamul.P.Ur Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya 817Tamul.P.Ur
115Tamul.P.Ur Uccha Madyamik Vidyalaya 643Tamul.P.Ur
116Bhakatpara L.P. School 521Bhakatpara
117Bhakatpara L.P. School 543Bhakatpara
118Dimalapar L.P. School 502Dimalapar
119Dimalapar L.P. School 536Dimalapar
120Bil.P.Ar L.P. School 644Bil.P.Ar
121Tamul.P.Ur Mv School 989Tamul.P.Ur
122Sarangbari Dighelipar Milon L.P. School 916Sarangbari Dighelipar Milon
123No.1 Kachubari L.P. School 661Kachubari
124No.1 Kachubari L.P. School 573Kachubari
125No.2 Souragari L.P. School 879Souragari
126Fatik Ch. Lahari M.E. School 678Fatik Ch. Lahari
127Fatik Ch. Lahari M.E. School 648Fatik Ch. Lahari
128Pub Howli L.P. School 465Pub Howli
129Pub Howli L.P. School 483Pub Howli
130Banguri L.P. School 603Banguri
131Banguri L.P. School 606Banguri
132Dongpar L.P. School 776Dongpar
133Dongpar L.P. School 568Dongpar
134Ulubari L.P. School 503Ulubari
135Ulubari L.P. School 506Ulubari
136Dalangpar L.P. School 736Dalangpar
137Dalangpar L.P. School 529Dalangpar
138No. 2 Jamuguri Ptharpar L.P. School 863Jamuguri Ptharpar
139No. 2 Jamuguri Patharpar L.P. School 373Jamuguri Ptharpar
140Natun Howli L.P. School 727Natun Howli
141Natun Howli L.P. School 489Natun Howli
142Barbalisiha L.P. School 755Barbalisiha
143Fehuajhar L.P. School 933Fehuajhar
144Laupara L.P. Shcool 737Laupara
145Tebitola Boy'S L.P. School 763Tebitola Boy'S
146Bhauraguri L.P. School 801Bhauraguri
147Bhauraguri L.P. School 372Bhauraguri
148Sahpur L.P. School 502Sahpur
149Sahpur L.P. School 620Sahpur
150Kumbhijhar L.P. School 831Kumbhijhar
151Kumbhijhar L.P. School 745Kumbhijhar
152Kumbhijhar L.P. School 567Kumbhijhar
153Kumbhijhar L.P. School 508Kumbhijhar
154Bagurikhuti Milan M.E. School 519Bagurikhuti Milan
155Bagurikhuti Milan M.E. School 516Bagurikhuti Milan
156No.1 Bagurikhuti L.P. School 890Bagurikhuti
157Pub Goybari L.P. School 552Pub Goybari
158Bimala Nagar L.P. School 860Bimala Nagar
159Bimala Nagar L.P. School 605Bimala Nagar
160Ram Abatar L.P. School 933Ram Abatar
161Ram Abatar L.P. School 870Ram Abatar
162Gopinath Bardoloi High School 744Gopinath Bardoloi
163Gopinath Bardoloi M.E. School 699Gopinath Bardoloi
164Gopinath Bardoloi High School 880Gopinath Bardoloi
165Gopinath Bardoloi M.E. School 560Gopinath Bardoloi
166Pub Goybari L.P. School 444Pub Goybari
167Hastinapur L.P. School 754Hastinapur
168Nagrijuli Bagan L.P. School 425Nagrijuli Bagan
169Nagrijuli Bagan L.P. School 556Nagrijuli Bagan
170Nagrijuli Bagan M.E. School 697Nagrijuli Bagan
171Nagrijuli Bagan M.E. School 562Nagrijuli Bagan
172Deosunga Nava Milanventure L.P. School 703Deosunga Nava Milanventure
173Deosunga Nava Milanventure L.P. School 571Deosunga Nava Milanventure
174Deosunga Nava Milanventure L.P. School 707Deosunga Nava Milanventure
175Uparkhuti Minor School 913Uparkhuti
176Uparkhuti Minor School 752Uparkhuti
177Bangalipara Minor School 584Bangalipara
178Bangalipara Minor School 550Bangalipara
179Bangalipara Minor School 577Bangalipara
180Bhola Batabari L.P. School 588Bhola Batabari
181Bhola Batabari L.P. School 621Bhola Batabari
182Suwagpur Aubari L.P. School 731Suwagpur Aubari
183Suwagpur Aubari L.P. School 1024Suwagpur Aubari
184Barnadipar Venture L.P. School 934Barnadipar Venture
185Khatarbari L.P. School 580Khatarbari
186Khatarbari L.P. School 613Khatarbari
187Kalcheni L.P. School 1016Kalcheni
188Suwagpur Mv School 832Suwagpur
189Suwagpur Mv School 663Suwagpur
190No.5 Suwagpur L.P. School 606Suwagpur
191No.5 Suwagpur L.P. School 501Suwagpur
192No.5 Suwagpur L.P. School 802Suwagpur
193Jalthangpar L.P. School 597Jalthangpar
194Jalthangpar L.P. School 853Jalthangpar
195Pub Naokata Milon Basic School 486Pub Naokata Milon
196Pub Naokata Milon Basic School 494Pub Naokata Milon
197Pub Naokata Milon Basic School 618Pub Naokata Milon
198Kalbari L.P. School 639Kalbari
199Kalbari L.P. School 587Kalbari
200Naokata High School 667Naokata
201Naokata High School 662Naokata
202Niz Jhargaon Mv School 875Niz Jhargaon
203Betagaon No.1 L.P. School 663Betagaon
204Betagaon No.1 L.P. School 584Betagaon
205Betagaon No.1 L.P. School 740Betagaon
206Dakhin Dongargaon L.P. School 708Dakhin Dongargaon
207Ahiyabari L.P. School 571Ahiyabari
208Ahiyabari L.P. School 734Ahiyabari
209Dowamakha Baraliapar L.P. School 676Dowamakha Baraliapar
210Dowamakha Baraliapar L.P. School 751Dowamakha Baraliapar
211Majgari Binapani L.P. School 944Majgari Binapani
212Singimari L.P. School 782Singimari
213Singimari M.E. School 505Singimari
214Jajikona L.P. School 530Jajikona
215Jajikona L.P. School 472Jajikona
216Kachukata Bodo L.P. School 637Kachukata Bodo
217Kachukata Bodo L.P. School 587Kachukata Bodo
218Gandhibari High School 660Gandhibari
219Gandhibari High School 662Gandhibari
220Gandhibari No.2 L.P. School 629Gandhibari
221Gandhibari No.2 L.P. School 525Gandhibari
222Jokmari No.1 L.P. School 642Jokmari
223Jokmari No.2 L.P. School 388Jokmari
224Sontola L.P. School 525Sontola
225Sontola L.P. School 452Sontola
226No. 614 Niz Defeli L.P. School. 607Niz Defeli.
227Niz Defeli No.3 Baral L.P. School 346Niz Defeli.
228No. 2 Niz Defeli L.P. School. 654Niz Defeli.
229Niz Defeli No.3 Baral L.P. School 778Niz Defeli.
230Uttar Golbera No.2 L.P. School 675Uttar Golbera
231Uttar Golbera No.2 L.P. School 708Uttar Golbera
232Uttar Golbera No.2 L.P. School 241Uttar Golbera

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